Message To My Readers

Note: My site’s url is updated to All my original articles of 2012-2014 are staying here and are all always reachable on This blog.

My dear Readers,
As you may have noticed, I hadn’t updated this blog for a while, but been keeping it for all your favorite old articles to be available. And I am intending to keep it for times to come.
Here I would love to tell you all a special thank you for visiting and rereading these posts time and again. Some time ago I twitted a thought about pondering of closing this blog altogether, for I’ve already said my best thoughts on empaths and twinflames, and outgrown these subjects. But the response I got from readers was all asking to keep the site as it is, because this blog has gotten a life of its own. People wrote me that they keep coming back here in difficult times and its comment section became a platform for many readers to ‘meet up’ and discuss their shared problems. So I did keep it.
This year I let the domain sofiasiberia expire, which immediately was snatched by some resellers and registered by some company for to drive traffic, using my posts. Well, I let it go so as I have outgrown this blog anyway already. I will be still though handling some unethical usage of this blog’s posts that have been recopied without my concent or proper attribution and linkage.
But well just like everything in history, every entity has its cyclic rises and falls, and we all evolve and change. And at times best through some crisis moments.
So with that be said, this blog will keep staying around for all of its dear readers who loved and appreciated it.
And I myself just wanted to check in and say hi, and give you this Note:

My site’s old url sofiasiberia . com is no longer valid. My blog and all of its original articles are still located here under a WP non expiring free domain.

I will be coming with updates.

With love,

9 thoughts on “Message To My Readers

  1. Welcome back sweetie! *\o/*
    I look forward to your relationship posts, empathic revelations, twin flames and i’m sure many new breakthrough sacred knowledge you’ve acquired over the years to share with us!
    Many blessings and sweet joy! ❤
    — Maddie

  2. Hello Sofia, I am always inspired by your writing articles and post. It is great keeping in touch with you and I am sorry that your old blog name had gotten snatched and articles recopied.
    (This is Brendaline from Brendaline Blogs, by the way.) We love your energy and I am glad that I had the chance to get acquainted with you and Rohan Healy, the musician and former blogger. I recalled when you started following my blog at my epic interview with this young, talented Irish-Aussie blogger. You two are two of a kind — and I will be eternally blessed by both your spirits. ❤
    As for me, I too, have taken a hiatus from blogging but still have some unpublished writing material to post over time, as time and seasons permit. Still learning the exciting world of blogging and its technical aspects — but I enjoy the process of learning and taking the baby steps toward success.
    It is great that I can catch up with you on Twitter and your latest thoughts. Do keep them coming! 🙂
    I want to take the time to wish you success in all that you do, and know that you are loved and appreciated her in the blogosphere. Love & blessings, Brendaline.

    • Aww, Brendaline, thank a lot for this, it means a ton! Please do post/blog more often yourself, as I keep up with your updates °\○/° Much love your way / Sofia

      • Thank you, dear Sofia. Thanks for keeping you with me and my blog writings. You are very thoughtful and dedicated. I will keep you posted when posting new material for your reading pleasure and reflection. I must say that I am happy, too, when you post on WordPress and Twitter. Taking this now, grateful moment to tell you just how grateful I am to know that you are a faithful, favourite and fellow blogger. I want to wish you the very best of a bright, warm and wonderful Thanksgiving 2017 season with the ones you love, and hope your days are filled with love, happiness, health, and wholeness.

  3. Sofia good luck with your future endeavours, you are right everything has its time and place. your materials blessed me so much circa 2013.
    prosperity and gratitude

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