~ Men And Woman ~

A woman is a magnet. An empathic woman is a magic gravitational pull. A woman in love with her own feelings is easily loved by men. But a woman in love with other people’s feelings is easily loved by crowds. … Continue reading

~ What It’s Like To Be An Empath And A Highly Sensitive Person ~

‘I know you before you speak, and you love me before you know it’ Lately we hear a lot about highly sensitive people and empaths. And that’s no wonder. Now as the interest in spirituality is at raise, more and … Continue reading

~ Protect Yourself From Energy Loss And Psychic Attack ~

Sometimes we suddenly start feeling very sick with weird unclear symptoms. – unbearable headache, – dizziness or nausea, – limbs trembling, – extreme weakness, – rising fever… Symptoms strike all at once and out of blue. Which are not only … Continue reading