Every Meeting Is a Meeting With Yourself

couple-731185_640Every time we meet a new person, we are offered a new angle of looking at ourselves.

People believe, it’s only a twinflame or soulmates that reflect our own good or missing qualities back at us. Well, there is more – every person that crosses your way, holds a mirror.
Mirrors are just differently shaped: some are little that you can only see one particular detail at a time, some flatter you and make your ‘looks’ seem better, some are like laughing-room freak mirrors, reflect the unpretty aspects we try to hide, some mirrors are extremely magnifying, etc.

Knowing subconsciously that we have a quality of reflecting other people, we may  put on different mirrors back at others, depending on what we want from them.
If we want to get accepted and popular within a goup of people, we’ll probably put the flattering mirrors up, in order to reflect these people’s best qualities back at them, and make them feel good about themselves around you.

Work of a psychic, shrink or coach is to actually hold up an unbiased mirror, which btw can be pretty unflattering. So in the neutrality of reflection people see certain aspects better.
And you know your coach is doing a good job if after the initial few meetings you begin to hate him ;)

So, why is that that some people get liked easily, and others resented for no apparent reasons?
Is because some people reflect only great flattering qualities back at others, and some people uphold a more neutral energetic field, in which others see themselves closer.
It’s basically what about ourselves we like to see.

Every meeting leaves a print – some barely touch our soul and serve their momentum effect – we meet, we learn quick lesson, and we are done.

Some meetings leave deeper impact which last for years.
Sometimes, once having known a person, we can’t stop looking at the consequential reflection they made. They set in motion some inner process that goes on and on, even long after the relation is no longer on.

People may totally move away from each other mentally and emotionally, and on, but some imprint crawls into the subconsciousness and sends ‘hello’ sometimes from deep within. Sometimes one meeting never leaves you the same again. And sometimes it does, if you chose to ignore its subconscious impact.

Sometimes one can’t forget someone for years. But that mainly means that that person has set some grounds in motion, and you haven’t yet done the necessary changes, or some parts of your shared lesson is not yet completely learned.Best relationship is not the one that lasted, but the one that changed you in a way for better. Or it’d helped you better understand of who you are and who you are not.

It is difficult to self-cognize in isolation. We need to bump into a few people before we begin to discover ourselves. That’s why we created the relationships.
Some people serve the role of mirrors, and some are temporary catalysts or ferriers that help us get from point A to B and further, facilitating the transition.

Each person tries to tell you something. That often lies in the wake of what they are actually saying.  That can be recognized between the signs, and between sleeping and awakening hours.



10 thoughts on “Every Meeting Is a Meeting With Yourself

      • Просто невероятно…такие же мысли присутствуют у меня на протяжении всей этой недели! Осознание, что мы всегда видим себя в других и как будто в них “отражаемся”, как в зеркалах, а когда человек остается один, то ему трудно себя найти, вспомнить, идентифицировать без своего отражения в других людях.
        И еще, мы получаем от других людей то, что сами отдаем – если к нам как-то относятся, это значит, что где-то в глубине души мы относимся к кому-то также, возможно, и сами не до конца это осознаем. А отношение людей высвечивает истинные наши мотивы и глубокие мысли.
        Спасибо, София, прекраснейшая детальная статья! Очень все точно, доходчиво, подписываюсь под каждым словом! _/\_ :***

  1. So good to see something from you again, Sofia. Have missed your smiling face and insightful outlook for too long now. Hope all is well with you……… Hugs ! Paul

  2. There are so many lines that are spot on, be it the essence of relationships or this one, ‘.Best relationship is not the one that lasted, but the one that changed you in a way for better. ‘

    Your reflection serves as fodder on relationships that we make or set to rest the fears of running away on the what ifs. Empowering and fascinating :)

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