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Copyright Notice:

I’m happy to know you enjoyed the contents of this blog.

Please note that all original written works on WordPress blogs are automatically protected by coptright.

Therefore the content of this blog and its original articles are protected under the Common Law of Intellectual Property.

None of the site content can be copied, in whole or in parts and used without Proper attribution.

1. All materials of this blog are subject to Creative Copyright.
Which means you may quote or share its written materials, original posts only giving proper reference to This source

2. It is not appropriate and unethical to collect written material from this blog and use it in context of your own publications: books, blogs, workshops, or inappropriate linking my posts to external websites, which may intentionally misdirect readers through URLs which have no direct relation to me and this blog.

You may not take my articles originally published under Sofia Siberia name within years 2012-2017 in whole or in parts and use it for inappropriate purposes.
The trace of such activity will be reported and acted upon within Intellectual Property protection from inappropriate usage of its content.

!Important Notice: to all who share my posts starting from year 2017:
My blog and all its content was originally hosted by me under domain which was invented and registered by me (all records are kept, and the other copy of my blog was hosted from day of creation under never expiring subdomain).
But this year, on June 2017 sofiasiberia . com domain expired, and my official blog content and all of its original articles remained visible under never-expiring hosting

Therefore, note that all of my articles that you share and quote on your sites beginning summer 2017
(June 6, namely) must be properly attributed and linked back to my Working blog with its valid url extension:

All of my articles from this blog and intellectual work that was shared on external sites after June 6, 2017, must contain ‘wordpress’ extension in their links.
Which actually will be displayed automatically and redirect viewers to This Blog:
Any intentional redirection or manipulation of links to my original articles via (in the link address) instead of, starting June 6, is an intentional violation and infringement on my Intellectual Content.

Note: Intentional usage of my original articles written in years 2012-2017 on any sites that are manually modified and provide links that are not related to me – this blog, and my posts’ original source, e.g. like various companies do with expired domains, in order to drive traffic and monetary gains through Google, using the original content of my writings for these purposes, is illegal and is a major Intellectual Property Violation, which will be investigated and taken corresponding action upon.

3. Images and photos used on my blog are mainly the courtesy of various authors, from CC domains.
I don’t own the pictures posted on this blog, except for the pictures of me.
Any usage of my photos, taken from this blog and elsewhere from social media which coped with my articles is being used to misdirect readers onto sites that are unrelated to me or my work, will be reported and taken corresponding measures upon.

However, it is absolutely great to share articles and bits of this blog on your own websites and publications, observing the copyright and intellectual property protocol described above – in an appropriate manner.

Welcome and enjoy the reading.

Sofia Siberia