~ What It’s Like To Be An Empath And A Highly Sensitive Person ~

‘I know you before you speak, and you love me before you know it’

Lately we hear a lot about highly sensitive people and empaths. And that’s no wonder. Now as the interest in spirituality is at raise, more and more people open up their psychic abilities.

What means being a highly sensitive person?
It means that whenever you go out to interact with people, animals, things, and do daily activities like work, studies, being in town, going for a walk, listening to the music, or simply watching tv – all these simple experiences have a crashing effect on you.

Comparing to people with an average level of sensitivity, highly sensitive people get influenced double or triple by anything they see, hear and interact with. It touches them deeply and stays in their memory for a long time.

Highly sensitive people have an inborn ability to feel the vibrations and radiations of anything around them, and anything they come in contact with.
Sensitives and empaths often live lives without realizing why there is always so much pain and melancholy inside their soul, even though it feels like there should be no reasons for it. But it is always there on a background, no matter how good and comfortable their own lifestyles may be.

No matter how happily these people build their own lives, they just can’t get rid of the feeling that ‘something bad may happen’ or somebody might get in trouble.They don’t know the cause of it, but there is always a slight feeling of unrest inside them that they can’t conquer.

These people may go on and on in this mode for years, and simply don’t know that they have an inborn ability to absorb and channel the ‘feelings’ of everything around them, and through themselves.
It is a natural involuntary skill, a broadened perception.

Often they literary carry the pain of the world on their shoulders.
The reality is often rather a hard place for them to live in, and they search their means of escaping or reshaping it in some way.
That’s why sensitives usually make great musicians, writers, dancers, charity volunteers, and good will ambassadors.
But another part of them are also alcoholics, chain smokers and suicidals.

If the gift is recognized and well-handled, it can be directed into many useful fields, like teaching, natural healing, counseling, charity, volunteering and so on.
But if the ability of acute perception is not understood or twirls the wrong ways, it may turn a person’s life into hell, leading him or her a into nervous breakdowns and mental institutions.

Highly sensitive people range from selfless altruists to solitary secludes that turn away from people in order to escape the pain of that reality, but they may never stay indifferent.

I myself suffered from empathic abilities for years. They do make your living uncomfortable until you acknowledge them, and learn how to handle them right.

The smallest scenes of someone’s pain, misery or injustice would drive me mad. Sometimes I really wished I could care just a little bit less, but it never worked.
Being an empath you feel you are responsible for everybody’s pain and happiness, and you really get sore when you are not able to help everywhere.

People would always come to me in a bad mood, feeling down or ill, and within our short interaction they would visibly change back to happy and leave in high spirits, while I would start feeling a bit low, develop headaches, or discover the same physical symptoms they had.

Empaths have a natural quality of ‘feeling with’ everybody, and so they may easily absorb others’ illnesses and negative emotions, and return people back a delicious recharge of positive refreshing energy that comes from their own innermost resources.
That’s why natural healers seem to take their patients’ illnesses on themselves, and sometimes get down with ailments, unless they use techniques of dropping them off themselves, e.g. into the ground, water, etc.

But I wasn’t a healer, and I used to believe I was simply impressive, and viewed it as weakness.
And while everybody else always seemed to get happy people around and sleet tight at night, I kept encountering people in need, ill elderly people, confused grownups that couldn’t find their place in life, heartbroken girlfriends, and a lot of mistreated animals; let alone nightmares and tugging of my family and friends’ maladies.

Only years later I learned to handle the sensitivity gift well, and directed it into helping others without losing myself energetically.

Empaths need a constant adjustment and meditation in order to keep their psychic balance and energetic wholeness. But the joyful benefits of it come back in a number of happy friends, devoted partners, love of animals and reverence of the surrounding.

While empaths bring harmony into the lives of people around them, they balance their own living between pain and an attempt to become actually happy themselves some day.


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  2. I lived with this ability all my life and it was a great surprise to know that the majority of people even cannot imagine what other people feel! such people can easily heat somebody and they don’t understand that others can feel pain! They don’t feel anything looking at other’s suffer. But from the other side they can communicate with many people every day and they are locked for the emotions of others. and the communication is superficial.

  3. For me, sensitivity actually depends on the attitude and personality own by an individual. There exist a contrast that even a highly sensitive person lacks skills in certain fields though. Our history does show such sort of aspects put in practice by world renowned politicians, scientists and all. :)


    • True! Many sensitive and vulnerable people learn to hide it and put shields sometimes, for such people facing the world and learning the new things can be a painful experience.
      And scientists and politicians score the least number of vulnerable and sensitive people, i’m afraid.. For these careers you should be tough and have quite an endurance :)

      • hello my name is tasha and i was reading this page and everything u said on this page is whats been going on with me my hole life i really dont like this gift because it takez everything out of me i can feel everyones pain and i know things about people they have never told a soul am trying to understand why i was born like this its caused me to have brake downs and other problems am trying to find others like me because alot of people dont understand me or think am insane and it hurts so thats why i try and keep everything in and when i saw this page i could see u understand alot about these gifts or what ever people call them i was wondering if there is any way i can chat with u if so can u please contact me back and thank u for putting this page on here and if theres others like me and read or see this and u think u can help me with alot please care free to leave me some comments thank you.

  4. But still they do have success in life! What actually matters is the final result or by product know? I still do remember about a personality named Achuthananthan, who was the chief minister for past 2 years in our state. A man who lacks skill(any field) must have perseverance ability as an opposition factor against it according to me. :)


  5. Hi Sofia, I’m so pleased you visited my blog and liked it enough to follow, thank you! I am delighted to meet you as I feel we have such a lot in common. I loved the above article as I could relate to most of it and understand where you’re coming from so I hope we can share opinions in the future. I would look forward to that. Thanks for liking my photograph’s. Take care and best wishes SN

  6. I always wondered why I have held certain people in my heart and have had such profound feelings of them for years, to find out that they were indifferent or simply weren’t aware of of how I felt or of what I was aware of. I always ended up with a profound feeling of sadness. I thought I ws just experiencing with them another state of consciousness but maybe not. Thanks for this article. :-)

    • The thing about empathetic people (empaths) that they are always ‘into’ people and connect, relate, get close to people easily, therefore easily developing feeling for someone else.
      Empaths are very sensitive emotionally and it often hurts them to realize that other people they know may not be this way, and not get in contact easily or share the same feelings.
      Empaths have hard times letting go of those they love, or adjusting to the idea of someone’s indifference

  7. Yeah I know what you mean, even with like friends and stuff, it’s like they can never know how loyal you are to them and you sacrifice so much to make them happy and that you are always sending good thoughts to them even though it has been many years since you have seen them. They never realize that you are always thinking of them and maybe that’s the reason for their good fortune in life, because you are always sending your energy to them.
    I was thinking about that and I was thinking maybe its the same as sending away a piece of your soul because I heard that when a mother wants to protect her child she will sometimes unconsciously send away a piece of her soul to her to the child, and that people need to do a soul retrieval in order to reconcile that piece of their soul.

    • Totally right, we do send our energy to those who we are thinking about, and even if we don’t think about those people intentionally, but are still ‘tied’ with them, or they are ‘tied’ on us, we keep ‘energizing’ them.

      Oh, the idea of sending a piece of soul is interesting! But new to me.
      I read in one yoga master’s book that when we think of loved ones – children, parents, husbands, our astral body gets sometimes to detach and travel to them to be around them protecting and guiding, if they are in a touch or difficult situation.

      That happened to me once. My loved one had troubles and was far away from me. So during the day i suddenly felt dizzy and extremely tired and needed to lie down.
      I stayed in bed many hours, i don’t know if i was sleeping, but wasn’t conscious.
      And when i got up, i felt i almost had no energy to move or raise my arm..
      I’m sure during that time my astral body was not with me, it was around my beloved, and he, on his part, told me later that on that particular day he felt an extreme flow of energy and as if something was literally carrying him, making him strong and putting the right words in his mouth, as he had to deal with tough people that day…
      But i needed a few days to recover after that energy loss. Or maybe i did send him a piece of soul, as he is still holding a big part of it with him.. :)

  8. I am sure if he means that much to you, that you have given him a big part of your soul, it can be a wonderful thing if you love that person and you have a good standing with them. Its only when things grow sour and they leave that it can be more excruciatingly painful than it would be for maybe another person because you shared something so ‘secret’ to that person and you feel so vulnerable and when they leave sometimes it can leave you feeling awkward and a little embarrassed. It happened to me with one person I thought was my soul twin. I sent them huge amounts of energy, although I didn’t know it then. But even after 13 years when I sleep sometimes this person is in my dream and is trying to give me information or directing me someplace. I don’t understand why that is.

    • I had a very similar experience!

      Dear, consider reading this one


      This post is specifically about soulmates and twin souls connection.

      And it had a strange destiny. This old post was the most viewable among my readers before, people would click on it like 60 times per day, and yet almost none of the readers would live there a comment…

      Which told me that many people live with such experiences, but prefer not to discuss them with others, and often even are hiding it from themselves.

      The post is about a psychic/energetic bond with someone who you don’t have a place in your life for, but still somehow is connected with.

      This, i think, is not your particular situation, as you have found the person of your heart, but still check it out sometime just for the interest :)

  9. Hi friends. I’m quiet new to sharing my other side with anyone. I’m psychic , empathic, I see things in dreams b4 they happen , I feel things good and bad. Sometimes I feel really ill coz I’m hyper sensitive to my environment, at times I feel like hiding from everyone. Every emotion is like absolute torture for me. I feel scared at times. Not of anything in the world. But I’m scared of myself of what I have. People like me feel so lonely in this world. U can’t just share these things with anyone. Most people class us as crazy. It would be nice to be able to talk to others like me. Coz no1 else will ever underdstand.

    • Dear Shiksha, I perfectly know what you are talking about :) People with psychic abilities and psyche hypersensitivity are many more in number than we actually hear of, because they are usually hiding their gifts, trying to conform and seem “normal” ;)
      Good thing is that now in the age of ascension, more and more people are discovering their “paranormal” abilities which in fact are the normal set of abilities we are all born with, but not always discover and develop through our lifetime.
      Be proud of your gifts! The fact that you are able to see, feel, hear, know and perceive things not through the ordinary 5 senses, indicates that you have an open 6th sense, and your soul runs your body on high vibrations. And this can help a lot of people – you possess a gift of empathy!

      This is a wonderful thing to discover in yourself and to develop further. It is still your choice, you can calm those abilities if they scare you or bring a discomfort into your life. Otherwise just rejoice and enjoy – there is so much more magic, beauty and mystery to our life and our on selves than we normally think of!

    • I read your post and feel the same. I once loved a person who was very depressed and needed help I took this person into a life gave him all my energy and my happiness with with him for 10 years you got depressed and tired of me and now I feel like since he left I was still in love with him and I feel like I gave him all my happiness and now I suffer everyday emotionally I have a hard time listening to TV listening to music walking around the world everything that I see bothers me everywhere I go bothers me I go Christmas shopping all the Christmas decorations the Scents and smells bother me I feel like I live in an emotional hell every day. I also feel so I can be of use to others I have actually emotionally helped other people and giving them my energy and I have touched them with my own hands and they said that I have healed for pain I feel that I am a good person and my daughter sometimes think I’m crazy I don’t think I’m crazy I just think I am too sensitive to everything but I also am able to heal other people I feel like I am an angel with a broken wing I do not feel that I am in any way a hellish person if anything the opposite I have nightmares every night I don’t like watching scary movies because it upsets me everything that is happy makes me sad love stories and movies that strikes my emotions it is very hard to live as a sensitive person L I also tend to end my day with a couple of glasses of alcohol and I started smoking after my breakup because I’m highly nervous and I have a lot of anxiety now I feel what you’re feeling and if in anyway you need to talk to someone feel free to email me. Stacey

      • Dear Stacey, I really feel with what you wrote. You are clearly a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an empath. Which means your heart and mind (emotionnal and mental body) are handling double the heavier load than the chakras of average person do.
        Sensitive people perceive everything deeper, sharper, louder… What’s normal in any relationships to others, to HS people is overwhelming. Empaths just often keep wondering at times in tears, why if I am this loving to others, I am so lonely and is it hard to love back the way I do?..
        I often joke that empaths love for two people – for themselves and their partners. And if people on the streets hurt them, empaths don’t blame it on people, they divert it inside onto themselves and only keep wondering “where is the love”…
        For empaths it is always painful to bet their love on people and expect the equal return. Thus many find a great outlet to those emotions in other good things the do – some creative activities, useful volunteer work, councelling etc.

        HS often resort to alcohol and smoking to boost blood sugar and ‘compensate’ lowered tonus of life energy in their heart/emotional center.
        Offer yourself a healing, you can lie down on the floor, relax and just put your hands onto your chest and ask any divine or spiritual guides you believe in to let you feel through your own hands if you are loved. By anyone, by anything it doesn’t matter. Just relax and keep your hands on your chest, you will feel how all of a sudden hands get warmer and you are healing yourself with love. It just works, I never know where this warm love energy comes from :) It can be your guides, it can be other souls that love you… But you will feel that you are loved Anyway, and you don’t really need that smoke.

        * I’m happy that people commenting on this blog are connecting with each other! It’s always a great idea to reach out and talk and offer each other a support. Always remember, You are not alone!

        • Thankyou so much for your input…and yes if it wasnt for my daughter I would want to give up…at once my gift was pleasant nut now that I dont have that love it is almost torture to try and contain my emmotions..it affects me at work…I almost feel I may have to go on disability with this…it is ashame because I know I am smart..was classified as gifted my bring emotionally weak is a hard way to live each day…I would do anyhing to be rmmotionally unavailable for a week…its very hard to exist this way…I forget everything can barely do my bills and have to support myself..also trouble focusing…nut once again your advice is tsken graciously.

  10. Dear Sofia,
    I feel so blessed and relieved to find your site. I never understood myself until now. Why am I so sensitive, why do I only meet certain kinds of people, how can someone do something so hurtful and bad? Now, I’ve discovered myself. I never thought there would be a category for people like me. When I’m happy, I shine. People see the glow in me. When I’m hurt, I feel so low. I am highly sensitive, creative, selfless, passionate, compassionate and empathetic. I looked at this as a curse because a lot of people I’ve come across don’t understand me and get me; often times try and do take advantage of my beautiful and giving soul. I too wanted to care less. But you’ve helped me realize that I should embrace it. It’s truly who I am. I am so in tuned with the Universe. I feel other people’s energy and vibrations so easily. I have dreams and see flashes in my mind that warn me about people. Sometimes I see when certain things are going to happen and that scares me. I’ve been on a self discovery journey and I am so blessed for that. No matter how much people let me down and the uncertainties of life crash down on me, I just know now, that I am blessed and I rise.
    Thank you so much Sofia. I love what you do.

    • And thank you, Erica, for bringing your wonderful vibes over here and encouraging me too! :)
      Yes, most HSPs and empaths suffer from their high sensitivity and think it’s a curse, or feel sick,confused, often down and overwhelmed for no apparent reasons, till they discover what it’s all about. HSP are like sponge absorbing everything that vibrates around and too often they feel collective symptoms/saddness/or anxiety of others, which i not their own…
      High sensitivity becomes a gift once we learn to master it, then we can apply it to many useful things, creations and activities. No one like HSPs feel music, beauty, details of art. Due to high energetic frequency, HSPs also make great healers, councellors, caretakers and practical intuits! :)

  11. i really enjoy your writing and would like to read a previous piece youe wrote about bonding with someone you can’t fit in your life but it doesn’t seem to be on your site anymore! would you be able to repost it or email it to me? thanks! !

    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for the interest, I’m glad you enjoyed my writing :) I removed that post temporarily to re-edit it a little and I’ll post it again in a short while :)

  12. Hi Sofia,
    I stumbled upon an instagram post about twin flames, which led to a google search and then your blog, then this post. This post touched me so. I always knew that I was very empathetic/intuitive and could connect to people on more than a physical level. However, recently, I’ve been putting what I feel into perspective.I have had many incidences where i’ve suddenly become warm, felt a swirling energy just below my rib cage (i don’t like to refer to it as solar plexus), and general discomfort, thinking, initially, that something was wrong with me or that I was becoming ill. I would later find out, sometimes a day or two later, that at the very moment I got those feelings, someone close to me was in distress (once my bff was on conscious). My feelings would send me into a spiritual prayer and by the time my prayer was over, my loved ones episode would have subsided. High incidents like this leave me so drained. However, lower energy incidents, where someone actually calls me to talk about problems would leave me upset. I’d feel like I was only being called for someone to dump their issues on me. Until I had to realize, i’m in a blessed position. To be able to be a blessing to others and connect with them on a super deep spiritual level. I also have, what I believe is a “twin flame” disconnection in the physical, but not completely disconnected spiritually. We dated for 4 yrs, broke up and I cannot get him off my mind. It wasn’t a horrible relationship, but we had so many obstacles. When we first broke up, I would awake and try to channel him with energy, he’d either end up sending a text or myself or a friend would see him somewhere that very day. Spiritually I was deeply intwined with him, but in the regular world, we couldn’t get it together. I’m not sure yet how to recharge off the empath episodes or how to move forward from this spiritual connection to this man. I live my life, I date and am not obsessed, but the thought of him occurs often (i don’t stalk or anything)..almost in the comforting notion of when things were good. I seek that from guys I date now, like the goodness of that was/is the blueprint. I’ve also been celibate for 2 years now, and when I was sexually active, I feel that recharging and fielding(handling) the energy was less intense. Do you have any suggestions on how to protect your energy field so that you can better manage who you connect with? And how to keep charged or recharge after an “episode”? I would so appreciate a reply. I’ll continue reading your posts as well, great blog!!

    • Dear Starflower,

      I apologyze for the delayed reply to your comment.
      You are clearly an HSP (highly sensitive person) and empath, who is attracting people strongly, taking on yourself the stuff from the energy fields of others…
      People always reach out to HSPs because they have a gift of “clearing” others energy fields from negativity, often taking it onto themselves, and other people feel much lighter after the interaction with you.
      You then need time to “heal”, clear your field from the stuff that you “picked” and get back into blance.
      Your heart chakra is very active, so people, often problematic ones, with baggage of their own issues, cling to you, and you, as every empath, have difficult time to say no.
      The only way to handle it is to not be afraid or ashamed to say No to interactions that you feel you won’t benefit from, those that feel heavy. Introduce the healthy boundaries.
      HSPs and empaths are often just too nice and they end up letting others get into their private field much deeper than they should have.
      You are very intuitiive. I believe you can tell what every person you engage with will bring you in the long run… So knowing this, just trust your intuition and be selective.
      HSPs are only some 18-20% of the whole world’s population… Think about it. This is how unique you are. So take good care of yourself. Your time, energy and personal space must be dosed, limited and highly valued. Let others know about it.
      To recharge and re-energize yourself spend quality time alone, or around loved ones, animals or nature.
      Gemstones are good protection/energizing tools. Get yourself a black tourmaline and carry it in your pocket or as accessory, when around people, it absorbs bad energy and helps you stay in balance, while offering mild grounding.
      Hope it helped! Stay well.
      I’ll be writing more about HSPs and empath!

  13. Have any of you observed a fellow student during your school days (middle school, high school), someone you thought may even be socially out of your league but for some reason they caught your attention, you recognize and pick their face out of the crowd at school for even 2 or 3 years, and eventually be introduced to them and obtain friendship at total random after all that time? You didn’t expect it or try to make it happen, usually someone else introduced you two, or they approached you at random one day, but somehow it’s like you knew they’d become a significant part of your life down the line, because once your approached, it begins an actual relationship with them that you thought about jus hanging there in the back of your mind, but never pursued on your own? A few of my best friendships happened that way, after months or years of vicarious, distant, one-way interaction.

  14. Hi I am glad I stumbled across this site. I have been fatigued and depressed for years; and now I finally might know why. I’m 32 years old and I know I have been this way since I was a child. First of all I lived in a less than normal upbringing. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom was a stay at home mother who coped with her endless amount of weekends alone by having parties herself where she would invite our teenage cousins and kids over to watch scary movies. I could not bring myself to watch any of the scary movies myself, but I could hear the screams and sounds from the movie as it played and I would feel very curious. It was not so much that I wanted to know what was happening as it was that I felt I already knew by the sounds of it all. I could play an image in my head that went with every scream, every cutting sound, and so one. This consumed me so much over the next several years that as soon as I was capable to write a story, I did. I would be alone in my room and experience the whole story in my head as I wrote it. One particular story that I wrote was lost at school one day. This was an elementary school. Unfortunately the story was found by a student and given to the teacher. I was immediately taken the guidance counselor and asked questions about being abused. Of course never in my life did I ever feel abused. I was spanked but never beaten and I knew I was loved. Also as a child I loved animals and I could not stand for them to be harmed in anyway. There were two particular incidents that I remember growing up that related to animals. My dad grabbed a chicken from our yard and laid it across a stump where he was going to chop its head off. I immediately started screaming and crying for him to not kill the chicken. My dad was a good man, but he was not as empathetic as I was. He killed the chicken anyway and then had a good story to laugh about with his friends. The second time, I was given my own dog to take care of. My dad had told me to make sure I watered and fed it everyday. I was old enough to do this simple chore, but I easily forgot and one day I found my new dog sick and starved to death. I remember feeling so much grief for the dog because I knew what I had done. I then told my dad that I didn’t want my dog to suffer anymore so I asked my dad to kill him because I wasn’t brave enough to do what I needed to do. I knew my dad would follow through with ease because he didn’t have much empathy for dogs as I did. He killed the dog and I buried the dog. My woes did not stop there, I started having visions about people that I didn’t know and would feel as if I were there experiencing it all with them. In one event, I was riding home on the bus and I had a vision of a long haired girl running scared through the woods. I could see that a boy or man was chasing her. After I saw it, it was so hard to snap out of. Later I went to my older cousins house to visit and saw the girl on the news. I told my cousin that I saw that girl running from a boy. My cousin looked shocked. I continued down this dark hole even as a teen. When I was thirteen, my parents were having a lot of difficulties in their relationship even though my dad had been sober for a few years, and I was often used as a pillow for my mother to cry on. She would open up to me about everything and it felt as if I had literally sucked her feelings way from her the moment she started speaking. On a bad night, when she was sad I felt totally exhausted afterward and even felt hatred toward my father for making her feel this way. On a good night when I could tell she was feeling great, we would have an awesome time and I would have so much energy. When my parents finally separated I remember feeling relieved and was okay with it until my dad remarried suddenly and my mom started having boyfriend trouble. The chaos started all over again. I would be around her or him and I felt like I was a ship being tossed about in the stormy waves. I would be so involved in what they were feeling that I would take on their attitude as if it were my own. It was not just my parents either, I felt this about almost everyone I came in contact with. I remember my brother would get punished for something and get a spanking. The whole event would be so intense for me that I felt that I was the one getting the spanking. Every time I would cry about it, my dad would say this isn’t your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. I can even watch a movie and instantly feel as though I was the character experiencing the ordeal. If it was really good movie, I would think about the character for days after. Recently I watched Divergent with my husband, and after the movie as we were walking out of the theater I told my husband that sometimes after watching a movie I feel as if the world had somehow changed like the movie had really happened in my life. And it doesn’t stop there. I wish it did because it can be so exhausting for me to feel this way all the time. I’m like a sponge, I soak up everything and once I do I am what I just soaked up. I feel like I don’t really know who I am. I feel like I have a greater purpose in my life but I am always reaching for what it is that I am suppose to do. I involve myself way too much in the lives of those around me and it eats me from the inside out. It is hard for me to raise my kids because my kids have became me. We live in house that yells when we can’t cope and sometimes I find myself shutting down and not caring what happens. After I do this for a while, I recharge and start again. There has been so many things that have happened to me because of this that what I have written doesn’t even begin to cover it all. I might even have to blog myself. If you don’t care let me know what you think. I often feel bogged down in all the mess that is me and don’t know what to do.

    • Thank you for sharing here. HSPs need to take special care of their emotional health and keep energy balance. I’d suggest you check more online resources and books on empaths and hsp’s health and maintanence of wellbeing.
      There’s not enough spread of awareness about hsp’s, so they often feel drained and confused.
      There is also an option to get coaching.
      Be well!

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  16. I’m an HSP, empath and psychic. I only talk about it to the people I trust most, and even then, I feel shy about saying it, fearing they’ll think I’m crazy or trying to brag. I see a lot of people crowing about how psychic they are, and yet they can’t listen to another human being to save their life. I’m always listening. I’m 53 years old. My gifts are increasing almost exponentially as I get quiet with my reality, and since I removed toxic relationships from my life. And that’s the thing I want to talk about, based on some of the comments here. If you’re empathic and an HSP, that is not necessarily the whole reason that you are giving too much to a relationship. I went to two years of weekly CoDA (co-dependents anonymous) meetings to recognize my lack of boundaries in my marriage. Being empathic with my husband’s feelings made co-dependent tendencies worse. I felt how he felt, but that didn’t have to affect what I experienced inside myself. So I guess what I’m doing here is urging fellow empaths to separate out what is unhealthy and get very conscious of boundaries, all while maintaining and growing empathy in its most productive and life giving manifestations. Currently I’m trying to observe what happens to my energy as I go through a day. Many things, mostly being in crowds of people, bring it down, and I’ve tended to not be very conscious or pro active about remedying that. I really want to be a student of my own energies and learn how to bring it back to optimal levels, so that I can feel as good as I can feel and live my purpose as much as possible. Do you have any resources for this kind of tracking? Do you work with people one on one?

  17. I just recently realized I’m an empath as well after seeing a medium who told me to look it up. I’ve noticed I don’t mix well or connect well with people and am often alone. To me, they seem like very lonely people but are incredible as they have healing powers. I try though and I do have a few good friends, but for some reason I feel I am denied the privilege. And if I am I can never go for some reason (work, no transportation, long distance). I can’t even see some of my close friends since we are far apart and the ones who are closer to me just fell off the face of the earth (I tried contacting them and their numbers changed strangely and I can never reach them). I also noticed that people seem to ‘dislike’ me when I haven’t done anything hurtful to them and I am shunned out. My last roommate for example she seemed very friendly and liked me to all of a sudden get PISSED for no reason ! I never understood that but maybe they are rejecting my energy? I’d like to help people and am told I am a healer but it doesn’t make sense if I’m rejected by people. I also hate it when my mom nags and wants me to get married (asian thing) and I am feeling it’s not right for me also to be slammed hard on how I “ruined” my life. I have never dated anyone and it annoys the crap out of me when others get married and have kids, only to rub it into my face and gawked by my parents that I should have the same !

    I was told by a medium last year that I will be married with children. I just don’t see it even though I like the idea of marriage and kids (but I’m ok to be alone if its meant to be) and therefore I’m not really buying it. I can envision my wedding day and find it nice to have, but I don’t feel empaths are suited for this stuff and how can they if they can’t connect to people and are outcasts? I never had a boyfriend or a relationship, I seriously DO NOT want an arranged marriage and get stuck with someone who is narrow minded with NO diverse outlook b/c that will be a disaster. I just don’t think it’ll work out. I noticed that everyone gets success so easily (it seems) while I have to kill myself to get somewhere. I’ve been kicked out of nursing school while others effortlessly ace by and I have been told I “ruined” my life as I’m still in school. People get into dates, get married..etc so fast and I’m still single. Idk, I feel so down now. I like working with people and I find it as a gift, but I can’t understand why I can’t fit into a crowd most of the time and am rejected for healing them. . Ppl say you need to go out and get to know people to start relationships, but if’s not possible if I don’t have anyone to go with. I can’t just go to a party or place myself as that will cause stares haha.

    As a single (if it’s in the cards) I’ll just travel a lot and perhaps get a dog (I love animals, especially dogs).

  18. This place seems to list the closest to most of the things I have experienced in my life. I am currently 34 yrs old. I’m a single woman with no children, sadly. I started researching HSP some years ago because I had an idea that this HSP thing was perhaps an explanation to what I experienced most all of my life. And while I still don’t really understand it, I am trying to learn more. I recall as a child I always told I took things too personal. I was made fun of by literally every child in my school for years, and became a habitual loner. But that didn’t really bother me so much as I was ok doin my own thing. I loved being outside, the smell of fresh cut grass, and I was absolutely convinced if I thought hard enough I could talk to animals. It only bothered me that people were so consistently cruel to me. I used to go home crying and asking if it was something I was doing that made people hate me. And she would always say no, but that she did not know why people were like that. As I grew up, my family met with continual hard times and things became very stressful. My father became more verbally abusive to my mother and when I defended her, I took the brunt as well. So with the family issues, a lack of supportive friends, and school problems, my emotions were all over the place. I became reclusive and depressed, which I thought was normal for any teenager. I would spend hours in my room listening to music and putting puzzles together. I also had a couple of meditative experiences which to this day have never repeated. I did, however, master my emotions and bury them. I became fairly stoic to nearly everyone. I did not care what happened around me, what I ate, what I wore, who said what. Nothing phased me at all, and for a time I felt at peace, at least emotionally. I was never too high or too low. But then some years later a crack started forming in my well placed shield. I threw myself whole hog into my Christian walk and wanted to understand more about the turmoil I always seem to battle on some level. During this time, I lost many beloved animals due to one issue or another, my parents divorced, and that I paid for. I really became disgusted with nearly everything. I received an offer to find work during the now recession up in Alaska with my aunt. I lived up there for a couple of years and met some new friends and really experienced a peace I had not known for many years. I was surrounded by fiercely protected wilderness, the air clean, and people were relatively nice. I feel like sometime there my shield had fractured quite a bit. I came back south where my mother lived, and basically as soon as I came back the battle began with relatives. I’ve been battling relatives, disdain, ridicule and crazy emotional stress and my shield that had protected me emotionally is completely shattered. My emotions have been all over the place and something new with it, I’ve noticed I start soaking up emotions from other people. Particularly things like anger or hostility, if I am around it too much, I tend to lash out, be really irritable and grouchy. I have looked at listing of commonalities of HSP and I exhibit most of those traits, and since coming back they seem stronger than ever. I am wondering if anyone else has gone through anything similar. I have not found anyone in my area that understands what I am talking about, and even if they do, they don’t want to talk about it. I am now in college pursuing a degree in art, which is completely new to me, but seems to fit. I have had other things I’ve experienced that, I believe, are more spiritual in nature. And for whatever reason I am drawn to watching nearly every ghost story I can watch. I’ve watched enough in the last few years that I can pick out nearly the difference between the showed up things and when the people actually experience something. I’ve identified places I refused to go into, people I won’t work with, and things I won’t touch. I’ve suffered severe headaches and other various physical issues. If there is someone that I can talk to, I would greatly appreciate it. I can be most easily contacted by e-mail: leeloodallas_@yahoo.com So, um, yeah. :) Thank you for reading.

  19. I knew what I might be, to some degree, but didn’t understand it until I started reading this page. I can understand ppl speaking in different languages, many as it goes. . Not everything but sometimes everything. It’s rather random, I tune in and tune out indiscriminately. Also I get feelings about things. About people knowing things about me or listening to me via various different media etc etc. And I cry randomly. It’s really rather weird. :)

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