About this Blog

This blog was published in 2012 by Sofia Siberia Velikora who is the writer of all its original content and its keeper. 

This blog addresses common spiritual and self-development questions, where I shared my early spiritual musings circa 2012.

As of summer 2017, I would like to give all my readers an important update on my blog’s address. Note: that on June 2017 my blog’s initial domain sofiasiberia . com expired and went to resellers, so I don’t own that domain anymore. 

No worries, all my original articles, are still located here, under this new url: sofiasiberia.wordpress.com, which never expires.

So if you share or quote any content from this blog, please, link back to the working url source: sofiasiberia.wordpress.com. (For more detail on copyright, see Copyright notice). 

All my articles were written for informative, aesthetic and guidance purposes, and may in no way be used by exrernal parties for reproduction with improper attribution, with purpose of gain, or misleading of readers to sites, unrelated to metaphysics or self-development.
Future of the blog.

I am still ocassionally posting new entries here, but as everything in life keeps changing and evolving, including us, I’m taking my writing to newer platform now. But this blog will always be here, kept as a cosy and comforting place for all who’s come to love it with time. For I know some of its articles became monumented in many people’s good memory. Thank you for sharing all the love and letters through years! 

Great things and new turns will keep coming up. And you may always reach out to me through the provided on blog contact form.

Thank you for reading and many great vibes!

Sofia Velikora *Siberia.