10 Top Metaphysical Questions That You Want Answered Without Fluff

*When positive thinking, mass ascension and twin flame notorious bliss is also like d’oh… you know :)

FAQ Answering:

1. What does seeing repetitive digits like 11:11, 21:21, 10:10 mean?

That your energy vibrations are rising… *yawn* right?

It also means that a lot of other mysterious stuff is happening around, but we mainly pick repetitive digits as we are hung on our gadget screens.

2. Will I ever be together with my Twin Flame?

No, because a twin flame is not up to a relationship. If he is, then he’s not a twin flame.
Best tip to catch a twin flame is to leave the twin flame alone and start doing somethings interesting of life.

3. Will practicing yoga make me more spiritual?

If you were spiritual while also sitting on a sofa before a yoga class.
Otherwise it will make you instagram your asanas.

4. Do spiritual people only sit in meditation and walk around with a nimbus above their head?

Spiritual people look very casual and are often confused for muggles.
They also wear Gap sweaters, crack sarcastic jokes and can’t stop admiring how tasty the chocolate milk is.

5. Do energy workers, like yourself, only surround themselves with spiritual people?

Lol I prefer to be friends with people who do not claim to be enlightened and also admit they sometimes mess up in life ;)

6. Why do people pay for spiritual counseling and life coaching?

Because we want to hear from a third party something that we already ourselves know, but someone else saying this gives more validation.

7. Will I meet my soulmate anytime soon?

Yes, but he/she will sooner get busy or moody, if you make them responsible to save you from boredom, or have unresolved ex issues.

8. Is eating raw and vegan food necessary to be spiritual?

Raw food and veganism is a trend, just like “law of attraction” and “positive thinking”.
Some people want to sell you raw diet plans, others make you feel bad for eating your normal food.

Nutrition science is very so-so, and you can’t become truly enlightened if you hate what you eat ;)

9. Do awakened/spiritual people always talk in spiritual manner to others?

No, spiritual people don’t bore talk about being spiritual to others.
They love to listen about casual human stuff instead, because they are amazed at how it’s working.

10. Biggest delusion of present times?

Is that we post on social networks therefore we exist, and that a Like means something.
You can’t become truly enlightened, if you can’t crack something sarcastic ;)



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26 thoughts on “10 Top Metaphysical Questions That You Want Answered Without Fluff

  1. Ah, Sofia, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a post from you cross my screen. This effort was a bit of somewhat sarcastic humor and I really enjoyed it. Glad to see/hear from you again ! :)

  2. Sofia,
    I love your blog. Your like a breath of fresh air . Please continue posting more.

  3. Hi there. I was wondering if you could help with something. I have done a meditation to reunite with my twin flame. But I was never able to complete as it was too intense for me at the time Now I really want to communicate with him, but I don’t know how. I’ve tried to meditate and it’s just not possible and I still keep seeing the signs. I have no idea what to do from this point on. What do I do here on out? I’m really confused.

    • Imaginewalker431,

      I would do as Sofia has described: leave him alone. I suspect that the reason it’s difficult for you to communicate with him is because you may be trying too hard, perhaps forcing something that is not ready to happen (at least from your TF’s perspective).

      As for seeing the signs, maybe it’s a reminder of what YOU need to focus on in your life, while at the same time keeping him/your struggles in mind. Not necessarily for you to contact him.

      Just putting in my 2 cents. :)

    • Imaginewalker431,
      Best meditation for twin flames is a heart meditation, where you see your TF and yourself in your heart chakra, smiling and hugging, maybe holding hands. This sends good energy to the union. If you can’t talk to one another for some reason.

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