Empaths and Highly Sensitive People: Anatomy and Survival Tips

Empaths and HSP terms are often interchangeable and are very related in meaning. I am both and I’ll give my take on each below. HSP – Highly Sensitive People have inbornly sensitive, highly mobile type of psyche. It’s a special … Continue reading

Path With A Heart, Soul Purpose and Reversed Aging

_Important Note: This article is not intended as replacement for traditional medical care, or any treatment you may be undergoing. With any health related concerns, please, always first consult your doctor_ A process of physical aging in our bodies is … Continue reading

Dramatic Events & Unbelievable Changes Of The Year 2013

‘These past few months have been like a movie, I just can’t believe what is happening anymore!..’ Is the phrase I don’t stop hearing since the beginning of 2013 from most of my acquaintances and the people I know. The … Continue reading

~ Be A Warrior And Get Yourself Some Flowers ~

Image courtesy Just2shutter/http://freedigitalphotos.net

One day I walked into the office of my wellness instructor and saw a big bouquet of flowers standing on her table. They were still wrapped in a crunchy paper and filled the room with life and wonderful mixture of … Continue reading

~ How To Improve Your Medical Condition When Everything Else Doesn’t Work? ~

‘No, I have absolutely no idea what water is’, said the fish. ‘Why do you ask’? (Richard Gordon Quantum Touch – The power to heal)   You are what you eat – true, but old.  You are what your attitude … Continue reading