~ Protect Yourself From Energy Loss And Psychic Attack ~

Sometimes we suddenly start feeling very sick with weird unclear symptoms.

– unbearable headache,
– dizziness or nausea,
– limbs trembling,
– extreme weakness,
– rising fever…

Symptoms strike all at once and out of blue.

Which are not only physical, but come accompanied with
– a sudden deep feeling of depression
– and an impression that you are literally dying.

What’s scary is that this sudden utter sickly state develops unexpectedly and crooks you down on a sofa in pain, strange weakness and gloomy depressive mood. Most often you may have it in the afternoon, or in the end of your busy day.

A doctor will most certainly say you are simply tired, or stressed. Well, are you?
Not really.

Most probably you are an empath or a naturally sensitive person.
If you experience this sudden weird illness, it means you have simply lost a lot of energy in a short period of time, or in other words, have been energetically drained.

What that means is that someone ripped out a big chunk of your energy, or you yourself threw it away to somebody.

It may happen if you have been out among people, at work or elsewhere and got in contact with a very unpleasant person that drained you intentionally, or even without being aware of it.

This often happens to sensitive people that don’t know to protect themselves energetically, and so their energy filed is rather fragile and easily penetrable. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone attacks you intentionally.
If you are an empath, you know that when you are around people, you simply pick up all their feelings and emotions on you that are sticking to you like a dust.

If you spent some time around people that were experiencing utter negative emotions like aggression, anger, jealousy or agitation, and you didn’t close yourself from their negative vibrations, chances are those debilitating moods will definitely affect you and cause your own energies a heavy disbalance.

If you are a sensitive person, you are prone to absorbing everything like a sponge, taking in everyone else’s devastating emotions. Whereas other people may start feeling rather relieved and comfortable after spending time in your company, because you lighten a burden of their negativity.

Somebody may intentionally wish you ill.
Probably there is some competition undergoing in your company between you and someone else, when that other someone feels your superiority in something, or simply envies you for something.

A strong discharge of his or her negativity towards you will really hit you hard, if you are not protecting yourself during your interactions.

Intentional psyche attack will not kill you, unless it comes from a trained practitioner, but it can certainly crook you down with all those symptoms.

You may also notice that objects in your own house start literary threatening you. You might painfully stumble on things, hit your elbows and crash your costly crystals or your favorite cup.

The best form of protection here is to think of possible people who might wish you ill, feel competitive with you, or simply dislikes you for something, and if your guess is right, you may start to feel immediately better.

If that’s the case, you should

-minimize or avoid your interactions with people that you don’t get good vibes from.
-don’t accept any gifts or favors from them.
-if you can’t totally cut your contacts then at simply don’t get emotionally involved with whatever they say during your talks.

You may also lose a critical amount of energy if you have been obsessing over someone for a period of time, or suddenly lost a relation with someone and experienced a shock.

Someone abandoned you, left you alone, hurt you, and you were strongly involved with that person emotionally.

This might happen in times of a sudden breakup, if you had a psychic bond with that person and were not prepared for a loss.

Traditionally it looks like a nervous breakdown, but in fact you simply throw a huge amount of energy after the one that leaves you. That person leaves and has no reason to rush back, while you keep obsessing over it and sending him a free energy refill with every thought.

Now, how do you recover when you have lost a critical amount of energy?

Well, your recovery starts immediately after you realize that this is  the case.

Energy is what keeps us alive and functioning. It’s a serious thing, but can be effectively regulated with our imaginative intention.

Sometimes  just by realizing you have lost a lot of energy somewhere or on someone, you may start coming back to your senses and within minutes after ‘dying’ you are able to rise up, smile again and go watch a TV.

Signs you are getting out of energy-loss shock is when you may burst into tears and have a cry of relief. That crying will remove the stress and bring you some useful surprising realizations.

Another good sign of recovery is a desire to get around close people and do simple cozy things – watch family series, cuddle and have a snack.

The appetite you suddenly develop may seem like a wolf hunger, and it will help you compensate your vitality losses. Eat bread, cereal, something nutritive and simple. Drink a lot of hot herbal tea to that and get a quality night sleep.

If you had one or two such happenings, you might be a highly sensitive person, susceptible to various influences from outside. And so you should develop your own ways of energetic protection and strengthening of your biofield.

Empathic and sensitive people are easily wounded there where normal people barely feel a pinch.

So they should take special care of their energy filed and learn to protect its wholeness, so that their natural sensitivity wouldn’t be a barrier hindering them from normal socialization with people and usual stresses of everyday life.

Maintain your energy wholeness and be healthy!

63 thoughts on “~ Protect Yourself From Energy Loss And Psychic Attack ~

  1. this is an amazing article.
    i felt that way during this semester in uni where everything didn’t sound realistic to me; but now after reading this article, it really makes sense to me. although i describe myself as a realistic person rather a sensitive one, i never tried to protect myself from peolpe around me. and YESS, the exact way to describe what is happening to me is :WAS ENERGETICALLY DRAINED.

    • I’m really happy you found the article helpful, dear!

      Sometimes we feel sick, bad for no apparent reason and we are probably simply being surrounded by negativity of other people or places.

      Places with a constant concentration of stress, worry or competition do accumulate negative energy that starts to affect moods, health and performance of people in there.

      We simply have to acknowledge it and find the ways to protect our psyche of negative influence and vexation.

      Thank You for a valuable comment and read on! <3

      You may like this one as well: http://sofiasiberia.com/2012/09/26/empaths-and-sensitives/

    • Damn, I had a psychic reading today from a medium. Yes, I am skeptical and the reading was good. But a half hour after the reading I kept crying which is unusual for me and I was depressed. Now I feel better. What was that about?

  2. Wow….you just made SO much sense to me. Clearly, I need to read up more on my own abilities. These feelings or “energy drains” as you called them have been happening my entire life. I never knew why or that it was tied into my abilities. I only learned I was an empath a few years ago because a very close friend explained to me that I was and why.

    Thank you so much for your insight and intelligence on a subject that many people are afraid to tackle. Some would label us “weird” for believing such things. It’s a dhame many still think that way.

    • No dear, we are not weird, by any means :) It’s just that you are an empath and a highly sensitive person, prone to picking the energies of everyone you come in touch with, and the energies of the places you go to, affect you as well. It’s an inborn ability, highly sensitive psyche and easily penetrable biofield (aura).
      Not so many ppl are like that around, because empaths and highly sensitive ones form only 18-20% of the world’s population, such ppl are rare!
      Welcome to our gang ;)
      I’ll be definitely writing more on the subject and will send you some useful links for empaths with tips on how to protect ourselves from overwhelming influence (Hugs!)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. I am just now learning on a deeper level about empaths. Most, if not everything I have read spoke to me on a personal level. It cleared up a few things I have been wondering about. One of the things you helped me with was the other day while in my physical therapists office, there was a women there checking out while I was checking in. She immediately said good morning and I replied the same. I hadn’t even taken my coat off before she was telling the fact that she had cancer. She shook my hand initially and then hugged me before leaving. Soon after my appointment was over I felt so nauseous to the point of vomiting a few times. i felt so awful. After about 2 hours I kept thinking of her and how she had hugged me and had shaken my hand. I realized my sudden nausea was connected to her. I did some deep breathing and tried to imagine that other energy being pulled from me and I instantly felt better. haven’t felt nauseous again. Reading your article confirmed for me that these things can happen. Thank you so much

    • I believe you are an HSP – highly sensitive person, such people are very prone to picking and absorbing energies of other people ad environments. If we empathize with others, we may lose some energy and feel weak, it takes time to restore.
      Knowing all this, however, should not avert us from empathetic interaction with other people and sharing our help where needed.
      Some meditations, good music, walks in nature and breathing relaxation techniques can be quite useful and help us restore our fragile energy balances.

  4. This is a wonderful article! I came into the realisation that I am an empath last year after suffering for my entire life! I am constantly on a strengthining journey and unfortunately, someone that I love in my family is a repetitive source of negative psychic attack toward me. I want to make this person whole and positive and at times this is quite draining. I won’t go away or give up which may or may not be a wise thing to do, but I feel that it is the right thing to do because this person is wounded.

    • You seem like a very strong person. I don’t know you but I know what it’s like to be there for someone who is suffering or wounded but have your own problems and limits. You care too much about that one person who caught your attention and all you do is try being there for them and not yourself. Your a strong person and you know what to do. It may not seem like it, but I believe you know how to look after yourself because you’ve been doing this for a long time now. I believe strong minds have the ability to put their mind away to care about someone else’s thoughts and feelings. It’s just a matter of how much energy you give to that person for them to take all away and leave you feeling completely drained. Keep doing what you do best and just be you.

      (My bad if I misunderstood)

  5. Dear Christy, here you truly show the traits of a loving empath. Really, we shold not deny our help to people who we Feel need our help. We can try to find the ways to offer them a healing by organizing a relaxing energetic environment around us that is pleasant and merely healing to be in.
    Don’t let yourself to be drained out completely, you only offer love and help as much as you should. Eventual healing progress and the extent of change to which that person is willing and ready to reach will always be up to them.

  6. Hello Sofia ! I’ve been glued to your blog ever since I discovered it a week ago.
    am amazed that at such a young age you know all these things and find simple words to explain. Its a blessing.
    This post really moved me cause its the story of my life, I have a lot of empathy and sometimes I feel things that don’t belong to me. I already heard somewhere that “special protection ” is needed for this type of personality. I find comfort in taking care of my house, but then its also a problem cause even the idea of moving from my place freaks me out. Each time I had to change house it was a nightmare, so much of my spiritual protection is where I live, that when I loose that its like loosing a part of me, of my skin. Its very strange !
    I’m trying to innovate and try ritual baths , for a change …
    I’d love to hear any ideas for that If you have any of course
    much love and thanks again !

  7. I don’t really know how to start. From an early age I could see ones who crossed over and even cruel ones but the worst are the living and I intensely pick up on others to point of a dibillatating stomach ache around live ones ( the living spirits I meet) then my only recourse to help myself is close off the person/persons that I pick up on sending off negative. It takes so long to regenerate my own energy back. My daughter also has these abilities. We can talk without uttering one spoken word. As I speak , I found this group and felt compelled to write even though speaking of it in past has ended people to suggest medication or shrinks. I surely KNOW I’m not crazy, and my own father has always stated” your way to sensitive”. I dream and things happen afterwards just as I dreamed and I can tell if doom is about to occur soon or if something great will happen,problem is I can’t say what or when. I usually wait, doom is worse as I may wait days and sure enough a tradgedy strikes then my own energy is powerful again. Recently a so called friend whom is in conflict with her mother made me feel “suffocated” to point I stayed away and blocked calls even though great money was owed to me from this person but the negative was making me act as how this person was feeling. Can I harness these things? I feel intense sense to move to west from central states but no answers come yet and I am POSITIVE im being called somewhere. I cleanse with sage, have native American belief structure, the spirits of crossed over ones do not interfere as I’ve learned to let the negative ones that don’t want help know they cannot scare/harm myself and daughter, ITS THE LIVING THAT DRAIN ME!

  8. I just want to add my own mother was so intensely in tune with these things it drove her to an insane violent mental state, I know I won’t end up like that, shielded myself from her energies when I was only 9, 40 years later I find others are like me. I want to learn to harness my gift, help those I can, turn away the ones I can’t with grace, and be able to know with the accuracy of my own calling like I should so I can complete my journey happily, as I stated I’m being pulled to move somewhere west and I cannot harness the clarity, but I also shut the door to tremendous negativity, unfortunately I attract all the ones who take energy that really are up to no good. But there are the ones I’ve helped and never saw them again and felt fabulous after. Advice?

  9. Thank you Sofia for sharing this post, I for one do identify with this, and as difficult it is to heal, and to pick up the pieces, it is truly a very difficult phase to be in and to try to get out of, especially when such “psychic vampires” move on and move up, and enjoy watching and ensuring good people get disempowered and disturbed from their motives and actions. I learnt one thing though from reading and trying to understand life and its teachings, and that is, each one of us holds the key, it is only a matter of finding the key hole to open up to the good old opportunities again, stand up high and embrace themselves. Having said that though, the biggest challenge, no matter how deep a person is, is to find that key hole to confidently move on, and fearlessly face one’s own anxieties and insecurities that result from certain patterns that continuosly show up.
    Again thank you for this post and I am glad we crossed path.

    • Thank you, Nadine, for the wonderful input!
      It’s nice to see how more people are starting to notice that our relationships are based on energy exchange with each other. And, unfortunately, so many interactions we get involved into are much emotionally/intellectually based, hence the uneven energy distribution.
      Being sensitive and empathic, we need to be aware and trace where and how we spend the energy.
      And you are so right here – it actually takes facing yourself and finding your Key.
      Then no real defense or shields need to be used against interactions with the world anymore. We start consciously building our relations with the world on the grounds of a smart energy-informational exchange. The trick is just to notice how it’s done, and we get to master it.
      Then the more energy we start to give to others, the more of it we are gaining back :)
      Love and blessings

  10. Hi..tnx for this blog. Id been looking for an answer on whats the real meaning of whats happening to me. Years back, i always got sick upon hugging a cancer patient and will be terribly experiencing headaches and high fever if i let my energy share to a cancer patient who is dear to me. My intention is to heal but the absorptions is making me sick..what will i do? Hope you can help me..Thank you so much!

  11. I’m an empath as well. I’ve now had a particular experience three times that I don’t understand. About 10 years ago, I was trying to have a conversation with a man at my work, and I found myself in a state of not being able to find any words to communicate. I was fully present, feeling awkward and incapable of completing a thought, let alone finding words. Every moment felt strained and I could not get grounded. This happened again with another man about 3-4 months ago. I thought maybe I was attracted to them and insecurities took over. But then it happened the last few nights with my new female roommate. Looking back, I realized these people have had spiritual practices that involve learning to communicate at a psychic level beyond words. I believe I do this naturally, but have never learned to communicate this way with intention with another. It just dawned on me this morning that I need to learn some technique to handle these kinds of communications without losing my own ability to think and communicate verbally. The trick is being aware when its happening and getting grounded and centered. I’m not sure I agree with protecting myself in terms of walling myself up (not sure what other people do to protect themselves). Personally I learned that “unconditional love” is the most powerful protection. Then energies can travel right through you without effect, as if you’re transparent. There’s nothing to hit or tap into, but you can still fully feel, if you wish, without harm. But this loss of ability to communicate seems to be different. It’s a new learning waiting to happen.

  12. Thanks for the article, I feel that this is exactly what is happening to me. The past few months have been severely stressful with school and my personal life. I kicked my roommate out who I was having bad vibes from for a very long time and was faced to pay rent on my own. On top of all this I was struggling a bit with school and had to work harder on things, as well as a professor was very hard on me which caused me much anxiety and worry. I also had been working 2 days a week in the hospital as a student nurse and feel like I unknowingly took home sadness with me each day after clinical from helping others feel better. Towards the end of the semester after failing a simulation test and then passing the re test I started feeling awful. Dizziness was a main concern and it would just not go away. I was feeling exhausted, depressed, and just plain awful. I had headaches every day with the dizziness and eventually found out my blood pressure was in very high levels. Luckily I have it somewhat under control with medication however, I still get very bad bouts of dizziness, especially when I am out in busy public places. I had been feeling fine all day yesterday until I went out for supper and had a crippling bout of dizziness that eventually went away with some medication help. I believe that I am emotionally exhausted from stress and picking up on many different psychic energies around me. My doctor said I have nothing wrong with me and that it is just stress / anxiety and that my blood work is all normal. Then I remembered that sometimes headaches/dizziness occur frequently to those with psychic abilities. Thanks so much for your info, now to clear my head to let in positive happy energy.

  13. I was curious to look up info on sudden energy drain because i had a very brief experience a few years ago that was very distinctly unique for me, I went to my neighbors house a few houses up the street. This neighbor had invited the entire neighborhood to a cookout. I’ve always known i was very sensitive to my environment and other people, and have difficulty with a protective barrier. I didn’t know until i was a little older, that there was a distinction about what i was feeling and what i might be picking it up from my environment or others. So, anyway, i was at this neighbors house and spoke to a relative of that neighbor, most of the time that i was there. I didn’t get anything weird from him, but suddenly i had a restless and strong urge to leave. It felt like a sudden anxious and urgent need to go home. I didn’t understand, but proceeded to tell the gentleman that i was going home and proceeded to my car. All of a sudden i felt completely and absolutely drained, like a dead battery. It was not a feeling of passing out or anything like that. I felt like my entire being weighed a ton! I actually was alarmed because i felt so heavy that i felt like i could sink right into the ground. i broke out in a cold sweat instantly and it took everything i had to not fall down. i was afraid to get near the ground, due to this paranoid feeling that going into the ground was bad and that i wouldn’t stop at the surface. The gentleman that i was talking to that night noticed i was not doing well and came over and helped me by driving me home. When i got home a few doors down, the symptoms quickly went away and i was getting back to normal within a few minutes. It just happens the gentleman was a paramedic and he thought my blood sugar was low, because that is what is looked like to him. He asked me if i had eaten that day, etc. I had not done anything out of the usual and i had a history of hyperthyroidism, so i knew when i was tired, but this was absolutely and completely different. This was definitely not low blood sugar. I don’t know what i encountered, but something took my energy very quickly and almost completely. Since then i’ve learned to protect my home/ property with a golden light and my own verbal protective boundary, that works for me. I have sage and from time to time go thru my house with it. I grew up with a grandmother who was a healer and so have been fortunate to be exposed to the power of faith, regardless of religion. I do not fear was happened now, but did at the time. Could it happen again? Sure, but i’m better prepared this time. I’ve also learned that protecting my house also keeps out spirits wondering around out of body or whatever else they are, when i like my privacy. Thank you for sharing on this site.

  14. Hi , wonderful site , I’m happy I found this site , for years I’ve tried to figure out why I’m very sensitive and empath to spirits energy , I’ve had several out of body experiences for 30 years , am still uncomfortable and scared when I have them , I have had several encounters with spirit , I have been tested by spirit ,which taught me to cleanse and re boost my energy and trust and have alot of faith in the highest power , I had a near death experience as well 1 1/2 year ago . I became more sensitive to peoples energy and spirit energy , I went to see a native seer (medium) and he could believe how sensitive I was to picking up energies , during my time with him , a spirit , a young male , had went through my body , , it was the most uncomfortable sick feeling , I got extremely dizzy , very weak , I yelled at this spirit to get out of me first , then protected myself , and he apologized to me then he left , we can’t always control feeling energies around ,but for me as I am very sensitive to spirit , I have to always protect and cleanse my self and others around me and I have to tell spirit to respect me and not to drain my energy , at times I feel like having abilities is a curse , then other times if I can help people to understand that death is a new journey for those and heaven is such a peaceful , beautiful place , when people except and are able to understand , that makes me happy , if you are sensitive , its very good to have faith and trust in the higher power, always cleanse with sage or sweet grass, you can rid spiritual energy , as well as the living energy, its all about mind control and faith .

    • Thank you for a wonderful input, Linda!
      Yes, you definitely is a highly sensitive person that (OMG I agree so much with!) is a real gift, but at times can feel like a real curse haha…
      It’s like we have to be constantly vigilant to cleanse and reinstall our filters. Other spirits and entities around feel energy sensitive and spirit sensitive people and they get easily drawn to our field.
      But the way you are aware about it and doing your protections is right! You should always state your will that your own energy, mind and physical body are yours and integral, and that helps entities keep away, because they respect our will stated. Cleansing your energy bodies and space where you live and spend time at is also an important thing.
      On the other hand, we can put the gift of sensitivity at handy, and help other people learn to manage the phenomenon.

  15. I have suffered over the years and couldn’t understand what was wrong with me . It started when I was young . I used to dream of things that happened and still do . The most frightening experiences were dreaming of spirits that wanted to get into my body and I woke up one day with a stiff neck couldn’t turn my head and all medical check ups proved nothing was medically wrong . I realised it must be spiritual attacks.how can i protect myself?I see things when I’m half asleep . I hear sounds and different spirits tell me things . I had a frightening dream 4 days ago where I felt like I was abt to loose my mind . I’m all alone with no one to talk to who understands . does this mean I might loose my mind? Please help me.

    • I read the bible and out loud and specifically the words that refers to protection and the word of God being a shield. I am an extremely sensitive person and never knew that until later in life. I always wondered why where ever I go in school.. there would be specifically people following me and then it would take me so much longer to study and very difficult and that they were taking my energy for themselves and using it to do well in their courses while making it difficult for me and causing me to study harder and long because I had little energy left from myself. If your sensitive person and like the blogs above indicate; there are people who purposely steel your energy.. the key is to keep yourself from people who drain you and be around people who will give to you.. but those are very few I’m afraid because most people need their energy for themselves and especially if they have an occupation that requires more energy to be unleashed.. like doctors, lawyers, executives.. there are also clerical workers who are connected to some really strong people so they have the ability to drain from you because they are naturally strong but prefer to stay low in the world to steel from others.. its all spiritual.. this is a spiritual world and then it manifest itself in the natural. Anyway, after I gave my life to Jesus, God showed me what had been happening to me.. I allowed people to drain my energy from me and I didn’t realize it… that’s why some of my siblings are brilliant and they never opened a book in their life.. its because they stole from the siblings because they are stronger and it makes their life easier. Its just life but as long as you stay focused on Jesus; he protects you and finds opportunities to refill you and those people who stole from you.. don’t get far in life or die very early.. what is the saying you reap what you sow.. or in the world, its known as karma. The key is that you try to preserve the energy you do have.. until you grow more spiritually stronger.. im still learning how do that but God has already gotten me stronger.. because the stronger you are, the harder it will be for people to steal from you and you will find safe guards to protect you and you won’t even realize it.. but this is a part of life so just trust God and give your life to Jesus and everything will be fine, Jesus will protect you while you are on earth and you are assured of going to heaven and avoiding the pitfalls of hell which is basically not knowing the person who has the key to the door of heaven, Jesus :) God Bless.

  16. over the years and couldn’t understand what was wrong with me . It started when I was young . I used to dream of things that happened and still do . The most frighte I have ning experiences suffered were dreaming of spirits that wanted to get into my body and I woke up one day with a stiff neck couldn’t turn my head and all medical check ups proved nothing was medically wrong . I realised it must be spiritual attacks.how can i protect myself?I see things when I’m half asleep . I hear sounds and different spirits tell me things . I had a frightening dream 4 days ago where I felt like I was abt to loose my mind . I’m all alone with no one to talk to who understands . does this mean I might loose my mind? Please help me.

  17. I just learned this & it works. be as humble as you can, do not hold onto any energy for long..stay in a state of humbleness. Accept whatever they throw at you energy wise & let it pass through you. Do not react. Just let it pass through you…and it will go straight back to them.

  18. Hi , I just came across this website , I had a near death experience 2 years ago and since then I have these abilities and it was a spiritual transformation for me , I am now empath and very sensitive to spirit , I learned the hard way , as things were happening to me , I had spirits attack me by going through me which makes me sick and dizzy , it;s very terrifying , I was attacked physically as well , going through these horrific experience , I had yo learn fast how to protect myself , I went out and bought a smudging kit , which contains sage , an eagles feather and a smudging bowl , you light the end of the sage stick and wave the smoke all around you ,and ask the higher power for his white devine light love and protection to surround you ,I then got a chiastalite stone on a necklace which protects you from the negative spirits , I ordered some stones on line , I also put sea salt all around my house outside to protect spirits from coming in , that keeps them from not entering your space , when you have a ghost attack you an command them to leave ,it usually works , and another thing which is important is to ground yourself , everry morning before you start your day all this has helped me tremendously,just advice from what I have experienced and what I use for protection , so far so good , I wish you all good luck ,take care

  19. I’m actually having on and off sickness right now so I’m actually learning this at the time being. I’m thinking it’s more so not the weather and actually something like this since I’m always tired and I’ve been trying to get energy but I end up draining others energy unintentionally since it’s hard to control.

    I broke up with someone a while back since he was cheating on me ever since I got together with him and he’s a necromancer of what he says and he was kind of attacking me after that. I’ve cut all contact with him. I just still remember what he did and that he was a good friend but he’s a bad boyfriend.

    Most of my boyfriend’s have been a bad influence to me but as in a bad person who manipulates me and/or cheats. Though my current relationship is great.

  20. Hey, my name is Chris, I’m 16 (and while you might think that information is not necessary, it will make sense in a second). All my life I suppressed who I actually was, I was selfish and almost psychotic. I was capable of seeing people as tools or something for me to manipulate. And now I look back and I hate who or what I used to be. Now that I’ve grown more and matured. I’ve been more loving and caring, with the ability to sense people’s emotions and get a strong feeling for people’s thoughts. My therapist told me that I had a sort of 6th sense. I was stressed out over little things, and now I know why. It’s because the real me was always fighting to break through. I’ve had a girlfriend for about 4 months now, and we go very together. I think she has helped to foster my evolution to my true self. Now that school is out I’ve visited her twice, we live almost within spitting distance so I walk there. And both times I’ve gone to see her, I’ve had to cut our meeting short due to a sudden wave of weakness, dizziness, nausea, I would start seeing spots in my eyes, my heart would burn, I felt like I was actually dying. I’m young and I don’t have a family history of blood sugar or heart problems. I don’t think she’s intentionally hurting me, but I don’t know how I can stay around her for too long. And this has only started now that we are on summer vacation, and every day when the school day was over we would stay at her driveway for hours holding each other. Now I can’t be near her for an hour. I know she was very stressed during the school year, but I thought the vacation would help with her stress. I thought maybe she’s giving me her stress or that now that she has less stressed energy she’s got a bit of a void she needs to fill. I’m really not sure what’s wrong, and I don’t want to break up with her. This also doesn’t happen with anyone else. Maybe if there was some way you could help or give maybe a little insight on what exactly is going on. I’m pretty new to this empath business so please be patient with me

  21. Hi ! Million Thanks for yr great article !!!
    I just had a spiritual attack ….thats what i call it !
    and happen to land in yr wbsite !

    i call this type of ppl who hurt us empaths as TOXIC PEOPLE !!!

    Its always different pain from varied of ppl

    in my country dr majority population always misuse their religion to attack the minority religions tru spiritual attacks

    i really need a protective manthra etc to stop de delibilitating pain

    thanks again !!!

    god bless you always


  22. I’ve been racking my brain as to figure out why I suddenly got so sick this past week, and everything you have described seems to add up. I just have a question for you though, is it possible for this to happen even if you aren’t in immediate physical proximity to the person/ people who are draining you? I ask because my symptoms seemed to coincide with someone I was very much energetically connected returning to the area after two years (and our relationship ended on pretty terrible terms), yet I have made it a point to actively not come into contact with that person as I know it is not the best decision in my life. Thank you so much for any insights you are able to offer

  23. I had a sucky past two nights with little to no sleep. I hit my symptoms into google and was surprised to learn of psychic attacks through an MIT web-site. I had automatically started praying. I’m Catholic. It helps to pray as you walk in nature. I think the greens and elements absorb the negative charge. It works for me. Just pray and trust God. The energy will dispel and you will feel much better.

  24. these article is so correct. I had all these feeling just after married. i was clueless what’s wrong with me i thought i’m an a loose for some moment but now i realize what was going on. seriously, now i do hate my wife for being bossy, saying me no many time all these things made me really really weak from inside. now i have to keep my distance from her.

  25. Thanks Sofia for this wonderful article. I was feeling really down after going out in public. I was feeling so sleepy and drained after interaction with other people in the hospital. After a good sleep, I am feeling good.
    I am glad I found this article. I will take care to protect from such drains by strengthening my energy fields :) .

  26. This article is such an amazing thing I have read after a long time. Its harsh truth bundled with motivation. Its seems fictitious but still has the reality of science to make the person understand. I am feeling these things for past 2-3 weeks and I kind of felt this might be the things that is making it happen. My closed ones used to tell me to stop under-eating and don’t do workouts etc.. I don’t undereat but I have lost mu apetitite and eat as much as my body permits… I had a lot of energy and could do more workouts in gym previously but lately this thing was happening to me extremely.

    I would want to sincerely thank the author of the article to turn my doubt into reality and I would surely follow the things to overcome it.

  27. I have been aware of my empathic abilites for a while now but now im getting these waves of energy hitting me like a ton of bricks it feels like a bright light bombarding me. Day after day usually at night. I’m also up for a promotion and have a strong suspicion the person I am competing with would love it if I was hit by a bus. Any insight? I’m at a loss and feel as though I have been hit by a bus. Thank you.

  28. Thanks Arjagged.

    Not heard from him yesterday now I am worrying as he has never done this before. He texts me everyday or calls. Something my cousin said on Sunday over the phone didn’t help matters. She boosted how I should go to the gym she was going to because there was lots of rich men there. He overheard this of course. He said he felt insulated. I remember telling me that the women years ago he dated, the one he compared with me! Well her friend & her visited his work place one day & he overheard her friend say ” what are you doing with him, go out there & find a rich man! I am not that kind of person he should know. I am so upset he hasn’t von tasted me since Monday night. I don’t want to call in case I push him further away. He lefthen some Razors in the bathroom also his T-shirt on my bed. What has happened? ;(

  29. I would like to know what to do because I been having this problem for a while now I won’t to know what cause that to feel like that how can i get that removed off of me ASAP. I would like to have some answers. It feel like me and my love one then switch soul

  30. I donno if to be happy or sad. I donno if it’s happening with me for what reason. But I’m going down and down and down. I think I’m regressing. I’m confused. I’m in traumatic mind. I can’t even explain. It’s like being helpless and crying, getting myself failed. I want to be a doctor but due to all this I can’t concentrate. I’m failed once giving the entrance exam. I’m trying again for it. I just want to do it. But this uncontrollable energy is ripping my head, my brain, my heart apart. I feel helpless. It’s like knowing all my enormous potential and doing nothing. My brain gets hang. I always loved spirituality and tried for kundalini awakening last year. This was for I thought it would increase my energy and concentration. When it didn’t (meditation) give result, I left it and concentrated on only studies. But when I failed, I lost my faith on me and from God. While the starting of next trial, I changed myself as the previous me wasn’t giving me benefits. From the last 3 years, I kept on experimenting on my self. I kept on filtering from good to bad then again good … Again bad. I thought I was evolving. But I donno what was I doing with my self. I think my feeling to be better day by day is killing me. I think I can’t live in satisfaction. I , from my childhood, am very highly ambitious. But I was lazy like everyone else. But my unending will to change myself is decreasing my abilities. Now last August 2016 , I was sleeping in my hostel. My roommate was home. N in midnight, I felt this intense energy blast out of my body . I thought it was dream. And told, cried on me to get up from such nightmare. I thought I would get in pieces. I saw the blast in the shape of eagle which centered on my bed. I got faint. I thought it was ghost. Help me!!!! Please I , can’t be a failure. I alwayz wanted to be a good person. Always wanted to sacrifice my life for the sake of India and world. I wanted to explore my spirituality. But now I just feel guilty of not going towards my dreams, my goals. That night I felt that I was going to burst. The next morning I got faint while doing Yoga. I was afraid . I thought I’m gonna be a psycho. I forgot to tell you that from my last 2 years, I wanted to be A Psychiatrist. But now I feel like. Crazy. I can’t see my ambitions clear. I can’t study, can’t concentrate. From my childhood, I used to think I am the source of energy to this world. I’m the one due to which this world works. I always felt an intense faith on my spirit. I feel so extraordinary that I can’t control the powers. Plzz help me or I’ll ruin myself, I’ll burn myself with my energy. Plzz don’t let me die of my energy. My whole body and eyes Burns. My body aches for no reason. Please show me path. I can’t concentrate. I feel like top the exams, I was an intelligent student. But from my last failure. All these things happening with me. This is not depression. I just … Help me.
    Anyone.. plzz.. it’s where u can help.
    If you are thinking that I maybe immature n not trying to keep calm. Then u didn’t get me. Cuz I’m trying to keep myself calm n concentrated from last 4 months. Each n every second, I tell myself that I need to be calm. I take deep breaths. I try to listen to my inner voice. I long for more breaths cuz I think I will suffocate. No Im not depressed cuz I feel happiness too. My most of the friends think I’m jolly which I am. I am funloving, I’m always bouncing. By inside.. I don’t know what hurricane is going. Ot will kill me. Is it my overthinking (which I know is not overthinking) or God!! I don’t know what to tell.

  31. Hi im a new witch so this was extremely helpful. however im psychic too. i read tarrot cards and oftin pick up on emotions very quickly. in the classroom i feel overwhelmed with so many feelings and thoughts that arent mine. i pointed some out and apparently im correct. im very scared and i dont know how to protect myself. i feel very drained and i have alot of people who dont like me. i wake up being positive and i crawl home exhausted. i am a verry sensitive person so i do agree with you. i just dont know what to do.

  32. greetings and blessings… i need an advisor because i know God put this in me but i am not using this ability to its full potential at all…just recently started meditating, now realizing my shakras are blocked…help!! I dont know what im doing lol I feel i could be helping someone through some things but have to be in position, if that makes sence. I dont know anything so my cup is empty lol… help me to help somebody!!!

  33. Hey,
    This article was very very helpful thank you so much, my mother has been experiencing same things for a while we are getting tensed. Please get back to me if you have some more information as to how to combat this.

  34. Great article, so much I can relate to. I constantly have experiences where people drain my energy, even some family I can’t be physically close to. I’ve had experiences where people’s energy does make me feel sick, upon the person leaving the sickness went away. would visualisation techniques help block these sick feeling and people draining my energy ? thanks

  35. I have known the truth of what you write in this article a long time. But I have not found it verified but now online. I always find articles on “superspirituality”, that the drain is due to ascension, etc., but I have always found intuitively that when I “invite” persons in my life that I know are negative or not on a high vibrational level (regardless if they regard themselves very “spiritual” or not – I say this since I ahve the most problems with “spiritual” people that are at the same time very closed in their opinions) I run into exactly the symptoms you are stating.. extreme loss of energy, bad luck, stumbling, etc., sometimes for days, even if I dont think about the person – the connection is already there.. This is one of the reason I spend much time alone. I am very happy, almost living in paradise-like state.. but when I have to interact with people “out there.. in the matrix”.. I absorb some of those peoples abd karma / energies.. and I shift down my level.. It is very hard and if I am VERY honest (inner honesty) I know I have always given a little something to allow them to be invited in my energy-space.. Oh.. there is SO MUCH things to talk about this but being in a rather low state right now due to the same reason (and why I googled here).. I will conclude.. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your thoughts. You might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). It means extremely high energy sensitivity. It makes one sensitive to energies of other people a lot, and the whole environment. Allow yourself to relax more, invite more positive emotions with good movies, good food, and your favorite activities that help regain the lost energy back. And yes, in case of HSP, it is a must to filter your interactions, avoiding negative environments and excessive socialization.

      • Thanks! Yes I am and yes I am quite strict with myself if you compare to average person.. I have cut out TV (since there are most negative and gossip news), bad foods (preferably raw vegan), bike to work and exercise, meditate preferably 1-2 hrs / day, etc. Those things makes me live in a great, high mood. But when I am down and out due to the said facts I crave some good foods and some stimulants like sugar and coffee that I normally avoid..

  36. I’m having a strange thing happen but mainly around my brother… whenever he’s home i tend to get an upset stomach cant eat and a spiritual block but i never used to have that before. and it’s like i feel tired a lot.. and then sometimes at home i’ll feel intense anger energy that hits my stomach area. i try so many things to spiritually protect myself..

    would moving help me? i haven’t been away from my family for a long time now so not sure what’s going on.

    • Hi Amy, such strange body and emotional reactions to a family member, or anyone else, could indicate you have some past life karma between you two, or issues that need to be addressed and resolved. Life usually makes us face them before we can move away and on. In any case, it helps to just accept family members as they are and if circunstances allow, move to live where you feel more comfortable and at peace.

      • Thanks for your reply Sofia. This was helpful. If I accept him the way he is, would that help heal the past life Karma? As for addressing the issues, he’s a bit too stubborn to sit and address these issues we just end up arguing. Thanks again.

        • Yes, acceptance is enough from your side only. We can’t change other people.
          We all often share some pastlife karma with our present life family members. So it’s best to unconditionally accept them as they are. But afar, if necessary

  37. Thanks for this article. I knew already I was an empath of sorts, but only recently in my 30s realising its true dimensions.

    Just when I thought I was grounding myself to a whole new level after gaining such knowledge and understanding, I was unexpectedly caught off guard.

    I met an old friend from school for a coffee and a walk with our babies. Perhaps my expectations of her were too high. Perhaps I had ideals of a friendship that never was, simply because in school I had really admired her for a period, and despite her not really feeling the same in return. She was never a true loyal friend, but at the beginning of high school I had wanted her to be.

    I was already feeling vulnerable when meeting her recently due to a personal circumstance which cropped up that day. I ought to have cancelled as I didn’t feel myself but didn’t want to do so last minute.

    During the 3 hours together on a sunny afternoon I felt a mixture of emotions. Perhaps my baby teething threw me off guard, but there was something inauthentic about meeting but for what ever reason I felt I wanted to go ahead with it anyway.

    As soon as I said bye to her I felt ill. At home I had a fever and a chill and couldnt sleep properly that night. Only the next day I partly recovered through relaxation and wholesome eating.

    I thought at the time of meeting her that I enjoyed her company, but was shocked at myself in quick hindsight as to why the heck I had revealed so much to her about myself that I wouldn’t normally with someone on first meeting.

    The strong warrior woman in me had vanished. The adult person I thought I was seemed to get further and further away from me. I was back to being this naive girl who didn’t know any better but to show others my real feelings and for them to interpret that as a weakness.

    Saying that, I don’t think her intention was to sap my energy! And she had instigated to meet again after all these years. So it is very confusing for me.

    I just don’t know what happened. Any insight if this was an energy loss due to her?

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