What Are Starseeds (Star Travelers)

What are Starseeds?

(Taken from the original source at https://www.paoweb.com/starseed.htm)

Image by Aleksey MironovStarseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. 

They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet.
They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health care, etc.
Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity.”


“Starseeds” describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.

Starseeds incarnate into the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose as do Earth humans.
However, the genes of starseeds are encoded with a “wake-up call” designed to “activate” them at a pre-determined moment in life.
Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt.

In either event, memory is restored to varying degrees, allowing starseeds to consciously take up their missions.
Their connections to the Higher Self are also strengthened, permitting them to be largely guided by their inner knowing.

Many starseeds are practiced in rapid “spiritual weight loss”.
Starseeds can throw off in a few years the limiting behavior patterns and fears that Earth humans might take many lifetimes to accomplish.
This is because starseeds, having been on similar missions to other planets, are quite familiar with the procedures and techniques for raising consciousness.

The concepts of star ships, intergalactic travel, varied psychic phenomena and sentient life forms in other galaxies, are, of course, natural and logical to them.

Original source: https://www.paoweb.com/starseed.htm

Featured Image courtesy of Aleksey Mironov.


17 thoughts on “What Are Starseeds (Star Travelers)

  1. Oh, Sofia, how I’ve missed you on here! One cannot even begin to count the ways! :P
    As for this article, I have also heard of these people described as “indigos” once before. It may not be entirely the same but it certainly sounds similar.

    • Hey my dear! :)) Love to see you pass by! You always bring along that scent of meadows and fresh field flowers that are always featured on your blog! :)
      Missed you too.
      Indigos are starseeds as well, some advanced souls coming in with some mission.
      We often hear about indigo kids, but rarely about indigo grownups. When I gave that phenomenon some thinking, I realized that so many kids show outstanding abilities in hearing, seeing, understanding and even influencing things in the thin spaces around that normal grownups can’t pick. But as they grow, school, peers and society are “silencing” those abilities in youngsters and say all that is weird. Nobody wants to be “weird” ;)
      Although “weird” abilities are our normal inborn skills :)

      • P.S. I find it so amazing that you just acknowledges the “thin spots” in so many areas of our planet. I’ve heard there are supposed to be a lot of them in the state I live in.
        Your words are always kind and refreshing. You are on point, my girl. You hold so much insight into the spiritual world. I only wish some people would just open their eyes a bit more.
        It’s so true that these are the abilities we are born with. Some people just don’t know it exists in them.

        • There are such spots in the area where you live, and I’m sure you feel them.
          Some places you are specifically drawn to to take a walk in, or just sit down and deepen in meditative thoughts. Fewer of these spots in big cities, much more in suburbal areas and places of nature.
          I just love to discover them. There are unique spirits, holders of that place, and if they feel friendly with you, they will be “talking” with you through thoughts, or sending signs and inspiration.
          Thank you dear, I always feel you through a distance and remember you! :)

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