Path With A Heart, Soul Purpose and Reversed Aging

_Important Note:
This article is not intended as replacement for traditional medical care, or any treatment you may be undergoing.
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once_in_october_by_annaborealisA process of physical aging in our bodies is caused by psychological process of disillusionment.
Disillusionment happens when we succumb to circumstances and begin living what we should, instead of what we want.
Jobs we work, living conditions and people we surround ourselves with all add or take from our good looks and feeling of wellbeing. Depending on how matching they are with us energetically and whether or not they go in line with our soul’s purpose. What you came into embodiment for.

The more developed a soul is, the more diverse and urgent its purposes become.

Incarnated person is born ignorant and amnesic of his or her soul tasks, but remembers them through longings and intuition.

Our soul’s calling is usually talking to us through a dream that we keep over an extensive period of time + our hobbies and circle of people whose company we are driven to.

We are all born into a specific social setting with certain living template as a norm. Where we further feel fitting or alienated, depending on our soul’s developmental stage and its individual tasks.

Younger souls usually fit well into the setting and circle of people they are born into.
Younger, less experienced souls sticks closer together and often incarnate in groups /in close relation, providing a supportive “network” to each other.

Older souls will feel aloneness since childhood and face inner struggle from the early age with usually no one to help or rely on.
Their settings and tasks are tougher and the surrounding, including the closest family, are not really resourceful.

Older souls will spend a good portion of life struggling, trying to break free from an imposed template of unfitting environment, and manifest their own callings, until they break from fear, believe in themselves and start to make living from their experiences and talents.
 For many people, looking good, healthy and youthful is immediately connected with whether or not they live their calling – in accordance with their Nature – what they are instinctively driven to.
 The more a soul is suppressed and has to conform to unfitting or limiting environment, the faster the physical aging occurs on its body.

Happiness or frustration over just a short period of time starts showing on a face, body posture (trim and weight), and healthy or junkie food and habit choices.

Not all can live similarly, because we each belong to different soul casts and soul age groups – with different values and priorities.

Younger, less experienced souls have simpler purposes on Earth: they are driven towards having families, organizing a household, working in a group or cooperative.

Mid souls (or warriors) are interested in conquest, competition and sportive spirit of a struggle in any environment.

Older souls long more towards seclusion and contemplation, calm creativity.
 They are less interested in partnerships or parenting, cannot work in corporate competitive environments which feel toxic.
They usually choose alternative paths and detachment as a way of living which younger soul groups cannot understand.

Realization of a soul’s purpose can be inhibited or promoted by surrounding people and circumstances.
 Many advanced beings are taking it slow in life and cannot establish on the right direction for they are not fully aware of their extraordinary knowledge and potential, or simply have a fear of living.

Earth settings to such usually even feel alien.
 They compare themselves to other “successful” people (often, younger soul groups) and feel a false inadequacy, so they hide rather than lead.

Soul purpose is something that every individual feels in a shape of a dream – some vaguely, some acute.
People, in general, look more beautiful and shining with that extra light when they live in accordance with what they feel for and feel totally good with it.
Those whose dreams have only partially come to realization, or didn’t have dream B after some dream A came true, get in general living dissatisfaction, lose the shine and begin “plaining out” with time.

Working with people in holistic therapy for quite a while now, I observed one interesting thing.
 Those who often talk about their dreams and projects, still believe in something and anticipate its happening, recover much quicker from all sorts of maladies.
It usually takes a session or two to “rid” them of physical symptoms they came in with.

However, people who come with deemed unmotivated looks and in response to what they do in life, say “it’s alright, my life is all settled”, usually carry on a load of chronic diseases, gastrointestinal problems and back aches that don’t completely go with treatments overtime.

Trying different therapies, these patients are usually only looking for an empathetic practitioner to make them feel better and distract them from their usual thoughts and unmet emotional needs.

In clinic where I practiced I observed a lot of people who aren’t really as ill as they feel, but are simply unhappy – hypochondriacs.
 These patients have a low motivation for living and loving their bodies, overall low energy.
 A syndrome of “I’m all in pain” is usually a clear indication of “I am unhappy in life. Please, help!”
On the surface everything looks great in their lives, everything is as “should be”. But something inside is missing, and people are often unable to identify what is.

Sign is a soul is living its earth life, probably, doing good things for others, but not exactly getting at its purpose fully.

Close soul friend, family member or an empathic practitioner can help that person realize what they are missing by encouraging them talk about their dreams and projects, holding a non judgmental attitude.

From lack of love and happiness people often develop real health conditions as a way of attracting attention and recognition of their existence and unfilled emotional voids.

For same comfortability reasons we tend to act normal around others and stuff frustrations in form of energy blockages that grow denser with time.
People walk around “equipped” with those blockages and clenched muscles which are a form of shield against authenticity display. Suppressed soul.

Sometimes finding a peace between feelings and reality is quite challenged.

Resentment builds in up for years, gets directed inwards, making people energetically ill and causing abnormal cells growth or degradation.
 People carry in frustrations and stuff them into places of their bodies where others can’t see: brain, intestines, stomach, intervertebral disks etc, hence the related health conditions.
This ideally needs a release.

Holistic therapists see a lot of crying.
 At energy therapy session when practitioner applies hands onto the area of patient’s body with a blocked energy pattern, a patient often begins to cry. And crying may go from minor sobs to real screaming.

People don’t scream on appointments with doctors, they cry in alternative therapies in release of frustrated feelings.

Alice Bailey in Esoteric Healing (Teachings of Tibetan) says a wonderful thing:
diseases and physical degradation comes from discord between the way we live our lives and our soul’s longings.

Suppression of the soul creates deformities in auric layers and comes out into physical deformation and symptoms, plus destructive habits and accelerated aging.

People start aging when they lose a necessary illusion of heading somewhere that keeps them all going.

I always wished that there was a way of cure – to give people a dream instead of a pill.

Dreamers look younger, but they are usually frowned upon as they reluctantly conform to the requirements of doing specific things at a specific age…
Concept of age, among guilt, duty and fear, is another most popular tool of psychological manipulation.

Everyone has its dream encoded in their talents and interests, but not everyone manages to break realize it through regular templates and circumstances.

It’s really not that difficult to understand what your purpose is and what isn’t.
And same goes to making all regular choices, from jobs to partners.

Your soul communicates with you through a chest feeling.

Bring attention into sensation in your chest:
 When you think of a certain action, project or a person and your chest fills up with feeling of an utter joy, this is a clear indication that the thing is right for you, goes in line with your purpose.

Although that feeling may not be based on logic.

And whenever you have an uncomfortable gnawing, like a feeling of a unpleasant vortex in the middle of your chest – this is the discomfort and protest of the soul.

It shouldn’t be neglected.

In that regard, Carlos Castaneda said a beautiful thing:

Anything is one of a million paths.
 All paths are the same: they lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t.
Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart?
If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use.
One makes for a joyful journey;
The other will make you curse your life.
One makes you strong; the other weakens you.

Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart?
If the answer is no, you will know it, and then you must choose another path.
A path without a heart is never enjoyable.
You have to work hard even to take it.
On the other hand, a path with a heart is easy; it does not make you work at liking it…

_Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge_

There is a close relation between how well we look and how much of a heart our current path is having.

Castaneda’s Path with a heart has a beautiful esoteric meaning.
It both implies a soul’s purpose and the amount of love on its way.

Availability or deficiency of love has an immediate connection with DNA cells formation or degradation.
I witnessed it closely as I’d worked in holistic care with people who were ill and also considerably lacked love energy in their auric field.

We need to keep someone or something as a personal talisman of love to be fit and keep going.

It may be just as well a beautiful necessary illusion, which above the 3 dimensional plane is real – interconnection of souls on a distance.

Soul love, as intuition, is always irrational and may not be intent on eventual arriving. It should just be.

But we usually try to have guarantees of security and “capture” love.

Many people are unhappy because they end up with unmatching partners – they belong to different soul groups and are extensions of different soul entities.

For people who are pieces of the same soul it is always not easy to get together, because soul lovers if united, can literally restructure the environment around them and influence the current Earth situation.

So system needs more unmatching partners united.

Many twin souls who feel “separated” won’t ever be united as partners, but they can trick their energy systems out of inhibition into fitness by establishing a telepathic unconditional love on a distance and keeping each other inside as internal power talismans.

Have you been noticing that brides of the war, women who lost their lovers and husbands in war battlefields, tend to live to a considerable age, and even in 80-somethings look quite vigorous and motivated?
 Most of them are still waiting for their men to come back home from war, and are prepared for the meeting.

You cannot imagine something that doesn’t already somewhere exists, or wasn’t really real.


Image beautiful courtesy of Anna Borealis
Once In October


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      • Oh my gosh I have been on a spiritual journey since I was eleven the year my dad died suddenly at the age of 39. Since then I have read literally hundreds of books on spiritual growth, life after death, and have studied alternative healing and medicine for 35 years. I am also attuned to Reiki 2, and I am a highly sensitive Empath. I have read and book marked hundreds of web sites and very few have ever come close to how wonderfully you have explained what it feels like to hear and feel your Soul speak to you. No such thing as chance I was finally led to your amazing web site.. Bravo

  1. Thanks Sofia,
    Every time I read your article it feels like written especially for me. I feel connected to every word. You have capacity to explain everything in such a simple way that it becomes crystal clear.
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  2. Hi there Sofia, hope your doing OK. This is a wonderful article which I certainly connected to, I am definitely the older soul type person, more or less :)
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    • James, so glad to hear from you!
      Thanks a lot. Oh yes, soulwise, you are definitely an “older” one. So I suppose you’ve related to some things here :)
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  3. Dear sister, this article is something! This is the necessary key-knowledge for all people who develops spiritually. Your high level of development and awareness brings the light and clarity into the minds! Do what you do, this Path has a heart! <3

  4. Hi Sofia, Thank you for your interest in bellyandsoulinc! I absolutely love your blog. It’s interesting, how so many of us struggle at trying to ‘fit in’ when we really should just be awesome at ‘fitting out’
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  5. Our soul is pure, perfect, and eternal. Therefore it is we who need to take abundant care that our actions honour our soul with acts of kindness and nobility for if we falter it is we alone who will feel guilty and suffer.

    Sofia your posts are very inspiring to us. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the wonderful insight! As I once heard somewhere “We must become a decent representative of our higher self ” ;) I guess the way to do this is by listening to it, because it always makes sure to lead us along to our purpose through feelings and “messages” )
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