Some Peculiar Facts About Subconscious

The article is devoted to people who live their life with active subconscious mind, and can’t figure out “what’s wrong with them”, sometimes.

In esoterics, subconscious mind is the sum of all incarnations that a soul has had.
It is like a vast uncoordinated database of memories from numerous individuals whom a soul has been.
Actual lifetime memories get transmutation through physical death.
Information of who a person was, people it knew, and all of the living associated data gets written off our mental and emotional memory body within a year or so after physical death. It is then being rewritten onto undecomposable ‘memory disk’ in the monada (soul), which it carries into its next  incarnations, installed on the subconscious.

At birth, a person receives new clear conscious mind, but the subconscious with all its clusters of data is carried from lifetime to lifetime, being ever-updated, but difficultly read.
Subconscious is far less structured or organized than the conscious. Much of the information in there gets filtered, emitted and stacked under new memory layers with every new incarnation.

Past life regressions.

Past life regressions are different methods for accessing subconscious mind to bring out memories of previous lives.
Among most popular ones are Erickson hypnosis, music/imagery combination meditations, practice of conscious dreaming, etc. Regressions help client locate a specific memory folder that may contain valuable past life information.  Accessing the ‘folder’ can lead to tracing the root of ongoing client’s problems, find past life cause of persisting behavioral patterns, crack traumas and phobias.

Some events and experiences from past lives lie closer to the surface of memory than others.
Interestingly enough, traumatic events and near-death experiences are the most prominent subconscious components – the memory of actual death or trauma show to be first to appear in client’s recollection during a past life regression.
Memories of how individual lived and died get stored in subconscious uncontrollable impulses that may display themselves in certain behavioral tendencies and phobias in new incarnations.
If in one or few lifetimes a person had died e.g. of thirst, starvation, or confinement, he will be subconsciously terrified by the idea of having lack of food, water, or being locked up in this life.

Active subconscious may be the cause of sudden moods, sickliness, or groundless worries.

There is an average dormant subconscious and there is a phenomenon of an active subconscious (AS). Some people have more active subconscious mind than others.
AS is usually inborn, but is also pretty much related to how developed a person’s energy body/energy system currently is, and what particular incarnations it’s taken in past lives. Were you a healer, a priest, a warrior, or a carpenter, chances are those incarnations may still say hello through tendencies of a current personality, popping up from their residual memory.

People with active subconscious (AS) tend to be more intuitive than average, sometimes HSP (highly sensitive to outer stimuli), and they also experience frequent emotional/mood swings and thinking confusion.
Unexpected and unexplained moods, sudden sicklinesses, feeling of worry, or like “something’s just not right”, often accompany their daily life.
Active subconscious keeps impressible memories of what’d happened to it ages before, and is always vigilant.
AS usually unfolds itself in unordinarily realistic, bright action dreaming, altered conscious states, visions and out of body experiences.

Active subconscious is easily triggered. 

AS quickly responds to various stimuli and gets easily bothered by any unpredictable triggers – change of place, weather, music, imagery, interactions, or different events… that really could be anything.
Among other triggers are alcohol, drugs, rhythmic drumbeat, oxygen intoxication and hyperventilation.

AS and lifestyle. Life-saver solutions.

Active subconscious consumes more energy from a person’s energy system (aura) than the average dormant one.
That’s why people with AS often feel fatigued, loss of energy, elevated need for sleep, with longer sleeping hours and still feeling tired on awakening.
Activated subconscious also may make your head feel heavy and bothersome.
People with mentioned symptoms often live lives without being able to explain the cause of their symptoms, or why weird stuff is happening to them.
They tend to have impressionable psyche, and attribute sudden mood swings, energy loss and unexplained feeling of worry to being ‘bad eyed’ or psychic attacked. While it is really a trick of their own subconscious that tends to give unexplained agitation and “wired for sound” feeling, when gets a little bit overstimulated.

Solution for people with AS comes in exploring this subject further. It helps to know more about the phenomenon. Simple awareness and good energy management will help upkeep energy balance and peace of mind.
However, people with AS should be careful with energy practices that stimulate upper chakras, because they can over-energize already very active upper energy centers. This may give an additional spike to subconscious, leading to feel spacey and ungrounded. AS should pay more attention to energy practices for lower three chakras and, of course, grounding.
In the long run, it can be useful and interesting to know more about past lives and regression. Active subconscious may still keep the memory of some unresolved issues that are now trying to be solved out. Those can be related to people, past life choices, or circumstances – anything that was prominent enough to linger on.

Subconscious mind helps us ‘recognize’ certain people.

Furthermore, subconscious holds the memory of people that we used to know in past lives.
That’s why we sometimes react to certain people in the ways aside of all logical reasons (example, Twin Flames, Soulmates, or even past life enemy).
Souls that used to have had a close involvement in past incarnations, tend to recognize each other in the following ones. Our conscious mind cannot logically explain why we react to some people the way we do. Why some people provoke irrational negative reaction, while others attract us stronger.
Meeting certain people can also be a powerful trigger to one’s subconscious.

Active subconscious is a trigger for the subconscious of others.

People with AS tend to be high triggers for the subconscious of others.
People with average normal reactions to their daily circle may literally ‘freak out’ and start behaving in weird way when get in a company of AS individual.

In extreme cases, subconscious may get provoked by unpredictable triggers and make a person behave inadequately. For this reason, prisons and mental hospitals are filled with people who own overactive subconscious. Their subconscious holds a number of still active past incarnations, who have had tendencies for crime or delirium. This, sabotaged, may push a person to commit a crime or a deed that they later have difficulty comprehending. It can also cause memory loss, or behavior, inadequate to a current individual.
Memory of one or few past incarnations can suddenly get activated in subconscious debris, and a person will get diagnosed with schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorder.
In short, agitated subconscious, in its extreme form, may cause unpredictable, shifting, or antisocial behavior.
But this can be prevented early on, because tendencies begin displaying themselves long in advance of the actual breakdown.

Subconscious is the storage of talents and crafts we don’t know we have.

On the good side, subconscious, as a set of all our past incarnations, is also a well of talents, skills and knowledge that we in our past lives used to own.
With proper conscious management of your subconscious and its further exploration, you may ‘bring out’ the memories of your past creative incarnations, and inherit their knowledge in form of a ‘knowledge from space’, intuition, or sudden new skills that could be a pretty handy valuable tool.
Strong subconscious can also help its owner avoid dangers and rescue them from various accidents.

You are welcome to share your ideas and experiences in the comment section, and ask questions about active subconscious in our Question-Answer section.


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