Twin Flames

Boris_Mikhailov_Samson_i_Dalila_1959There has been some noise around those twin flames lately, hasn’t there? ;)

Over the past few years our collective karma had accelerated dramatically. More people have been meeting their twin flames or realizing they have had this unusual encounter.

When twin flames meet, they recognize each other and remain energetically linked through life, as they fulfill a deep catalystic mission in each other’s further life course.

Here are some interesting facts to know about twin flames.

The Meeting

You will meet your twin flame in the settings where/and when you least expect a romantic encounter.

The meeting will bring a sudden rise of energy and a state of euphoria, followed by a deep melancholic feeling of something “long gone missing”, suddenly right now.

Developing a Connection

You’ll meet again in unexpected circumstances, brought back together by some unusual synchronicity.

You feel you “recognize” that person rather than gradually getting to know them.

You may be struck by a sudden thought like “Oh, it’s you! Where have you been?!” 

Your spiritual and emotional connection grows intense already at the early stages of acquaintance. 

You both bump into signs that bluntly bring you back to one another.

Somewhere at this point you may hear your twin flame drop a phrase like “I am your reflection” or “I am your personal messiah” and so on.

Your interest and attraction to each other will keep on growing.

You both will just be wondering  What is going on.

The Merging

Twin flames will share a few unforgettable encounters together where they will both feel “drunk on happiness”. But will part shortly after, overwhelmed by the intensity of a connection and not knowing what to do next.

Here they usually ‘splits’ into Runner and Chaser, and these roles get interchangeable.

The Separation

Twin flames separate and move on further with their lives.

However, they develop a strong telepathic connection and continue communicating through thoughtforms and shared dreaming.

The less physical contact TFs have in separatioin, the keener they feel each other’s on a distance. 

Both will try to start new relationships or concentrate on their current partners. This, however, won’t be leaving them satisfied – in the depth of a heart something will be missing.

Both start to investigate and read more about the peculiarity of an experience they shared, and here is where they often come across the term “twin flames”.

Twin Flames and Loyalty

There is an interesting phenomenon of twin flames loyalty. 

TFs separate for years, but nevertheless have a feeling of belonging  to each other.

Being with other partners feels like… cheating. There is always a silent phantom of a ‘third’. 

It’s unreasonable, doesn’t make sense, but it’s there.

Twin Flames and Soulmates

Unlike the relationship with twin flame that always brings you in unrest, relationships with soulmates go effortless and smooth.

The reason is that soulmates secure our zones of comfort, keeping it safe and familiar for us to be in.

While twin flames push each other ‘s comfort zones to edges, and protective walls of fortresses are shaking.  

Facing the Self

Twin flames will feel like running back to what felt normal and familiar, but at some point they won’t feel satisfied with their older versions anymore.

It’s like their twin has showed them that they can be better, and keeping status quo is like lying to yourself.

Personal changes are inevitable.

Other Interesting Facts About Twin Flames 

Both TFs have noticeable similarities in physique or personality.

Both TFs feel each other well on a distance and often share same moods and physical symptoms. If one twin is in pain, other one will have similar phantomlike sensations.

In separation twin flames oftentimes feel illogically angry at each other, being jealous of each other’s popularity and competitive in their achievements.

Both twins feel the depth of a connection and admit there is a certain mystery about each other that they cannot completely figure out.

Twin flames’ birth dates may repeat the numbers or follow each other.

There is always an interesting math or play of numbers involved between the two.

For example when I summed the letters of my first and second names and those of my twin flame, we both got  11 / 11.

11:11 is a code of twin flames, mirrored aspects of the 2; numbers of Fibonacci sequence, and the signature of your energetic and spiritual ascension.

You may start seeing 11, 10, 0, 1, 7, 8, 22 and repertitive numbers more often.

You’ll notice significant changes in all aspects of your life.

When Twin Flames Reunite 

Twin flames don’t reunite easily in a form of a regular romantic relationship.

As long as we try to enforce it, it will be slipping away.

Much personal and self developmental work has to be done first on the part of both before the union is possible, and external obstacles are only the reflection of TF’s current internal unreadiness.

As long as you keep thinking “He or she has to change so we can be together”, you are still not ready.

You get closer to reunion when You are starting to change.

Twin flames always instigate each other to develop further – that is their real esoteric purpose, and that is why they keep each other in unrest. 

In a direct or an indirect way they always ‘help’ each other understand what in themselves is missing for completeness.

Twin flame gives us phantom of a home that we are longing to go back to. But each walks there at their own pace on their own road.


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  1. Wonderful!! It’s like a summery that illustrates the main aspects of TFs relations, I can see that almost all the points coinside in my personal case;)) Thank you, dear, for working on this burning problem of many!:*

  2. I need help from you to untangle my story. I met a man 13 years ago and fell in love at the first sight. My affection for him was apparent but I couldn’t say it neither I expected anything in return because he was a senior 7 years older already in a relationship. Nevertheless he realized it and dealt with it with dignity, he was sympathetic and never used my naive vulnerable self to his advantage. I could see his affection in his eyes but he never expressed much apart from the fact that we loved conversing with each other, he told me all about his life family, girlfriend and did things for me with a certain right on me, things he would not do for anyone else. at that time, both of us were way too egoistic and temperamental to express our affection openly to each other and perhaps didn’t even care enough…he had his life and I was too ambitious to imagine settling down with some one.
    Eventually, he moved on to a different job, I to different city. We never spoke much but never lost in touch. Even if we spoke once a year, it never felt we were apart, we started from where we left. It took me 5 years, few casual relationships, his marriage and kids and my soul mate to appear before I apparently let go of him from my heart. I got married I found soul-mate connection with my husband, went to study further and had almost ‘moved on’, forgetting about my first love and the pain it caused in my teenage. I was good with life and he appeared last year for a casual chat online and we just kept talking about past, feelings we didn’t know about in our hearts, like what ever happened earlier happened yesterday….he finally expressed his affection, asked for a esoteric commitment and I ran away since it seemed ethically incorrect. But then due to a personal tragedy on his end I remained be by his side(though hardly contributed, rather made his life difficult by constant demands)and he went into his man cave. I started chasing till a point where we both got enough and I vanished for a couple of months, believing that it will get over eventually as he didn’t need me no more. But he appeared again, this time personally to reinforce that I was special for him but soon after, just when I was loving this feeling, we fought again as he found me over demanding in terms of keeping in touch. Now we don’t talk or text and seem to be doing fine…I find it exhausting to keep fine tuning myself for his changing communicating patterns so I would like to keep away.
    Now the important things in this story are, we are mirror images of each other, egoistic, responsible, aggressive, emotionally unavailable to some extent…as he never had a successful relationship and I haven’t seen happy marriages in my childhood. We are carrier driven people who pretend to be not so vulnerable and are very rude to the world let alone to each other. Secondly, he has a decent marriage and I have a happy marriage and we respect each other’s personal lives as well. We have no motivation to be together in any traditional way.
    Most importantly, we have had relationships in the past so its not “excitement” that gets us together but I still like to keep in touch with him because it mutually feels good, we feel inspired and happy…..yet we have very less in common and I don’t know what to discuss after a point. Even if we have, we put ourselves in self imposed rule framework( not to talk bout spouse or our individual fiances or even emotions we experience with other people and with each other!!!) The status currently is that we have completely stopped keeping in touch other that a call once a month or not even that and I feel he might be running away by projecting that every thing else is important but me. I am very sure if this was not him running away, I would have behaved the same. We went through our difficult times together last year and just kept fighting. He hurts my ego and however hard I try I hurt his. He doesn’t understand me nor I do. He keeps a “i don’t care attitude” and I respond with the same.
    However, I can’t seem to hate him or get over him though its easy to….I want to believe that he is wicked and manipulating but I can’t. I have too much love and regard for him. I don’t know what is his side of the story yet I believe I know.
    There is no magic 11 number in our lives, he is 11 and I am 6. I want to move on, prepared that I would not entertain this further since its not right and way too painful but in my heart I am scared that we shall connect again, may be after few months or years. He also often lightheartedly mentioned that we never know with us, when we believe this is it, something bigger happens.
    We both love our spouses, families and lives…..what the hell is this? Am I naive

    • No, you are not naive at all. What you are having is a strong soul connection on a distance. There is a strong pull between your two souls. But as we live in the physical world of circumstances, jobs, distances and other people we have responsibilities with, we end up casting away what’s not fitting into our daily lives into the closet of ‘imaginary’ that we can reopen only being one on one with ourselves.
      What you have looks like a twin flame dynamics of push and pull, run away and run back, arguing and ego frictions.
      It’s good you wisely enough understand that there is no way to try and rush things to any dramatic changes in lives of you both, as you two have other longterm soulmate relationships.
      But through your mutual soul connection on a distance you two unknowingly give each other an important esoteric help and further development.

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  4. What a great article! I met my significant other almost 15 years ago. The first night we met, we did not say a word to one another. As he was playing pool, leaning over to make his shot, I walked by and slipped my number in his back pocket. The next day he called me, asked me on a date and we just had that ‘natural’ connection but we did not become a ‘serious, committed couple’ until a year or so later. When we looked back at our younger years, we see how we were connected in MANY ways– we had the SAME mutual friends, only hung out with them at different times. When we would tell stories, it seemed we just missed one another when hanging out with friends, parties, etc… Although we did not know who each other was, there were also times we were at the same spot at the same time and did not even realize it. Another cool connection: I went to a family party of his that was 2 hours away. A guy heard about my last name, approached me and asked me if I knew of a man named so-and-so, I said, “YES! That is my father, how do you know him?” It turns out it was my father’s first cousin that I have never met which was a very close friend of my significant others’ family. All little signs like this lead me to believe we are soul mates! ;)

    P.S. Here is an article I wrote based on how we have been together for as long as we have:

    • Such a beautiful love story! Thanks for connecting :) Really, madam fate works in mysterious ways. You and your beloved are definitely soulmates and your meeting was ‘organized’ by your spirit guides.
      Wishing you a harmonious lasting relationship!

  5. Sofia, thanks for sharing deeper insights regarding this fascinating topic. You have shed so much light about love & relationships, a book should be forthcoming ;)
    I know you to be a caring and compassionate person, keep healing the world with your wisdom. Your work is necessary and simply amazing. Have a glorious and joyful New Year, S NOVIM GODOM!
    I’m sharing ♥Irony of Fate/ Carnival Nights♥ with sub-titles on dvd with my non Russian speaking friends. Love these timeless classics!! Sending you love, hugs and kisses dear. :)

    • Maddie, thank you sweetheart! S Novim Godom, and have fun to the fullest! ♥
      And about the book, hmmm who knows, maybe we’ll be celebrating a release next year ;))

    • So happy to see you visit, Wendell! Oh I wonder what happened to foreverpoetic? And all content??
      Heading to check your new blog.. Best best wishes, heartiest regards! {{Hugs}}

      • I was able to save the my poems there, I have copies of them all. A lot of the poems were copyrighted over the past three years, they come from over 41 copyrighted manuscripts! And there are still many more, and I still write new ones. I also have finished recoreded a CD, my brother, writes music and plays and so he wrote songs for a few of my poems we put them together on 15 tracks, We did that in late October in Nashville in his small studio in his home, we are trying to share the first track on you-tube, and sound cloud this month, and possibly I will let you know when it on the tube, so you can tell your friends and family to give it a ear. You will be surprised, the songs are spiritual and romantic and a combination of both! Thanks Sofia!

        • Oh congratulations on the productive work! I’m sure the songs will be received well, your lyrics are truly amazing. I’ll definitely give it an ear and spread the word :) Blessings!

  6. Hi Sofia,

    I hope you are fine. I wish you a wonderful 2014, a year that I hope will bring you much love and happiness. ♥♥

    I had a second read of your article here. I cannot say that I am not intrigued; it has got me into thinking. Much portion of the article is extremely informative, as much as the one you had before this, and I found your argument “Twin flames always instigate each other to develop further – that is their real esoteric purpose, and that is why they keep each other in unrest.” most compelling. Well done.

    Several historical figures that I know are twin flames are Jesus and Maria Magdalene, Muhammad and Khadidjah, and Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi and Shams. In depicting the fact that twin flames are not necessarily two people of the opposite sex, I think you are right, because Mawlana Jalaluddin and Shams are both males. Despite this, I need to discuss with you one thing: Time Flame First Encounter. Here’s what you wrote:

    “Here are some interesting facts to know about twin flames.
    The Meeting
    You will meet your twin flame in the settings where/and when you least expect a romantic encounter.
    The meeting will bring a sudden rise of energy and a state of euphoria, followed by a deep melancholic feeling of something “long gone missing”, suddenly right now.
    Developing a Connection
    You’ll meet again in unexpected circumstances, brought back together by some unusual synchronicity.
    You feel you “recognize” that person rather than gradually getting to know them.”


    In order to understand what you wrote above, I think it is important that we turn our heads to history. I don’t have any historical evidence as to how Muhammad and Khadidjah first met, or how Jesus first saw Maria Magdalene- all are in general manner. I do know however two accounts of how Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi first encountered Shams. We now that the writings of Mathnawi and Divan were both evidently esoteric representations of their twin flame relationships, so I think this subject cannot be complete without including their story.

    #The following is the most popular one, as recounted by Aflaki:
    1) One day, as he [Shams] was seated at the gate of an inn, Rumi came by, riding on a mule, in the midst of a crowd of students and disciples on foot.
    Shams arose, advanced and took hold of the mule’s bridle, addressing Rumi in these words, ‘Exchanger of the current coins of deep meaning, who knows the Names of God! Tell me, was Muhammad ﷺ the greater servant of God, or Bayazid Bistami?’
    Rumi answered him, ‘Muhammad ﷺ was incomparably the greater – the greatest of all prophets and saints.’
    ‘Then,’ rejoined Shams, ‘how is it that Muhammad ﷺ said, “We have not known Thee, O God, as Thou ought to be known,” whereas Bayazid said, “Glory unto me! How great is my glory.”?’
    On hearing this question, Rumi fainted. On regaining his senses, he took the questioner to his home.[11]

    An exchange ensued between the two men, with Mawlana Rumi finally saying that Hazrat Bayazid’s spiritual thirst was quenched after one drink, he spoke of being full and so he stopped seeking. However, the Prophet’s ﷺ thirst was never quenched and he went on seeking, aspiring to be drawn closer to the Divine. It was for this reason that he said, ‘We have not known Thee as Thou ought to be known.’ Hearing this, it was Hazrat Shams that fainted.

    #And this one, albeit close to a myth, is also quite popular. This is how I recount their encounter in my manuscript:

    2) Nasheva heard from Sultan Walad that it all happened twenty six years earlier, in 1244.
    One fine afternoon, Mawlana Jalaluddin was teaching by a fountain in a small square close to his madrasha. His pupils were sitting, listening to him attentively and taking notes. Between them were a manifold of books and manuscripts lying on the ground, while some were scattered open on the fountain’s ledge.
    Then, out of nowhere, a stranger wearing a black cloak walked quickly through the students and pushed the books and manuscripts into the fountain water. They plunged into the water, all wet.
    “Who are you?” Mawlana Jalaluddin said in aghast. “And what are you doing?”
    “You must now live what you have been reading about,” the stranger replied.
    Mawlana Jalaluddin, who was worried his father’s precious spiritual diary, Al Maarif, was ruined, hurriedly went into the fountain.
    But the eccentric stranger prevented him. He said, “We can retrieve them. They will be dry as they were.”
    Mawlana and his pupils were befuddled. Some thought the man was insane.
    The stranger smiled. Then he raised his right hand, pointed to the books, and the books and manuscripts all were lifted without him even touching them. In less than a minute, they were all dry.
    “What I had thought of before as God, I met today in a human being,” Mawlana Jalaluddin said about the eccentric stranger.
    Later he was known as Shams, the sun, a sufi who came from Tabriz.
    The phenomenal encounter changed Mawlana Jalaluddin’s life forever. He took an abrupt mystical turn. As a Mufti who taught Islamic laws, the Koran, and the history of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions, for years he had been learning and teaching the structure of religion. But now from Shams he was learning its essence. Within overnight, he was a man inebriated by the meta-spirituality of love.
    From Sultan Walad, Nasheva learned his father’s extraordinary transformation:
    Through love, a fatwa-writing Syaikh turned poet
    Though ascetic, he grew intoxicate
    But not from a wine which is made of grapes-
    A spirit of light drinks only wine of light

    Shams was the one who took the initiative to meet Mawlana Jalaluddin, so he went to Konya. He wanted to meet his spiritual lover. But in the two accounts above neither he nor Mawlana Jalaluddin had such emotional turbulence as they set eyes upon each the first time other like you suggested. I am not saying what you wrote is wrong, but I am asking for your further opinion. What the accounts suggest is that it is also possible to have other possible dynamics happening between twin flames first encounter in addition to the typical emotionally seismic encounter as you described.

    Could you please advise me on this? Or do you have any other examples on the issue? I would love to hear more from you. Thank you.

    • Best wishes to you too in this new year! Twin flames always have strong reactions at each other at every encounter, the first and all the following ones. Being old souls, they possess great inborn knowledge and skills that are reaching beyond the ‘normal’ average capacity. Therefore twin flames are often great creators and contributors into the humanity development or entertainment.
      What each set of twin flames feel and experience deep inside at their encounters are of course solely private and every ‘coupl’ has their unique beautiful story :)

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  8. I met my twim falmes. A t that time , i didnt know it existed … my frnds were taking abt a presentation. & all the weeks it seemed so familiar with me. Their leader.I know nothing except his name. On that d wen i went there .. while waking , i felt a kind of overwhelwing feeling. I saw him , he as well .. it was like we already know each other. for month he kept asking abt me with everyone. & me i was unconciously only taking abt the presentation. I had to wait for my frnd on main road , she was at his place. My foot walked on its own to a place i have never been before and i reached exactly to his very own house. With utmost sureness that it here. i never had in my mind that .. all these things. He opened the door , then closed it. Then open it again. Futher more , he was sitting there and it felt like he was trying project his soul within me. It sounded crazy. But this is wat i felt. It was so intense that i just could nt hold it. An instant telepati was there. he was taking but i could felt wat he was not telling in words. same happen in presentation. I felt him as the person he is. as we sat near , he said to ask any question ; and i asked ‘ WHO I AM ‘ future there was too much co-incidence , sychrnisation. wat i feel , he feel whether he is away and not in touch ..i have to leave for a work .. i ll cum bk and surely continue this. I want to share my exp. Am glad i came across this site and i know now am not MAD. he kws too that we were not MAD to feel so. it exist. I love you ARUN.

    • Dear Urmila,
      thanks for sharing. I encourage people on this blog to share their twin flame stories in comments, because this way TFs make exchange and greatly help each other – most people who have come on this blog left with a comment “thank God, now I know I am not crazy”… :) Not everyone gets to live their twin flame experiences, and for sure the connection is not mainstream.
      I’m glad for the great exchange readers, my dear twin flames, are bringing on the blog!
      See, you wisely understand that there is still some work for you ahead on the way to your twin flame. And knowing it consciously, you are actually greatly advancing the progress!
      Keep it up

  9. This was simply amazing. I just got here and I am already completely in love with your blog. I am just curious about something. Can twinflames stay together then? I didnt quite understand that. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for the wonderful words! Twin flames can and must work towards being together, because that’s what their one shared soul came in two bodies for. It has a great potentiality to create a power couple for a newer concept of ‘relationship’. If twin flames awaken to what’s happening, of course, and are ready to do some work

      • Sofia thank you for all your insight….I’m the enlightened one in our union…do you think I should share with my Twin what we are and what is happening?

        • Thank you, Diane!
          By all means, if that’s possible, always communicate with your twin flame and elegantly clue them in! :)
          It’s up to them how to react to that information later, but the twin who awakens first shall always speak.

          • I’ve known my twin for about 10 years…we have been in and out of each others lives on and off…we always find our way back .He is a little in denial and has difficulty dealing with the intensity of our time together….he runs. Before I knew about twin flames I was always searching for answers to why he does what he does, if he just would allow the process to happen it could be so beautiful…now that I know about twin flames a peace has washed over me and a calm where as before I was coming from my ego minded retaliation….he has always forgiven me and never hold it against me when I have had melt downs….he is an empath as I am…The hardest part for me is knowing I will never be happy with any other man in my life and may grow old alone….I’ve given this over to a higher power and let go of control or trying to convince him why we are good together….I love this man like I never loved another…I’ve been in love before however never a true spiritual love.

            Sofia what is your advice to get this man to see what we have and to allow me into his life more and not be so scared and resistant. I guess I can take comfort in knowing he will never really be able to experience what we do with any other woman…I take great comfort in that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

            • Hello Diane, thanks for sharing your story.
              Twin flames run and completely shut down at times, but they know that other women won’t be like you. They feel your uniqueness to them, because twins are a completely matching energy model, a set. Though however, union doesn’t occur by default. That’s where main conflict comes from and questioning why.
              Sure, if your twin is available for communication, it is always a good idea to keep communicating about the experience

  10. Dear Sofia,

    Thank you for your articles on twin flames. I like to ask that if our names don’t sum up to 11/11. Is there still a possibility that we are twin flames? We have almost all the other things that you described. He is someone that lives in my heart since i first met him and i always feel there’s something very strong and special that is unexplainable. We have had several push/pull relationships over the years and it’s always pretty intense and left me feeling confused and dissatisfied every time when the sudden pull out happened. But when were with each other we always have very strong bonding and feeling of attraction…i’ve never felt this way about anyone else. Most of the time i’m like the chaser and he is like the runner though. And i think it could be because he is kind of a emotionally unavailable person. I’m quite heartbroken this time and i tried to figure out what’s really happening between us. I love him but i’m scared to hurt myself again if he is just a emotionally unavailable person. but at the same time i feel that he is my twin flames…. i am confused and don’t know what to do. I hope you can reply my questions! thank you!! :)


    • Thank you, dear Kelly. Touching input. Oh no, your names don’t necessarily have to sum up to 11/11 togethe :) It’s just an example of repetitive numbers that most twin flames are starting to encounter when their energies grow closer together.
      Almost every woman who shared their twin flame stories, noticed her male twin display the signs of an emotionally unavaiable person – while they are apart, whereas bonding and soul connection between the two is intense in person…
      This is the typical twin flame ‘dance’ evey twin couple is going through. Ladies will be hurt, gentlemen will be ‘running’ in denial… This is the twin flame classics ;)
      Please check the goldraytwinflames channel on youtube, they explain in detail why male twins run and female counterparts are left hurting… There is a deeper esoteric meaning to this phenomenon!

      Search this video “Separation with twin flame. Grieving the loss”. And “Twin flames. The runner keeps returning”

  11. Nice to read something a little different from what I seen so far and much more relevant. I’m glad you took the time to write it. I have wrote some things too along the way and once I get myself back and my mind is right Im sure I’ll write again and will be sharing my synchronies too.
    Take care :)

    • Hi Drea! Thank for stopping by and for a wonderful feedback! It’ll sure be interesting to read your twin flame experience and views on this phenomenon. Keep me posted and send the link once you publish! Best :)

  12. Sofia it’s soooo good to see you back! I thought you had disapeared completely, so I clicked and here you are. This is beautiful and I feel a pull in my chest as I read it, as if it is resonating with a connection I built life times ago. :) I hope you are well friend!

    • It is so lovely to hear from you, Zoevega! I’ve been also recalling you often :)
      I wasn’t writing regularly lately, been busy with a lot of other work, and soon changing this blog into a website with more things on it :)

      Your heart chakra is open that’s why you feel a pull when read a spiritual/esoteric material. You feel soul connection with the absolute/love energy. Which is actually strongly manifested in twin flames phenomenon. We are connected with nature, with God, with one another, and warm feeling in the chest is our reminder of that ♥
      Hope you’ve been well too! I’ll visit too these days :)

      • Wow, message me when you that progression to website is made. I’d love to see that. The sophistication in which you talk about these topics is beautiful.
        My writing isn’t as frequent either – but mostly that is down to some mental mist which has veiled over my creativity for a long time. Yes I feel out of all the chakra points, my heart is not only the most open but the strongest!
        When I read your pieces I feel an influx of energy, originated from crown; I really resonate with them!
        It is good to see your still writing and about the beautiful deep connections we forge on a higher plane of existence!

        Zoe x

  13. I would like to share my history. In January 2013 I had two dreams. One dream I was with someone on a hammock, my head was in his chest and we were feeling the love for each other deeply, but I could not see his face I woke up feeling the love. Two days later I had another dream and in this dream a tall man came to me kissed my lips and said that for us to be together I need to have confidence and I wake up. One month after the dreams my husband came home and said he met a doctor at a restaurant and he told me you will like him! I asked why and he said because the doctor thinks like me. I just said ok and forget about it but one month later we were at the restaurant and my husband said : the doctor at the next table is the doctor that I told you about. I looked at him fast and I just saw a normal man eating with his family and nothing special happened, I really did not pay much attention. I did not see when the doctor left the restaurant I just realized it when he came back ( alone) because forgot his credit card on the table. I looked at him again and a did not see nothing special. Then he decided to sit down again I do not know why and few minutes later his friend ( the owner of the restaurant) came and sit down to talk to him. Then we decided to go home, but my husband decided to talk to this doctor and I just did not like the idea because I do not speak English very well I stayed a little bit far from them waiting for my husband. But I decided to look one more time to the doctor and I felt a field of energy very strong pulling me to him instantaneously I felt a overwhelming attraction and I could not see anybody else there was not time and space anymore. I could not think to ask to my mind what was going on. I was in trance. I was in a place of harmony, peace and safety that I never felt before. I just had a feeling that I know him in a soul level and I was missing him soooo much! I was hugging him with all my heart and soul. I was like someone that I have lost for so long and forgot about him but when I saw him a remembered him and I was crying inside of me because I was looking for him all my life and I did not know I was looking for him just in that moment I saw him I realized it. I felt the search was over, I was at home, nothing was missing! I forget about my husband and that I had a home to come back and a daughter waiting for me at home. I just asked god let me be here is this energy forever nothing matters anymore. I was complete and I started feeling the bond between us, my energy and his energy were just one and in that moment I understood God! I felt God. God was me him and every thing was connected. The doctor was not looking at me when I felt all of these kind of feelings he was looking at my husband and talking to him, but suddenly he turned his eyes at my direction and saw me. His eyes were big like he were seeing a ghost lol. But he turned again to my husband because they were talking, but he could not and looked at me again for three times and he seemed to be confused and nervous looking for answers. Looked to my husband and to the owner of the restaurant and finally he asked : who is this sweet??? My husband was not expecting the question because they were talking about another thing and said : what sweet? he looked behind him and saw me and said: that is my wife. The doctor was so excited to know me we just said hi how are you doing and we could not said a word anymore we did not know what was going on. I went home and his presence was strong in my soul for 5 days after that I went back to my normal life but something changed inside of me I could not forget that man anymore, he was my everything, he was me! I did not know how to find that man again, I wet many times to the restaurant again but I could not find him. The first meeting was in march I think. 2013 was ending and I just went back to my normal life and I thought would never see him again, but I was more calm It was November and was not expecting seeing him again I went to the restaurant with my husband and I he was there, my heart started jumping I could hardly stand up. He did not see me and I thought maybe it was not important for him and he do not remember me. We chosen the table just next to him. I almost could not be sitting on my chair I could not miss the chance to look at him again but I did not know what to do. So I decided go to the restroom and when I came back to my table I could look at him and see if he would recognize me. I came back from the restroom and looked at him and he looked at me, but I did not have the courage to stop by his table and talk to him, I could just say a shy hi and he answered. When I was leaving from the restaurant the owner of the restaurant that was at his table talked to me and I turned to the doctor and he was already looking at me and said: I know you but I do know from where…then I left the restaurant. Two weeks late I saw him again at the restaurant with his wife but looked at me deeply for a few seconds…One week later I was at the restaurant and he was there with friends and looked at me again then I decided I could not wait anymore I said to my husband that I was going to talk to him and I went there very nervous and was embarrassed to talked to him about my mystical experience with him. He was embarrassed also and we could hardly look at each other eyes because it was so strong that I could lose myself in his eyes. He said when he looked at me it was like he knows me but he could not understand it. we decide to think more about it, but in the truth we wanted to run away from each other. My ego said that I would not be there talking to him. One week after that I saw him again at a supermarket and he just give me a hug and I almost refuse it, I was not expecting a hug from someone that was very serious at the restaurant. Then he looked at me and said: I do know what to do! What to talk! The I told he that we should to talk again and he said ok I want I gave him my cellphone number and I waited for two week and I did not have a call from him I was sad when I saw him again and he said he did not have time to call me I thought he was avoiding me. I looked at his eyes deeply and said I really need to talk to you. He looked at me for a few seconds with out any word like he was in trance and said, ok, tomorrow, lets drink a beer and talk. but he did not call. It was 2 weeks ago. I really think he is so afraid of this feeling so strong that he wants to run way. Interesting, I came from another country from a city of 2 million of people almost 6 eyes ago to find my twin flame here! In this small city of 45 thousand of people. He is 15 years older than me. I am 41 he is 55. He is very tall I am very short lol. Before I met him I was in the called dark night of the soul. panic attack, confusion, hot flashes, seeing number, dream vivid and I had a astral body experience. Feeling strong energy in my head and body.

    • It’s a very interesting experience you’ve had, indeed. Thank you for sharing it here. I’m sorry for late reply, your comment has gotten lost among other threads, but I’m glad I read it now.
      I wonder how it turned out by now. If you like, let me know.

  14. I have reasons to believe that I also met my TF two months ago. Now he runs away from me. And I have returned to my country. Now we are just physically and emotionally separated. It was strange that I still feel for him so much. And I pretty much have the unconditional love for him and the future is the less important. He sent me on a spiritual exploration of myself. And I will grow and I already feel the growth. It is amazing. I just wonder how the runner really feels now. What will happen to him? Hope he is well!

    • That’s very true, TF alwyas clicks and switches on our inner mechanism of self exploration. Neither you nor him will ever be the same again after the day you meet each other for the first time.. And further more.
      If the ‘runner’ runs, hides, seem distant and rude, that’s simply because the runner twins ‘have to’ do so. That’s probably a divine scenario behind it and they act on the instinct. It’s however important to remember that both TFs, no matter how they choose to act, ALWAYS share the same feelings, emotions and spiritual and emotional ‘moves’ toward each other. Never does one twin love more than the other. Twin flames is a crazy mutual love that most people only get to read in old novels about.. ;) Most women are alwyas ready for it,.. you bet )) But male part gets shaken by these feelings and that’s exactly why they try to play aloof and ‘run’. (Roles of runner and chaser can interchange though).
      Don’t ever be afraid to try to reach out to each other and communicate as your feelings are mutual.

      • Sofia
        I never knew that I need to play two roles now with my TF He ran from me right before I went back to my country now we connected again on the Internet and he had a good feeling chating with me but he does not know it is me I set up a second identity for myself and I just want to help him to realize what I have realized I have that unconditional love and I feel that I am on a way of enlightenment I just want to help him and I do not even need a relationship with him I do not need anything from him
        it is said that when runner runs let it go but now he runs back to me what shall I do ? I feel abit tired playing two roles and I want to disappear for some time too
        Another question we touched upon sex I let him kissed me and seemed after that he wanted more and he was suspecting my virginity too(I am still a virgin for I never meet anyone I love) he said the way I respond did not like a virgin Later I found it was because I did not trust any men! now the karma is cleaned feel so good just because of him
        so what shall I do about the physicality? I feel that I can lose my virginity to him but he was being pushing and impatient I do not like that

        • No one shall push you to do anything you don’t like or are not ready for. About the physicality, you decide when the time and person feels completely right for you.

        • If he push for sex I highly doubt he is your twin. Sound more like a typical guy who measure the power of love in the physical surrender of the woman. You give him what he want and he probably just leave or will have the sense he “won” you over and then he can withdraw or play the field with others. Just save yourself until it feels right and the guy is not needy about it. The needyness he signals is not a good sign of someone in balance, but then again we have to start somewhere.

      • Sofia, your words are so beautiful and true!! I I never could talk to my twin flame very well but since we saw each other for the first time I am not the same any more. He lives inside of me all the time. I love him so much as I love myself!

  15. Hi Sofía,
    I came across your article looking for information on twin flames. I met this girl on 02/06/12 (I am a girl too) she had a partner at that time, but that night I felt something of a heart attack when I was staring at her. When we were leaving, she gave me a hug that felt like nothing I had felt before. She is 10 years younger than me, by the way, me 37, she is 27 now.
    In the beginning I thought I just had a crush on her, but later I realized it was something more intense.. Every time we were together we were attracted like magnets, but she was with her partner and I respected that.
    They broke up a year ago and I thought I could be with her.. But she got involved in another relationship and we distanced from each other.. Last time we met, I had this dream two nights before that I was holding her, kissing and saying I love you with such a feeling of joy and peace that I woke up at 5am with my heart beating so fast.. She wrote me two days after and we met and hugged.. Same strong feelings
    From that moment on, I started my personal awakening, learning about astrology, reincarnation and past lives, and I realized our synastry talked about possible past lives together.. we had her pluto conjunct my venus which as Linda Goodman says, that’s a sign of a deep karmic connection that cannot be broken, that one of twin flames…plus Moons conjunct, her sun and mercury in my 7th house..
    What I didnt understand was our separation.. I was feeling angry, sad, jealous, why did she prefer to be with other people than me? So I decided to let her go and let time pass..
    A month ago, I was going out from the underground thinking what if I see her? And 5 minutes after we crossed each other but It was raining and she was so different that I had no time to say hello… That was 22/01/14 and from that day on, I’ve been seeing 22, 11 at all places, tickets, watches, car plates, lottery… Her birthday is 26/05/1986, her odd numbers sum 22, mine is 30/09/1976, and my even numbers sum 11.. Two many sinchronicities to be only coincidence..does it mean that we could reunite?
    Now reading your article, I see many things that I have been feeling all this time, but no one can understand that and I get crazy at this point now… We had this powerful and magnetic connection, we look alike, we couldnt be together because of external obstacles/people.. “Casual”encounters…
    What I feel is that we’re not ready yet to handle this energy and that she has to live other experiencies now.. I have not met any other since, but I dont know if I need to live myself any other relationships..
    What I know as well is that meeting her has changed me from the inside, I have learnt about myself, about love and acceptation..
    I would thank your personal opinion on my story ;)
    Thank you

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Esther. It is moving!
      Such a beautiful souls connection…
      No all those coincidences were not coincidential, but signs of a twin soul relation and your enhancing awareness, much of which you’ve recognized and vocalized yourself.
      Letting her go for now is also a wise courageous decision. Sometimes letting go is hard on us but necessary for the other. In temporary separation many things keep happening.
      Your telepathic connection may get tighter over distance and silence.
      Don’t let it be too long, contact each other from time to time with a nice “reminder” msg and try to get a feel of where the other is currently standing.
      Best to you.
      I’m sorry for a belated reply as I’ve somehow lost it between the later threads.

  16. Hi Sofia :-)
    I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs especially about the twin flame/soulmate connections. I would love to get your insight…
    About a year & a half ago I attended a meeting that I would normally never have gone to. I was on my way out of a very unhappy marriage but was not looking for anyone/anything. During the meeting I noticed one of the key speakers who had his back to me. I didn’t even see his face but I’m highly intuitive & “felt” his presence & a sense of familiarity….
    When he turned around & we locked eyes it was as if the energy & air left my body & we were searching each other’s faces. I’ve never felt this way in my life. It was as if lightening struck & I’ve never recovered….
    I ended up speaking to him & it felt so natural & the physical chemistry between us was obvious. We exchanged phone numbers & after a month or so of speaking we kissed. It was as if the world stopped…time was frozen & neither of us had ever had a kiss like that before. I was already proceeding with my divorce but he kept me at an emotional”distance”- he was dating others & unprepared for the possible awakening this meeting caused him. To make a long story short- he ran….he is in another relationship now & I am divorced. It’s been over a year. We still speak & see each other at a mutual meeting once a month (we live 10 min apart!) however that extreme PULL, that longing, that heart tugging, that warm soul feeling of just “knowing” there is more to come is still with me. I have been spiritually awakened by this in ways I never thought possible. MANY psychic readings have confirmed that this is a soul connection & that he will not last with his current partner because the energy between us is too strong to ignore…but I am having trouble releasing it to fate & the universe. I am working on putting my jealousy & personal feelings aside in order to offer him unconditional love & acceptance. I just can’t bear the thought of him moving forward into a true commitment with someone else…our eyes are constantly searching each other’s when we speak & even when we always say our “friendly” goodbyes there is a sort of longing….
    Have you ever heard the song “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds? There is one line that says “and in a wide sea of eyes, I see one pair that I recognize…”
    That’s my line to him- it’s fully describes how I felt/feel…
    I am lost on how to love forward in love & acceptance for this man & ask the universe every day for the courage for him to face his fears of real love so we can have the opportunity to experience a union in this lifetime. It’s probably the hardest thing in life I have EVER been through….
    Your blogs are amazing. Thank you :-)

    • Hello Ginger,
      thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed my articles!
      What you are going through at this stage now, is he is in temporary relationship to facilitate his heart center awakening, and you need to learn to wait and in meanwhile try to focuse on different things perhaps, your current interests, career go, and ofc letting go of the jealousy feeling.
      I know it sounds easier than done, but we are given time to learn :)
      Stay tuned! More iteresting things coming

  17. Sofia
    I am trying to find an answer and I trust your guidance.
    I met my twin flame and I was transfixed, I always knew he was missing and my life hasn’t been the same since. He has leave for a job in a very HUGE metropolitan city (one of the biggest in the world) in a nearby country for a job he has worked his whole life towards. Funny that we met right before his move- 5 months before. After 3 months of dating, he said I was too attached an he didn’t want anything serious while he was away. I suggested I could come visit him in the new city. He said no.
    He will come back in a year.
    I don’t know what to do. I want to ask if I can move there with him, or is it better to let him live his path / live mine and grow and let him / me have new karmic relationships?

    • Hi Cynthia
      Allow him to be where he is now and take his time. Do the things at his own pace, because he was clear. In this case, best move we can do to invest into probable future reunion is to currently let go.
      If he is your true twin flame, runners always come back

  18. Awesome, sweet, summary :) Twins and the dance in a nicely framed nut shell..It was very heart-warming to see you post again… Cheers \m/

  19. Hi, Sofia
    about almost two months ago, I wrote something about me and my twin. we have together passed the crisis period and runner dynamic period. I came to a total surrender. and God lead me to him and him to me. It was all happened in coincidences. We are now separated in two countries and communicating through Skype mostly. seems to me that We all have come to the point of surrendering and harmonizing. I am planning to join him in the next few months. but one thing bothering me is I have not prepared myself for the physical merge with him. I am more disturbed with my mind and my tradition. (I haven’t had any sexual experience before although I am quite old enough.) He had girl friends before so he said he is the one who is ready. I am longing for the physical part between us but I just can not overcome my fear. In my tradition, we girls only wait for there is a marriage before we can have sex….I know it is only conventions but we all care about it……what to do to prepare for that?

    • Sophie,
      You should absolutely not compromise your concerns and beliefs especially about what feels right to you to do. You need to do it when you are certain and comfortable with it…
      I’d just suggest you openly talk it over with your partner and tell him your concerns, share your righteous hesitations and how you feel. If loving and understanding, he will help you take a decision that will feel right and comfortable with you

  20. I believe i met my twin flame a few years ago. We are both female. Both of us were in relationships at the time. And it just so happens it was the same amount of years. Both were with our significant other for 18 years. Both feeling unhappy and felt like something was missing. Thats when i met her online for the first time, not expecting what was about to happen. We did not know what a twin flame was then and never even heard of it untill after we have met. We are miles apart. She lives in Texas and i live in Pennsylvania. She got on a plane to come see me and i cant even put into words what we experianced for the few days we have spent together. Its like nothing i have EVER experienced before with anyone and dont think i ever will again. After this meeting, we both had a lot of questions. That is when we searched for answers and came across Twin Flames. How can we be so much alike? We resemble each other, almost have the same eyes. People that didnt know us thought we were related. When we were together, everywhere we went, people seemed extra happy and nice in our presence. They would even stare at us. We finish each others sentences all the time. We know what each other is thinking. We feel what each other feels a lot of the time but dont know it untill we talk the next day. We experience the same life events at the same time. How is that even possible? We have had 2 reunions since we first met on line. Seems like we are doing the “dance” We will go a period of time without talking then out of nowhere, we will message each other on the internet, on the same day. We are in contact right now. Seems we are in denial sometimes with the thought that we may very well be twin flames. Its just hard to believe. I am now divorced but in another relationship. She is still with the same person she has been with for the last 18 years or so. Something keeps pulling us back together. Its like the universe or some force keeps bringing reuniting us. I dont understand any of this. I honestly believe she will ALWAYS be in my life. I am just wondering if we will ever REALLY be together in this life time. Also, her first and last name in numbers is 11. Mine is also. which equals 11:11

    • Very close soul connection, Tara. Tight pull and similarities, but still some issues to be addressed. There is no way to “predict” the future other than create it…
      And you can honestly talk to each other about the possibilities for future you are both contemplating

  21. Wonderful,Sofy!!,but I really need help with my Twin flame issue. Okay,I might sound like I am crazy,I’ve been told I sound crazy before. Well,it started off when I was little,I have been having dreams of a wonderful,beautiful blonde male,the dreams took place around the 70′s and then the 80′s with him in his teen years. I’ve kept a journal of my dreams since I was little. I was born in 1995,people tell me,”It’s too fast to have been reincarnated” I don’t want to think I am crazy,ever since I was little I have liked nothing but stuff from those days and I dress that way (My parents never showed me that music,because I am adopted and my adoptive mother is turning 81 this year and she doesn’t remember anything of the 80′s besides her car and her marriage because she is an immigrant from Cuba) Please,I need some help. I don’t want to ever come to the conclusion that I am crazy. Here goes the whole thing: Aside from the dreams,I can’t even date anyone,I try to,but I can’t something either goes wrong,or I feel like I am cheating on someone that is not there,I try to find other men attractive but,I can’t I can tell you that they are handsome but I just don’t have any attraction to them. I went to Pennsylvania about 9 years ago,the entire place seemed familiar,I felt like I came back home after being away for years,everything felt like home,I didn’t feel lost,the day seemed brighter,I knew my way around,the locations I have seen before in my dreams (they are not even what you would call tourist destinations,and this was my first time in Pennsylvania in this life) I still kept having the dreams of that blonde man,whether it was him as a child or a pre-teen or him as a teen and most recently around 2008 I started seeing an older male in my dreams who is blonde,but he seems a bit changed because he is older. I found out about twin flames when my aunt was reading my journals of the blonde male and the fact that I drew a lot of pictures of him while trying to remember how he looked like upon waking up. I kept the drawings,I still have them and I use them as reference in hopes of finding him some day and not finding out that I am insane. As a young girl,I was attracted to an old vinyl record player and had my mother buy it for me even though she was questioning me and wondering why would a girl my age want that?? I would hear the records I bought along with it and would have memories of the same blonde guy but with certain songs. I met this one blonde male in this life who was my doctor at the time and I thought at first that it could be him,but the Universe took him away from me and I found out he was married,plus I found out he was just 27,therefore he’d be quite a bit too young to fit that age range that I see in my dreams. About 3 years gone by and I met another blonde male,this time he was around age 45,and so happen to be my anatomy teacher. One day I was talking to a friend of mine, about the story I am writing which takes place in the state of Pennsylvania,and he told me at that moment that he is from Pennsylvania (Central PA,the same regional area where my story takes place in) At first I was like whatever,it’s a coincidence that he happens to be from Pennsylvania. As the days and months kept going since September of 2012, I found out he plays piano(like I do) but he plays saxophone as well (The man I have seen in my dreams for many years happen to play both instruments,and I swear to God I am not making up any of this,I would have to scan my whole notebooks to prove it,I wouldn’t mind and this goes back as far as 2000) He loves animals (so does the guy in my dreams,specifically reptiles,same as the other) I had dreams of the same mystery blonde guy about a couple years back that he was studying medicine and he would wear a white coat and sometimes he wouldn’t depending if he had to do lab or not, and fast forward to 2012 I heard from this man that he himself is a med school drop out he only had one semester but called it quits. I would never smile in my pictures unless I was forced to but you could tell my smiles are fake,he also happens to have that issue;both of us are camera shy that we would rather hide behind others than be seen in the picture. We share similar music taste,and a lot of times complete what the other was going to say or say the same thing at the same time (That was just real awkward) I still have the dreams about the blonde man and they still take place in the same state,only recently have I tried looking up Pennsylvania on Google Maps to see if the region at all felt familiar,The areas of North East,South East,North West and South West Pennsylvania struck no familiarity at all,nothing about them, Central Pennsylvania,however did. Southern Columbia county,around Connyngham township,The regions around Harrisburg,such as the small towns in Dauphin county surrounding the Susquehanna river seemed familiar to me. (I don’t believe I have messaged this earlier,but I am in Florida and I was born and raised here) My spirit animal is the Hawk,specifically a black hawk; I graduated in June of 2013,I still have dreams of that blonde male (but they haven’t been as often as they were back in the day) I try to forget that man,I try getting my mind off of him and the one in my dreams,but whenever I would like if I were to try and get away something would always have me back in front of him needing him for something,or just to talk and we would randomly bump into each other in places;I’ve also have been hearing and seeing his first name everywhere and I am not even asking for it cause even people say it and I saw a woman with that name tattooed on her(It’s not even a common name here in South Florida,everyone here has like some sort of hispanic name and he has a German first and last name) I haven’t seen him since Tuesday,but upon Wednesday night I was just looking to continue my story and get my mind off of the whole dream guy vs man I know in real life and I was looking up Pennsylvania in several decades,because my story takes place in Pennsylvania from 1950-now and I came across a yearbook and the school’s mascot and book title happen to be the hawks (**Hawk is my spirit animal) So,out of curiosity,without even thinking about those things,just focusing on my stories because I want them to be historically accurate(Fashion wise and everything) and when I stumbled upon the 9th grade side of the year book I saw him in that year book,and It was him cause it just looked like a youthful version of him and I felt like I had a mini heart attack and I had like a warm burning feeling around my heart and my head (It was a very weird feeling) I just stopped looking at that and just lied down and tried to wonder what the hell happen. The rest of the night and the next day just felt weird,they didn’t seem normal as usual and the name I saw frequently has subsided,I see it but not as often as I would. Am I going crazy??? If I am please let me know,I’ll find a psychiatrist a.s.a.p

    • Dear Svet,
      I feel much understanding to your situation and many things you want to clarify.
      I will not be able to give an in-depth answer to this in a comment, so if you like, contact me via contact section and we can talk more in detail through personal consultation.

  22. Easter is a promise of joy and renewal
    May this one before us
    Marks a new beginning
    Of happiness, love and prosperity.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter!
    With love Maxima

  23. I want to reply to “Svet”. Your story is amazing!! I want to ask you, in the yearbook picture that you saw and recognized, was it the man from your dreams ONLY, or was it ALSO the man you know in this life, the medical school dropout who loves reptiles? Also, I wonder how you “FEEL” around the man. Are the feelings similar to what you feel in dreams, or do you just feel normal, regular, like maybe he is not the man from your dreams. Your story is fascinating!! I don’t think you are crazy at all. — p.s. are you a member of any soul mate or twin flame groups on facebook? I would like to talk to you more and I am member of several of those.

    • I’m not a member of any groups on Facebook,because I don’t know of any. I feel the same way as I do to the man in the dreams that I’ve seen for years as I do to this man. I see his name everywhere and hear it,I’m not looking nor asking for it. All the dreams feel vivid. I felt like I got a mini heart attack when I came across that yearbook by coincidence. I don’t need to tell him things and he just knows how to finish my thoughts and sentences.

  24. I noticed something very trippy- we both have 8 in our address. He lives 7 miles away from me and we are a “mirror” image of where we live if you look on a map! That’s a trip!

  25. Hi, Sophia. I recently watched the videos from goldraytwinflames on YouTube. They shed a lot of light for me as my twin is on the run. Here’s our story. I met him in school. His first and last name are two family names on my father’s side. At first I thought it was a coincidence. The first time he looked into my eyes he shook my the foundations of my soul. It was startling. I investgated this and discovered many similarites. To name a few, we have a strangly similar personality. My birthday is 21/07/86 his is 12/09/85, the day numbers are flipped. The letters in our full names both add up to 18 (not 11 or 22 but it’s still the same number) I know what he is going to say and can sense how he feels without looking at him or being with him. He is an Athiest and I am a highly spirtual Indigo child. He does not believe in things like twin flames, but we discussed our connection and he agreed that it was intense and he felt oddly comfortable around me even though we had just met. All of my bells are going off at this point. I even keep having karmic experiences pointing me in his direction. To name a couple, I randomly met his boss at a yoga class, and right before he ran I was driving and saw a young boy in his football jersey with my twin’s last name on the back. Im not huge on numbers but I will pay attention and look for 11 and 22 patterns. We have connected physically. The first time was a simple hug, which he later told me had a tingling “buzz” every time he hugged me, which I felt also. The second time, after we developed a friendship, he kissed me. I felt the kundalai (not sure how to spell that one) energy very intensely. I’m highly intuitive and receptive to people’s energies, all of my “spidey sences” told me he was feeling it too. He had to be if I was, he’s my twin! The next day he apologized for kissing me and stated that he “screwed up”. I tried to comfort him and told him it was ok to have such an intense experience. He replied with “unfortunately I felt nothing when I kissed you.” :crickets chirp: I found your site and saw the recommendation for the videos on YouTube for twin flame guidance. It was a revelation. I loved the insight of why twins do what they do. But I’m still confused why and how he felt nothing when the experience was intensely intimate and the kumdalai energy was very clearly present? I understand that there doesn’t have to be a longing and pull and that twins don’t end up together in romance regularly, bit it still feels like a rejection from his lack of feeling anything. I’d really love your honest opinion on my situation, please! I look forward to it.

    • Dear Chelsea,

      if you are true twin flames (and your both energy field feels quite intense, I must say), then both you and him feel the pull and the unordinarity of the experience.
      But male twin flames usually tend to back off after the initial phase, as they get overwhelmed by the feeling and do not have yet a space prepared to fit it in their lives. Because twin flame meeting is an awakening life changer.
      So male twins might withold and even deny the connection…
      If you would like to talk more in detail about it, we can talk it over in a private consultatioin.
      My best,

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  27. I’m 19 Aries female and I’ve defiantly met my twin flame who’s a Libra male 6 months younger than me. We met when we were 14&15 and been popping in and out of each others lives since. When I saw him it was as if I knew him before and dreamt about him when I was a kid. On which we happens to goto the same elementary school one year I found out. And I still remember from that moment when I saw him something like overwhelming fire rose up in me. And being only 11 years old at the time I never forgot what I felt. He was 11 also. And when we met in outr first year of high that same feeling rose up in me again as if I was awoken in his eyes. We unexscpectedly hung out for the first time and it felt as if a cloudy lovely dream. Such an electrifying and powerful attraction. Made me feel safe and a “home feeling” I’ve never felt with anyone else. I’ve had a rough past of abuse and I physically and emotionally shut my whole family out growing up and so when I was in a ‘relationship’ with my twin flame it was completely off I never felt so shy and alive at the same time. We also look extremly alike even the lines in our hands& palms are identical to the very core,our voices are similar as well. It was strange, i questioned it all and just had this mystical feeling/suspicion about us. I also couldn’t keep anything from him and became really emotional and awoken like his very presence would wake me up and reflect how broken & damaged I was. Id impulsivly outburst alot too. I’d be paralyze with anxiety near him but at the safe time I never felt more whole. And I always felt I needed him around. So after we spit up and he instantly tried to replace me with a girl who resembled me we found ourselves cheating on both our lovers for each other. We’d overwhelingly pour out our feelings to each other in between couple of months till now. I would dream about him frequently ever since the first split. Along with me impulsivly catching the letter ‘e’. One night i remember wishing to see him again after roughly 6 months period & it happens to be 11:11 as i found out after. Ever since id be drawn and always to impulsivly catch 11:11 10:10 12:12 1:11 2:22 3:33 & so on but mostly 11:11 & 3:33. This has been going on three years now since. Its still currently happening. My twin flame can astro project. And I have intense lucid dreams. We’ve shared common dreams. And felt each others presence around. After every encounter we’d ended up learning our lessons just to reunite again and learn another over the years. I sense by this summer we’d reach common maturity. And start over again on common ground. Everyday it gets stronger. It was all by chance been seeing the signs since I was a kid. I love this man with all that I am. And now without the doubt and insecurities that would rip us apart. We are almost there to our new beginning, together. He’s lived in my heart all my life I always felt him with me. No one has ever seen me in such shreds, the dark hidious corners of myself, the dilusional unstable ness. He’s seen it all only him and still loves me uncodiontally as I do him. We actually want to get married. There’s a reason I’m being led to all of this and awakening like I have been. I sense in my heart and dreams that my twin soul and I are gonna do powerful things in this life.

    • Dear Janelle,

      if you feel a strong mutuality between you in this connection, then listen to your intuition, and go for it.
      It is the best idea to stay in touch with your twin, if possible, and keep communicating about the experience, your both awakening process and what you are up to…
      There must be no rush, as it’s a process. But it’s great and motivating to know that you both have common goals in the long run.
      Best to you!

  28. I begin to doubt if me and my current guy are true twin flames or he is a false one. Three months’s separation and chatting via Skype I feel deplected and my energy level dropped down. The more I tried to maintain and to give him my understanding and love the more I felt I lost myself and I was not really loved. I feel that he could not really provide me an real emotional support and he was always trying to exploit me on an energy level. We shared a lot if twinflame symptoms and I was so firmly believed that we are twins but now I doubt. He also exhibits many twin flame imposter signs. Now I sensed that he is dating someone else for his strong sexual power need to be released. ( or perhaps he found a better lover) I just sense that although there is nothing to be confirmed but I do not feel like to be involved in such a stupid game. I am trying to release myself and find myself back.

    • Dear Sophie,

      there should be no regret about it at all!
      The one who we sometimes think of as our twin flames is in fact, a catalyst, who will prepare you for meeting your real TF in near future!
      Your heart chakra got activated, you may be going through up and downs of feelings right now, but it’s all great, a part of your learning/awakening process. It will all turn out great, dear!
      All what was is a great experience, and all that’s yet to come will be even better!

  29. I met HIM 13 years ago when I was 17 and he 18, under the most unremarkable and unusual circumstances. We bonded immediately. Soon after our meeting before we had time to understand what we were both feeling, we found ourselves in a sort of relationship though it was never really official. HE was my first boyfriend. I had never had a physical or emotional relationship with a guy prior. My feelings were intense and I had never felt such a deep and unexplainable love for anyone before and since. We soon parted ways due to a misunderstanding and HE moved on to be with other girls always rubbing it in my face by seeking my advice. I was going through hell but for HIS sake, tried to give HIM the best advice I could. I got to know another guy who was completely amazing and treated me like a sister. He was extremely good to me and this made HIM jealous but I continued my friendship with this guy as I felt no threat or harm was coming out of it. All the while, HE was still vey much in my heart and mind every single agonizing minute. Anyway, HIS next relationship turned out to be a failure and HE was quick to realise it, ending it with no regrets.

    It was only an agonizing year later that I could even bring myself to move on and found myself getting to know another guy who I soon got into a relationship with due to him being very persistent. He wanted to be with me despite my having to go away for a few months at that time. He waited for me and while I was overseas and he sent me a New Years greeting card and we more or less made our relationship official from there. Unbeknownst to me, HE was desperately trying to contact me despite not knowing about me newly getting into a relationship. While I was away, I cried silently each night and kept a diary penning down my conflicted feelings. When I heard a song that reminded me of HIM, I’d cry silently even though I was surrounded by people. I guess it was because I knew I was letting him go and moving on.

    When I returned home and learnt from my best friend that HE was desperately looking for me I felt a deep hole and ache in my heart as I knew I was already in a serious relationship with someone else who didn’t deserve to be hurt by me. The next few days later, HE bumped into me and my new BF. HE and his friends tried to pick a fight with my BF being young, hot blooded and brash. Nothing happened thankfully, but HE called me the next day and told me HE was incredibly jealous to see me with someone else and was still in love with me. I was in shock as HE was never the type to be open about HIS feelings. Still I chose to be with my new BF and rejected HIM. Soon after, HE started having feelings for HIS friend and this made my heart ache so badly but I just could not show it as I was also in a relationship myself. HE soon got together with HIS friend. Ever since then we’ve both been in and out of serious relationships and we would get together in between where everything felt like magic for a moment but soon after, either HE or I would walk away for no particular or good reason.

    HE has never been open with HIS feelings since and I was often left confused at our magical short reunions. On a few occasions in HIS drunken stupor HE would call my name or sing a song about my name. HE would hassle and force HIS friends into going to wherever I was and on some occasions, HE would curse and swear at me and tell me he hated me despite inconveniencing himself and his friends by coming to look for me. I was so confused. HIS friends however, 3 different ones who were not close with one another other, told me on separate occasions that HE was crazy about me and loved me very much. But I never got to hear these words from HIM directly. Finally, after a last bad encounter with HIM, I told myself I had to get myself far away from HIM as HE was stirring up so much confusion in me and never made any real attempt to get me back. I moved on again into another serious relationship. All the while HE was never out of my mind.

    I asked myself why I let myself suffer like this when I could be the one to make the first move to get HIM back. After all, I never stopped loving HIM for a second after all those years. Alas, We met at a friends’ wedding a couple of years later when I had recently broke up with my then BF. I ended up going back to HIS place as I did on several other occasions but at this point I’d like to highlight, that though we were alone in private on many occasions, I had never consummated our relationship by having sex with him all those years. By now I was already 28+ years. While at HIS place, we just lay beside each other, he kissed my back and neck very affectionately and I felt electrified, weak and my head spun in circles. Despite this situation, and both of us being single, we never made an attempt to engage in sex. And he was a complete gentleman. Believe me, I’ve encountered a fair share of jerks before. Anyway, We ended up hugging and falling asleep.

    The next morning, I left and I knew somehow that this would be the last time I would be at HIS doorstep. It was an emotional moment for me. I kissed HIM goodbye and I knew this time it would be for good. HE suggested for us to meet up for lunch sometime soon. I agreed but I felt that this would not happen. At this point in my life, I was getting to know another guy, he was amazing and caring in every way. My soulmate perhaps. He said he knew I was the one for him as he prayed to God for a sign, and he believed it was answered to him in a dream. Our relationship progressed very fast and thugs were going well.

    HE did make attempts to ask me out for lunch, but I rejected HIM. I must also point out that HE was a womanizer and had a very high libido and engaged in protected sex with various women. I was so afraid of getting hurt by HIM and that HE would not be able to break HIS bad habits. We had one more awkward meeting again soon after I got together with my BF(now husband) and HE once again tried to pick a fight with my BF who was completely innocent. We left not wanting to cause any problems or spoil everyone’s party mood.

    Though we left each other on a bad note, and had no contact at all after that, HE came to visit my mom in hospital when she was very ill. This was a few months after that last bad encounter with my BF. When I saw HIM, although HE said no words to me, HIS presence touched me immensely and I felt such an unspoken love between us as always when I looked into HIS eyes. I’m now married but I still think of HIM. I head from friends HE has changed for the better and making attempts to improve his lifestyle. I recently visited HIS Facebook and though HE was very active in it before, HE isn’t now and HIS last posts were in 2013 which were just before my wedding. I don’t know how HE is feeling about me marrying someone else but somehow I feel HIS pain. On my wedding night, I had a bout of violent vomiting and was sick. I don’t know if that was reaction and sign of HIS pain due to our deep connection with each other. Recently while i suddenly thought of HIM as I was reading up on spiritual evolvement after finding myself going though a different phase in my life, I unexpectedly bumped into HIM on the train! And HE has not taken the train in the last 5 years!!! Yet we both happened to meet at a time when we were both alone. It was slightly awkward as we were both taken by surprise and I could tell HE spotted me first. We only acknowledge each other from a distance but I felt a flutter in me all over again and I had to alight at the next stop. It was the same feeling I got whenever I was with HIM. I felt extremely happy after that and was in a high energy mood for the entire night.

    Recently I’ve been experiencing weird sensations in my head and I have been thinking about HIM incessantly. That was how I got to this blog and learnt of Twin Flames. I’ve been dreaming and I think I connected with HIM in a dream on an occasion. As I’m going through a very diff phase in my life spiritually, is that bringing me closer to HIM and does that explain why HE is in my thoughts so often and why I bumped into HIM within minutes of thinking of HIM? I was shocked and I am now very confused. I am not unhappy in my marriage and I do love my husband very much, but somehow, I don’t feel complete and whole and I feel that he does not motivate me much. I don’t intend to end my marriage or anything, but HE is in my every waking thought and hour. I’ve been experiencing buzzing and vibrations in my head and have read that it might be my crown chakra being stimulated. No one I know would ever understand me but somehow when I read this, it all resonated so much. I would like to thank you for sharing this useful information. I’ve been doing cord cutting with the help of Archangel Michael, but other than that, I just don’t know what to do. It’s been 13 years now and HE’S now 32 and I’m 31. HE still isn’t married. I am not depressed or unhappy but really confused and unsettled over the way I’m feeling.

    • Do not regret about anything and toss off all the “what if’s” or “if only”, “should of”, “could of”…
      All what happened and the way it did, was a part of the process.
      You parted ways at that time and got married to a different person, because as of now you have a needed experience to go with your husband.
      It’s good you are feeling that ow you are going through the higher chakras activation process and feel all that buzz of vibrations.
      Twin flames in order to be together, both need to reach a necesary “enhanced” vibration.
      So both of you are still in this process. TFs usually go through this apart.
      Don’t worry, when your time is right, you will meet and talk again. In meanwhile you might be having a telepathic communicating through dreams

  30. It’s good to share life experiences with others. I got so many answers of my own queries. I am going through a similar situation so I m connecting to each n every word or experience shared here. Thanks Sofia for this wonderful work u r doing. My life has become much more peaceful since I got connect ed to your writings ..I have better understanding of my situation. As my twimflame is in running stage right now. I was chasing him like mad. But from last 6 months I kept distance and left everything on God.we met in 2010 n he was d one who felt that strange connection since I was not looking for any relationship at time so I didn’t bother much. When he literally presud I met him n rest was history
    This time I felt what I was looking for throughout my life I got it
    Though I got married before n separated from my husband also had couple of relationship before but never felt that feeling of wholeness before. It’s a long story how we met but it’s seems like a fairly tale how our meeting was conspired. One thing I want to mention here before I met him I had many unsuccessful. N painful relationships
    After every break I used to wonder why can’t. I give up why I have this strong urge of meeting someone. As if I used to feel incomplete n there was one kind of sadness n search for something. Whenever there used to be a discussion and life purpose it seems my purpose. Was to find someone.I discussed this with couple of my clairvoyant friends they all said similar things though they don’t know each other. One of them gave me a book on twimflame. I read it n did everything written in that book. Did all the prayers n rituals very diligently n forgot all about it
    When I met him first time it was a business meeting as I mentioned earlier he felt d connection at first time and started following me. I ignored him totally as I was operating from my physical mind n at that point job was so important for me I never wanted to mess around so I tried everything to stop that
    He kept sending me msg saying he never felt like this before n more reason I was stopping myself coz he was much younger n unmarried whereas I had two grownup sons though separated. He comes from very rich n renowned family
    Anyway when he didn’t stop chasing me I consulted my clairvoyant friends they all said he is answers of ur prayers ur Tf
    So I went to meet him that experience was out of this world for both us
    We kept meeting here n than. It was not very often as he is very busy in his work n we live far in different cities
    But whenever we met it was always same intensity
    Gradually our meetings started becoming less n less n even communication. His family started. Putting pressure on him for marriage. The kind of society we live our marriage is not easy unless someone is really gusty. After two years he had to marry a girl of his parents now he got married 6 months before. I know he is nt happy. I didn’t contact him since then. I have no idea what to do. I can’t forget him he is always there with me. Since I met him my spiritual journey has become so rapid
    I am totally a different person now. I happen to meet many live masters. So much has happened that I need lots of time to share. Hopefully we will meet again
    I don’t know how but my heart always says it will happen

    • And you will meet again, dear, when the time is right. You are a spiritual person, and the process of your personal and spiritual establishment is still ongoing. And so does his.
      Twin flames both need to go through that process at their pace, having short experiences with other people, along the way, and so they part for a while and do it on their own. But nevertheless they stay on each other’s mind and can still feel a strong energetic connection. They connect again when they are ready. Meeting a twin flames spurs your mutual developmental process.
      You are insightful and intuitive and you do everything right.
      Keep sending him love on a distance and also concentrate on yourself for now. Twin flames always meet again.
      Thank you for your kind words too! I am happy to know the articles helped you in a way!

      • Thanks for your reply Sofia. It means lot to me. I am working on myself n as you suggested it’s the only way. Life is becoming more peaceful n happier

      • Thanks for your guidance Sofia. As you have mentioned I m working on myself, still at times I feel totally lost n don’t know how to move ahead. How can I become clear about what is my life purpose. As I am not working right now but nothing motivates me any more. One more thing has happened that my ex husband has become very supportive towards me. Actually my kids were studying in Australia. My elder son was there from last 7 years n younger one was from 2 years. All of sudden they had to come back because of visa issues. My kids were with me after my separation from my husband 16 years before
        But this time he was very supportive towards us. Though he is going through cancer n very sick. He wants to patch up with me. I don’t know what all is happening. I told him clearly that it’s nt possible for me as I don’t have that feeling for him any more. Inspite of that he is ready to support me n kids I am not working it’s really a great help. In the beginning I was reluctant to take his help
        But now I m just letting it happen as it is coming
        Moreover I never took anything from him before. There are so many strange things happening that I m just flowing with it

        • You might use a guidance on your soul’s purpose, if you like. It can be helpful and clarify many things why we go through certain issues in our lives.

          I’ll be offering detailed intuitive readings on soul’s purpose later this year,
          so far I can advise to check Anna Sayce’s website there you can book such reading.
          Otherwise stay tuned, we can connect and talk more in detail on it later this year.
          Be well dear

          • Hi sofia,
            I am thankful for your email. From the last 3years I haven’t met him I tried many times but he couldn’t make it. I kept contacting him through msg sometimes he answered n many times he doesn’t. Then from last September 2013 since he got married to someone else I stopped any kind of contact with him Suddenly after almost one year he called me two weeks ago. He told me that he wants to meet but again he didn’t come forward to meet me. I really don’t know what to do. Will ever be he will have that courage to meet me. Even though I don’t contact him I miss him immensely. What do do please show me the way.

  31. damn it ! does happened to me and i have decide to run away :(
    soon after i found out we used to be a lover in the past life and it was forbidden love like romeo and juliet…

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  33. My twin surrendered recently after we reunited six years ago (we grew up in the same small town fortunately). I woke up one night, and we no longer had to be separated by the grace of God. We find it hard to be separated at all after the pain of our separation. Surrender is the most beautiful and soft thing.
    In our last life, we were in Wales and inseparable, so being separated was very difficult. I have never been more thankful to have that be over. Love and peace to you all, and thank you for writing about this.

  34. My twin recently surrendered. I woke in the middle of the night to such peace. There is nothing softer or more beautiful than now when we are together. We were inseparable in our last life in Wales and very near to one another whilst teens, so the separation was very hard. I am eternally grateful to be inseparable from him from now on. Thank you for writing about this!

  35. Hi Sofia,
    It’s so good to read more about twin flames and I really enjoyed your article. The question that is bothering me, is that what if the first meeting isn’t magical? i believe i have found my twin flame, but i have known him for a while now. We met up a few times as friends but our conversations were quite common and maybe sometimes superficial. But the second that i opened up and he did too I started to get a warm feeling as if i had known him forever. We are so similar in a lot of ways and when we are together the time seems to disappear. I feel harmonious when we’re together and when we touch each other it feels like a dream and so natural as if we have a very strong bond. A friend told me about twin flames and i started to read into it and agreed in so many points except for the first meeting. I wasn’t “enlightened” or felt that I had known him for a long time. It came much later as I said. Would that be a sign though that maybe it isn’t a twin flame relationship? Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but I read everywhere that when twin flames unite they just know instantly, so I just had to ask.

    • The very first meeting doesn’t have to be specifically “magical” or anything. It can be a pretty random encounter, where the two would simply interact, get acquainted, not more.
      That “Aha!” moment usually happens after some time, at the 3d, 5th time of seeing each other.
      So there is basically no rule to it :)

  36. I had a couple of bad not fitting relationships behind me. Now married living abroad away from family and friends. Building a future, a house renovation cost me day and nights of working. After a year I felt something was wrong with my wife. She was cheating on me and my world turned upside down, an emty space in front of me. That night I dreamed about a girl from my past. She grew up in my neighbourhood, we were in the same class of high school. Nevertheless only joking with eachother and each had their own relationship. I didn’t knew her name anymore and stopped searching after a couple of months.

    Untill I met my sister in my hometown, she said she met a girl who has recognised her as my sister on a street party (however she never knew my sister), she had to bring me best greetings.

    That was the girl in my dreams. I contacted her and we got in touch. What happened then, I’m still stunned about it. She has a boyfriend and a child. Still the first eye contact catched us deeply in the inner souls. The world was standing still for a moment. After that we separated because of thinking that it was unethical to go further.
    We stil kept in tough, and whats apped more than a million words, where every sence and story felt like falling on love over and over again.
    Actually we felt in love at the same time, however the distance was over 400 miles.

    After 2 years, where no loss of this great feeling happened, she cannot decide to have a mutual Future together. Every meeting we had was more special than the other from both sides. She has a verry special kid who called to be a almost angel according to the spiritual therapy she had.

    I’m a little bit despared and don’t know rather to let go on with my life or keep living the happy moments together in the shaddow of her life.

    Please advice me.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Carel. It was a soul connection. There is no short answer to what to do further in this situation, this might need a private consultation to go into a detail here.
      I however advise you follow your heart.

  37. I moved to the country my ‘twin’ lives, recently I have doubts about myself and him. Do we really love? I feel great insecurity with him. He does not want me to visit his place and does not want to bring me to his friends, and he is always busy, he does not really quite pay attentiOn to my messages and phone calls. He does not buy gifts to me….I m sure that I love but it has been making me tired. I could not sleep well recently….but I still believe that he is a twin at least near twin. Perhaps someday he would meet someone he truly love then he will try everything to make her happy…I am just the one who choose to love him….but it really makes tired….I have fed up with insecurity, unsatisfaction, and feeling that I am not taken care of.

    • Very typical of a twin flame behavior, male counterparts often behave that way. Twin flames are nothing about a relationship, so sadly to many women, there won’t be romantic “dating”, gifts, signs of attention or care etc.. anything typical of a normal couple.
      Twin flame experience molds our strength through pain, that’s one of the main purposes for meeting that person.
      So if it’s a true twin flame of yours you met, you should keep in mind there won’t be anything truly “romantic” about it, as we would expect from a relationship with soulmate or anyone else normal ;)

      • So if this is a typical twin flame behavior of the male part that The females are supposed to learn to love unconditionally. What the male part are supposed to learn from the twin flame relationship?

        • There a lot has been written on this. But among other things, male TFs need to work on the ability to open up and face their emotional side. To sort of bring it in balance with their rational mind.

          • Sofia, recently I want to escape from my assumed twin, i have moved to the country he lives two months ago and ended half year long distance relationship yet I feel even more distant. At the first two or three weeks I had a weak message showed up in my dream saying that this guy isn’t the one. But I still firmly believe that he is my twin because many signs and sychronicites. But he is not open,he is not willing to invite me to his world and he is kind of distance himself and now I feel like to distance myself too. He also made me feel that I have to go to bed with him to have sex with him to show that I am open to him and love him. At the meantime I try to be brave and be open be positive. But What shall I do, Sofia, I am quite confused and stucked.

            • A person who truly cares for you will never push you to do anything to prove something. True twin flames are able to sustain love to each other even through a purely platonic connection.
              When it comes to telling a twin flame from non tf, I usually recommend people to pay attention to messages in dreams, they usually tell the truth.

  38. Hi Sofia, it was great reading ur article and wow what a relief for me that my pain has a recognition. I would like to share my story. Back in 2000 May month I met my TF online and we both felt that we know each for long time. It was a turning point in my life that set my ambition high after meeting him and life was never the same after that.. gradually the communication was on n off on his side and at one point there was absolutely no communication from him.. I tried contacting him but no response after some time when I mail him he replied that he is fine and he got married recently.. he said that after I asked whether he got married.. I was shocked to know this since we being so close in terms of the feelings we had for each other he didn’t care to inform me that he is getting married or got married.. out of the hurt feeling I stopped contacting him.. for almost 2-3 yrs no contact between us. but not a single day went without missing him.. later we started with mail conversation like birthday wishes new year wishes like that.. it was going like this for almost 5-6 yrs.. we though belong to same country for job sake he is now in different country..

    during December 2013 all of a sudden I received a call from him telling that he missed me so much that he got scared what happened to me since I didn’t reply his mail.. Due to work stress I didn’t check the mails during that week… after that he is showing interest in being in touch with me ..

    he never exposed his wife/kids to me even after me pleading him to show his family .. but he insists me to get married and at times we even got into argument coz of that.. though he insists on me getting married he feels insecured that i’ll stop contacting him after my marriage… to be frank I don’t think I can be fully present in my married life if I get married to another guy.. I respect my TF life he is married n have kids..

    though we have not openly confessed about our love we feel its mutual.. n I am not going to open my heart to him as i am scared too much that he’ll again run away from me.. every thing i see in my world i imagine it with him..

    i wonder how my future going to be interms of marriage/ relationship with him..

    i should mention that the love i have for him is not the lust or the ordinary love feeling.. its something i struggle to put in words…

    today early morning i had a dream that he gives a card to me and in that card its writer as ‘ENDING’ after seeing that he looks at me deeply n held him close to me keeping face to face n kissed in his cheeks.. the feeling i got during this dream was so so real i could feel the intensity of the touch we both had…

    i truly believe from bottom of my heart that we both have something in our life to do together but i wonder how.. since we are away due to society limitations..

    i welcome your thoughts on it..

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Anumi. Twin flames are souls tied for life, however they did not all necessarily agree to come together as a couple in this lifetime, as they might have partnership tasks with other people. But even not together, twin souls do “monitor” each other, making sure they are fine, and subtly motivate each other for different life achievements.

  39. Hi Sofia,

    I wish to share my story.I came to know about the twin flames this year only. I met my TFs 29 years ago. i was married to someone else at that time (and it was an abusive one) and he was married too. I started feeling deep intimate feelings for him, and I always felt deep respect from him and his eyes sparkling whenever he saw me. I did not know why it was happening to me and I considered it wrong being married and thinking of him but it was not for sex etc. It was so nice and gentle feelings of a deep connection. we were not meeting for years but I still had feelings for him. We met some 15 years ago closely and shared our feelings for each other. I was about to end my abusive marriage already. He promised to marry me but for various reasons, we could not and I had to move to another country. I was re-married again and thought that my husband was my soul mate, but it worked for 10 years only as I tried my best to serve the marriage but something was missing inside and I felt the emptiness. I avoided my TFs thoughts to stay honest in the 2nd marriage as the first one but it used to appear time to time and again i was longing to search for him just to talk once and see how he was.

    I always had some feelings for him, tears in my eyes for him and a void in my heart for him. My 2nd marriage also went through its rough times and when it was about to end, out of blue, I got to talk to my twin flame. how it happened is very strange and almost impossible as I had no clue about his whereabouts but just a guess where he would be. I saw him in my dream and I cried for him, held his arm in the dream and asked him where he had been as I searched for him many places. i was in tears when I woke up. I knew he was near, at least spiritually. I felt so anxious to talk to him one day, and felt helpless to find him, I felt as he was calling for me. The feelings were so intense, pressurizing and real, I could not get rid of them.

    I asked God for help and he sent me help. The way I found him is unbelievable but I cant give details here. When we talked over the phone, we just cried and cried and felt we were never apart. He had been through rough times and was upset and told me he missed me a lot and wished I was with him. I found he was in love with me the very first day he had seen me 29 years ago. The way we reveal it to each other was amazing. His marriage was over already and so was mine.

    Now, we feel like we were never apart. Before, he was the runner as he told me , sometimes now I feel like the one but I know for sure there is no other man like him on earth. We are alike in most aspects of our lives. We share same thoughts, same religion, same beliefs, etc. We have a strong wish and plan for the reunion and are waiting for God to help us make this come true. We never talk about sex or anything like that we both know that it will be a part of life but the actual relationship is divine and is about the union that has been longing for a long time.



    Reply please.

    • Nazia, such an amazing story! I appreciate you sharing it here!
      Seems like you’ve both walked your road, and your real reunion in its esoteric sense is already happening for you two.
      You are so right, it does not have to do anything with physicality, or even being next to each other in the first place. It seems your reunion has already happened in thinner (auric) bodies.
      Do not hold any expectations as to how it “must” turn out now. Just get dissolved energetically in that feeling if union and his ever presence around you. He feels the same. And that’s what the TF reunion is about.

  40. Hi Sofia,

    Thank you so very much for replying. He feels me indeed as much as I do. It is sooooooo amazing how the soul connections work out. When I contacted him last year, he was so surprised and glad how I had found him and I asked how he was doing. He told me he had gone through so much misery because of his ex wife just recently and his life was in danger. I told him that’s how I was feeling a great sense of danger for him and after 15 years, I got his phone number etc and it was almost impossible to get it but my soul’s true calls were answered by GOD almighty and I asked him to move out of danger immediately and he did. Now he is in a country where he works. He is so thankful to me for it and I told him that it was coming from inside of me from the very core of my soul.

    For outer world and people who do not know about TFs, it will not be understandable but we are very very happy to finally find each other, talk to each other. No physicality had ever came into our way and we strongly feel each other’s presence which is explainable but it is so pleasant. If I am sick here , he feels the same there, if he is sad or upset there, I feel the same the same day the same way and when he tells me later, we both are wondered how it happened.

    I strongly believe in soul being attached to each other, I am a muslim by faith and we do not believe in reincarnation but we know that the souls that were matched in heavens before we were born, will be closer to each other on earth,will recognize each other and will find comfort in each other. God almighty creates deepest loves between a man and a woman for the purpose of real holy and sacred union and completes it via marriage and we will wait for our share of blessings from him.



  41. Hi Sofia,

    I would like to share my story and ask you for a precious advice for helping understand the separation from who i believe is my twinflame.
    We originally both come from the same village in Germany, when she was 8 she moved abroad due to the divorce of her mother (her mother is french, her father is german) and i first met her when she was 14 and i was 17, on the last day of a holiday of her where she came to visit her dad.
    There was an immediate connection but still superficial as we were very young, then she left and went back to France, and we forgot about each other.
    Three years later, on another holiday of her in Germany (always on family visit) we saw each other again, and it was enough to look each other in the eyes again to fall deeply in love and to say: here you are, where have you been all this time.
    We spent wonderful days together, so in love and it was like God had brought us back together, as after so long time we met again.
    We are very similar to each other,phisically, many people have asked has is we very brother and sister. I was born on the 26th of April and she on the 4 th of May so we have the same zodiac sign. Taurus.
    She then moved again back to France and we immediately started a long distance relationship. We were alternating visits: one month i was going to france, the other one she was coming to Germany.
    Then after a year i decided to move to france for living with her. we spent 2 years living in france, on our own. I have to say that we had a hard time dealing with living on our own because of financial problems, her big family problems from the past, her school problems and we were fighting a lot, but always knowing and acknoledging the deep connection that we had, and that it wasn’t just a case that God brought us together after our initail meeting.
    We basically went through everything: fights with other people, having no money and nothing to eat, parties, fights on the streets, drugs, living in a very bad neighbourhood and being scared to go back home in the evenings but we, helding together, always managed to get out of the tunnel and we were very proud of it.
    After two years of living in France we decided to go back to Germany. It was both our desire because of many reasons. We went to live under my parents house.
    There we spent some nice 6 months when then big issues start to arise. She was depressed because of other big family disappointments (the relationship to her father broke down and the grandparents promised something that they did not maintain), she wasn’t accepted at the university, didn’t find a job, had no car, no friends. I was the only one there for her but I couldn’t keep up her emotional pain anymore so she pulled me down as well into depression and existencial crisis, and the increasing consume of drugs, made the fights become a daily routine.
    After 6-7 months of going ahead like that we both had lost the passion, the faith in our relationship, as a lot of things were destroying both of us as persons, and then our relationship.
    In May she went to France for a month as she wanted to visit her sisters, and in that month i really have to say i needed to be on my own, we talked to each other just a few times. We she came back she said she wanted to become indipendent and to live her life as she was young and that our relationship wasn’t working anymore and that she loved my like a brother and asked to a break.
    To be honest i knew something was coming as she wasn’t eating at all and she lost 3 kg in a week before she found the courage to tell my she wanted a break.
    I realized this was the best choice but I was heart broken. In the next months she was keeping coming back to me asking me for advice on different matters and saying that our bond is so strong that it will last forever, saying that she appreciates me so much that she really belives that we will find our way back to each other and that she really imagines being with me again in 3-5 years from now.
    The same thing she told different times to my mother and to the very best friend of mine: that the issue between us have been the drugs ( right after the break up we both got clean from weed) and it wasn’t the lack of love, but the fights that became daily routine let us became like brother and sister and that in a couple of years she could image to be back with me.
    She has always been spiritual and me too, but she brought me on the path of the discovery of my inner being.
    I than eventually find out that just after a month an a half after the break up, she had started another relationship with a work colleague (15 years older), but i just realized later because she was hiding it from me and because she was telling me, my mother and my best friend all these things!!
    I am now in my awakening phase, reading a lot about self awareness, and i am slowing learning to destroy my ego, despite the fact that it comes up from time to time, but i am able to recognize it.
    I know that this relationship that she has now may be part of the process of separation, even because when she has issues and feels very bad, she calles me, and i support her, because i truly love her unconditionally, and she keeps telling me (despite having another relationship) that I am the only one that understands her, that I am the only one that can really make her feel good, that while everyone says something tryng to make her feel better, I am the only one that says the complete opposite of the other people and that it’s only me the one to whom she can really talk to, in order to feel better.
    I try to address her to her spiritual awakening, and that makes her feel better. I know that she has to find her own way to her awakening, but It makes me feel good to help her and i don’t ask anything back.
    Sometimes my ego arises again and let me think: ok but she just calles me when she’s feeling bad, when she’s feeling good, she hangs around with the other guy and does whatever, but fortunately i am able to recognize it and think that this is part of the separation process.
    I have now surrendered to God our relationship because I have pushed and realized that the more i push the more she runs and the more she runs the more she’s confused.
    So i acknowledge that there is nothing that I can do but surrender and work on my further awakeing and on my ego.
    In this time I have been looking also for many explanation, and came to the conclusion that most probably we separated because both we have to balance our karma and to learn to fly with our own wings, to individually focus on our own awakening.
    At this stage i know i just have to let go and have faith.
    Are there some sign that I look for for knowing if she is my real Twin or will only time tell this?
    I am sorry for this long post but i have tried to keep it short.

    I hope you can help me!!

    Thank you



    • mate, Move on..there is no such thing as TF…you will only torture your self forever. She is coming back because she wants you to stay there while she is having fun and you just stand there crying and missing her. There is no such thing as TF. Admin will delete my comment i know that! There is NO SUCH THING AS TF! move on buddy!

      • No, I’m not deleting it.
        I welcome the dialogue and opinions :)

        Term ‘twin flames’ has been overused, it’s true.

        No matter what soul connection you suspect behind it, treat every relation individually, and if it gets unbearable, quit it. Or if something says come back, come back and have another look…

        We usually hear others advice, but break up or get back with someone by our own logic, and rather, its absence ;)

        • thanks for not deleting it!:)..listen sofia i am fed up with this TF thingy yes its been over used by many. I have my own story that 3 people told me that my ex is my TF i could feel the connection. We spitted up 10 months ago and she was coming leaving all the time until i got mad and said no more. Yes im so tortured my soul is in pain just like the so called TF separation path etc. Yes both of us our date of birth gets the so called 1111 number, our phone numbers if u add them u get the sum of 43 (coincidence?) maybe..and we have the same birth marks on the same location…we havent talked for 2 months now and no one has ever moved forward…

          • I get you buddy, Strenght!
            Give her unconditional love, if you truly love her this won’t be difficult, there is no pain in true love but just joy.
            The pain is caused by your mind and that’s your ego, your inner being that’s your soul, your awareness. Get rid of the ego and the negative thoughts this will make you feel much better
            Check out some stuff of Eckhart Tolle, he helped tremendously.

            Hope this helps!

            • you have no idea how much unconditional love im giving everyday…im open working for my self opening my chakras getting to know my self…but the problem is her’s her damn EGO..not mine:) i told her more than 1000 times im sorry that i have hurt her did everything that i could i have even proposed her..but always running then back again the away and back…so i think its her time to look inside of her and see whats wrong. i have no ego anymore just pain that my mind is causing but sooner or later i will be fine:) as for you you are so young mate you have your life in front of you enjoy it:)

              • Cheers mate!

                I see. Unfortunately you cannot push someone to their awakening, (even if I do sometimes indirectly). the peer falls from the tree when it’s ripe.

                If you truly want her you will be with her. for sure. BELIEVE AND TRUST the Universe/ Inner Being and it will manifest. But the more you think when, how or why you are opposing resistance to your manifestation, pushing it further away.

                Try to raise your vibration and to have the feeling of already being with her, because if fact your souls are, only the body is not.

                Reach for better feeling thoughts and everything will fall into place you just have to allow it.

                That’s what i mostly learned from Tolle and Abraham Hicks- Becoming free of thought means becoming free of EGO (Tolle) — Becoming free of thought means becoming free of resistance and therefore allowing Source to bring you what you are meant to get. (Hicks).

                Did it never happen to you that you lost some keys? you keep searching them and then you give, and you find them again when you were not looking?

                Very strange isn’t it? I think it’s the same concept for everything. and I have seen the results!

                When i want something too much i am opposing resistance and i am therefore preventing me from having it. then i give up and say what ever, life will go on anyway. and it kind of disappers from my mind and then when I least expect it. It comes!

                God knows exactly what we want! we just have to trust him that he will bring us what we deserve to have.

                It’s all about our energy!!

                Of course, I am the first to say, easier said than done!

                But I am getting there slowly, step by step. I trust God that he will bring if not her someone better despite our soul connection, I know that what I sow what i reap, if i give out love if you get love back.

                And so will you my friend.

                Ok now I will stop coz this page is about twin flames not EGO and Resistance even though i think they are related somehow.

                But I am with you my friend.

                • ahahha i got the message mate:) i know all these things you said and you helped to be honest.

                  Im not forcing anything i used too months ago but not anymore. I said if we are meant for each other then ok…but sometimes it comes to my mind and trying to let go.
                  I’m working working with my self to free the thoughts but sometimes it gets me. I trust GOD and if we are true Twin flames then only time will show this:)
                  I hope that you will find your road too!

                  • Thank you very much!

                    I think i already found the road, I will persue the road of love as i think it’s greatest essence of creation. I know this will lead me to where i deserve and are meant to go.

                    God bless you!

          • If some time passes and you feel you can’t move on, moreover, it’s reciprocal, try to get in touch and talk again. If she loves you too but just can’t stay, ask her honestly for her motivations, why is she running?
            It’s totally possible to be deep in love but not able to stay.
            Runners exist not only in twin flames field. She could have her deep emotional motives.
            I wish you still talk it over some day, and of course wish you find relief. With some time, you will!

        • Thanks for your quick reply.

          I don’t get it completely what you mean though.

          I’m trying to move on day by day step by step, focusing on myself and on the relationship between me and my inner being but you know some thoughts are like stuck in my head and don’t refuse to go.
          I know we are both very young and therefore its difficult to say but looking around at other people and friends NO ONE had such an intense relationship at this young age, and also the fact that we met again after 3 years being apart is not a case to me.

          I have learned a lot from her and she also told me that she had learnt so much things from me, she truly sees me as a brother as she has basically No father and a mother that is in the army (so very strick and severe) at the age 17 she was already living on her own, this change her a lot , as in that young age she had already to face the everyday life problems while she was still going to school.
          When no one was there for her, there was just me, she knew that and I knew that. that’s why we have this strong bond.

          I have already let her go and tried to move on, and when i told her that she was telling me and my mother all this things. I don’t get it, after so long time and an intense relationship, playing with feelings. she kept me stuck in a limbo till i found out her relationship and she cried when i busted her like a baby, saying that i am one of the most important persons of her life.

          the thing is that despite she is in another relationship ( probably rebound) she calls me saying that she feels lonely and has nobody. So she is still very attached to me emotionally, I am not keeping up anyone’s slack but at the same time i leave always my ego aside and help her out.

          This casuses me mixed feelings, and despite everything she did to me, i don’t manage to be angry at her for more than 2 days, i jus’t can’t, it makes me feel bad inside, because my inner being knows that’s not me but just my ego.

          I will now move on for good, probably andrew is right, I am young have a life to live, i have lots of love to give and to receive. I can’t set my life on pause.

          Probably it’s just a karmic relationship or whatsover where it ended in pain for me but i teached her a lot. Probably only time will tell what’s the real soul connection between us, but I know for sure there is one.

          But I have to look at what is even if I know this may be misleading.

          Sorry for having invaded your TF page! =(

    • Thank you for sharing, David!
      I am always impressed when a man shares his story of twin flame, or tries to find out if she is…
      Well, basically, the term ‘twin flames’ doesn’t bear a great importance.
      You and the person in concern are from the same soul group. Which means you came in here together by “agreement”, and currently sharing the involvement that you “preplanned”.
      Your connection will not go less with time, you will see each other come and go, have other temporary partners along the way, but you can’t really be angry with each other, or cut each other out.
      You are still basically together, just not physically.
      If she is with another partner, it doesn’t mean she has sentimental feelings for him. It can be out of convenience, or to cover up insecurities discomfort.
      It is obvious she is feeling a tight connection with you, and by staying in touch she feels better.
      If you feel pained and drained by it, stop communication for a time.
      But if talking with her occasionally also is necessary to you and makes you feel good, then do.
      Official involvements that we get in with other people is a fluff.
      I believe in a few most prominent soul connections that no matter what conditions or egos set, they can’t be terminated.
      If it feels good to keep someone in your life, even if in no defined type of relationship, then do, there is nothing wrong with it.
      Communicate and send each other support and love.
      And at the same time keep a relaxed mind attitude, don’t cling or push onto anyone.
      Let everyone sort their things, walk their way, and pass by again sometime, if they wish to.
      Get busy with further self development, hobbies, doing something interesting. That’s how you realize your soul’s purpose and distract from ego and emotional pains.
      My kindest regards!

      • Thank you so much Sofia!

        Your words are really helping me!

        In fact, deep inside me I am grateful that our relationship ended because otherwise I would have not been able to quit with the drugs, to start working on myself and my awareness.

        In fact I love to give her advice, because i basically tell her the same things that I am learning: different tecniques of meditation, how to realise negative energy and anger, how to not identifyng yourself with thoughts in order release the ego and to achieve inner peace and happiness.

        And the more I talk to her about this stuff the more I goes also inside me, and it makes feel good because my inner being knows that that’s the right path to follow: forgiveness instead of anger, love istead of hate, happiness instead of fear, gratitude for the present.

        I am also starting to help friends with this and family members and i see the results and this fills my heart with joy. My compass is really to help people. I am also getting rid of the need of judgement and criticizing others because I have learned how to stop doing it towards myself in the first place.

        In fact I know that she cannot be alone, because she has this inner pain that keeps arising from time to time due to unresolved family issues from her past, I know she stay with this guy out of companionship.

        My fear was loosing this connection that I have with her, but your words reassured me.

        What do you actually mean by ” we will see each other come and go” ?

        Thank you.

        Very much appreciated

  42. I just say goodbye to my twin. (Or twin alike) I ran away on the weekend during his birthday, when I came back we saw each other twice to just Criticize each other then he said he loves me and we met again twice, for dinner and movie and after that he disappeared…now the third day. I msged him and I called him, no answer. I wrote an email to end this relationship and also thanked him for being there at my worse time. Because I know that I could never come back neither him. I need to focus in myself now and grow a new me out of old me. That is the only way to have a healthy relationship. I still love him so true because I understand him so much. But yet I feel I just do not understand him at all. He is not opening up to me and he is so eager for sex and feel depressed but we are not there yet. I did share some intimacy moments with him but i just could not make love. It is not the right time. I also doubt if he is my twin or not. My effort to figure him out drained my energy meanwhile he is escaping and denying and turn his back on me. The way he sit for the movie he sit with his back facing me. I know that I have to go now. It is time. It is time to move on by myself in this forging country. And I know that I shall take care of myself now. How weird everything is, I feel less depressed and feel somehow lift up again and unburdened. I m brave to step into the unknown. And God also bless him, I just can not hate anything about him with tat understanding. God bless him to live in a happy life.

  43. Wow… I really appreciate this website… there’s so much I want to say…. I met this girl… I’m a guy by the way… and she has the same name as me and her birthday the day after although we are a few years apart… during the time I met her I was going through difficulties just trying to find myself… after years of drug addiction and depression… I was finally free and I had gotten really deep into spirituality ..and I was always saying how I didn’t need anyone to make me happy… I felt whole… then I met HER… at that time I was so deep into spirituality I was basically walking around in a mystical bliss all the time… I was constantly observing my behavior… everything was a meditation… then she suddenly appeared out of nowhere… and I knew somehow we had a deep connection… at the time she was going through self discovery as well and had a shallow relationship with some guy who she didn’t even really like… we just started talking as friends and whenever we talked I knew something was up… at the time I didn’t realize there was a deep connection but I surely felt it… one day rumors had been going around that I was homosexual because I didn’t want to participate in any sexual activities or engage in any relationship as I took my spirituality very serious … so the girl who I had the deep connection to came up to me and asked me if I was homosexual… I said no… and I asked why… she said she really really liked me… I was very surprised… I had really liked her too even though I didn’t really care for a relationship…. and so on September 11th we consummated our relationship officially… even though I had been committed to my spirituality… I just knew deep down inside we were meant to be together… I couldn’t pass the opportunity… and so began another phase of perhaps the most euphoric time of my life… this lasted a few weeks and everything was perfect in our relationship… in our lives… she was happy… I was happy… and I was beginning to go deeper into spirituality… and I started to experience kundalini awakening symptoms… but sometime around a month I started to feel anxiety and panic… and I started to kind of distance myself… we still were going ok… but then we didn’t seem to have anything to talk about anymore.. there was a lot I wanted to say… but I couldn’t say anything… then bad things started to happen in her life and in mine… and she grew depressed and withdrawn… and was beginning to say stuff like “I want to be friends for now but not forever” and ” I just need to learn to love myself before I can love someone else” and ” I want to be with you, but I don’t think I can”. And I grew worried about losing her, but all at the same time I couldn’t tell her how I really felt… we were actually having at one point real conversations about spiritual things… which even though I’m the male had more awareness of… and she had told me repeatedly that she felt we had known each other forever… and then we started talking about reincarnation… and how she said she felt like an “old soul”… but them days were gone in less than a month of being together… I forgot to mention we were separated then… physically we lived four hours away… and it was starting to hit both of us… anyways… I began to panic.. and my anxiety began to control me and I started chasing her.. she wasn’t completely done with me yet.. but I felt like if I didn’t do something our relationship would just up and go away… and for some reason I knew that was not what was supposed to happen… so I planned a trip to see her… when I went to see her we connected much deeper without many words spoke to us… the energies in the room were so intense.. it was like sex but we were sitting on the opposite side of the room … soon the magnetism kept moving us closer and closer and we finally kissed .. and it was ONENESS!!! It was electrifying, way better than anyone else I have ever experienced… my whole body literally was shaking… and she was mesmerized… it was intense… and it was very difficult to leave… I felt home.. but when I got home I posted a picture of us on Facebook… and a few family friends mentioned how happy we looked together… and then she said we were just friends… and I literally went into shock… I ran outside got in my car and drove off… I didn’t understand… we had shared something much deeper than friendship… something much deeper than even traditional romance.. I was literally in physical pain…. then I tried to talk to her and I asked her what happened that time we kissed… and she simply said “I dunno”.. I kept trying to talk to her and basically she shut me out… so I went out with friends and just did stupid things to get my mind off her… but she was literally there 24/7… I literally had to be around people or the pain was so intense I wanted to die… one day I couldn’t even walk… I shut my eyes and could barely move… I was puking literally … I wanted to tell her how I felt but I couldn’t.. I just kept texting her about how great I was doing… how life was amazing… all my friends told me all I needed was another girl… so I hooked up with another girl for a one night stand… and we had sex..and then out of the blue right after I had got done having sex with this one girl my twin flame texted me back from a text I had sent hours earlier… then I told her I missed her, and all she said was “do you?” I knew she knew what I had done… the next day I discovered a picture of her and a guy together on Facebook as I was checking my Facebook obsessively to see any signs from her… and I was completely crushed.. and I finally texted her how much I loved her and how I was going to give her space… that was two days ago exactly and she has not contacted me back… I finally went emotionally numb yesterday… and I just am sort of stuck in some weird limbo state… and now I keep saying forget her… move on.. but the synchronicities haven’t let me move on… I keep seeing numbers… I did a real numerology report… and basically it said we are meant to be together… and I never stop thinking about her… and I even dream about her every night… right now I’m really confused… I’ve been working a lot… eating little.. sleeping little… I feel depressed.. I feel lost… confused.. and even angry… at some times I want to get back at her… I feel distant and cold.. I don’t really know… I love her… and I have been given instructions by higher powers to leave my town, and move closer to her… I just don’t know.. it’s all crazy… I have this feeling it’ll all be alright.. well that’s my story… and it’s still going.. I got to go to bed otherwise I’ll get a migraine.. I have hope we’ll reunite soon… I feel her right now..

    • Hi Alex I’m sorry you’re having to go through this pain, I know exactly how you feel. When I met my twin it was the same feeling always such a sense of peace, comfort when we embrace ours souls feel home. He is the runner and has been for 14 years, we met 14 years ago and I’ve missed him for that long even though we have been in and out of each others lives. Like you and your TF my TF has difficulty with the intensity of our chemistry, it something I know I have never felt even though I can honestly say I’ve been in love 2 times in my life 3 if I include him.
      We finally ended things this past September and words were spoken, sadly I can no longer have him in my life the push pull is too hard on my head and heart. My heart is sensitive and I’m a deeper than the average person, he only wants casual and simply can’t do that with him, spending time with him puts me off balance and the intensity in which we feel causes him anxiety because he can’t control it with me.
      I know he is my twin and I get a little satisfaction in knowing he will never feel what he felt for me even though it scared the hell out of him.
      TF relationships are about learning about ourselves and growing strong in who we are….be well and take care.

    • Dear Alex, I really appreciate you are sharing here! I really see what happened… Well, you look like classic twin flames, with your beloved being a “runner” and you more of a “chaser” role.
      Both love each other equally, but just the runners often are feeling doubt and tend to question the authenticity of this process, a lot. In spite of their own feelings, it’s like they want to constantly doublecheck if the feelings of the other are real. And in spite of their display, the runner will still be doubting and will be back and forth, taking the time to rethink and passively observe what’s coming next, from aside.
      Chasers are usually more upbeat spiritually and runners need a bit more time and self research.
      Feelings of mistrust and resentment are also all normal in a TF couple… It’s just the stage which hurts more than others because of all miscommunicaton and instabilities.
      It’s best now to leave each other where you both are, for a while, you’ll get back together, but just need your time. This is the phase where in distanced observation and acceptance, you develop a deep unconditional love to each other and begin a mutual forgiveness for whatever you both are blaming each other for. Both will continue their spiritual development.
      Just needs some time. All of the twin flames will be or been there.
      Thank you for sharing your story, Alex, I’m hoping it will bring you some relief!

  44. Hello Sofia,

    I’d like to congratulate and thank you for writing such wonderful and informative words about twin flames.

    My question is a little different. I wanted to know if there was a way that your soul knew that you were close to (geographically) or about to meet your TF?

    I am a twenty something year old woman and I have always longed to find the one who was made for me. I used to proactively go out looking but realised that when myself and my TF are meant to meet then we will.

    Recently, I have been doing well in my career and feeling better in myself rather than feeling depressed from loneliness etc.

    I’ve had a strange feeling these last two weeks. I have been getting butterflies and a really strong feeling like something is going to happen and I have been thinking about TF’s more often.

    I may be going crazy but I just wanted to know if deep down my soul is trying to tell me something?

    • Hello Natasha!
      Thank you and thanks for visiting the blog! :)
      What you are feeling my be a heart center awakening. You might be experiencing some energy activation. Yes, this happens when we feel good about ourselves, in self acceptance, and knowing we are going on the right path, so everything works out.
      Such phases usually let us have some interesting meaningful encounters with people who could be someone special :) So everything is possible!
      This could be a sign of meeting a soulmate as well )

  45. I’m pretty sure I met my Twin Flame in April 2012. We did not form a friendship or romantic partnership since the encounter was too intense for that. However, I did experience seeing myself reflected back at me through this person’s eyes. I get goosebumps remembering my unusual encounter with the man.

  46. Sofia,
    After year long of relationship, from first meeting on line, now I know that I have reached the surrender stage. Because this time I stop being a chaser now. I think my twin already got the idea that he is a runner from me emotionally and he has something there he just does not know how to solve and most likely he doesn’t know what is that. I have to leave now after his chasing back for a couple of day calling sending message to encourage me to get back as where we were, but I feel the energy push me to this point that I was completely tired of chaser runner stage and I have to move on, this way, I will push myself to completely myself first and encourage him doing so too. I have nothing to garentee what will happen next, but if the universe permits me, I am willingly to wait his return, return anew. I wanted to establish another conversation to tell my ideas about this and make agreement to for a union at some point of life in the future. But he did not replye, his phone turned off and I sent him some of my thoughts without knowing if he already saw that I finally deleted and edited to ILOVEYOU. Yes, I definitely know that I love him, love him so, yet I just can not stay. He said he also loves me. Wants only me…..God bless us, bless for a future reunion and bless his happiness and mine, bless all the twin flame in the world. I definitely know that I have so much self work to do now. I won’t be afraid to do it now and face alone. I love my twin flame, I have to believe so even the truth will go against me.

    • Sophie, what a beautiful input from you!
      God bless all the twin flames… I mentally said “amen” to that, as our ways are not all roses, and we definitely need it ;)
      Bless you too! :)
      You are so right here. After you get tired of runner-chaser dynamics, you pass into the next stage. Which is the acceptance of your twin as is, giving him space, getting yourself some courage, and surrendering the further process into the hands of the divinity that rules it all:)
      Wise you are, and you are on the very right way here.
      You made sure your twin flame knows how you feel, he confessed he loved you too, but then the two mutually accepted the idea that you both still need some time for further unfoldment of the process.

  47. Hi Sofía,

    After 2 years and a half since we met each other, me being the chaser and her being the runner, though sometimes I think that I ran and abandoned her as well because of my fear, jealousy and lack of hope.. Now that I am used to the energy, the twin flame path, even did past life regressions, I sometimes think.. How could she come across all this? I mean, being myself the more “spiritual” and her more “material”, now can life show her this mistery? Its just that not being in contact makes me wonder if its only a one sided connection and how to know at what stage she is… I’d pay a blank cheque if I could see What she is feeling/thinking about all this…


  48. I have been posting my twinflame story since I reconnected with him the beginning of last year. And we had half a year long distance, then 3 months runner chaser dynamic, then I realized I had to surrender. I came back to my country for holiday and we met the day before I left. Then he simply disappeared again. I did a lot of research on line and finally convinced myself that he is not my twin, but a counterfeit or an heart opener, besides I have confirmed that he is also a guy who has Narcissist personality disorder. I also realized the similarity between him and my dad, also some trait of my mom, that is why the karmic pull was so strong at the beginning. Check NPD, relationships with them are always on an eggshell and a rollercoaster and resembles the relationship with true twin flame. I am sure there are people like me out there, are you a highly sensitive person? Do you have the need to demonstrate your love to him or her? yes, just pay attention to the signs, dreams and never disconnect with friends, and then you will discover if it is real twin or not. I am waiting for my real love while doing all the necessary work to attract him to my life now. I believe that God has a wonderful plan for every one and all is perfect for the learning of soul.

  49. Hi Sofia,

    I would like to share my twin flame progress.. these days me and my twin flame check our whats app at 11:11 12:12 quite often… I feel happy at this progress..

  50. Sofia,
    I think I’ve met my twin flame, although we are both married to other people. We’ve never even had a proper conversation, but I was completely blown away by him the first time we met, and every time I see him, which is regularly, the feelings only seem to get stronger. I really don’t know how to act around him, because I can’t handle the way I feel about him, but I also feel he acts the same way. I struggle to make eye contact with him, as he does with me. I met him over a year ago, and dismissed it as a simple crush initially, but have recently discovered the spiritual side to it. I never considered myself spiritual, and have always been very analytical. I researched the twin flame connection, after becoming overwhelmed with emotion when his son hurt himself quite badly, which I couldn’t understand. I now accept he is my twin flame, and that we are mean’t to be together. There have been many synchronicities between us. At the moment I feel completely lost and can only think about him, but I wonder where things will progress from here? Should I just keep going, torturing myself and trying to ignore it, or should I do or say something? I feel like I’m going insane!

  51. Grace, I’ve been in same boat. I thought you sound like me. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle trying to figure it out. I get synchs too. Trust the journey and if you feel you can approach him but I haven’t with my twin flame. Be honest with yourself. I’m working on that too. Wait until you have dreams about him too and mirroring. Check out my book Two Worlds Collide: Part One on Amazon.

    • Jo, thanks for that, I will check out the book, and hopefully it will give me some clarity. Do you suggest I try to approach my twin flame?

  52. I have definitely been wanting to share my twin flame story and I’m glad I have the chance to do that here. I met my twin flame in September of 2014. I had moved back to CA to live with my mother and attend college after living with my dad in MD. During the first week of school I didn’t know who he was nor did I really pay attention to him. We both were in the same English class: English 111. During the second week of school (Sept.4) we were partnered up in groups, so we had assigned seats next to each other. All of a sudden whenever he would talk in our group everything just felt so natural and comfortable. It was something I wasn’t normally used to and that initially started my attraction to him. We both would talk and everything would just flow together. Our ideas and thoughts would just we were the only ones putting effort into the a few weeks pass by, and I’m still attracted to him. I assume that it’s just a little crush since I didn’t know anything about twinflames at that time. On Sept. 17th I found out he had a girlfriend through peer reading one of his essays we were working on in class. The way he described his girlfriend in the essay was so romantic and how their first date happened 2 days after my birthday, at my favorite restaurant, drinking my favorite really made me think like wow, everything he did on that date sort of resignates with me..that’s what actually made me fall deeper for after reading his essay as we’re both paying attention to the teacher, all of a sudden I start to feel our energies mending. I literally could feel “his” energy mending with mine all throughout my body. I was visually seeing our energies intertwining with one another almost like a vine wrapping itself into one another. In that exact moment I knew that it was fate. I could feel it in my soul that we were meant to be together some how some way, I just a few days go by and I’m at home with my mom. It’s around 8pm on Sept. 25 and she randomly calls me into her room. She asked me if I knew this specific kid that her coworker has and if we were in the same English class. The moment she said his name I was in complete shock! I was ecstatic with joy to know that my mom worked with his mom, and to make it even more weird we both live only 5 mins away from each other (around the corner from one another) in the same little town. I really was starting to pick up on the synchrocities even though I didn’t know what they were yet so I just thought “how coincidental!”.. What made it even more shocking was that we had compatible schedules. We both only went to school on Tues. & Thurs. from 9:30- 2:15pm. During this time I had been taking the bus to school since I didn’t have my lisence so I always felt like I needed someone who was willing to drive me to school, and there he was. It was the perfect opportunity to get closer to him.. October started and our seats were changed, but good thing we ended up being in the same row just two people apart from us. I knew that I had to tell him what I found out since we were already kind of comfortable with each other in class, so on Oct.2nd I gave him a note asking what his mom’s name was already knowing it and that she works with my mom, and I was wondering if you’d be able to give me rides to school and home. Mind you I had to give him the note before the two other guys in our row sat down to make things less awkward..he looked at me and smiled and he said it was no problem, and that was the day that I felt like I had done something right.. It’s funny because I have never had any guy friends nor have I ever had a boyfriend so it was a different experience for me to adjust to, being around testosterone since I feel like I make it hard for guys to get to know me..anyway our first car ride together after class was a really nice experience. In some ways it was a little awkward but in others his presence just made me feel comfortable in every way possible. After talking with him the first few car rides we learned that we had so much more in common, and he even told me ” I’ve never met anyone who was so much like me before”..that made me really happy. We’re very similar to one another yet were also very different. I rode with him from Oct-Dec. Saw many synchronicities including seeing 11:11 a lot, seeing his name every where, us having similar numerology and astrology placements, both being born 9 days apart in the same year, etc..Right now in this moment I feel as though that I have spiritually evolved as a person and that I am accepting of the current circumstances of his relationship. It hurts me inside, but deep down I am learning to let go and move on. I know that one day we will connect again. He chose to go to work rather than to go to school for Spring semester of this year: in a way I feel like he is running away from me, yet I’m not quite sure.. I don’t want him to think that I’m only using him for rides, because I truly do love being around him, yet at the same time I don’t want him to know that I truly like him this way as it would mess up the friendship we have or had and with him having a girlfriend this makes things so much harder for me. I trust and believe that the universe will reconnect him with me sooner or later. I have faith. Thank you so much for reading, I know that it was kind of long.

  53. Dear Sofia,
    I’m currently living a relationship with my long lost twin flames and my heart is restless !
    Let me start with the problems ! I guess my twin flame is the runner and is going away from me…

    The story: We are both married but in boring, long, lack of adventure and loss of mutual understanding marriages.
    We found each other in an forum more than an year ago and chatted casually about kids, work, educational background, philosophy, etc etc … suddenly it was getting more deep the conversation, we shared the unsatisfactions of our marriages, as old friends ! Nothing romantic or anything, we didn’t even exchange pictures or real names. But we couldn’t stop thinking about each other whenever we went offline.

    Then the curiosity and energy grew too big and we had to schedule to meet in person !! I was so excited when we set the date that I even had to ran to the toilet to puke of nervous !
    The day before the meeting, I canceled. I had a panic attack that what was I doing, that I couldn’t do that to my husband even if our marriage was bad way back this episode and for both of us (we just decided to keep the family unite because of our child that is still too small but the love and mutual respect is over a long time, we don’t even have sex for over two years !). He said he understood, that of course it was my right, and he accepted my decision even if he would still be thinking about me and I had this number in case I wanted to get in touch again. I canceled my profile and disappear for two weeks. Of course I was thinking about him all the time, the way we connected, the way it was so easy everything we said to each other was understood, even though we have completely different personalities and life stories.
    I then cave and sent him a text message. He received me back as an old friend that was missing me for such a long time. We started talking again, daily, over text messages… and we had one phone call one day… His voice still hangs in my mind, the first time I heard him my heart stopped … it was a super powerful tranquilizer effect !! (I’m normally super hyper, agitated, speak fast, think fast and he just grounds me) it was always so natural and as if we did, indeed, were friends for ages.
    We scheduled another meeting and this time I went. I was so super nervous, it felt like going on a roller coaster, that split second before the fall, the icy stomach, but with the rational side of you knowing you are not going to die, of course, people are very good in constructing roller coasters, statistics shown very few people die of this and WHY the hell you cannot stop feeling those emotions ?!?!
    We sat in front of each other, with our glasses of water sweating on the table and the coffees getting cold and we talked so naturally and normal, as if I was just his wife coming home after a long day, catching up. Then I got up, all of the sudden, had an impulse and he jumped to my side and touched my hand and my waist, lightly.
    I felt like a lighting had strike me !! This energy, this calming effect, this discharge as a ground connection … (afterwards he said he felt the same). We sat on the same couch, looking at each other, this fear and fascination of recognition then we kissed. I swear a flock of birds must have gotten off somewhere ! LOL
    Since then we just cannot be apart, every time we manage to see each other is better and better, our conversations go for endless hours, we make love for three hours without getting tired, eye to eye, kissing, connecting, I still have goose bumps every time he briefly touches me. He was the first one to tell me he loved and that he was confuse with all those feelings, irrational feelings of how can it be so natural and strong between us. Our love (and therefore confusion) is getting stronger, to the point of making us sad whenever we cannot be together and real life obstacles are getting in the way more and more (work, studies, family arrangements, kids sickness, spouses birthdays, whatever)

    The main issue, is that he’s a loyal man and says he cannot leave his family, that need him and need him there and he promised to be there for everyone forever and that’s it. He says he actually love his wife and I believe, they do seem to have a happy-enough marriage, maybe they are even soulmates (when I’m sure now my husband and I are in a karmic relationship) and he’s afraid of betray and abandon them.
    I actually never asked him to leave his wife and kids for me, I always tell him that if it’s meant to be, it will be effortless and what we have it’s just too incredible to just rush and jump into the unknown.
    I admit that I was the reluctant in the beginning of not really wanting to believe that I had, actually, met the man of my most idealistic dreams, the man that I didn’t think I deserved or was worth it (I had bad issues with low self esteem and accepting low graded love in the past).

    Now, he’s in pain, he’s in conflict because he says that I deserve better, that he cannot be there for the an inch of what he wants to due to real life stuff and his decision of being with the family and he’s disconnecting from me… disappears for days in a row and comes back and we had wonderful moments, profound conversations and love declarations, “I’ve never felt this way before” kinda of love and I can sense, I feel exactly what he feels, this conflict of real stable “correct” calm life and he fascination of the magical and unknown – even if I’m more attracted to the adventure and he is to the stability – so I think he is going to give up on us, for the “greater good”.

    It breaks my heart to believe that we won’t be together anymore… It took me all those years to feel what I feel when I’m with him (comparing to the number of times that I loved before, I can say, no, I have never LOVED for real before, what I feel for hims is totally inexplicable and incredible)

    Any advice, my dear ?

  54. I think I may have met my twin soul… but I’m not sure. The first time we met, it was like I met my long lost childhood best friend. He was a stranger and yet there was an incredible intensity in our union, a familiarity, despite our growing up in opposite cultures and parts of the world. The first night we spent together it felt like we dying of thirst and only our kisses could quench that thirst. However, he also immediately revealed many things about himself and his past, and I became completely terrified at the intensity of the emotions, and mostly I didn’t recognize myself falling so hard for someone like him with his kind of past. I put distance between us, and told him I needed space, and then went into breakdown mode. He ran. He ran into the arms of any woman who would take him, until he stabilized a bit and got a girlfriend. In that time, I did so much incredible work on myself. I discovered sides of myself I had neglected. We didn’t speak for many many months. Then he got back in touch with me, and acknowledged our connection is one that may only happen once in our lives. But we were still afraid. We started seeing eachother, in a non-committal way. I was afraid, again, of the emotions… of his emotions, of my emotions, so I made sure to keep the relationship at arms length. But when we did spend time together it felt magical. Like time had no meaning. We talked about very meaningful things – about improving ourselves, our difficulties in life, and projects to pursue our dreams. He seemed to know he was going to leave again, because he asked for a token from me. And then we had a big falling out because he cheated. And so again, we are separated, suddenly, not speaking to eachother. At the end he told me I meant nothing to him and we were never meant to be. This was very hurtful.

    For the first time in my life, I felt like I was brought to my knees, and I did not recognize myself, at all. I don’t miss him as much this time around. In fact I find that the separation is OK, because the intensity of emotions I experience when we are in contact is very difficult. I feel like I have done a lot of healing since our first falling out, and I don’t long for him anymore. It does feel like what we experienced, despite what he said, is so significant that it can never really go away. It has transformed me. I am grateful for the experience, as painful as it was. I suppose my question is what is the outcome of a twin flame reunion? Do we go our separate ways once we have embarked on a healing path?

  55. I read somewhere that twin-flames are thrown together… is that true?
    also my current partner seems to be a runner and im the chaser, but thats also a common psychological dynamic between couples that have emotional issues from past relationships which we both have. on a soul level i initially felt we were perfect for each other, and we really connected on an emotional and physical level when we were together. but our apparent personalities are so different its not harmony that we have just faith that overcomes all our conflicts and makes us stay together.
    i believe i had met my soulmate though we never got together and being with him was the easiest thing, like we didnt need explaining. so i know this one isnt my soulmate.

    after this so called soulmate i was emotionally damaged at the time i met my current partner, i had put up an impenetrable facade and did not believe true love would ever come. holding this belief for years and not trusting anyone but myself had led me through empty relationships, which further damaged my self esteem, my feminine energy and made think i deserved nothing. but when i met my present lover all my past hurt seemed to go away. it felt like home, but even this feeling lasted for only a few months before i became emotionally dependent.
    now im needy and he wants space. i try and give him that space but im restless and cannot concentrate on anything else.i feel paralyzed by fear that this will the more he sees who i truly am. his lack of interest seems to confirm my fears.
    ive asked for help, psychological and spiritual and the answer seems to lie in my ability to be happy on my own, to love myself enough not to be dependant on the love of another. i started yoga and found out that my heart chakra is closed and i cannot receive love and be happy.
    inspite of the realization that i need to really work on myself to be happy in my present relationship im starting to resent all the turmoil. i feel like running away, staying alone for the rest of my life rather than come out of my comfort zone.
    i just know i was in peace when i was alone. i dont know if hes my twin soul and i should stay and make it work or run and be free.

  56. Hey Sofia
    Since I’m posting this really late I don’t think that you would reply me but anyway I’ll just write out my story so that others would find it helpful .
    So I am 18 years old and a girl . My life was never actually normal . See my dad died when I was 13 and ever since I have being living in a rut . Things were going way out of control . I didn’t do drugs or anything , but I just lost interest and purpose in life . Everyday was a chore . Wake up , school , sports , come home , eat , sleep etc . I did it because I had to . Do anyway life became hard and we moved places and started over . Still I was depressed and I still think I am . So anyway going back to the point . On 2.18.2015 I had this really weird dream . Now I know that it wasn’t a dream but my twin flame astral projecting . I don’t remember much but anyway , we were in this vehicle going somewhere . I had my head on his chest . We were cuddling , and then we kissed . It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. The kiss was so passionate and deep . And in that moment I knew that this wasn’t the first time we had kissed , we were in love . I could feel it . He loved me so much and I did too . The weird thing is that I haven’t kissed in real life yet , I haven’t even being in a relationship. I think that I have being waiting for him all my life . Now I do know how to kiss , I know what it feels like and all . I knew that he was the one . It was like we had being together like since forever . And then after that amazing moment somehow he left me . I remember looking at him walking away and feeling heartbroken and that’s when I woke up . I cried . I missed him so much . My mum was thinking I was going crazy . I missed him so much and I still do . But there was this thing flavoring in my head . Seconds before I woke up and after he left me I had this thing in my head that I should be ready for him . It was a feeling , of determination . And I changd my life . At least I still am . I focused on my life instead of just being . My life suddenly got a new meaning . A few days later I remebe another dream that I once had . There was this guy .we were deeply in love . We kissed and then again he left me . I was literally heartbroken twice .
    And then I did some research and got to know that such a thing as twin flame exists .i was the chaser a few days back but now I think that I’m the runner . I just can’t believe all of this . It just feels so overwhelming . I meditate and I see him . I am with him in his currnt moment . He doesn’t see me but I do . And I see his face too . The thing is I don’t remember him physically but I know that I know his soul . I might have forgotten but I know him . All I can remember of him is that he has blond hair and blue / green eyes . The part where I see him in his present moment really weirds me out . He lives in America . Don’t ask me how I know , I just do . And I live exactly opposite to him . IM going through a spiritual awakening now too and this just makes me really confused. Like none of my friends etc experiences this . I have got no one to talk too and this makes me crazy . I honestly have no idea about this .i keep thinking that what if this was just a fragment of my imagination . A fantasy world I live in to escape reality ? I told my mum about this and she actually thought that I had a mental di ( she’s a doctor btw ) can you please tell me what this is .? If what I am experiencing is real ? I’m just so confused . I was the chaser a few weeks ago but now I think I’m the runner
    Sorry , I write a lot . I just ramble off . Anyway thanks

  57. I am a 20 year old female, I found my TF when I was 17, the summer before my senior year of High School. I was already in a relationship, one I firmly believed was my soulmate. I was quite happy, my life seemed planned out and I knew to a certain point, exactly what the next five years would bring me. It was a very comfortable relationship. We fit well, he was the kind of guy who played it safe, I knew what to expect from him.

    My father had recently acquired a young man who wanted to learn to weld from my Papa. My father owns a car repair shop, while my grandfather welds in the same building. My father would call me several times a week during the first month of my summer to tell me about this guy who was working at the shop. As soon as my father told me his name, I felt this sense of familiarity, but it was small and I couldn’t figure out why i was so curious about this person. I eventually found him on facebook, I kept telling myself I was only looking to see who was working with my Papa. When I saw his picture it was like I knew him, but I couldn’t say from where. He just seemed very familiar.

    A week or two went by and eventually I gave into my curiosity. I decided to meet this guy, if only so my father would just stop talking about him. I went to the shop with my mother and niece. I remember my mother parking the car, and feeling nervous. Not nervous for meeting someone new, it was like I was seeing someone I haven’t seen for quite some time and was worried, about what I don’t know. It was the strangest feeling. We met in my father’s office. I was overwhelmed with familiarity, I knew this guy. I didn’t have butterflies or feel nervous, he felt too much like home to feel that nervous. Later one, we both agreed that the instant our eyes met (I’m trying so hard not to be corny but this was honestly what happened and how we felt), we felt like we were finally home. We knew each other and we both thought, oh, there you are. I found you!

    We were both in relationships at this time, I was in a long term one, he was as well but not as secure as mine was (they were both going to separate colleges that fall), we tried to keep our space from each other. But I couldn’t help but go up to my father’s shop, if only to just see him for several hours. We both felt this “fever” in each other’s company. Ironically, several weeks later he told me to listen to “Fever” by Micheal Buble. He said that was how I made him feel. Over the weeks the connection between us wouldn’t be denied.We didn’t want to cheat on our partners, but it felt wrong, almost like we were cheating when we were with our partners. It was the most peculiar of feelings, I was a faithful girlfriend and never felt such a pull to be with someone. That summer we realized we both shared dreams, that we had dreamed of the other, that we shared things noone else we ever met shared as well. In Chinese Zodiac, we are Yin and Yang, him being Yin, I being Yan. We both also came to the realization that we had met in at least one lifetime before this one, but none of the reunions ever ended with us being together. We eventually broke up with our partners and after several months, were finally dating. It was like we were finally home. Everything seemed to point us together, even when we tired ignoring each other before we dated. We couldn’t fight that feeling for very long. We started dating early into my senior year.

    Being with him was amazing, even more so. He was the guy who didn’t play it safe, he was the kind of guy you knew would want to adventure and take you with him. I felt like I was taking a risk with him, a risk my very soul felt was right. Our first kiss was literally the corniest yet most amazing experience. We didn’t have to even touch each other to feel this fire, this overwhelming feeling. There was a static in the air, even before we kissed just by being near. It was something I never thought I’d ever feel, something I thought didn’t even exist. Eventually, as I would learn to realize. I became the runner and he the chaser. I felt so overwhelmed. I kept trying to think of our relationship like that of my family, like of the traditions of my ethnicity. He didn’t fit into the mold, he was romantic, but what I had been raised to expect. We weren’t like any other couple I knew, I was utterly overwhelmed and confused. So, I ran. I tried breaking it off, saying I needed to focus on myself and heal myself. That this sort of relationship wasn’t what I wanted. At first he understood, for several days. We began the chasing and running for several months, I believe til Spring/early Summer. I was going to college in the fall of ’13, the same college he was going to. We both didn’t plan on going to the same college, it was one of those things that just sort of happened without us even trying. In the time we didn’t talk at all, we both dated and tried forgetting each other.

    Eventually, after a terrible start to my freshman year, we found each other again. It lasted for a week. We broke it off again because of horrible communication and me not wanting to get serious so soon again. I still felt like I needed time. So, after almost a month, we found our way back to each other again. At this point in our lives, we both grew extremely fast due to our own respected, terrible ordeals. We weren’t the same people and we were both close to our breaking point. It was difficult at first, but only for the petty things, we still acted very immature. Then, out of the blue, very randomly. We snapped out of it. Things clicked together and the “fog” was lifted. We healed ourselves, but at the same time we saved the other and helped the other heal. We realized that, we couldn’t keep trying to change the other. That the way we were, fit the other without unnatural changes being forced. That no matter how hard we kept trying to make it work with other people, it never would.

    Throughout our separation, we both still felt each other. We had dreams of each other, felt this pull. He pushes me, I push him. We’ve never been with someone who pushes and pushes us to be better people than we were the day before. When we first dated we both looked into being spiritual. It didn’t really click. When we dated again, being spiritual and in-tuned with things just clicked with us. We weren’t ready for each other, we both had to grow. But now, well let’s just say that when I read my first TF article, everything matched up 100%. Reading twin flame stories has made me realize how very sad most TF relationships end. And how we are very lucky to have found each other once again and stay together. We mirrored each other, yet gave each other the balance we needed.

    My story ends with a happy ending, we haven’t separated. We found each other, have grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically enough to be with each other. I saw many questions about how to deal with a TF relationship while one is chasing the other. What do you do once you have come back to each other? We are still growing, only with each other now. What advice, I guess, do you have for TF that reunited after chasing each other? We both feel that now that we have found each other, that this would be our last time our souls come to Earth. Is this a normal feeling for TF? To feel that, since they have found each other, they can both go back “home” together? We don’t know any TF in the area around us, so I guess we’re reaching out to other TF couples for advice, is this normal? I tried to look up what happens after TF reunite after one runs, but none really go into detail. We both found each other and now feel the sense of…something.

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  59. My twin is running. I don’t know if I will ever see him again. I know that if the connection is true that I will probably see him again, but right now he is acting as if he hates me and this pain is like nothing I’ve ever known. I’m 4+ months into a separation and the pain hasn’t gone anywhere yet, I’m trying my best to surrender and let go.

    • Is that love or addition because of your own loniness? I know it is hard, we all have to go through shifting our focus on ourselves. Twin flame is never outside of us. He is a trigger a mirror and a catalyst for your own growth

  60. Hi, Sophia,

    What you have described above is very close to an experience that I am having. I met her like maybe 5 years back, but though nothing of it. But as work brought both of us to this place regularly, we started chit chatting here and there, until it seemed like there was some sort of connection. Again i didn’t think much of it. But then we kept getting closer and closer until we actually went out on a date. This was a year and a half ago. It so happened that she was in a relationship at that time, but somehow I didn’t walk away. Texting became our main mode of communication as when we were together, the feeling (at least from my end) was so overwhelming that we couldn’t quite talk to each other. But I suspected that we were communication by thoughts.

    I couldn’t figure out what was happening as this feeling kept growing and growing. I also saw signs that it was probably mutual. So I consulted psychics for help. When four of them confirmed that we had an unusually strong connection, I kept communicating with these four psychics over time, until about two months ago, two of them confirmed that this person in question was my twin flame. I had never heard of that term before. Since then I have read in detail about this topic, and has brought to light my prior struggles with failed relationships in the past.

    I am still taking this whole thing with some grain of salt until I am absolutely sure of what is happening to me, but I can’t help but almost believe that this might be really happening to me. Some signs that I am receiving are that I have increasingly become psychic, and have even had a close friend mention this to me. A close Aunt has mentioned to me that I am an old soul. Besides my aunt, I have not shared this experience with a single soul.

    I have found myself over the months on an intensive self improvement program, and the psychics have predicted that I should continue on my self improvement path, and that my twin flame and I will be drawn together over time.

    Not sure what to make of this. Your thoughts?

    (Note: I am using my middle name for anonymity)

  61. Hi, Sophie,
    I correlate with all these signs. Must say ‘bubble phase’ is most romantic, but unfortunately short, as magic. We met accidentaly, I was 27, he 31, a year ago. I came for the first time in his country, and regognised him as familiar at first, and his city as my true home. We have different religions, language, and interests. He was adrenalin addictive and carrierist like two persons in one. I was fascinated with his personality and experiences. I am sensible, artist and romantice moved toward achieving knowledges. We were opposite but with same dreams. My dreams he told aloud. My wishes of future were his own. We have equal names, with same meaning, and after our meeting I found out his name after a year. (Universe dealings :))And his Phone number has simbols of my birthday. Yes, we shared unusual experiences: he visited my dreams and kissed me, touching me on distance, all that powerful stuff in bubble phase. We enjoued each other and our conection. He addmited he likes me and we separeted. I survived dark night of soul, running phase, fond out he married short after our encounter. That was the most profound pain I have ever experienced. I can’t explain that pain of soul. My soul cried and that was horrible. I decided: me or him. I was literally destroyed. Now, I am more spiritually awaken, more happy to be me-true me, I meditate a lot, and I do not need other men, he is my true love and that will be forever. You may say I am young for that desicion, but I can’t change this divine union for any kind of other relationship. I am ready to live without him physicaly but not in spirit. I will live my purpose, meditate, inspire others because I am more happy alone that to force myself to love someone else. This is soul love, and romantic, friend love, all kind of love in one. And divine- I respect that. Kind regards to you Sophia and all members and I am sending all of you Love and Peace, and encourage to work on themselves and your healing. Love and Light to all!

  62. Thank you for this post, Sofia. After much deliberation, I decided to post and request your insight because I don’t feel like anyone else will understand what I am going through. My twin flame and I were on and off for 8 months. I’m certain he is my twin flame because of the magnetic attraction we have between us. We were both born under the sign of the twins (Gemini) so we have an innate understanding of each other.

    We kept breaking up because he says that although he loves me, he cannot commit to being in a relationship right now. I got the feeling that he’s still not over his ex who cheated on him — he admitted to still being angry with her and still communicated with her children, though they’re not together. Yet, he kept coming back to me every time we broke up. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and after seeing him a week ago I admitted my deep love for him without fear, but also told him that we should end things once and for all.

    Now I’m missing him terribly, to the point where I dreamt him two nights ago in a row. In my dream night last, he was having sex with another woman. Because of this dream, I checked his Facebook page and saw where the day after our last meeting he uploaded some photos of him and another woman (they looked pretty close) — one of these photos is his main cover image. I don’t think she’s a family member. The Facebook pics now makes me wonder whether he has someone else already — possibly went back to his ex, I don’t know. Again, he uploaded these pics only the day after our last meeting.

    I was crushed to see the pictures, and wanted to call him right away to ask him if he had been seeing someone else. But I calmed myself down and didn’t. It’s been very difficult for me to move on, and part of me was hoping that we would reunite one day. Now after seeing those pics I feel that may not be possible. I’m not sure if I should I ask him if he’s seeing someone else, or if I should just leave things alone. And, is reunion even possible now?I don’t want to lose my dignity in all of this, as I already feel like I gave too much of myself.

  63. I discussed my situation with my twimflame in 2014. From last 4years we haven’t met and didn’t even talk after he got married in 2014. I didn’t even make any conscious effort n working on myself spiritually. Last year was very tough and dark for me l lost my ex husband whom I nursed him in his last time and major shock was when I lost my son in an accident. I am vulnerable and totally lost what is happening. Can’t handle any more.. Please help me

  64. I had a guy in my class. The very first day I saw him entering class I liked him. But v never talked to each other. After that v graduated and never met though we casually chated twice on Facebook but it was work related stuff. The company I work was diamond firm. He works for his father as they have business in solitaires. After i joined diamond market . 6 months later he bought his own office beside my wing. After graduating 8 months later we one day bumped into each other at diamond market. Just before bumping into him I was thinking about what if I see him now and BAM!!! we just did normal handshake and casually talked . He asked me which wing I work I said J West and he said I in J east. I was ao happy to see him and know that he worked in J wing too(both building East and West are beside).
    We chated for 5 min and before leaving he again did handshake but he leaned towards me while doing that and we locked eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart skipped too many beats. And everything just disappeared around. We left but still I was breathing deeply and was scared . Though I loved this it was freaking me. One day later I again thinked of him amd minutes later we again bumped into each other same place. We just greeted and talked for a minute or so. But after that meeting I kept seeing his name everywhere on cars bike bus and also in some movies. Week later my company got shut down completely and I had no choice but to live . Since then we haven’t met. I chatted on whatsapp twice but he doesn’t seem interested. From last month I haven’t messaged him.
    But I want to be near him.
    PS: we are just by the way friends . He and we don’t even know anything about each other as life never gave any chance to be around each other.
    Plz explain this
    I had synchronicities than is he really my twin flame?
    Reply asap.

  65. 3 years ago, I blogged here for I met my TF, and two years ago, we broke up , for I realized that he is my counterfeit, or karmic tie. Whatever he is, I had to move on, then I moved on to face myself, recently, I read some of the article of twin flame, and had a feeling that my twin is around the corner. But I m not sure. And now, I plan to travel again. I have plans to achieve in my life. But not knowing how, but I have to go for a try. Perhaps I am going to meet him perhaps not. But it doesn’t matter to me.

    • Hi Rutu,
      I’m afraid, nobody can tell you for sure if that person is your twin flame. But then it is better to not get too attached to this label. Just treat any relationship on a case by case basis. Even a non-twinflame may bring up some interesting experiences.

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