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For quite some time now I’ve been a dedicated fan, friend and virtual soul-colleague of an amazing blogger and artist Daydreams from “Card Castles In The Sky”. Her blog and writing had caught my attention several years ago. She was so light, mystical and wind-like, leaving that slightly feelable ‘gothic doom’ aftermath, and definitely stood out. There was a dash of mystery and a slight shade of understatement that swept behind her artworks and captivating writings, it had her make a definitive presence.
Daydreams is one of the people who has an actively working imagination and vigilant subconscious mind. Her eye pierces into the thinner realities of what physical eye cannot perceive. This shows itself in art she is creating, in her short stories that gives you feel of having been in a mind dialogue with Steven King.
To me there was something about her that felt the same as it did in childhood – drawings we had in our bedrooms, day dreams and childhood visions that none of grownups actively believed…
Being kids, we’ve always known that day dreams and the world behind the grownup world is real. We still do so. Daydreams is just one of them.


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                                                                                                     – In Dreams –
                                                                                                     by Daydreams

cardcastlesinthesky.comFor as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write a book about dreams. As some of you may know, I only write fiction material. With, of course, the exception of here and a few movie reviews I’ve done in the past.

I’ve tackled this topic with only close friends and family. However, it remains a recurring theme and a powerful force in my fictitious psych-horror stories.
This begs the question: Do I really want to share my thoughts on this with the masses? Well, the answer is yes. However, I ask only one thing. Those that read any further keep an open mind and don’t…please don’t be judgmental toward anyone that may share their opinion or myself.

It can be agreed upon, that some dreams have a psychological significance. They could be traced back to trauma, subconscious wants or needs, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), just to name a few.
What about the other half? The dreams or nightmares we can’t explain? The ones that seem like (and may very well be) premonitions..

I’ve done years worth of research on this topic and would enjoy sharing with you the results (as I see them) from both sides of the proverbial coin.

There are a large amount of people from all different parts of the world that sometimes believe a loved one, relative, or even ancestor, can “send” them a dream. Telepathically, so to speak.
Another group of people believe it’s their psychic gift that helps them to have a so-called “prophetic dream”.

Lastly, a bit of us believe all three. They embrace all possibilities. Both from a psychological and spiritual standpoint.

I can’t tell you which way my own mind bends. However, sharing the following may be of some comfort. I don’t believe it’s possible to lump anything into just one small category or perspective. Things need to be analyzed deeply before anyone can make an assumption.

A great deal is still being learned about the human mind and dreams themselves. R.E.M sleep research, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry are all trying to get a better grasp and understanding of the subject. That’s not even a fraction of the people and professions trying to understand it.

I barely have a grasp on them myself. They definitely have a huge effect on me, though. Those around me tell me the same about themselves.

The photo displayed above is one I took just earlier today. When I saw how beautifully it came out, inspiration for this post flowed like water. It was a gift to me from my cousin. She said “It reminded me of you.” My closest friend echoed that sentiment when I sent the picture via text. They couldn’t be more right..

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10 thoughts on “Todays Guest Post `In Dreams` By Daydreams

  1. My idea is that dreams really aren’t to be understood, just experienced. More often than not they permit us to see a part of us that isn’t the normal, everyday self, or to visit the past of the self we know, re-living fond, or even terrifying times (sometimes both).
    Hi Sofia ! It’s been too long since you’ve graced the page of my site. It’s such a pleasant surprise to find you here. Hugs !!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m going to follow you. I don’t know about dreams. My dad has appeared in many. He sometimes invites me but never demands that I join. This last time he appeared with my recently deceased brother in law, who demands I join. Freaked me out. I still can’t decide if I should have said yes.

    • Thank you for subscribing and for connecting, ljadedl! It is common to dream about our deceased relatives and loved ones. They may often appear with a message, or just to say hello.
      However, sometimes different astral entities can take on an appearance of our deceased ones and get into a dream to obtain something from us. That often is asking for energy.
      Experience of this dream can leave mildly unpleasant or restless feeling on awakening. If that is the case, simply toss the impression off right after you wake up. No harm done. Our beloved should appear in a dream in a peaceful, well-wishing manner.

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