~ Wars For Human Energy ~

http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/26786We all need a certain amount of energy in order to function properly – to work, to move around, to smile, to enjoy life and to be pleasant to others.

When we lose energy, we get tired, irritated and feel annoying to others.

If we are constantly short of good energy – losing it in big quantities and not getting enough refill, or simply leading a dull lifestyle with minimum activities or activities that we hate, we get in a low-energy mode, which may lead us into chronic depression, binge, alcohol abuse and psychosomatic disorders.

In other words, when you lack a positive energy, you may feel down or physically ill with no apparent medical symptoms.

You can’t preserve all your energy without losing some along the day. You give energy away anytime you go out, interact with people, work, use internet or read news.
At home you energy-nosh your relatives, spouses and children and even your house and plants.
And the more niggling some of them feel to you, the more energy you give them away.
Or feed off them yourself.

People that live in old slobbery houses may feel constantly down and tired.

People that share a flat without love or a significant private space, live by each other’s energy, get unhealthy cravings and develop physical ailments that sometimes are not easy to diagnose.

And even people that live away on a distance get their share of your energy – you send it yourself through thinking about them.

If a recollection of someone gets you mad or resentful, be sure it’s like you are doing him a favor by sending that person a generous chunk off your energy balance on his account.

We all want energy, but we don’t all know where and how we get it.

We lose energy when we:

– interact with people (in any settings)
–  get upset
–  watch news and talk shows
–  obsessively think about a person
–  go over and over through some distressful event
–  experience guilt, pity or remorse
–  have a weak protection against various outside stimuli
–  waste time and be unproductive

We receive energy when we:

– interact with pleasant positive people
-go out in nature
– walk or meditate in beautiful calm places (your places of power)
– listen to the music
– caress our pets
– meditate
– visualize
– go for hobbies and favorite activities

But in fact, our instincts do the job of energy search for us and help us develop our own ways of energy mining.

Your ways of getting the energy you need for a living, strongly contribute to your relationships with people and a type of personality you actually are.

For a long time I’ve been observing how our affections, attachments, resentments, antipathies and codependencies evolve when energy exchange is in view.

We all know pleasant and unpleasant people in our life, and very often we like or dislike a person for no apparent reasons.

That’s because some of the people you interact with feed on your resources, when they need it, whereas people that you perceive as pleasant, don’t rob you on your energy. They rather give you theirs, and then go get their refill elsewhere.

If a person is pleasant to others to be around, it probably means that person takes ‘free’ energy from environment, nature and outside resources, and not from others. This is a ‘safe’ gain, because you simply connect to the source where energy is lying for everyone in abundance.

If a person feels ‘heavy’ and draining in socialization, loves conflicts, gossips, arguments and drama, that means he/she is probably taking the ‘freebee’ energy from other people around him or her. Although they usually have no idea they are doing so.

Once in reply to constant arguments that one of my relatives has been provoking me for, I said in a calm friendly tone ‘Well, wait a minute here, do we really need that argument? We don’t. But that’s simply your way of getting some energy from me. If you feel you need my energy, better come and I’ll give you a hug’.

That person first grew mad and exclaimed ‘How dare you accusing me of that?!’ he was shocked with the idea of ‘energy stealing’ accusation.

As long as I was still not interested to continue the argument and remained calm and friendly, and my opponent still needed a dose of energy from me by any means, he quickly lost a zest for a fight and came for a hug.

When you learn to recognize different methods people around you (unconsciously) use to provoke you for energy discharge, you will learn to take it easy in most of your social and family interactions and try to give them your energy whenever you feel like it, and not in an argument or annoyance, when the people hassle you for that.

You will not completely avoid giving away some of your energy to others (unless you are a trained conscious practitioner of that).

And so it is always healthier to simply donate some excess of your energy to people who are poorer on it, instead of having it snatched and being terrorized for.

And notice, if you compulsively think of a person and develop a ‘need’ for him/her, it probably means you want that person for his or her energy that is relative and pleasant to you and makes you feel better.

If that person feels driven to you the same way – you two got yourself a healthy energy-exchange that will nourish you both and help you move forward with lucky events and things working out.

But if that person seems to avoid you, gives excuses and is not as enthusiastic to share your company as you do his or her, that probably means he or she is losing some energy on you in your interactions and needs some time off you to recover and rebalance.

We can’t always know or notice who feeds on our energy and who gets fed by us, but we can simply get a bit more insightful in observing how people react to us, and how many of them are actually willingly seeking our company.


11 thoughts on “~ Wars For Human Energy ~

  1. Another great post Sofia. I love interacting with people where a feedback loop of positive energy can flow, where we are both giving and gaining energy at a similar rate through encouragement, support, physical interaction and common goals and interests.

    Yup, it’s bad when there is an imbalance, when you rely too heavily on someone for your energy fix, or when someone needs to drain you in order to get theirs!

    Thanks for sharing :)


    • You are a very insightful guy, Rohan! I’m impressed with your bright mind and such a Wise way of thinking!
      Had to leave your blog the other day just to post a new article here and am going back! :))
      Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas!

  2. Another conscious elevating post. I like when you detach from your own emotions enough to recognize the confrontational situation and stop it, and even turn it around with love in your heart. It’s a wonderful example of having mastery over one’s self, through awareness. Only then can a person have “control” over any life event.
    I like this quote from J Krishnamurti:
    “The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.”

    • So true, Maddie! Totally. I just discover more and more love. And when the inner absolute love is present inside and becomes your way of living and functioning, you won’t really feel like you do effort in communication with anybody, no matter how heavy those ppl might be. When you are the love, you don’t really lose energy on anyone anymore, you just give, cause there is just too much inside :)

  3. OMG! This is so beautiful and true, you know so much and you are awesome! I think they should put u on freshly pressed. :-)

    • Thank you so much for all your kind words! I read your blog today, your writing is also really interesting and you cover great esoteric subjects!!
      I left you comments, but not sure if they were posted, might be due to some recent technical problems. Check all your folders :)

  4. Thanx for reading, I didn’t know if my reading was good enough cuz my grammer is terrible lol. I did get ur comments but its a pain to write from my tablet cuz the touch screen is so sensitive so I am writing to you from my husband’s laptop :)
    I was scared a first to write on these topics but I think people don’t write enough about them and since it is very complicated for the average person to immerse themselves into it i figured okay let me see if i can put it simply so when people like me are looking for this stuff it is all in one place and simple enough that it can engage their interest long enough so that they can leave with something that they can practically apply to their life. Still working on it though, its kind of like flying a plane for the first time. Its not easy lol.
    I love ur blog like besides u there’s one other person I enjoy but I get really good vibes from ur blog and u seem like a really cool person, there’s not many people like that.
    Pls keep writing you write really well :)

    • Thank you dear!
      Your posts and your ideas do stand out tremendously. When i google a good reading, i google for those subjects you are covering!
      I’m very interested and happy we connected. Keep writing, you are a great energy as well! People will follow!

  5. Reblogged this on monadsamadhi and commented:
    I had to deal with this today when ten girls walked up to my door and accused my husband of horrible things then they punched him in the face and charged towards me and my baby daughter. We decided not to have them arrested although we could have taken revenge. What an energy drainer. New York is a hard place to live in.

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