Some answers to questions that were asked over email, or in the posts comments.

Q: I had this connection with a guy. I felt a good warmth in my chest, but we didn’t meet because it was an inopportune moment. I haven’t seen him in 3 years. Ever since then I’ve seen repetitive numbers. Can you tell me if this usual in a twin flame connection or if it’s just a heart center catalyst?

A: Starting to see repetitive numbers is always usually a sign of “somebody is trying to point you into a new direction in life”, or an indication from your Guides that some interesting/important phase/change is coming up in life, if you follow other signs and choose that new direction. The person provoking the appearance of repetitive numbers can be a true twinflame, or just some temporary important catalyst :)

Q: I had a very intense experience today and am trying to make sense of it. I know I am a very intuitive person, but today I feel it went to the next level. I wen to a beach in Normandy, France where D-Day took place. I decided to open myself up to the energy there not thinking much would happen. Then all of a sudden it was like I was there the day it happen. I heard the gun shots, screaming, and started feeling physical pain. It made me upset and I felt nauseous. It took me a while to calm down and close myself up so I could stop it. I am at loss at what this means and what I felt today. Any advice would be appreciated.

A: It looks that you are indeed a fairly intuitive person. What you felt back there is a psychic experience. You either tuned into the mental energy-information field there and saw the events that’d happened, or it could be a past life memory of the events you’d actually witnessed. But most probably, it’s a matter of psychic discipline. We sometimes just tap into the shared Earth informational field and its events and history. Good if you know how to open and also close that up so that experiences don’t get overwhelming.

Q: Should I stay, or should I go?
(Is a very common question I receive from readers, who find themselves in a twinflame relationship, which turned out to be unbearable).

A: I will best reply this specific question in an upcoming article, sometime soon.
But as of now, really, how common it gets to find yourself stuck suffering in a relationship with a person, who you’d considered to be your twinflame. It seems that this person couldn’t hurt you or cause you a painful damage, but they do.
Soon to move in partners find that their special one has major emotional or personality issues, or an addiction. He says that he loves you, but at the same time, has multiple ongoing online and emotional affairs. Over-romanticized concept of twinflames sometimes blurs people’s sight, and gets in a way of a healthy self-determination. And they don’t know anymore whether they should stay and accept the challenge, and pain, and then accept, and accept some more. Or should they better leave and deal with this strange pain on their own, retiring the twinflame.
The answer is, by no means should you hang in the relationship and bear with the pain that hurts your core. Twinflame or not, he is also a human who can go through a series of unsightly behaviors that not even every non-twinflame does.
Even for twinflame couple – it doesn’t mean that you are bound together. Each one of you has a Free Will, which be better exercised for self-development.
Bearing with pain? – Never. Taking actions to change it? – Always yes.

Q: Hi.. I have noticed when I am around a sick/dying person or even an animal, I become very dizzy, sweaty, can barely stand, I start to losing feeling on half of my body, I feel as though I’m about to pass out/having a stroke. This has happened multiple times and even sent me to the ER one time because urgent care thought I was having a stroke. Please let me know if you’ve heard any other stories like this. Thank you!

A: Thank you for sharing and your question. Yes, it looks that you are a HSP (highly sensitive person). Which means you can ‘tune in’ and feel the pain of others as your own.Most of the empaths and HSP feel this way around anyone suffering.You might want to research how to learn to ‘turn down’ the excessive empathy. There are no real tricks to do that, it basically just comes with intellectual effort and intention to be less sensitive… As paradoxical as it sounds, but thats the only way of ‘survival’ for sensitive empaths.

Q: Just wondered why (romantic) soulmates have a push-pull relationship?  I thought this only occurred with Twin Flames? I read that some soulmates have had a push-pull relationship lasting for years.

A: Soulmates are usually the souls that have given each other promises or vows to be “together again”, or be “bonded forever”. This type of binding can be productive, and not! It holds the two ‘locked’ together, and can naturally result in resentment or up and down mood cycles, if one or both have already outgrown this relationship…
Ancient bonds and vows between the souls may seriously interfere with the expression of their free will.
So if in a soulmate relationship one is still holding and the other is tired of, the normal drama can naturally occur. Same happens with twin flames – one awaits the “reunion”, and the other longs for self-expression, meeting people and traveling… So the clash of interests is unavoidable.

Q: I am a empath.  A highly sensitive empath.  I ground and meditate constantly.  I am trying to find the person to spend my life with…  but every time I start getting emotionally close, no grounding helps…  energy overwhelms and flows, and I am just a rider in the current.  How do I explain to a person I can feel how much they start to like me, as well as how much I start to like them, at the same time, without overwhelming them and scaring them off?
I can deal with EVERYTHING else…  depression?  wave of the hand.  Anger? 2 minutes of breathing.  Anxiety?  Grab a black strand at the solar plexus and pull.   Even phsyical pain.  Even fatigue.  The energy is there, I take it in.
But Love?  It is the same thing…   there is nothing I can do, and no one will listen.

A: Empaths function on love, and they have no problem splashing it out generously sharing it with others. Now to understand, empaths is 18 to 20% of the Earth population. Meaning, 70 to 80 other % of people you meet will get surprised, if not overwhelmed by that unmeasured free flow of love energy onto them. A lot of people are conditioned to not display and not accept the love that is coming, because opening up in love means taking our “clothes” and armors off with it in front of each other. A lot of people feel that giving way to their feelings is like getting naked… This could be used against me, who knows – they reason. So we choose to wear the shells.
Empaths can feel slightly uncomfortable to others because they are naturally trying to knock people’s shells off. Secondly, they are pushing so much of the unconditional love energy to others’ heart chakra that others are being unable to process and atm digest all that flow. So they back off and distance to “digest”.
Sad news is empaths are usually spending longer time to find an appropriate partner, who is on the same page with their feelings. Good news, however, is that as there are empathic men, there are also empathic women, who usually have no problem in emotional self expression and easily connect.
Empath, on the other hand, are usually drawn to “fix” and “open up” other people. This often makes them attracted to emotionally problematic personalities. But if that’s the case – it is a pattern to recognize.

Q: Is it right to charge for a spiritual work? Shouldn’t healings and psychic/coaching sessions be done free of charge?

A: I guess it sounds about right to pay for a healing or spiritual services, considering healers, lightworkers and spiritual coaches need to eat too and have a roof above their head… I don’t think you would want a session of healing or spiritual advice from a rugged hungry bum, who is an excellent coach, but too altruistic to charge for his work, so he gets along without food or hot shower and lives under a bridge.
Moreover, good coaches and lightworkers usually first spend few years and a few $ K on studies, in order to reach expertise and be able to offer you decent-level services. Let alone tones of their personal energy and endeavor.
When we go see a doctor, or pick stuff from a grocery store, or get maintenance service, we don’t really question if that should be paid for. I can’t understand why paying a psychic (or whoever!) for their work should be even in question. Many’d be surprised, but spiritual people have all the same needs on Maslow’s pyramid too, even though they are sometimes too ‘spiritual’ to admit.

Q: Why do I feel suddenly sick and depleted after spending time with someone? Sometimes it’s with particular acquaintances, and oftentimes could be just anybody…

A: It’s not a secret that many people run on energy of others. We all to some extent do, as when we interact or simply think of others. All forms of relationships and interactions involve some energy exchange between participants. Many engage into energetic vampirism unconsciously. These people simply take less vital force energy from space and “prefer” to”quick bite” on those who are around. On the other end, you could be somewhat energetically sensitive, so certain interactions feel unpalatable )

Q:  I feel that my non-incarnated TF is somehow related to an advanced outer space civilization that comes to Earth to help it.  I say this because the imagery I get when I have visions about him deals with space, advanced civilizations, etc. But if that is the case, could it be that I’m sort of a starseed or something like that?  Because how could it be that if I’m a normal human being from Earth (which I’ve always felt I am) I have a TF that I feel has these characteristics? I kind of feel he’s very superior to me, in wisdom, authority, experience, etc.  Thank you for your answer!

A: Most of the people who are driven to spiritual/exploration and meditative work are starseeds (startravelers) – it means they come from Soul groups that are not of the Earth origin. They could have spent a number of lifetimes on planets outside of our Solar system even. So yes, any of the people inhabiting Earth now could have originally been a startraveler. It doesn’t make them anyhow ‘special’ or better, more advanced than primarily Earth Souls, it just means they have a bit different character and energy sensitivity characteristics. Starseeds/startravelers have spent their incarnations on different planets, but that is their past. If they are now incarnated on Earth, they should focus more closely on creating their earthly experience. If they incarnate here on Earth, so it is for a reason. Some incarnated startravelers can feel innate support and guidance of some unincarnated Souls out there. That could be Souls from their soul group, or souls they’ve known before and have connection with. So it could be their unincarnated loved ones as well ) Hope it helps!

Q: I am experiencing multiple split of soul and really enjoying the happenings. Would you please explain whether this kind of existence is possible. I always think my wife was my twin flame. Unfortunately she passed away early but since her departure I am getting her vibration and finding her presence in all actions and happenings. I surprisingly met one who is just replica of my wife having all sorts of traits, emotions, spiritual mind and thoughts like her. She lives in different country but we feel so close in mind as  we feel each other twin flame also. This is my feeling by experiencing the facts that we three are nothing but splits of single soul and in concluding our mundane life cycle. What do you think ?

A: Wonderful question! I myself for a time used to experience same level of connection with numbers of people, who I felt were nearly like my “split” simultaneous incarnations of the one same soul. I used to think I had several twin flames. However, as I learned to read Akashic Records and began investigating soul stories (the history of their incarnations), I shifted to believe more that each incarnated person’s soul is whole and integral. And that shifted my view of twin flames phenomenon as well – as twin flames do have history of separate incarnations and their own unique Akashic Record per person…
So, I’d say the following: I still find it romantic and somewhat spiritually comforting to believe that our soul may have a number of simultaneous incarnations. However, this believe should not tie us to the idea of “determination”, or being somewhat bond with and by the actions and life course of those people. No matter what level of familiarity and connectedness we feel with them, it’s important to know that each of our “bundle” still has his own unique tasks and life course for this current incarnation. And information about their deeds and lifespan is being recorded in their own unique file in the great library of the Akashic Records. Each incarnated person has a unique “file” for their soul in that library. Finally, most of the times, we feel so familiar and connected, nearly, relative with few other people, because these are the souls that we’ve known and been incarnated with together for a number of lifetimes. These souls get so bonded and familiar with each other that in every new incarnation they really get to feel like twins, oneness and/or soul relatives of each other.

Q: Sometimes people are being brought back together again, in spite of  a broken relationship and things that didn’t work out. Is there such thing as relationship karma? Karmic connection between two

A: I believe in a thing that there is no real “heavy karma” between two people that “binds” them together forever, or that they would need to work out. However, there can be vows and promises given to each other in past lives that could still be influencing them today. They can last, or can be broken by a free will (one of the party goes out of arrangement and the other is still hanging; or both outgrew the arrangement, but find it somewhat difficult to part). In this case, sort of a “ties cut” ritual can be performed.
In other cases, mutual attraction can be ongoing because of the similar vibrational frequencies (views, needs and phases in life) that the two currently share – so they kind of currently match. I tend to believe that people in relations can exchange lessons and personal realizations. But if that is the case, after the “lessons” are learned and personal changes have come into place, the relationship winds itself out. In whatever case, best thing is no clinging onto something that is inevitably going away.

Q: I am never lucky in relationships, I am open and receiving of love… But I guess I keep looking for the one… And sometimes I think, what if I run out of soulmates? Is it possible that one never meet a soulmate, winds up alone? Is there really such thing as celibacy wreath?

A: Soulmates not necessarily all come in a form of our lovers and potential partners, they can be our friends, family members and other types of connections. However romantic in theory, soulmate is not ultimately positive, or necessary form of relation. If you’ve been noticing, term soulmates was quite more popular a decade ago than it is now. Time changes energetic relations between people. The essence of soulmates implies certain complementarity and a sort of co-dependency.
While it is nice to have someone close to your heart and rely on, it is not in the long run energetically healthy to put all of your happiness in the hands of another. Souls make all sort of pacts in higher planes, but while incarnated, we also get endowed with free will, which means people can change, leave, things may take an unexpected turn. Souls that love each other from lifetime to lifetime often manage to meet again and say hello, but it doesn’t necessarily result in a lasting relationship. There is really an unlimited number of variants of how the future between two people may flow. “Celibacy wreath” is not a curse, but rather something people may create for themselves, if they desperately seek for connection – they sort of become energetically “clingy”, and it is detectable by others. What makes us more energetically attractive is a dash of detachment from ultimate result from any connection.

Q: Do twin souls/flames normally have astral connection experiences with each other? I mean normally I don’t dream of people I haven’t met yet in person but this person I think I’ve seen online pics and stuff then I dreamed of him for the first time I experience astral dream, and do twins normally have the 11:11, 11 thing going on? Before I was denying the fact that ‘he’ could be my twin but when I try to forget and move on its either his name, middle name or a reassurance on a conversation saying ‘he is the one’ . Now I just don’t know anymore (lol) I had astral dreams of him like 5x I think some are not that vivid but overall my dreams about him including non-astral ones 11x I don’t dream of him on astral anymore it stopped on march 2015 started at Jan 11 2015, with synchronicity and such.

A: Twin flames/souls/soulmates have a transcendingly tight connection with each other. They may meet on the astral plane during their physical body sleep, or during daydreaming, when their normal consciousness is somewhat relaxed or scattered. Therefore, astral dreaming for the close souls feels, and is extremely realistic. But we can have astral dreaming about/with other people as well, if for some reason they had our attention. Seeing bright dreams and having peculiar daytime occurrences, as with coincidences etc, means that your own consciousness is shifting. Probably you are interested in mystical phenomena and your subconsciousness invites metaphysical experiences.
Seeing 11:11 may also mean your subconscious mind is moving, and is ready to give you some interesting experiences, and help gain some new knowledge about your life and yourself. It often happens through a mediation of some other person/soul, who catches our attention and seems like “the one”. There follow some signs and peculiar synchronicities, related to that person. Now this can be a twin flame, or someone else “spiritually important”, who takes the role of that mediator. And he is usually that catalyst to our subconsciousness. In any case, it is important to not get “fixated” on that person as relationship material, but rather pay attention at messages that he is here to give you in a direct, or an indirect way.

Q: Even though I am into energy work: I meditate a lot, do energy exercises, stick to vegetarian diet, I feel constant lack of energy. It leaves me  feeling somewhat spacey, I sometimes have hard time focusing…

A: What you describe looks like being ungrounded. Pay more attention to grounding techniques before and after your energy practices. You may over-exercise upper energy centers, while lower ones are left ungrounded, so the body loses energy easily. Having difficulties in focusing might happen due to being slightly out of body.

Q: I guess, I have, what they call, “energy vampires” at my workplace. 
The thing is I have to deal with these people day to day, and they just feel heavy, not mentioning judgmental etc. I have constant headaches. I have no way of avoiding them as we work in close proximity. Is there anything at all I could do? Some way of shielding myself from negative influence?

A: Somebody becomes “vampiric” to us by the patterns of our own reaction to them. Certain way about someone “gets” on us, even though other people, or co-workers may perceive them totally differently. Yes, there is definitely something you can do – train yourself to not give emotional reaction. In books of Castaneda this technique is called stalking. Not literally “stalking” someone, but tracing your own reactions. Shielding is not actually effective and somewhat outdated, becoming transparent to stimuli is the thing.
When you stop giving inner emotional reaction, your “bugger” stops receiving energy from you, and soon lose interest to hang around in your field.

Q: I guess you could say that I am on the path to spiritual enlightenment at the moment and starting to “wake up” which has been a whole new experience for myself and I am now noticing more and more each day which is amazing. But in the last few months the weirdest thing has happened and I think it’s my twin flame. Although the more and more I read about it I am always left feeling confused. Some articles I read state you don’t meet your twin till later in life, but to be fair how can anyone make that statement when the universe has a different plan for everyone. 
this person I’ve known for nearly 3 years, I’ve always carried a flame for him, but was quite content on us just being friends, but in the last 2 months it’s almost like something has changed.
I’ve started seeing 11:11 and 9:11 and 1:11, I’ve dreamt about him, I have seeked as much guidance about this but no one can really confirm or deny… There’s things I can’t explain to people without them thinking i’m strange or delusional. So really my question is….
If I was completely off with this then would I receive messages to direct me back in the right direction? I would assume with the amount of time I have spent looking into all of this and having these thoughts and feelings is the universe saying I am right? 

A: I can say, I obviously learned a lot from interacting with my twin flame, and more to it from behind the lines. That’s pure knowing. When it comes to meeting that soul, there is really nobody to point him out, you just sort of recognize that. Time of meeting is not relevant, some TFs know each other since early age.
Guidance and intuition get better, the better you are connected to them. “Signs” you are connected are all those weird occurrences, repetitive dreams and numbers. As for closeness, free will also applies to twin flames.

Q: I heard intuitive guidance comes in many forms, through claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience… Can it come through hearing voices?

A: Intuitive information can come through several ways: you can know something without knowing how you know it, you can see images and scenes on your mind’s screen, or you can sense, or “hear” something, more in a form of like interesting unexpected thoughts. It’s always better, however, to not hear actual voices talking in your head. If you do, choose to not listen. This is not a good instance of receiving information. If voices persist, you should seek out the consultation of medical professional.

Q: Can twinflames cheat?
A: While twin flame are in an agreed relationship with each other, I guess, for them same things apply of what appropriate, what’s not. You must decide on what’s cheating means to each other.
If twin flames are not in a relationship and live their lives apart, they by free will can choose who to engage with.
However, some can develop energetic oversensitivity to their twin flames, and actually feel when they are with someone.