What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates and Karmic Relationships

People often ask what is the difference between those popular soul terms. Explaining.

Karmic relationships

~ Everyday / Showdown / Credit Course ~


We form karmic ties with people we’ve known in our past lives and have some unfinished businesses or unresolved issues with.

It’s a debt that one must pay to the other, and a valuable developmental lesson that the other one offers in return.

Karma does not “punish” but rather enables the soul to come back and do some corrective work in order to move on.

The soul remembers its embodied lifetimes and attachments, and will knowingly choose the souls it needs to meet again, if they have some unfinished history together.

So the karmic people meet again. Often in the same family as parents, siblings and relatives, or in other close circles as partners, lovers and first marriage spouses.

In karmic relationships everything seems okay on the surface and the way it should probably be. But it also feels like something is missing and leaves you in a constant dissatisfaction and unrest.

But karmic relationships are usually secured by official documents and blood ties, so that the people were ought to tolerate each other longer, looking for solutions and not the easy way out of the node.

There is no better example of a karmic connection than an unhappy marriage.

Half of the marriages fail simply because those marriages are made of two karmic people – joint debtors. The two are temporarily brought together in a codependent union, where they are triggered to start their karmic workup and eventually break free.

‘Where does love go after marriage??

Illusory ‘love’ fades away and passion subsides as soon as the karmic strings between the two untwine.

Now, parents, siblings, relatives and children stay with us for life, and those relationships may as well be far from easy or fulfilling.

But as we consciously chose these people to be our family before we came here, it only takes us to realize why and what for. Usually with this realization we begin to accept our family members unconditionally, and be thankful for the settings they provided for our growth and refinement.


~ Once in a while / Heart talk / Steady flame ~


Soulmate is either a person you used to know in your previous incarnation and have no unresolved issues left with, or the one of similar energies that thus feels intimate and pleasant.

Cosmos takes care of us so much that it sends us each a couple of thousands of potential soulmates to appear in the right periods of our lives, so that we never feel lonely.

Soulmates laugh a lot and talk for hours, and it’s always effortless and energizing.

Marriage of soulmates is a happy reciprocal relation with minimal arguments and no ego issues – both feel seen and heard.

Souls that love each other are always connected and often incarnate together again to meet as family members, lovers, friends or siblings for company and mutual support.

Twin Souls (or Twin Flames)

~ Once in a lifetime / Deluge / Eternity / Love to death and after ~


Each soul has its closest ‘soul family bundle’, and what we call a Twin Soul (or Twin Flame) is one, most prominent soul of that spectrum.

But it is not literally “the other half of your soul”. In spite of the recent publicly acknowledged idea of Twin Flames existence that says ‘Twin Flame’ is your other half and is one and only, I only will say here, yes, it’s very close to truth, but there is more to the story. (I’ll be extending this idea in my coming posts).

Is Twin Flame only one for each?..

In the format of this article I will have to say, yes it is. Because One Twin Soul is what most of us will get to meet in a lifetime.

Anyhow, Twin Flames by all means go beyond Soulmates experience. The connection of these two incarnated souls is full of mystery, signs, shared dreaming, synchronicities and overwhelming feelings.

From the moment they meet,Twin Flames develop a magnetic attraction to each other that is nearly supernatural and practically impossible to withstand.

Meeting a Twin Flame is a mystical experience as it often signifies a turning point in the lives of both.

So what are the Twin Flames and why is that connection so powerful?

Let’s say, a soul was once designed as a perfect unisex attire – fit-all pants and top. But once it got off the catwalk, it went for sale as two separate pieces.

You got your piece and it’s your soul.

Your Soulmates match and complement your piece beautifully.

Your Karmic people are like those ‘bad choices’ that can be worn together but hardly match at all.

And your Twin Flame (Twin Soul) is that one of a kind designer set that was originally made of the same fabric.

Twin Flames were at some point One soul that then divided in two to incarnate in two different people for their own developmental purposes. Twin Flames usually incarnate as male and female, but can be of the same sex as well.

Meeting your Twin Soul is a mystical occurrence, because it doesn’t happen to a soul in every lifetime. A soul gets to meet its Twin Flame only when it’s old enough to face the Twin and handle the connection as it greatly advances both souls on their evolutionary trip.

It’s a bliss and a test at the same time, because Twin Souls usually incarnate in two unordinary individuals that are more interested in solitude, creativity and metaphysics than in trivia, tradition and relationships. The two feel burdened in any sort of a codependent relationship and are driven by the strongest motive in their lives – self actualization and independence.

Sweet disaster begins when the two entities of one former soul get to meet again…

Both carry the transcendent memory and love for each other. So they immediately ‘recognize’ and get strongly attracted to one another, feeling pleasantly weird, tongue-twisted or even having fever in each other’s presence.

But together with that attraction comes denial. The two are wildly driven back together, but will nevertheless try to push each other away on early stages, or something will be keeping them apart until the time is right.

Twin Flames won’t unite easily because their purpose is not to get together in a traditional relationship, but to help each other face themselves and become the ‘wholes’ rather than ‘halves’.

Even though ‘Twin Flames’ has a potentiality of an amazing romantic relationship, it’s erroneous to think of it as solely such. Twin Flames meet exclusively for internal developmental purposes.

Twin Flames are like each other’s mirrors that in an indirect way will have each other face their issues and old emotional traumas that were long buried and will now begin to stir up to the surface.

Together with that, Twin Flames will help each other acquire missing elements in their personalities which they need to re-acquire in order to feel complete.

Male Twin is usually emotionally unavailable and fears closeness. And female Twin was programmed to believe that she needs a man to feel validated.

So both need to gain the traits of the opposite sex in themselves in order to break free from the old hindering patterns and reach that wholeness in the Self.

Male TF will have to learn to accept love and share his feelings without the fear of being smothered or seeming weak. And female TF will have to face her potential and manifest her talents in order to become completely self-reliant.

When that work is done, the two will be evolved enough to reunite in an earthly bliss for the perfect kind of a ‘relationship’ of ‘wholes’, or will find that they actually need ‘relationship’ no more…

Twin Flames experience is always challenging as it requires both to face themselves, and may trigger deep emotional confusion and self-dissatisfaction. So too often one or both twins might get too overwhelmed and run away or part.

But Twin Flames always run to come back.


357 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates and Karmic Relationships

      • Hi Sofia Siberia, I stumbled upon you in methaphysical ways… I too have a story to tell. I was engaged 8-9 years and he helped me through indirectly my dads passing. I broke off with him just before my dad passed away. So I tested myself if I could do it. I was strong enough. I also cld go through my dads passing after that! I did know this at the time. It just what happend.

        Then or even before we broke up I had the dreams of a man calling. His face or rather his eyes. Blue strong Loving eyes. Dark hair amazing eyes. Then different men with blue eyes came along. I knew they werent the right one. But the energies were there. All of the suiters were aquarians or scorpios. Interestingly enough. So one day he stood there. More stubborn than the rest. More than the rest put together. I was like ok. Fascinated however but… recognition in souls. And the way we met.
        I was after a dinner party at a pub and after pub visit we were walking back to my friends a few of us to have some more food and chat… I had someone( man) in company as we were walking back to my friends. All of a sudden I steered my steps opposite the street and grabbed the handle of a door a night cafe. I was controlled from above. No one could change my direction or mind. I turned around remembering I was with smn. Asked him if it was ok with a cuppa first. He said yes. Name of cafe was cafe yellow. It shone a bright beautiful light from there – sucked me in completely. We sat down on the only two seats available. Got smt to drink. Then I looked into his eyes – I knew it was him. I only had eyes for him and nothing else from that night and forward and He for me. NOTHING could come btw us.
        His buddy tried to hit on me. My “friend” thought he had it in the bag….hahaha.
        But from that day on since 6/1-1996 we’ve been together. None separable! Not easy times I admit. But we can’t be apart.Oh we have been now. We do argue about most things, little things.The bigh things we agree on! Important stuff! But we are here to do a higher thing and as long as we don’t do it proper the other one gets sick or upset (seeing so clearly that its wrong or trying to help see clearly.)

        • That’s what related souls do for each other, they occupy all space in each others thoughts, mean to e.o. a lot, argue a lot, but love and help each other grow.
          Thank you for sharing your story!

          • Hi Sofia,
            I did not know the meaning of twin souls until I had a vision of a celebrity I knew who said we are twin souls. Since then I have been looking up the meaning of the term. Do you thinks the vision is confirmation enough or should I see it as a fractured delusion because I literally didn’t know the term until I had the vision. Also as is said our birthdays align on the division of 11. His is on 2nd and mine is on 22 of the same month. Waiting for your reply. Thanks :)

    • I feel I’ve found my twinflame, always long for but never thought I would experience it in this lifetime. The feeling was/is so overwhelming that I ran away. I’m like this just can’t be! How is it possible? No it’s not true, why oh why?!?!?!?!
      We are so opposite in social class, race but so similar in a LOT of things. I want this feeling to go away so I can be like before but my understanding is that I’m experiencing a spiritual awakening and that I have a Choice to grow or continue to runaway. I’ve not decided yet which to choose from. I’m still trying to make sense of it all.

      • You met your twin flame, dear, and the process of a spiritual awakening started for both of you, you cannot reverse it :)
        The experience of energetic ascension that a twin flame always brings along with them into our lives is not an easy ordinary thing. You met your twin flame and that means that things in your life as well you yourself will never be “ordinary” or the same again…
        Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and the troops of twin souls in a game of reunion :)

        • Hi Sofia, I don’t know if it’s worth it. I’m in a relationship, the other is on his own spiritual path. I think it’s best to let it be.

          • It’s perfectly natural. Just let it be for now. The process goes on by its own mysterious course, you will see the bigger picture with time!

          • Hi Sofia,

            How do you let go?

            I have sporadic dreams of this person. It might be prophetic or wishful thinking. I just don’t know but this is consuming me. I need to accept what is happening but find it difficult to move on.

            Any advice is welcome.

            • Our Runner twin flames teach us to concentrate on ourselves and take a deeper self retrospective to find out what it is we are really missing in ourselves that we believe our twin may fill in for us…

              • I find that in times when my twin and I are “creating” separation that what works best for me is to keep my heart open to his so that I can send my love to him more easily. The twin sends back love and continues the cycle of sending and receiving love without using our usual human senses. Just feel your heart beat and think of them…..running and hiding from my twin only caused me to continue to run from myself….you can’t heal what you don’t feel!.

              • Hi Sofia, I was told that I have twinflame, a soulmate and a karmic relationship. Now I met my twin whilst married to my karmic relation and my soulmate is a friend. Yippie how to juggle all of them!!! Both karmic and soulmate relationship are told to be there to help me grow.

        • Hi Im Not Sure If I Met My Twin Soul But We Recently Separated T he Relationship Was So Toxic BUT LOVING We Where Very Inseparable We Spent About 21 hours In A Day 4 And half Months Str8 Together..We Did Everything Together From Teeth Brushing,Showers,Eating,Etc But We Both Grew Up In Abusive House Holds N Have Some Anger Issues I Guess However When He Left I Became Severely Depressed I’m normally a Tough Girl But This PERSON was DIFFERT he did Something to my SPIRIT ..My First Name And Middle Isnt The EXACT Number match But My Nick Name Which is Remy (Remyadee) Is The EXACT NUMBER MATCH
          Remy Azzouri
          Mark Anthony
          Are Birthdays Are
          4\19 his is 4/24
          I Seem To Move On But Im Tryin really Hard N Hes Always Running From Problems:'(:'(😣😣😤

    • I am 30 year old woman. I dream of the same man since I was 14. Actually after I prayed and asked God if I have a soulmate I want to dream of him until I meet him. I am so incredible in love with him since the first time I dreamt of him. I saw him growing up in my dreams as I was growing up in real life too. I know his name and what he does for a living, and I know his heart most of all. I don’t dream of him every night or every week or every month actually, but the dreams do keep coming back, and it’s always about an amazing friendship and a deepgoing romantic relationship with so much love, it’s so overwhelming and so strong. When I’m with him nothing else exists. we constantly want to be together. But I haven’t met him yet in real life and every day I keep wandering if he’s really somewhere out there.. I don’t want anyone else but him…

  1. I’ve heard people use these terms so many times and never fully understood the significance or meaning behind them except in incomplete ways, Sofia. Thanks for some clarity on them. Like what you’re doing – educating the unlearned (ignorant sounds too negative a term). Paul

    • There’s usually slight confusion about these terms, and especially now that the phenomenon of Twin Flames starts to acquire a buzz, we needed to define who is who :)
      Thanks dear Paul! But i still have a lot to learn myself, it’s a lifelong school :)

  2. That explains quite a lot. The man I lost a few years ago, was one I had always referred to as a Soul Mate but now, reading this, I realise I was blessed with having met and spent years with my Twin Soul. It makes the hurt harder to deal with but the knowledge that I was blessed to have had it, makes it all worth while.

    • We don’t always get to unite for a lifetime with our Twin Souls… But even if the two are separated, or one of the Twins is not in a physical realm, the connection between the souls remains!
      Some day, here or in the next incarnation you will meet again <3

  3. Very interesting article! My Twin is on the other side and not incarnated this time, but I know who he is, and many intuitives have seen him in addition to me. He seems to spend a lot of time with me as a guide of sorts.

    • Oh Jennifer, i won’t stop admiring your profound intuitive skills! It’s great you can feel your Twin even though he is not incarnated!
      Twin Souls are each other’s talismans and guides even through dimensions <3
      My twin flame is incarnated and around, and i can see how much luck the smallest souvenir given by him is bringing me <3

      Hugs to you!

      • I wed my twin soul years ago after high school. Shortly after we married he spontaneously passed away. Years of karmatic relationships i believe my twin flame has appeared. We’re inseparable, telepathic, and on an astral plane. I see so much of my late husband in him and through the process of my TF & I merging together signs seemed to scream from beyond. They appear and manifest to both of us. At times I feel like we never parted and just “woke up” like nothing ever happened. Nothing feels wrong. It’s just very taboo on the physical plane because we have only been with each other physically for a very short time. OH it feels so good to let this out. Also i feel i have been guided by our previous mutual still very physical friends and our families. Very blissful and still confusing at times. But I’m running with it!

  4. Hi Sofia, thanks so much for the clarification! It seems I’ve mixed up TF with soulmate because both have elements of passion, deep acceptance and love. I can relate to your clothing analogy, lol, very well put. TFs are cut from the same cloth only to experience separation in order to understand the illusion of separateness and rejoin in perfect union. (They never were really apart, the lesson is everybody is one)
    Sofia, brilliant description for all 3 type of relationships. It seems I have found my soulmate because we just “fit”. We are just extensions of one another, and he simply “gets me”.
    Loving you as always Sofia, perhaps we’re soulmates as well, haha! :D ♥Hugs♥

    • ;) I knew you’d relate to a fashion analogy especially ;)
      Oh you know, when you were writing you reunited with your TF, i thought “Wow,no wonder! Maddy is such an advanced enlightened soul already, so TF reunion was something logical for you..”..
      But now you realize he was just a Soulmate.. Well dear, Soulmates are also a great great match and you may have an amazing relationship together!
      But i believe you will intuite anyway who your real TF is and where he is now ♥
      All of the people i know of, who found their TFs, didn’t reunite with them yet!
      So we probably just need a little more time for that transition :*

      For sure we are soulmates, you even doubt it? ;)) Hugs to you too ♥♥♥

      • Thank you dear, you are a wonderful advisor, confidante and friend. I have no doubt we are soulmates forever, we share the same vision of awakening the beauty & intelligence within everyone. I am ecstatically happy with my soulmate friends, lovers, dreamers, family. The world is just one big extended family and I’m overjoyed. :D
        What an amazing age we are growing through, the process of learning from each other helps us remember our true selves more everyday. This is the blessing and true meaning of life. Mwah my lovely sister. ♥♥♥

  5. I agree with Maddy. This clarification is so helpful. I’ve never heard this triptych before. Reading the TF section and the clothing analogy I was reminded of a great song from Hedwig And the Angry Inch.

    I like how these pairs are ripped apart only to search for unification. Thank you so much for this clarity, Sofia. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Kozo, thank you for sharing this lovely song, it really compliments this post perfectly. The video tale of love, separation & search for unity is so precious. I love it too!! ☼
      If you like quirky super fun comedies, check out The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – it’s playing on YouTube. :)

  6. =) ооо, самая полная статья о БП, родств. душах и кармических людях, которую я читала! молодец, сестричка! они вроде все и похожи, эти отношения, но в них есть отличительные черты – как ты увидела эти тонкие отличия – это поразительно!

    да, вот это точно – то, что в кармических отношениях вроде и все в порядке, но все равно что-то не то. а родственные души – с ними хорошо, но они приходят и уходят. и их много встречается за жизнь! да, а про БП – вообще все один в один, эти отношениях наиболее развивающие, влияющие на все и связаны с чередой мистических событий и знаков! умничка моя, просто разрывная статья! спасибо, родная!:* :* :*

  7. Very interesting and informative. I’ve been hearing these terms quite a bit lately and this post really cleared up any of my questions about the whole thing!

    I’ve definitely experienced karmic and soul mate relationships, not sure about the twin soul one though. Still I trust that whether it’s this lifetime or not, the right souls will interact in the correct ways :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best :)


    • You know, i feel your Twin Soul might be incarnated – present right now, but you will meet a bit later, maybe in 2-3 years.. But i think it’s coming for you!
      (Don’t consider it a prediction, just came to my mind somehow :) )

      • Hehe, cool, interesting to know :) Ah I’m not too worried either way, I trust the process of life!

        Thanks for your insights, have a lovely weekend Sofia!


  8. As always, I am writing my first thoughts here. Every soul has an identity that makes it a “best-fit” for the ultimate soul, termed as super-soul or “Paramatma”. The process “to enter a body, exit a body and repeat” is nothing but an ongoing form of natural life. However, there is a state termed as “Moksha” which is a conclusion for any soul in terms of freedom from life & death.

    Sofia, you are wholly correct in putting forward the idea of incarnation, and I totally agree with you that reincarnation makes it possible for a soul to relate counterparts from previous lives. There are plenty of live examples who were able to recall memoirs of past life with exactness.

    For a soul, there are two major impacts-“Inherited” & “Earned”. One derives from the current ancestry as well as what one derives from experiences by the *self”. And, this *self* is free from bodily encapsulation. The *self* retains what is obtained and keeps on adding on top of it.

    You are a lady of your words, that is to say, you always write with a flavor of experience. One can never doubt what you have posted. Even if one happens to be skeptical on what you’ve shared, I am confident that the doubts and uncertainties in the reader’s mind won’t last longer.

    Well done indeed. Keep it up. *Super-Like* :)

    • Shubhankar, many hugs to you, my friend!!
      I got goosebumps reading your comment! :) It’s such an honor to hear the validation from you, especially on the spiritual stuff i’m writing.
      I always read your comments and emails with a notebook and a pen :)
      My deepest appreciation!

  9. I like this article. Not sure about the male/female stuff though. I kind of doubt that is the “work that needs to be done” to end the separation. I guess what I mean is, it doesn’t really apply to me and my twin (although we are male/female). Also would like you to know that I stumbled upon your blog from Eternal Bliss, and was drawn to your blog because your screenname has personal meaning for me & my twin. <3

    • Hi! Thank you for the comment and visiting :)

      First of all, i’m happy you found your twin soul, and recognized your are ‘twins’!
      Of course, each twin flames couple has their own path, lessons and personalities – they differ greatly. And each TF pairing goes their own way towards reunion.
      Twin flames experience has many stages, and the more of TFs reunite, the happier i feel :)

      Oh exciting to know that my name brought some good personal associations for you! :)

      Wishing you all the best and happy relationship with your twin soul and other dear souls!

  10. Good article, Sofia! You have made some very useful distinctions that can help many to look at intimate/romatic relationships in a much more clear way. Thank you! tomas ♥

    • Thank you, Tomas! :)
      Exactly, i just wanted to clarify on the terms to help us understand our interpersonal relationships better and hopefully have happier relationships with others :)

  11. Same here Sofia :) My profound regards for you, my dear friend. You are really blessed by the Goddess of knowledge. May be, I’m unable to express the amount of happiness your reply has brought for me…all I can say here is that I feel lucky to come across a gifted soul like your good self :)

  12. This is so painfully yet wonderfully true. I’ve met mine – it is the most intense experience one can ever encounter. You’re so right about the whole push & pull that goes on with both people too. It’s interesting to know they always reunite. :)
    You write the most insightful, interesting, enlightening articles, Sofia. I thoroughly enjoy all of my visits to your blog. I always feel emotionally cleansed after coming here somehow.

    • First wrote a reply to this comment not being sure of who this is, but now i know ;) <3
      The energy behind the words felt really familiar, i even wrote first 'would be nice to put a face to these wonderful words' ;))) Hehehe :) Love you <3

  13. This is so undeniably, spot-on, truthful. I have met my Twin Soul and is indeed the most intense experience one could ever fathom. That push/pull relationship you’ve described is exactly correct. It’s interesting to know that they always reunite. You write so beautifully, Sofia. It’s always a treat visiting your blog. I often feel emotionally cleansed after reading here somehow.

    • Oh thank you for these heartfelt words, dear! <3
      The posts you write have the same effect on me, somehow i always feel happier and cozier after visiting your blog, brings me lots of childhood memories :)
      Feels as if i've known you before in some past life – and that's soulmates big time! ;)
      Love and hugs to you <3

          • Hello Sofia, writing this while I’m in tears and I thank God and the Universe for making me land up on your site, because I’m in search of the answers. I’ve met my twin soul but oh my word its such a painful experience as I called it quits yesterday again,this time I hope its official.Because its been like this since we met, it was love at first sight, we kissed the day we met and we were inseparable, I met him in my first year of Varsity and he was doing his honours year and now I’m in my honours year but we not an item. I always tell him to leave me and he always some how returns into my life unexpectedly. But this just opened my eyes, and yes he is Emotionally Unavailable and funny enough I’m a feminist, but I’m now starting to see that I subconsciouly long for him, and think he is the one. I told him after three years going onto four this weekend that I love him, didn’t expect him to say it back, which he didn’t, because he fell in love first but he hasn’t dealt with his issues. But all I have to say is I’ve wiped my tears off, and I’m glad to hear that they do end up together but for now I really can’t stand the intensity of this situation we in and rather I walk my spiritual path alone. I thank God for letting me land on this page. I really thought this was some sort of punishment from the Universe because I’m one to move on when things don’t work out in a relationship, never give chances but I’m left so clueless.Thank you so much now I can smile and not beat myself up. PS. I don’t want to acknowledge that we alike but he even said I’m the good side of him, like yin&yang.

            • Actually let me not lie, I’m exactly the female twin sould you’vejust described :( HELP

            • I’ve seen your comment just recently…
              It’s typical twin flames, most go through road of quests and pain to enlightenment.
              It does at times ferl like punishment, true! When you hurt and neglected and tired just want to raise arms to the skies and cry out “What for?!”
              But then we let go, project inwards instead and get a bigger understanfing and a piece of bigger picture is being revealed bit at a time.
              Some time has passed since you sunmitted your story, I believe you’ve already gone some way from there. If you want, share the updates

  14. Sofia, thank you for this post differentiating twin flame from soulmate. I was never clear not that… seems twin flame really is something almost other-worldly…transcendent. Fascinating that they often need to be apart for a a period before uniting…. and the polarity between male and female flame — All excellent information. Thank you for sharing this — Much Love ~ Robyn

  15. Well, all the above contents which is related to karma are very new information for me! I haven’t ever been introduced into this stream of topics and that might be a reason for my unfamiliarity in it though. If a boy and gal get connected closely towards each other in some way, does it mean that they are twin soulmates in every case, Sofia? If a gal who has been missing his “best friend” (a boy) a lot for not calling her for less than a week, what shall be the conclusion behind it?


    • Hey Rahul!:)
      Well, as you can see, we develop attraction with other people for various reasons. Sometimes it’s trivial passion that may be intense but will not last long and people will end up the relationship unfulfilled or in a messy breakup.
      Or it can be a deeper connection, that feels fulfilling and lasts longer, in this case you are soulmates.
      And if you feel you can absolutely not forget or let that one person go out of your life for years- that might be your twin soul or very very close soulmate.
      Always check the intensity of feelings towards the person and most importantly – what ‘gut feeling’ she gives you!

    • Whenever I ask her about it, she is simply shifting the topic by giving irrelevant reasons that I’m her bestfriend only. As I stated above, she really got hurt for not keeping contacts with her during last week because of my exams going ahead now, Sofia. Does this soul connection mean that I’m a very important person in her life? :)


      • Hard to tell for sure, dear, as i don’t know your whole story with her.
        But don’t let the “friendzone” status discourage you :) When a girl says you are her friend, this means you are a dear person to her, and she is either still considering her feelings, or hesitant to go ahead. But in any case, she wants you around, otherwise she’d say clearly that she doesn’t. And of course, wouldn’t be telling you she missed you and eager to keep a contact.
        So i believe, that might be some lovely soul connection going on there ;) Give it your attention! :)

        • Hmm hmm hmm! :P :D
          Thank you so much for your feedback about the topic, Sister. My intention is to see her as my bestfriend itself. Let the time prove whether any transformation might arise or not. Have a great Sunday ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ :)


  16. A real touching emotional expression. For the whole life we keep on searching for something which we define as true love whereas true love exists everywhere within us ,only that we are not aware of it unless someone comes and reignites the passion. Attractions die in days,infatuations in years, bonds stronger remain in memories, souls connected remain entangled for many births to come…
    you very beautifully described the differences between them !

  17. Thanks for the great article Sofia :) My heartfelt wish is that all here on the page find fulfilment..Life seems to be an ocean..pleasant breezes, violent storms, starfish, shells, sharks, odysseys, deepdives and shipwrecks..Ease and pain, but throughout, beauty.

  18. Sofia, excellently shared full of wonderful messages within! It is always nice to visit and relax in your spirits glow! Thanks for adding your special genuine glow to my day today! Blessings and hugs my sister!

  19. Thanks for the appreciation and boost Sofia..Actually, I do write, and share once in a while in little ways..Not sensing the right vibes for writing these days..So, I’m taking it as a ‘wait’ signal..You are very active and really helpful as a writer, I must applaud that :) Coz, the posts seem to have soothed my ruffled nerves. Understanding things is a saviour-pill. And, it feels good to see people who’ve found things out along the same lines..I’m sure we’ll keep in touch..Cheers.

    • Inspiration is a tricky thing, but it always comes in the right moment when we carry something that should be said and heard! :)
      Thank you for your lovely words, i’ll be happy to hear from you again :) Cheers!

      • Hii Sofia. Read ur post. I hv also read abt all this stuff earlier as well..I hv a query…I ws in relationship wid someone whom I thought ws th one…I still can’t get him out of my head n many of th things tht r described abt twin flames apply…Bt after 3 yrs of our relationship I found tht he ws also involved with other or others….everything is complicated n I don’t understand many things. My feelings r same fr him Bt Im nt able to forgive him fr his infidelity n bad behavior…can ur TF cheat on u ? Is tht a possibility?

        • Hi! Thank you for your visit and query!
          Unfortunately, twin flame can and does get involved with others, while ‘being with you’, because in his heart he never fully is.. Twin flame men are usually somewhat emotionally distant and moody with their female twins. That happens because male twins are often scared of closeness and avoid commitment for fear of being ‘smothered’ and compromising their freedom.
          You can have a loving harmonious relationship with your soulmate, but the twin flame will definitely drag you through an emotionally unsatisfying relation which never works in a ‘normal’ traditional way we would like it to.
          The best thing any female twin can do is to let her ‘partner’ twin go wherever he wants and let him live his life the way he pleases, and live her own life in meanwhile.
          TFs will come back to each other when/and If they are ready..

          • Thanks. I hv thought of it many times n everytime I feel tht I can’t forgive him fr the infidelity…its traumatizing.
            And I don’t know Wat he thinks…he used to lie always..Nw v hv absolutely no communication since past many months except tht I sometimes see him in dreams

            • Keep the best memories with you – they are the souvenirs that nobody can take from you.
              Move on in life, live, love again and wish the same to that person.
              When wellwishing and not the pain is what you send him by the wind, that wind might bring him back some day <3

              Trust the wisdom that we are always surrounded by people we deserve.
              And if some people go for a while or for good, that's also for a reason

  20. Hii Sofia. Read ur post. I hv also read abt all this stuff earlier as well..I hv a query…I ws in relationship wid someone whom I thought ws th one…I still can’t get him out of my head n many of th things tht r described abt twin flames apply…Bt after 3 yrs of our relationship I found tht he ws also involved with other or others….everything is complicated n I don’t understand many things. My feelings r same fr him Bt Im nt able to forgive him fr his infidelity n bad behavior…can ur TF cheat on u ? Is tht a possibility?

    • Twin flames can have other relationships while they are not reunited yet. When TFs are close to reunioin or have reunited already, cheating rarely happens as both twin flames are simply not even interested in other partners – they can’t take their eyes off each other.
      Probably you’ve had other kind of a soul connection which is no less important than the connection of TFs. You too had your lessons together

  21. :) yes that’s very true

    Can u interpret dreams also …cz I had a very strange dream a few days ago…I saw hieroglyphics of some ancient language n a girl ws showing me around. She told me tht I already know th language. N to prove th same she held my hand nd showed me some birth mark…n then she did something on tht hand. Th following morning wen I woke up my hand was aching. Th doctor said I hv a ligament tear…although th same has healed nw bt I still hv th swelling…n I don’t remember having any accident or anything tht cd hv resulted in this injury…

    • Oh i see! But it’s not an ordinary dream. What you had looks more like an “astral body traveling”.
      I believe, this experience of yours was connected with your past life and the ancient civilization where you’d probably once lived before.
      Sometimes in a sleep, while our physical body and mind are inactive, we may experience a detachment of our astral body, which is more like our ‘phantom’ that keeps all our memories, emotions, feelings, desires and awareness while our physical and intellectual bodies are asleep. The astral body is light and has an ability to drift among other astral realms.

      We’ve all lived many previous lives already, and some of our souls were residents of old civilizations.
      Our souls keep incarnating till today, carrying the ‘memories’ of those ancient lives.

      But there are million other disembodied entities existing on the astral plane that may come in contact with us through our astral body while it is detached from our body during its sleep.
      The entities of the astral realm may talk with us, transfer to us some information, or on the contrary, try to scare or somehow hurt us.
      I suppose that the woman you talked to in your sleep was trying to let you know you were a dweller of some previously existing civilization, and probably so was she.Maybe pinching you by your arms was some kind of a sign to awaken you to that knowledge or make you “recall” something.

      Entities that interact with us during sleep may leave the marks on our bodies – sometimes mild bruisers, fingerprints or even teeth marks. They are usually more malefic than harmful. For through such contacts some entities try to tell us something or get us to interact.

      But if awakening of such dreams leaves you feeling tired, hurting or scared, it is better to try and prevent yourself from further similar experiences in your sleep.

      Try not to go to bed too tired, because “astral travels” mostly happen to us when we go to sleep fatigued, distressed, or in a feverish state.

      If you encounter any hostile or unpleasant entities in your sleep again, try not to show you are scared or influenced by them in any way – because many of them in such way try to trigger us for energy.
      Once you encounter something weird in your sleep, try to take control of events within your dream (it’s usually easy in a lucid dreaming) and push yourself to wake up soon.

      Use some gemstones, smudge sage in your bedroom, or place the protective symbols of your religion (if you are religious). Otherwise simply get sufficient sleep and sleep in comfortable atmosphere.
      And at daytime try to connect more with your inner self and think what message the astral plane might have had for you that it’s trying to bring to your awareness.

      But, in my opinion, you have quite an ‘old’ = knowledgeable soul and therefor heightened spirituality and insightfulness.
      I suppose so because you mentioned you had an experience of meeting your Twin Flame. And one gets to meet her/his Twin Flame only at a certain point of a personal and spiritual development.

      On the other hand, you may also be extrasensory or simply energy sensitive. Such people sometimes get to encounter some “paranormal” experiences, due to their highly perceptive energy field.

      • Read ur article…its really nice :)
        Hw do v train ourself to control our dreams…amazing….I wd hv been really scared if I saw myself sleeping on my bed…n wat r inorganic beings?

        • It’s a bit scary at start when you wake up and think it’s the reality, and then realize you are still in a dream, which you then try to get out of and force to ‘awaken’ your sleeping body :))

          But with practice, if such dreaming repeats, you will learn to recognize this experience in your sleep and will then notice that you can actually consciously control the events and your own actions in these dreams.

          Inorganic beings are the entities that live in other realms, it’s not quite the spirits as they were never humans to start with – these are the beings of completely different nature than us, with totally different energy structure.
          Sometimes we may come in interaction with them in our sleep, but it’s preferably not to, unless you are doing it intentionally for some reason

  22. Oh…so v can control our dreams…
    This particular dream ws nt scary. It ws a long n vivid dream..I ws visiting somewhere where these hieroglyphics were on big walls…she said this is th toughest n most ancient language n only few cn learn n memorize. N if u start learning then u hv to complete it, u can’t forget it. I saw 3 scholars thr too. Although i felt interested in the language bt after wat she said I backed saying tht this is nt my cup of tea…so she said tht I already know th language cz of I am of th lineage or something (I don’t remember exactly Wat she said)..then to prove herself she showed me th beauty mark Wch is on my left hand b/w my thumb n index finger, Bt ws on right hand in th dream…then Wat she did I don’t remember…then I saw tht buildings n everything ws falling apart n ppl were running fr thr lives. One person named “Milan” died. I saw few of my family members too who were running. N suddenly I asked whr is he (my supposed TF) n I got worried abt him…n although my family ws asking m to run Bt I went bk fr him…th place ws mountainous n thr ws greenery. I saw him coming out from thr, he ws injured…I felt relief cz he ws alright n alive…he looked different…nt like Wat he looks in this life probably…Bt I felt at peace wid him…a peace tht I can’t describe in words

    Im nt sure Wat th dream meant..whether it ws to meet him or to get my attention to th language …Bt whole of it ws vivid.
    According to our Indian astrology, ppl r born in 3 different “ganas” (something u may refer to as category of evolution or like)- dev gana (dev meaning diety), manushya gana (manushya meaning human), & rakshas gana (rakshas meaning devil)
    I ws born in dev gana…n to these ppl, spirits r nt visible…cz they can’t harm them, or come near them cz its said tht it wl harm them instead..
    Ppl whose bodies r sm tyms possessed by spirits r known to b born in manushya gana…n ppl who control bad spirits fr thr ulterior motives, or who cn talk to them etc r generally in rakshas gana…nt all of them r bad ppl though…only who chose to b…its our free will choice…
    So m pretty sure, m nt energy sensitive….Bt I c vivid dreams…sm tyms I c smthg Wch come true in future…my mum also gets vivid dreams…

  23. Loved the post.

    Does Karma not intrinsically signify attachment? And the whole premise of souls returning back to their respective “karmic sthals” is based on this? But what if we learn to let go on a moment by moment basis? Would this then no longer require our souls to revisit our Karma? Would this serve the laws of the Universe?


    • Thank you so much, Shakti!
      And you know, you asked a great question I myself planned to touch upon in one of the coming posts..

      Karma does bear a record of all the soul’s deeds + its relationships (and attachments) throughout its incarnations. Many attachment remain with a soul (between the souls) after death in form of energetic ties..

      Ku-Karma – ‘bad deeds’ and misfortunate relationships cause traumas to the soul which it keeps on carrying into all consecutive incarnations. They cause blockages on chakras of incarnated person and hinder his/her soul’s evolutionary development.

      That’s why we learn that every effective healing starts with recalling and curing of the past lives traumas and ‘tying out’ of draining souls connections it’s carrying from previous embodiments.

      Now, understanding How the mechanism of our Deeds works and how every conduct is actually investing into the bank of our Karma, we may start to make healthier choices in treating others and complying with the laws of the universe.

      If we learn to let go on a moment basis – it’s healthier for us, but in order for our soul to accumulate only the good attachments in its Karma bank, we must make sure that every person we deal with have nothing sore to get stuck upon us too. Bad transcending attachments form only in case of us having mistreated somebody and that somebody thought he ‘would want to see you again’… That’s what makes us revisit our Ku-Karma.

      Living in the present moment and treating everyone right is what serves the best interests of the universe and our own development.

      It’s great that nowadays the practice of recalling our past lives gets so popular, because recalling who we were throughout our incarnations and what we did and to whom, is a great catalyst for our further spiritual evolvement.

      Remember, “Karma burns in the fire of awareness”.

  24. Wow! Thank you so much! I have a soul twin, and I knew he was my soul twin (and used those words) before I ever heard that phrase. I’ve not read as wonderful an explanation as yours. I want to write all of the ways we were twin flames, but it’s clear you get it, so there is no need. I have so much to process – truly, your post has blessed me beyond measure today!

    • Oh dear Kelly, thank you so much for such wonderful words!! Ever since i met my twin soul, i learned, experienced and intuited so much amazing wisdom that is there to this relationship, and got on a personal mission to help twin souls better identify and understand each other, and hopefully cross their ways ;)
      Much love! Sofia

      • Yes, I understand completely. The personal growth I experienced (not to mention the overwhelming mystical experiences) in our years together was inspiring yet almost crushing. Even though we have been apart of nearly 4 years, your words to describe what it feels like validated me in a precious way. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

        • Twin souls connection is indeed full of mysticism, signs and telepathy… it may make the most rational individuals believe in miracles ;)

          Months or years of separation are normal thing for twin flames, all for the purpose of further growth and more lessons to learn, mostly about ourselves.
          The string of a connection never breaks though, you both will keep each other in a heart as your talismans! :)
          And if the reunion in physical is planned for you two, it will happen, years don’t matter.

          Thank you too for visiting, Kelly and bringing such a positive wave! :) You have an interesting site, checking out now :)

  25. I love your description of Twin Flames. I’m quite certain I’ve met mine – funny though in your description I would be the masculine (fear of intimacy and emotions) and he the feminine. Even in his natal chart there is much going on for him about dependency in relationships. True bc I’ve always felt very masculine and been very attracted to Cancerian/emotional types (all my best friends have very strong cancer in their charts), including my twin. I felt a weird issue with sexuality since I feel very masculine for a female and he very feminine. He is the one who does emotions and nurturing, while I am a strong, independent leader. I was trying to force us into traditional relationship roles and it wasn’t working. But after reading this I don’t think I have to worry. I will just accept my role as masculine in this life and embrace it! Thank you for the clarity of heart :)

    • Dear Jill, thanks for the wonderful insight and sharing!
      Truly, twin flames relationships go in relatively similar stages, but each twin flame pairing is unique…

      The soul doesn’t really have a gender/sex, and in each lifetime both twin flames may incarnate as male and female and have their unique set of qualities and characters… All for the purpose of yours and his soul to experience the being from all its multifaceted sides.

      Twin flames are always so polar and complementary in the set of their personalities, what one lacks, other one has, but there is no way of trying to cling to each other for the feeling of “completeness”, each twin is unknowingly teaching and “triggering” the other to develop those missing traits for completeness in him/herself before the reunion…

      Maybe in your present twin flame experience you are to address your tender feminine side and your twin is to assert his masculine.
      We each bear the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine inside of us, and one amazing role of a twin flame experience is to let us balance the two polar and complementary divinities inside of ourselves for that divine completeness!

  26. Loved the write up. I have be reading a lot about this subject and yours was very intersting. From this write I seem to understand I met a soul (male body) I’m in female body who might be my twin soul… As much we were attartcted to each other beyond phyiscal level equally we pushed each other away. But I keep getting signs of his name which kept me wondering. But with the support of all the reading and my intution I seem to understand that he is special to my soul. He is one of those male who doesn’t want to be there emotionally since he himself is too weak and on other end I’m strong but he is affraid of my opennes of expression. Sigh…. I have no clue how things will be. But I’ll waiting for the right soul :)

    • Deep down our souls always feel and even “know” the type of a connection we have with other ‘souls’ we meet. We strongly feel our soulmates, with some insight, we learn and rather “recognize” who is our twin flame.
      Trust your intuition because the soul speaks through it.

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  28. Without out a doubt I met my twin flame, we shared an earth shattering moment by looking into each others eyes which felt like I went into her soul and she in mine, time stood still and everything spun around me. Things have never been the same and she ran, the whole thing happened so fast it scared us both, but I tried for a friendship but she kept away. I don’t see or hear from her now, the twist in this story is we are both women, never had same sex experience in my life so you can imagine this rocked my world and hers. I’m defo the femine as I wanted the closeness more than her. I think more than anything she can’t handle the fact this has happened to her with a woman, she don’t want that and ran away to have a relationship with a man. We never had a chance to become friends or talk about what happened, no physical contact happened just a strong spiritual connection occurred. Do you think she’ll contact me in this lifetime? Thank you :)

    • Twin flames do incarnate as same sex individuals, and one will show the signs of a “runner” while the other will be a “chaser” just like in a heterosexual union, before the pair is ready for reunion.
      One will need more space whereas the other will be more emotionally ready for closeness and will try to reach out…
      Rely on signs, if it’s your true twin flame, the signs will be bringing you back to her. Be patient and give it a time, she might first need to go through a karmic relationship, which bears important lessons for her.
      Be sure if she is your twin flame, you will definitely hear from her again!

  29. Without out a doubt I met my twin flame, we shared an earth shattering moment by looking into each others eyes which felt like I went into her soul and she in mine, time stood still and everything spun around me. Things have never been the same and she ran, the whole thing happened so fast it scared us both, but I tried for a friendship but she kept away. I don’t see or hear from her now, the twist in this story is we are both women, never had same sex experience in my life so you can imagine this rocked my world and hers. I’m defo the femine as I wanted the closeness more than her. I think more than anything she can’t handle the fact this has happened to her with a woman, she don’t want that and ran away to have a relationship with a man. We never had a chance to become friends or talk about what happened, no physical contact happened just a strong spiritual connection occurred. Do you think she’ll contact me in this lifetime? Thank you :)

    • Dear Bal, twin flames can absolutely be of the same sex as well. It’s the love of souls, and body and gender is just an illusion :)
      Of course even in the same sex couple, one can be a Runner and the other is Chaser. One ‘half’ can be simply too overwhelmed with the intensity of feelings, pull, and the novelty of it all.
      The soul connection between the two remains, and if you are twin flames, you will hear from each other again.

  30. I just met someone, who is very much like me, has same habits, thinking attitudes, though I don’t feel the best about giving in to him and I am not sure if he is my twin flame or twin soul. They say twin flames may not be romantic and come for spiritual purposes and twin souls are for spiritual purposes

    • The terms twin flame and twin soul are often used interchangeably, which means same thing – your “twin” and you are what metaphysically used to be one entity before it divided to incarnate in two separate individuals. We’ll meet one twin soul at most in a lifetime, but soulmates can be many.
      Relationships with soulmates are usually harmonious and stable, while twin flames bring challenges and yes, are here for spiritual purposes

  31. Thanks Sophia for your article, I have been trying for the past 10 months to make heads or tails of what happened to me having met I now believe is my TF. Though I do see a twist as being the man I feel I am the one who is waiting and wanting the reunion as opposed to her fearing and typically being the “runner” in this dynamic currently, though I did feel at times to do this myself. When we have come together we have both found it difficult to speak at times and sense each other nervousness etc. as a mirror. When she is happy I am happy when she feels on edge i feel on edge etc. etc. Currently there has been no communication.
    We met by kissing with no words spoken like two magnets on a dance floor, just to note we were not even dancing together, total strangers. I kissed with my heart and soul and melted into her, and I can assure this is not normal at all for me as I had just came out of a marriage of 20+ years and had no confidence to even talk to another woman let alone kiss one if that makes sense. The next three months was bliss and pain as hidden feelings came to the fore unusually,and all the things you stated in article. When she “ran” as they say It felt like my heart was ripped out of me as well as losing 12kg , I could not understand why this person had such a profound effect having only known them for three months. Anyway I await. Thanks for letting me express my situation on your site.

    • Dear Wal, you did meet your twin flame, and thank you for sharing your story here! I am usually touched to hear of a woman being a runner and man a chaser… That doesn’t happen too often in a twin flame ‘couple’.
      As we all have said above, meeting or rather Recognizing your twin soul is not an ordinary experience that can be explained, comprehended and analyzed… There is only one way to deal with it when it comes to TFs – never try to explain anything by logic, or compare to other “normal” relationships you knew, or try to force and speed up things, or influence anything in this involvement…
      Really just observe it as it unfolds and have fun – you are both living now the most mystical experience of your lives! This is confusing, crazy and thrilling, and it will be full ahead of mysteries, surprises and unexpected happenings :)

  32. The heck do you mean by “male” and “female” twinflame? Female can have a male flame in her and a man can have a female flame in him? Because it’s foolish to think a female always needs to be validated by a man, or a man fears closeness. It can be the opposite. A female can fear closeness too, and a man can want validation from woman to feel good about himself.

    • By ‘male’ and ‘female’ twin i mean anatomic characteristics of an embodied individual :)
      A soul per se surely has no ‘gender’ and bears dual characteristics of male and female principles – Yin and Yan.
      But the incarnated ‘halves’ of a twin flame pairing always carry different balances of the opposite/complementary energies – in different proportions.
      And depending on this, incarnated twins must first develope and balance male and female principles within themselves.
      The roles of ‘runner’ and ‘chaser’ in a twin flame couple are surely interchangeable, so as their early emotional traumas and adult character actualizations vary as well.
      Both male and female twins (as souls in a man or a woman body) may fear closeness or need a validation through a traditional relationship :)

      Wish you a happy spiritual path with your twin!

  33. Hi Sofia. Great article. I feel I have found my twin. Have had him in my life for some years, we both have had karmic marriages already. He has done runner and my spiritual awakening and progress is fast. I don’t feel I want relationship with anyone else. However, confused when is it ok to contact him?.if he contacts,I maintain distance or no rules apply? My unconditional love don’t want to follow rule but don’t want to wish lifetime away. Tks

    • Thank you dear. It is great you are looking at twin flames thing from a spiritual point and are in a conscious state of an unconditioinal love with your ‘twin’! This attitude will take you greater ahead in a process overtime…
      Well, there are No rules or certain tactics to follow when it comes to twin flames ‘relationship’ other than only being patient, undesratnding and then patient again… Because we don’t fully rule the twin flames reunion process, this process really rules itself, as it is happening according to a divine scenario which we can only be wise observers of… :)
      But, when it’s ok to contact your twin? Well, if you see some vivid dreams about him which feel as if you are really meeting there, if you see daytime signs and reminders of him, then you can probably write him a line or two, because it means you are on the same vibe and are on each others’ minds.
      The communication will not flow as a sping while twins are in a running-and-chasing phase, but it is important to try to converse anyway. See how it goes. Most probably you twin will show some signs of current emotional unavailability, but let it not discourage you and make you resent the whole thing.
      Keep unconditional love fo him inside your heart anyway – because even if you try to “hate and forget” him, you will not be able to..:) And neither wiill he. It’s a part of a divine plan.
      Be open to communication but keep a polite distance if you feel he is not up to communication, so far. Keep loving, and reading good materials about twin flames, and just give it some time :)

      • Thanks Sofia. It feels incredible how well you have interpreted my feelings, with very little said by me. This is truly proof of it being divine.
        FYI: before my twin did the runner, he said he was scared, I was too bruised from rejection that time to ask what was he scared of? I do know he has financial crisis he has to address. When he asked, money is important? I said, of course it is. But later I felt, in all honesty, when I am not money minded, why did I say that statement? It was not out of ego, I said without any mallace. Just that my karmic marraige had money issues, actually both of us have had bad money equations with past partners. I have been working on letting go of those fears, but I am wondering, if I am meant to clarify my stance to him or will he get that conclusion without me saying? With so much dilemma in my mind, even if he was to contact, I wont know what to converse and if to go back to the love equation and intimacy that we shared? It feels strange that we know each other completely, yet words fall short since he said he was scared.

        • It’s all normal for the twin flame experience, both live in a constant unrest until the later stages. You’ll keep having silent internal dialogues with each other, there’ll always seem to be things to say that might somehow influence a twin or change the situation, but that’s really an illusion.
          When twin flames argue, it’s more like debating with yourself in a mirror, eventually only you will hear it.
          Words won’t really help here, each of the twins will reach their enlightenment at their own time. Just let it be.
          Financial difficulties, emotional issues and other karmic relationships are usually what keeps TFs apart on early stages. And these are just the signs that TFs are not yet ready for reunion. There’s still some separate homework they both should do.
          All the TF pairs I know are currently in these stages. Massive reunions will be happening later, it’s kind of on plan :)

          • Hi Sofia. Happy New year.after months my tf called from his country to wish me New year and felt right to talk as friends after ages.We were friends before he told me he loved me. , since his running last year though I love him more than friend. Today when he called, was polite, courteous but didn’t talk feelings at all. So my question is that is he wanting just to be friends. ,I don’t want contact until I have resolved inner work but I can not just be friends for good.did he love me or thought he did? If he still scared, he can have his space.Just wondered if runner does contact without drama? I am happy he called,I don’t feel rushed or restless, just more sure that what peace I feel with him, is divine n defining relation don’t seem important. Pls share insight. Do I.keep contact or only reply when he contacts? I have karmic to finish with ex still. I am making progress, happy with me, no desperation. Thank you.

  34. Great read. I meet my twin flame in April 2012. He has already been married with kids. Now i think im going through my awakening, but i always knew it was something off about my life and especially relationships. I know feel when we planned our life it was made for me to have horrible relationships with little romance i was seeking. I could be crazy but i ar him singing all the time in my head. We had a bad fall out in September 2012 and havent spoke yet. But now i have my last companion soul matie who is like a mirror to my twin flame, im am soo serious. I do see why im here and why hee is here. Since meeting him it has made life much easier and know im becoming my spiritually aware. I do wish everyone a greet meet and life with there twin flame.

    • Hi Matthew! Great input on twin flames subject!
      Well most people pass through some intense karmic relationships, marriages and painful lovelife experiences just prior to meeting their twin flame.
      It’s nice to know that your life felt easier after meeting your twin soul and you are feeling happy! Wish you all the best with your twin souls experience too!

  35. I didn’t see a comment box under your About. Fascinating roots you have. Enjoying your blog. I, too, have a holistic health category, a window into my 13 years of study in holistic wellness and integrative nutrition. And yes, it is good to wear color. Purple, esp — good for the liver.

    Cheerleading your way.

  36. Thank you Sofia, this is so helpful, I cannot put it into the right words just HOW helpful. I am at a point where I am even wondering if everything I’ve been through in the last year was what I thought, that it ACTUALLY WAS my tf that I have met, gotten to know (quick as lightning) fell in love with, etc, etc. Yet everything I study brings me back to that fact and it is so true, whenever you doubt, look into their eyes as nothing can be hidden from the other when you look into their eyes, & when I do, it’s ALL THERE, undeniably. He and i have a vast age difference as he is 18 years younger than I. He is in a committed relationship right now that is full of jealousy, lies, manipulation, and so on from his partner. Obviously, he has those issues & the acceptance of them he has to resolve, lol! I have ended my marriage as I realized I had been living in a very unhappy & unfulfilling union for many, many years, just to BE with someone – I settled. The bond between us is undeniable, Sofia, I’m just am tired. I waited all my life, if not lifetimes to find him, he has been with me since my earliest recollection as a child. All the years talking to myself, I was talking to him, listening to him in my heart, hearing his voice, it was always him. I know I have to keep working on myself, my issues, things that stand in my way of becoming all I am to be…. I’m just tired. So much of me wants to run & get away, although its foolish to believe I’d be running from him, absolutely not, I’d be running from myself. And here I am. Thank you for your post, for making sense of something so un-sensible to most, but absolutely clear to me & others who’ve been blessed to have met their tf, which is what I try to keep in mind – this is something most people never get to experience. I may be in pain right now, but I am in a place most other people won’t ever know. Thank you Sofia & God bless you ;)

    • Heartwarming comment, dear, thank you a lot. The way you described your TF experience is so touching, shows the maturity of your soul, and be sure you are on the right track!
      That’s the best way of handling our TF ‘relationships’ – just being present and centered, accepting and loving them unconditionally, and knowing what We have to first work on in ourselves before rushing to reconnect with our twins, for they too have their own developmental and cleansing work to be done.
      Both twins will first go through resolving some karmic or difficult relationships – either with their earlier partners, spouses, or even with themselves…
      TF relationship is never easy, but it is a divine mystical experience. Twin flame brings magic into our lives – live it, enjoy it, learn from it – everything goes in its right divine order ;)

  37. My twin flame relationship lead to the inner work and experience of Gods love and Heaven on earth unity experience for which there are no words. She did not seem to advance as far in this lifetime and now I ended the relationship because it became co-dependent and heavy. I feel no need for relationship anymore just unity with God. I would be happy to share rest of human experience with someone of same resonance but not as a tool for forgiveness. I am done, no one has done anything wrong, nothing to forgive. Does this ring true for you?

    • Dear Joe,
      it certainly does!

      We are given to live our twin flame experiences for mostly spiritual and self-developmental purposes, and the actual reunion is not the ultimate aim. Some TFs help each other ‘grow up’ and then naturally grow apart.
      This happens when one has reached the wholeness within oneself and clings to no other party for ‘completion’.
      There is just silent peace, connection with the divinity and realization of your path in eternity.
      Thanks for the beautiful insight, Joe!

  38. I have to say that I have met my twin, I am certain. We are different races, and also have a 30 year age difference. The day we met is a day I will never, ever forget. He walked into the room, but his back was turned towards me, and I immediately felt this “Oh-here we go…this is it (recognition)!!!” He turned around and instantaneously there was a “meeting of the eyes” across the crowded room. We lept towards eachother out of our physical bodies and we merged above a captive audience. I remember looking “down” and “towards” people observing us, and they just kept moving their heads back and forth and up to see the connection. I even remember hearing a woman gasp. It was a scared moment for everyone in the room. I feel like if we were to walk down the street together, we could help people just by our mere presence.

    He is a very spiritual man, but I resonated with the fact that he does not show his emotions well at all…only through his music (he’s well known out in the world). When it comes to being affectionate, and touching…he seems to have a wall up. All I want to do is touch him…hold my hand on his heart, rub noses, stroke his arm, be silent and still…it’s so beyond the sexual.

    On the other hand, I had a lot of fear to deal with myself. Due to circumstances I was the runner because I had to face my shadow-self and integrate it. I am working on that right now. He served as a catalyst for my own Kundalini awakening. Now we are over 3,000 miles apart but keep in touch from time to time via e-mail, we are on our own paths. One day I believe our paths will cross in the physical again.

    Yesterday I received a message from Spirit. I was sitting in my car, thinking of my twin, and a car drove by with the license plate “Twinz4evr”. My jaw just dropped open and that right there was immediately confirming to me that I am right about this connection. No more questions asked. I feel truly blessed.

    • And you are, dear. See, the universe is communicating with you through signs in a very open straighforward way. You are seeing a lot of confirmations that this is your right twin, that you are staying connected through a great distance, and most importantly that you are on the right track to your further self-development and even a deeper spiritual awakening.
      Thank you for sharing, bless you!

  39. Thank you so much for helping me make sense of what I have been experiencing. I had never heard of a Twin Flame but after doing some reading, I now have a better understanding. I met my TF 15 yrs ago. I stood next to him at a sales conference and felt an instant connection. It was so intense. I didn’t want to leave his side. We stayed in touch on and off for years. We came together 4 yrs ago but both living geographically in different areas and in other relationships and we are different races. He has been the classic runner. Every time we get close he retreats and runs. I learned not to chase as I realized it was best to let him be. I felt the more I chase the more he will run. I always gave him his space and time. He has always come back and again some time will go by and he will run again. Emotionally it has been the most challenging difficult relationship I have experienced. I can’t get him out of my mind. When we are not communicating life does not seem the same like something is missing. I am working on my self and trying to move on in my life. My hope and wish is that someday he will stop running and this time stay for good. Thank you again for your wisdom. ;-)

    • And thank You for your bright wisdom as well!
      You understand the twinflame process so well and you are acting just the best way you can in this situation! One of the twins will start running inevitably straight after the initial stages of bonding. It will hurt the other and may last indefinite time… But the Runner always comes back.
      Best thing is to let it be, the twinflame dance is always in the active process, even though we may not hear from our twins for months and years.
      “Time will find the answer”. And trust, it always will!

  40. I always wondered whether a soul mate did really exist and perhaps I have identified one. Now I am happy I read the concept of twin flame too and will ponder on it!
    Thanks :)

  41. Sofia, thank you so very much for this! I can sense your good vibes. My name is Jasmine and I’m 19 years old. I have recently discovered that my boyfriend of three years is my twin flame which made perfect sense. It has been so hard lately but I know this is such a rare experience and I am content knowing that me and my twin will reunite once again in divine love. I have heard somewhere that you can’t cheat on a twin flame. I cheated on my twin four times in the past three years (before knowing he was my twin) and the last time I ended up going far enough to have sex with the guy. I had never really been happy with cheating, it was like a drug. I never enjoyed it. I went through deep depression and hated myself for a while, meanwhile he doesn’t know about any of this. We met on a cruise in 2010 and it was love at first sight. He ended up living in a town 35 minutes away and at the time I didn’t have a car so we have had kind of a long distance relationship. I cheated because I was insecure and looking for emotional security that I am now learning to administer for myself. It had nothing to do with my love for him and I had put up an emotional block every time I cheated because it was too painful for me to think about what I had done each time. I am spiritually awakening and have began working through all of my childhood trauma and becoming whole within myself. On saturday I am going to tell him the truth about everything for the both of us to begin healing during the separation stage. I have no doubt that he is my twin, and I am certain it is not a karmic relationship. Sofia, can you please shed any light on the cheating situation? I would really appreciate it during this hard time. Thank you for posting and inspiring so many, it is truly the strength I need.
    God bless you <3 :)

    • Thank you for sharing your feelings, Jasmine! I’m replying your comment late enough, and i’m wondering how the talk with your twin went after you’ve opened up to him..
      Seeing other partners is not really a “cheating” unless you and your twin were in a committed relationship and both stated to be loyal to each other.
      However, both twins can feel like they are cheating on the other if they get involved with other people along the way, while Not even being in a relationship with each other. That has to do with a strong soul connection which gives you a feeling of guilt for seeing others.

      Other thing, if seeing multiple partners for you is a necessity and you feel you don’t truly enjoy it but find it difficult to stop, it may have to do with some early emotional traumas you’ve been having. And it’s a good thing you are addressing them and willing to work through this!

  42. I have met my twin flame. Him & I both acknowledge what we are & the fact when we first met we ran from each other. Now we know thatwhwhen the time is right then we’ll be together. For now we stay in contact help each other the best we can & learn from each other. I know when the time is right what is meant to be will be. But man do I love him. Never been able to have my heart let go of him. When him and I are around each other its unbelievable what kind of
    connection we have. Other people actually see it & say things about it.

    • What is meant to be will be! It’s just the best and healthiest way of approaching a twinflame experience. There is really no way we can try and force or influence it except for just being remotely there for each other. Twinflame ‘couples’ who actually stay in touch are way fewer than those who choose to not communicate at all, because it’s actually much harder and more challenging to be in touch with a person you love and you cannot (yet) be with.
      The road to twinflames reunion is a roller-coaster and it teaches us to find the balance along the ride

  43. Thank you, Sofia, for providing a place for solace! I found this site after asking my Spirit Guides for help with the pain I feel after meeting, who I think is my TF. I have been through a divorce (my ex-spouse and I are now very close friends), and several intense, but loving karmic relationships in which I can tell you the lesson each of us learned through the experience…we are all still loving friends afterwards. Then I decided to practice brahmacharya/celibacy for a period of two years (I’m a yoga teacher). I was happily out of romantic relationships when suddenly, SHE walked into my yoga studio. It was like a lightning bolt had struck me, when we made eye contact. I became dizzy and disoriented…she seemed startled/tongue-tied, too. When the haze cleared, I recognized her as another yoga teacher acquaintance. She hugged me after that class and the energy between our heart chakras was intoxicating. We went on a date shortly after and it was the epitome of the perfect date. But, a few days later, she called to say that she thought we should be friends. She claimed that she didn’t feel all of the things that I did, but wanted to keep me as a close friend. Some of her friends told me that she had been walking on air after that first date…this all left me confused. We have been together a few times since. The result is always that I am energized and drawn in by this huge magnetic attraction. She, on the otherhand will draw back and need space for days/weeks at a time. Usually, she will call and draw me back in. We’ve discussed our feelings. She claims that she doesn’t feel anything, but her actions say otherwise. She is always affectionate with me, but when I draw close with my heart, she runs. Even an innocuous text message causes her to recoil dramatically. I’ve learned to give her space and she will return. She is seeing someone else…it seems like a karmic relationship to me, but she wants to keep me in her circle of friends. I’m grateful that she allows me to tell her how my heart feels, but I’m afraid that the vastness of the Love is a bit overwhelming for her. We do have a lot in common, but there is a large age difference: 20 years.

    Your website was like a balm to my heart. Please share any insights that you may have for me. With Love.

    • Dear Sam,

      it’s a pleasure to have you visiting my blog and knowing you found some useful insights here!
      I can see you are a wise mature soul, I guess you know it well yourself. The way you are conducting your relationships shows that you live your life with a good energy/emotional literacy.
      Well, what you described is a breath-taking connection. There is definitely a huge chemistry between your two souls which can be sensed even beneath the camouflage of words and rational actions.
      Heart reacts first and then the mind interferes, and here is when we start to have all the doubts, confusion and emotional pain.
      Your intuition will confirm if you are really twinflames, you can rely on signs, coincidences and dreams to get the answers.
      Your twinflame counterpart shows the signs of a “runner”, who of course feels the strength of an attraction, but “runs away” overwhelmed by the intensity of a pull… Give it a time. Too often one of the twinflames must first go through their karmic relationships and do a lot of inner work before they are ready to face their ‘twin’.
      Wishing you all the best! You do know everything always goes in its right divine course :)

      • Thank you for the reply, Sofia. Yes, I’ve learned to trust my intuition and all of the signs/synchronicities that the Universe tosses my way. :-) My (I think) TF, has since ceased communication in a rather dramatic fashion, though we’ve had very little face-to-face contact or even written contact for that matter. Her reaction is so over the top, that it seems that she is in a lot of pain. Nothing in our personal interaction warrants such a response. Our mutual friends seemed mystified and say that I should totally forget her and move on. I have…socially…moved on to seeing others and living my life. But, every day, my thoughts will be filled with her, and sometimes I will ‘feel’ her. Sometimes I feel her hurting, so I send some Reiki energy. Other times I will feel that she is happy, and I will smile back.

        All of this got me to thinking that maybe I hurt her badly in a past life. These comments always used to come up from her: “I NEED for you to let me learn to TRUST you.” (Though I’ve never betrayed her trust in any way.) “Please know that I will contact you, when I’m ready”, etc.

        While none of her comments seem to make sense in the context of our (now) relationship, perhaps her heart feels that I’ve betrayed her badly in a past life? (Her past few relationships have all ended badly with betrayal…including the one that she is/was in recently. Her friends have said that I’m the only ‘solid’ guy that she’s dated and the only one that has treated her with total respect.) Anyway, contacting her is not an option at this point and I believe that I have to ‘wait’ for her…one of my lessons, apparently.

        Have you ever done a Past Life Regression? I’ve wondered if it would tell me anything about what might have happened between us in a past incarnation. Perhaps, reveal what Karma I have to clear in my life. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

  44. Love your article very much, Sofia … I was involved with a guy who was in a long-term relationship. It was very emotionally draining experience for me, but something kept me coming back for more, I couldnt help myself, couldn’t stop seeing him…I think it’s a karmic relationship. I have always had very strong feelings for him and I am afraid I still do. I was never sure about his feelings …However, our relationship lasted for 6 years and it was ended 3 years ago. A year after the break-up, he tried to get in touch with me, I was suprised, but happy for getting the opportunity to be in touch again. We had the most beautiful all-night-long conversation and I was sure nothing can go wrong. In moments like these, I could think of him as my soulmate, which, obviously was never the case…Unfortunatelly, something did go wrong in the following few days and he didnt want us to meet. We stopped contacting. Another year after that, we met again, talked like everything was ok and agreed to meet, but we never did somehow. I was so angry, because it seemed something (usually stupid) was always on the way of our reunion. So it seems , it’s not meant to be. Sometimes I really think I am finally over him, but then, I see him and all my feelings reappear very intensely. I cant understand that. It should be so over by now. Time passes, my love for him doesn’t seem to decrease. I can’t let go of a feeling that we could have had a much more…All of that lasts for too long…Does this vicious circle ever end????? Please, Sofia, share any thoughts you have about the hardship I’ve found myself in.
    All the best!!!

    • Dear Mila, I think you and your twin soul… or a soul that definitely keeps on being connected with yours through so many years :) , are actually going through a classic twinflame dance.
      Dance is a process of leaving, coming back, bonding, and leaving again… And it usually lasts years.
      You can end this “circle” ;) by simply cutting all means of contact with that person, but the soul connection will remain and he will keep pulling the strings of your soul. Best thing is to focus on everything else in your life as you did by now and keep twinflame as a beautiful dream. Time will give you more signs if you can really be together some day.

      • I have been going back and forth for the last 14 years with my ex. I love him unconditionally and is in the process of letting go and trying to move on. I feel that no matter how hard I cut communication with him and ignore him it still didn’t stop him from contacting me about something. Idk what to do

  45. Love the article, very informative.
    I had an experience, or probably still having the experience which begun after meeting someone a little over two years ago. The first thing that struck me about the connection is that after I met her, and not having anyway to contact her, I could not get her out of my mind. For three months I thought about her and searched almost obsessively, which is unlike me. After finally making contact, the first date was an instant connection and everything developed in a very very deep and close bond. I recall record breaking kissing the entire night on several occasions with everyone staring at us at the parties. I can’t really speak for her, but I started noticing lots of synchronizing events occurring. The first six months of the relationship I felt like I was in a dream like state, I kept staring at her all the time, she always look so familiar to me. A few times I had to get away from her, though I was sure that I loved her, it felt like she was just pulling me too hard too fast. So I would break contact for a couple of weeks. The devastating turn of events occurred when she broke up with me for probably good reasons. I never expected it. See, even though we fight at times, I always knew we loved each other. So, I never saw it coming. I immediately broke down in tears, collected myself and went home to nurse my wound. Couldn’t believe she made me cry. Even after the break up, I still felt like it wasn’t over, just give her some space, and she will call. She never called, and neither did I. For two months I cried, and cried everyday, could not get over the pain, I would break down at work, I was traumatized. I would be driving home from work and break down in tears. All these things never happened to me before. I couldn’t sleep or eat much. For about two weeks I noticed my whole body felt like it was vibrating, buzzing. My friends tried to help me, and they did a little, but the pain would just never go away. It was like a deep loss, like a part of me was missing. And even though I hated that she broke up with me, I knew I still loved her. To me she was perfect despite her flaws, the connection was what I always wanted but just never knew it. I read so many self help books online, and things about soul connection which helped me a bit. After two months of crying and starting to become more sensitive to everything, I finally started to make improvement by just trusting and letting go. See I had to let go, because the holding on was killing me. I also noticed that I kept seeing 11:11, no matter where I was, I would be compelled to look at the clock at these times, also three digit numbers. Three months after the breakup she called, and lo and behold, all was forgiven and we jumped right back into loving each other. Of course she blamed me for the breakup. After about five months of great times and rocky roads, she broke up with me once again. The pain was bad, but not like before. I was stronger the second time around. I let her go and I did not call. I even changed my number, but you know what, not one day had passed that I didn’t think of her. Ten months after the second breakup, and with no number to contact me even if she wanted to. There was a note on my car saying how much she feels loss and is missing me, and can’t live without me. I ignored her many messages that she left on my car, partly for fear of being hurt again. Some of the problems were certainly my fault, but I always wanted to work it out. Eventually I made contact, and she wanted to start again, but I was stronger, or perhaps even more fearful. I told her I can’t get back with her. I loved her dearly, still do. I think about her everyday, and everyday I have to resist the temptation to call or text. Personally, I have changed so much from the experience. I feel more alive, my senses, my consciousness feels more heightened. My hands tingle whenever I get a feeling about stuff, and the numbers are still recurring. I’m going through many changes at this time, job, family, friends, everything is changing. Maybe it’s because our birthdays were so close together why we fought each other and had so many insecurities between us. The relationship made me realize a couple of things. Before her, I didn’t know what true love was, I could never stop loving her despite how hard I tried to hate her, and I will always think of her.

    • That is a beautiful story I’m more or less in the same boat except I ran away and for two months it felt like the worse break up ever, sleepless nights, massive breakouts on the face, extremely tired, bouts of sadness here and there, crying at night. I never felt like this before, the feelings are so strong. Now I feel better and stronger. I can manage to have some sleep now. I think I let it go and will just go with the flow even though we are more or less in contact with each other.

      • Thanks Black Widow, I wish I knew the meaning of this weird and freakish experience, which makes me sound like a loony if I dare try to explain to someone who never experienced this before.

        For a while I thought that no one else had this experience, which drove me to search for answers. It was then I realized that many folks shared similar experience and I was not alone. When she broke up with me, it was as if I was in the depths of hell, tormented, and tortured. Those two months were the longest agonizing two months of my life. She was the runner it seems, but it also seems that our rolls reversed at times. I think I am the more spiritual one. We wanted to marry and perhaps had a child or two before it was entirely too late for her to have anymore, but she was less patient in waiting. And so, I believed she was seeing another which caused the second breakup. See, for some wicked reason, I was always able to feel her and know whenever she wasn’t being honest. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get. Anyway she would lie and I would know, but really I am not normally an insecure person; however, she draws it out of me and that fueled the arguments. The first thing that I noticed about her when we first met was that she was just like me. It was as though I was conversing with myself. We had lots in common, and she would know precisely what to say to make me feel better whenever I was down. I never knew words from another person could be so effective. Now 10 months after absolutely no contact, she is back and professing love and feeling lost without me. Now she doesn’t care about money anymore, as she once did. Now she just wants it to work. She seem more humbled now, but there is just one problem. She broke up with me twice before, and both times I felt that it was because of someone else. I have no proof of that, but I do trust my feelings. The pain that I endured from both breakups have left me tired and weary, and I just don’t trust her. So now she is chasing and I am running, because I see more pain ahead, and even though I have changed and have a much better understanding of the dynamics of this type of spiritual connection / twin flame stuff if that’s what it is. We need more time apart before we can ever try again, she needs grow spiritually first. We are not separated, even as I write these words, I can feel her energy within me, and it never left since the day I met her. I suspect it never will. I hope Sofia can shed some light on my experience.

        • Sorry for the double post
          Thanks Black Widow, I wish I knew the meaning of this weird and freakish experience, which makes me sound like a loony if I dare try to explain to someone who never experienced this before.

          For a while I thought that no one else had this experience, which drove me to search for answers. It was then I realized that many folks shared similar experience and I was not alone. When she broke up with me, it was as if I was in the depths of hell, tormented, and tortured. Those two months were the longest agonizing two months of my life. She was the runner it seems, but it also seems that our rolls reversed at times. I think I am the more spiritual one. We wanted to marry and perhaps had a child or two before it was entirely too late for her to have anymore, but she was less patient in waiting. And so, I believed she was seeing another which caused the second breakup. See, for some wicked reason, I was always able to feel her and know whenever she wasn’t being honest. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get. Anyway she would lie and I would know, but really I am not normally an insecure person; however, she draws it out of me and that fueled the arguments. The first thing that I noticed about her when we first met was that she was just like me. It was as though I was conversing with myself. We had lots in common, and she would know precisely what to say to make me feel better whenever I was down. I never knew words from another person could be so effective. Now 10 months after absolutely no contact, she is back and professing love and feeling lost without me. Now she doesn’t care about money anymore, as she once did. Now she just wants it to work. She seem more humbled now, but there is just one problem. She broke up with me twice before, and both times I felt that it was because of someone else. I have no proof of that, but I do trust my feelings. The pain that I endured from both breakups have left me tired and weary, and I just don’t trust her. So now she is chasing and I am running, because I see more pain ahead, and even though I have changed and have a much better understanding of the dynamics of this type of spiritual connection / twin flame stuff if that’s what it is. We need more time apart before we can ever try again, she needs grow spiritually first. We are not separated, even as I write these words, I can feel her energy within me, and it never left since the day I met her. I suspect it never will. I hope Sofia can shed some light on my experience.

    • That is a heartfelt experience you went through and shared, and I was touched to read it!
      You two are definitely twinflames as there were a lot of synchronicities involved around you two.

      First that your birthdays are so close together signifies your two souls have a definite tight relation. I believe there are repetitive nimbers in your birth dates as well.

      Second, the fact you seeing numbers 11:11 mean you have entered a new significant phase in your life – your vibrations are rising, you are awakening to many new things and experiencing a lot of changes in all aspects of life – as you yourself observed.

      When people start seeing repetitive numbers, particularly 11:11, this can also mean they have met their twinflame as 11:11 represents the mirrored aspects of twinflames.

      Be sure that your twin is certainly going through all the same experiences and she is spiritually developing and awakening at her own pace.

      Your love was deep and mutual, it still is. But, just like you said, you as twinflames are going through a process of a “dance”, where one is running, other one is chasing, and so interchangeably…

      I believe it’s not done for you two yet. Time will show!

  46. Dearest Sofia,
    Your post touched my heart so deeply, thank you for writing this it is helping me a lot in understanding Soulmates vs twinflames vs karmic relationships. I have a question I believe I married my TF (been 2 years so far with a total of 5 years together) and this year has been a full year of push/pull. He cheated (which he has never done before while I was out of the country) and lied to me earlier in the year (which from reading above you’ve mentioned can happen due to the male feeling smothered and their freedom being compromised). As a result I pushed and then he pulled and then I pushed more etc. His lying and cheating caused a separation and we no longer live together. I can’t accept that he did this to me I cried and grieved for months but in that time grew a lot, grew closer to my “true self”.

    Truly I am not able to get over him we’re now separated. It’s the same for him he can’t get over me. We cry every time we meet each other out of sadness. With everything that happened this year my Twinflame helped me realize my true self, came through a lot of meditation for spiritual awakening for me. He still has to go on his journey so I can’t have him back in my life right now – good to know that twinflames will reunite again. I feel like he has to go through his stuff to realize who he really is… some type of awakening on his part? Does this make any sense?

    We have some unusual similarities I wanted to run by you. We both have the same birthmark in the same place (small mole near our lip on the same side, very similar looking baby pictures (same picture taken in the same outfits), same swing-set etc. Are these common signs of the Twinflame?

    Can you by any chance tell if we are twinflames from a picture?

    • Dear Sonia, thank you for sharing your story. You do have many similarities between you two, you are definitely souls related. But I will need to talk with you more in person to precisely define your type of soul connection

  47. I am pretty surprised to be even thinking that I met my twin flame. I knew nothing about twin flames and really didn’t think much about karma and past lives until recently. I’m 26 and met him almost 5 months ago. He was in NM for just a few days, visiting from CA. We had an instant attraction and spent 2 great nights together before he had to fly back. I then visited him for a week in CA about a month later. It was mostly wonderful with a few small issues that I just recognized as his ego getting in the way. ALSO many synchronicities have occurred before meeting him & after, and lots in CA. The night we met, I asked him why he was so amazing and he said he was a reflection of me. I didn’t think twice about his sincerity. He is a deeply spiritual man, and I would say I’ve been a seeker all of my life. I told my friends the day after we met that the way I felt with him was exactly the feeling I’ve been searching for all of my life (in a relationship). I’m practically never in relationships. Just been traveling and learning all of my life with a faint belief that the time would come. I never imagined I’d meet my twin flame. However, I’m unsure that’s what this is. He has stepped back since I left CA. He was supposed to come to NM soon but he just hasn’t called me. He is super busy with many projects so I thought I’d just be patient while he worked all of that out. I feel like I’ve waited all my life, and perhaps many lifetimes for him, so what’s a few more weeks? Well, now it’s been 1.5 months. I still feel very strongly about him and have even felt like I could feel him with me, especially when in meditation or smoking herb (which is something he does regularly). 11:11 continues to come up for me. Many 33s recently. And also I’ve been asking my guides to slowly take my heart away if he is not good for me. But when I see a picture of him or hear him singing (youtube videos of his band), I just feel really happy and content. I miss him dearly, but I feel compassion for him and know that he may just need more time. My tarot card reader said to be patient and retreat. She also said he envisioned me as a princess when he met me and was very sad to let me go when I had to fly back to NM. An oracle card reader said I had just cleared some major karma and that my angels kept wanting me to know that I was deeply loved. She said she felt a deep soul connection and that I had some big love coming. Also big changes were a theme and patience as well. OH and I feel like I was already going through a big spiritual awakening in my life and since I met him, I feel like it’s accelerated considerably. I understand things much differently. Sorry this is so long, but I have been wanting to share this and get an opinion. Also, he and I could stare into each others eyes for long periods and I didn’t feel weird about it at all, and I usually can’t do that with anyone (too intense). Could he just be a karmic thing or could he just float away from me forever now? I can’t imagine that. It’s hurtful to think of that, but I also know that divine guidance knows better my path. In love & service, janelle

    • Hi Sofia,
      I appreciate all of your insight. I wondered if you had any thoughts about my story.
      Giving thanks,

    • Hi Janelle, thank you for sharing your story with us! It is common to see repetitive numbers and observe multiple synchronicities and signs prior to and while meeting your twinflame. Many guys who shared their stories above did so :)
      All the predictions you had are correct, you have certainly entered an important period of personal awakening, and the fact of meeting your twinflame confirms so.
      Good news is that twinflames never really “float away” from each other forever, even though they may run and break contact for months and years. But the energetic bond between the two always remains.

      • Thank you for your words! I feel that in my heart & it’s nice to get some confirmation that I’m not losing my mind :) I’ll continue to be patient and work on my own growth while I wait for my reunion. Blessings to you.

  48. I just bumped into this article, really liked it thank you. This was my story once
    I meet someone a few yrs ago on vacation, it was the most magical experience i have ever had, first time i saw him was like the world stopped and i only saw him. We seen our first super nova together and as we swam a fish came out of nowhere and jump over me. Honestly it was an instant connection, he left the resort first and it was like a movie the elevator closed i didn’t jump in on time and he left. The days following felt like i had lost someone so important to me, the vacation didn’t feel the same. We reconnected since we both happen to b from the same country. Everything after that was amazing but i ran away i got to scare and he tried to run after me but i felt i had so much to fix in me before i could be with him. We did some sort of back and forth dance for a few yrs until it was decided to just let it all come to an end and move on from us. I have all our memories in my heart and i cant seem to feel the same about any one else. We are completely in diff stages in life and it seems to much pain was felt to ever get that magic again, All i can say now is at least i felt that loved once in a lifetime, even if it was short lived.

    • It’s a beautiful twinflame experience you shared. The fish jumping out at you was in fact a cute hello from the universe that always finds the way to show us something important is happening.
      You got it right – you were in a natural back and forth twinflame process that keeps running on even if both twins have no contact with each other.
      Keep it as a good memory, the love of a lifetime.. the connection stays real

  49. I just bumped into this article, really liked it thank you. This was my story once
    I meet someone a few yrs ago on vacation, it was the most magical experience i have ever had, first time i saw him was like the world stopped and i only saw him. We seen our first super nova together and as we swam a fish came out of nowhere and jump over me. Honestly it was an instant connection, he left the resort first and it was like a movie the elevator closed i didn’t jump in on time and he left. The days following felt like i had lost someone so important to me, the vacation didn’t feel the same. We reconnected since we both happen to b from the same country. Everything after that was amazing but i ran away i got to scare and he tried to run after me but i felt i had so much to fix in me before i could be with him. We did some sort of back and forth dance for a few yrs until it was decided to just let it all come to an end and move on from us. I have all our memories in my heart and i cant seem to feel the same about any one else. We are completely in diff stages in life and it seems to much pain was felt to ever get that magic again, All i can say now is at least i felt that loved once in a lifetime, even if it was short lived.

  50. Overall this is pretty detailed, but I don’t know how common the male/female differences are. I’ve never met my Twin Flame, I think. But if there was an emotionally distant person it would probably be me. I’m female by the way and I like to think my twin is male. I’ve dreamt about him and he came off as very warm-hearted and kind. In fact, I distinctly remember feeling like I couldn’t trust him because of his playful grin. 19 years of my life and I’ve never experienced romance(never been kissed or been in a relationship) , a big reason being that intimacy makes me feel uncomfortable. And even as a child, I’ve aspired to be independent. I always felt like relationships would just happen, but I would never need one. Good thing I can think of a couple of soulmates, who are both my friends, that can help me along the way.

    • There is absolutely no rule, dear, both men and women can be emotionally restrained in relationships and avoid intimacy. We have the right to feel how we feel and choose the kind of relationship that suits us best atm.
      Twinflame usually appears when the universe decides it’s time for us to experience a major emotional shakeup, and so the rollercoaster begins )

  51. Sofia, So happy to chance upon this article. I have been married twice – two “karmic relationships”, I am sure of it. Deep connection but intense clashes and imbalance of power. Thank goodness peace and understanding have come about after many years with my first husband, father of my three grown children. I have finally released myself from the entanglement of my second marriage partner – different angle but very similar pattern. I have been deeply on a spiritual path all my life and feel that I have finally “got it” – what my part is in these relationships. I am happily free and on my own in a new city. I have taken the time to get clarity and feel my own power, especially in the past 6-7 months. I guess I have been dead to the beauty of relationship for so long that hearing your description of “soul mate” and especially “twin flame” has rekindled my spark. I have come to love, accept and understand myself at this time in a way I never have (in this lifetime!) I have been in a place of great peace and satisfied with that most of all. Perhaps I will meet a true love in this life after all! I’ll be darned:) Thank you for helping me open to this experience!
    Radiant light to you, joyce

    • Thank you, dear Joyce, for sharing your beautiful story, I wish you much light and Love you so deserve straight ahead on your way! :)
      The thing is you understand everything happening in your life so right! You have been in two consecutive karmic marriages – where you needed to live through some important experiences with both your previous spouses, learn your lessons and eventually break free. And in these process you’ve helped both those men and yourself evolve further.
      Done that quest successfully and now you are continuing further Light and Free. You can be certain of meeting an important soul connection on your way in the soon future :)

  52. Hi,

    I want to share my experience.
    I think I met my twin soul. Before I met him I was an over-rational person. Everything spiritual seemed silly to me. I had some spiritual signs, but I always thought it was due to pscyhological effects.
    I didn’t know what a “twin soul” was. I met a person and we separated. The details are a little unnecessary.
    I changed so much without being aware of it, that other people often tell me I changed even physically. They told me I was getting sweeter and more beautiful. It sounded strange to me because I felt I was different, but thought difficult to seem sweeter when I was (and I still am) feeling an extreme pain because he is absent.
    I tried everything to hate him and forget him. Once I was in bed and I felt something in my stomach so deep, like the feeling that the other half – literally – was missing. I thought I was alucinating and I was a little desesperate, so I searched for the meaning of “the other half” and similar concepts at google. Of course there’s some misunderstanding about the concept in some pages, but I found a description of twin souls that matched with my situation in an unbelievable way. It was not only the internal motives, like the matches I am able to identify, but also very strange things that were described as external signs that happened in order to make me understand.
    Of course we’re apart from each other, and I am suffering a lot. I still doubt if it’s all only inside my mind. But for the first time I am getting independent, it is a strange feeling because you start to see yourself more clearly, and you are not able to doubt of certain things anymore, even if you want to.

    • Amazing experience you went through, and believe me, you did not imagine anything. Sudden unusual feelings and realizations may at first seem supernatural or just a figment of our imagination, but they are not. They are real. And they only signify the beginning of even more interesting and unusual phase in your life

  53. Thank you so much for this post, I feel like crying out of both sadness and joy.
    I actually found you by searching “emotional unavailability” because I can’t get over someone who seems too afraid to have a relationship with me. He is the most fascinating man I have ever met, I hadn’t known there could be someone this similar to myself, in every way. We’ve got the most amazing connection and finish each other’s sentences. But whenever we get close, he pulls away.

    Now that I have read your article, things start to make sense to me. I don’t know much about spirituality (only that we are supposed to be in a special changing time) nor have I spent much time cultivating my soul or my intuition, so I’m not sure whether he could be my twin flame or not. If yes, does it mean that we are never going to be together? I’m currently having a fling with my soul mate as per your definition but I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’m meant to be with the other one. I wonder how I’m supposed to have a serious relationship with someone actually knowing that someone else is the ‘one’?

    • You most definitely found your twinflame if you both feel a strong and almost supernatural pull towards each other, see each other in dreams and constantly bump into signs that remind you of that person. This should be mutual.
      But notwithstanding that strong attraction, one of you will ‘back off’ shortly after the bonding happened… This means that the real process of a twinflame dance started.
      We may be involving into relationships with other people in meantime, and many soulmates can come along the way here. But the image of our twin will somehow remain in the back of our mind…
      But we should try not to get ‘stuck’ on our twins, even though we know they exist and where they are. Because in meanwhile we may miss on other important connections that we are also destined to go through

  54. Thank you very much for your response. Yes, there is this incredible attraction to each other and at least I do dream of him and keep being reminded of him on a daily basis, whether it has to do with one of his hobbies, his name, his living or working place, his job, his nationality….I haven’t asked him directly if this happens to him, but as he used to contact me in a context with something that had made him think of me in the first place, I guess yes.

    How shortly is “shortly”, as we both backed off after one month because things felt way too intense. I reconsidered and wanted us to slow down a bit whereas he totally pulled back, claiming to be too busy and having no time, even though he feels the same extraordinary connection as I do. Still he just can’t let go and keeps contacting me every now and then. He said to be scared of the inevitable “more” that would follow if we got fully involved. It’s driving me crazy, I feel as if we were meant to be together if it weren’t for him sabotaging us. I have never in my life wanted anything more than being with him, it’s like a part of my heart were missing. I’ve been very introspective these days, discovering patterns and traits that I should change or make peace with, it has a lot to do with self-sufficiency.

    You know, your article seems to explain the situation perfectly and it’s a comforting thought of him being my twin and coming back some day sooner or later, but on the other hand I might just be overly obsessed with a regular commitment phobist…
    In any case, I will have to learn to accept his unwillingness and move on, keeping the memories.Thank you for this wonderful page.

    • Hi cherry, your twin encounter is near identical to mine, he pulled away after 6 weeks n said he was scared. I to keep thinking is that commitment phobic, his previous karmic being aggressive encounters and my karmic being similar too. Still all his flaws don’t seem to matter n logic is giving up on. I have stopped pinning for him but don’t connect with anyone else since. It’s confusing of twin or not but don’t want relationship with anyone else.Let’s hear what others have to say about it. Pls share

      • Thank you ‘found twin’, I do understand what you mean. The only “flaw” I see in my potential twin is his unwillingness/fear and I am genuinely afraid no-one could ever live up to him. I know I’ve got a good connection with my before-mentioned soulmate, it’s effortless, rewarding and fun being around him, but I just can’t get my twin out of my head. We have so much in common, share so many similar experiences, beliefs, likes/dislikes and expectations in life that at some point I felt like talking to myself. Often we would say the same things at the same time, to our mutual surprise. It’s very painful for me not being with him.

        But it is slowly dawning on me that there is no way to hurry things. I hope some day we will be together again but in the meantime I will work on my issues to become the person I want to be. Funny enough I came to this conclusion three weeks ago, before even starting my researches on this topic and landing on this website, where the whole process is already written down, matching my very own experience. So in the end it doesn’t matter if he really is my twin or not, as long as the experience makes me want to grow and improve myself.

        I guess if you don’t feel like having a relationship with someone else than your twin, then just don’t have it. Make yourself happy being on your own, as we are supposed to be.

        • Totally agree, why force yourself in a relationship if you dont feel like one. Though I do want warmth still but I know wont feel the same as the twin, so I will keep pining. I too have a soulmate, who is in another relationshpi, but I dont feel like breaking his relationship off. He loves me to bits, It’s effortless with him but the connection beyond that I have with twin is missing with the soul mate. And since I know how intense I feel for the twin, somehow going down the soul mate route doesnt seem fair on the soul mate. No rules, not ruling out future relationships, just dont see myself wanting one yet. However, I must add that the encounter has made me grow and the points Sofia raised about Man having to express feelings and woman having to becoming self reliant and not need a man, is identical to how I see it with my twin. I have become self reliant this whole year. Whether or not his feelings opening up and he is progressing with the karmic relationships his side, remains to be seen. I could contact him but choosing not to. Did give him calls few months back and he didnt respond. Then saw is missed called months later but didnt feel it was time to call. Feelings change from time to time while we grow and feel different about ourselves. The wholeness is coming through, must add though I can still connect and sense him whenever I want, that intensity has not gotten less no matter how long the contact has not been there. So it does make me wonder that there is more to this than just plain commitment phobic. And I surely dont need validation from a man as other men showing me interest but I m not tempted to take it any further. So time will reveal the answers, I sure am loving the new me. I am sure so are you. Keep at it.

        • Dear CherryDarling and FoundTwin, what you are having is a classical twin flame dynamics! :) All what you feel and sense, your TF feels and senses too. You share all those signs and synchoricities, be sure it’s mutual.
          Male TF is usually a Runner (he is not necessarily a commitment phobist or emotioinally unavailable), simply the feelings and the attraction at initial stages go so intense that one of the twins normally backs off a little.
          Always remains in a direct or indirect touch though, and hears from himself once in a while.
          TF Runners run but always come back. He is also doing a great inner work now, you both do.
          Overall, TF connection is so important because it eventually helps us become even better versions of ourselves, wiser, more patient, less egocentric, more enlightened.
          This is not the end yet

        • Hi Cherry Darling,

          I want to say I had a similar experience. I met him an year ago and I was a different person. I can’t stop thinking about us, and when I do, I dream of him. We ended several times and after that I met him in the street several times. He had the same problems I had in his childhood and when we had sex, it was unique. He had the same sensibilty I have in music, in poetry, in the way he looks at people. He’s much older and I think he doesn’t believe in us. I started crying every night and I was desperate, and I don’t know really how I have strength to go on.
          At the beginning I thought I was just obsessed, and maybe I am. He always met me when he wanted to, and kept saying he is always busy, when I sent a message to him.
          I feel so sad because I know he’s my twin flame, and he doesn’t recognize it. He keeps running, he doesn’t even give an explanation about what he really wants or feels, or about what stands in our way, and I am so sad. I feel I deserve an explanation, something human from him. I stopped contact him, but now i’m just trying to survive, because I know we must stand for ourselves and not depend on other person, but it is difficult when you found the person you want to be with. It is as if I see my lie passing in front of me.

          • The fact that your twin flame is running away from you, distances and avoids discussing the things is the actual confirmation of him feeling all the same feelings that you feel and realizing the unusualness of your connection.
            TF male Runners are often confused for emotionally unavailable, if we look at TF relationship from a conventional angle.
            So he is simply running and trying to analyse what’s happening to him on his own.
            TF Runners always come back when it’s their time and manifest when they are ready and feel confident enough to do so.

            • @Found Twin: When I read your post for the first time a while ago, I wanted to point out that maybe if your soulmate loves you this much, he shouldn’t be with someone else anyway and if he wants to be with you, it can’t be your “fault” that he ends his relationship. But you know what, in the meantime I have actually started to feel the same aversion to having a relationship with my own soulmate, even though we get along so well and there is no other person involved who’d get hurt. At the moment I simply feel like not having any relationship at all. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, it’s either me becoming more independent or then focusing on my tf way too much. I really don’t know.

              @Sofia: Thank you so much! I really hope he is experiencing the same, but even if not, I’m working on being grateful for having met him and had a glimpse of the person I actually want to be. If that is the only outcome of this awfully painful year, I will just make the best of it and of myself.

              @Anonymous: Thank you for sharing your story, I know how you feel. I have known my twin flame for 10 months and the past 7 have been just back and forth….is it real, is it an illusion, did I imagine everything, was there a real connection or just an obsession, did he feel the same….? It took me a lot of time to come to the following conclusion: If he is my twin flame, he will come back some day or another. Instead of obsessing about him and trying to label this experience, I try to live my life the way I want to live it, getting rid of things that slow me down, reconsidering my beliefs, my goals, my behavior, my expectations, facing my fears, disappointments and insecurities. I know this sounds really lame, but the encounters with my tf really made me think about myself and wanting to do and be better than before, so that’s what I’m focusing on. There are so many parts of him that I understand perfectly, because I have them myself (not necessarily good things!). Other parts are quite the opposite of me, they made me think of my own short-comings that I have always denied. Even if some day he turns out to not be my tf but just any jerk that wouldn’t commit, I’m grateful for these insights. Maybe he isn’t really meant to be with me but just to make me see, who knows. I’m taking life as a journey of wonderful chance encounters and any of them will teach me something if I’m open to listen and learn.

              • Hi again Cherry,

                You are right and I’ve been thinking that way a long time ago. I recognize I’ve been living my life depending on other people, and I thank God the opportunity he gave me to overcome my behaviour. All my life I kept being someone false, and now I have the keys to follow my inner truth.
                Sometimes I miss him too much, that’s all. And perhaps I’m living in the past for too long.
                I don’t want to seem lame too, but I used to think I was laying by his side when I couldn’t sleep and it was the only way I could fell asleep peacefully. It was my way of imagining we both could forget our egos and unite by heart.
                I kept wondering he acted with me the same way he acted with other women, but sincerely, I too acted in an obsessed way just like all the other times before.
                I wish one day I overcome the strains that keep me slave of my pains, with or without him it would be something nice.

                • I utterly understand you. I never thought of myself as being needy or obsessive or clingy, but turns out I’m full of fear of people rejecting me and not loving me. I tried to force my tf to commit just out of my own insecurity. If you ask my girlfriends, they would never think of me in this way as I am normally a very outgoing, selfconfident, frank, courageous and adventurous person, never afraid to say what I think and most of the time careless of other people’s opinion. I used to watch movies and not be able to identify with the girly girl being obsessive, insecure and playing games, but yeah, turns out I also have this in me (partly because of my childhood/adolescence) but I’m doing my best to change it.
                  Believe me, I do miss him very much and at times I feel like I can’t go on like this. I’ve got the feeling that everything is SO clear and that we’re meant to be together, but why aren’t we? Still, I try to refocus on myself instead of him, even though it’s quite hard. I hope you will find a solution and also some helpful distraction to get through this. And I really hope some day you and your tf’s paths will cross again. Keep in mind that even if not, you managed to develop and become stronger and more grounded in any way! And if it’s not him, it might be someone else (beside of yourself!) to benefit from this in the future.

                  • There is a great video by mr. Mel (goldraytwinflames youtube channel), called “Twin Flames. The Runner Keeps Returning”.
                    I really recommend you check it because it’s a great perspective of an awakened male twin, touching upon all the peculiarities of a twin flames union we’ve been mentioning (running and longing, and so on). Precious insight and no romantic narration ;)

                    • Cherry:
                      You are right. I think the problem is all of the misconceptions we have about love and the selfish patterns we develop, they just don’t allow us to go further. I am taking baby steps to achieve inner peace for me and for others. He helped me a lot in my spiritual awakening, that’s what I need to focus on. I feel someone digged into my soul and screamed me it’s the time to wake up.
                      I wish the same for you. That you both can reunite in a more mature union. And if that’s not possible, then I’m sure you’ll become someone better after that, and more prepared to accept the world with truth and consciousness.

                      Sofia: thank you for your recommendation. Mel is really very sobber and inspiring. I also want to thank you for having created this website, is really a good opportunity to express and share experiences and a chance to grow :)

                    • I watched Mel video n it’s so timely and I am grateful for this recommendation n website.it’s got my Perspective back on me and I know my twin has to do his work,I will just keep working on myself n take things as they come with tf with no over analysis needed. Thank you.

                    • I’m happy you liked it. Mel in goldraytwinflames has his perspective on the subjects, other psychics who write about twin flames have slightly different views on some points.. But in general, I recommend goldraytwinflames video lectures on TFs as rather enlightening and informative. You are very welcome!

                    • Thank you for the recommendation Sofia, I like this channel and couldn’t stop watching the other videos as well.

                      Found twin & Anonymous: Thank you for your wishes! I hope you will have the strength to keep up the work for/on you, as well. Please let me know if you are interested in exchanging emails on this topic, I would be happy to chat about it sometime.

                    • I’m happy that resource helped you as well. Mel says a lot of useful things :)
                      And we can talk more in person over email or skype about it when I create the time for private consultations :) Much love to you all!

  55. Dear,

    I am a girl of age 28….I currently have a medical problem (pre mature ovarian failure) and doctors said that i cant give birth to child. I had a love failure at the age of 18 and was single was few years..then i met this guy who proposed me and i was hesitant to accept his proposal because of fear of my medical condition. But at a later stage i accepted and i was in relationship with this guy for 4 years….but soon one day this relationship came to end….but still i am in touch with him as good friends….later after this break up i met a guy who knows everything about me and proposed me…i accepted his proposal and we are in relationship. this guy is very rude and arrogant and hurts me a lot..but still i am not able to come out of this relationsip…now one of my colleague proposed me…He introduced as good friend, became close to me and he even knows that i am in relationship with that guy…he proposed me saying that i am ur twin soul…what shall i do now????? should i stay single….or get into relationship????? with whom???? why so many guys in my life???? I find myself guilty for having so many relationship….

    • Sindhu, I believe you feel the need to have a caring trustworthy partner in your life, and that wish is normal for every woman. Probably, you are a lovely beautiful person and that’s why you have many men willing to be with you.
      But you have to decide for yourself who you truly want to be with. I believe you shouldn’t compromise your dignity and your physical security and stay in abusive relationship.
      Follow your heart and choose a man who will love and appreciate you.
      The one who said to be your twin soul (if he is) must evoke strong response in your soul and all your feelings. Listen to your inner self to find out if it’s so

  56. Hi sindhu,

    In my opinion, you should listen sincerely what your heart says about it. Guilty is something very powerfull. It is a way of control induced in your psychology by society. You shouldn’t feel guilty of anything. Think about what the situation is trying to say to you and try to understand with your heart what can all these people teach you with their presence in your life. You will always act in the right direction when you forget everything and listen to your heart. Take a deep breath and forget all you can learn trough your thoughts. Try to do this before sleep.

  57. I am a bit crushed right now. I have really been convinced that I found my own tf. I have felt all the signs and I really didn’t know what it all meant until I started to google aspects of our connection. This is one of the helpful articles I found. The man I thought was my tf pulled back and we haven’t directly spoken in over 2 months (we live in different states). Although I’ve missed him, my intuition and heart has been telling me that he will be coming back to me soon. That he just also needed to sort out the connection for himself. Well, tonight, I came across a photo on fb that made me realize he is with someone else right now. May be a recent relationship. It hit me right in the heart and I feel very confused. I felt as though we’ve had a telepathic connection over these months we haven’t spoken. And from the beginning (about 5 months) I’ve prayed a lot that my guides peel me away from the obsession if it is not for me, if it’s just of the ego. I feel I’ve grown spiritually and very much let go of my past possessive tendencies. I felt that was probably a lesson in this. I felt comfortable waiting for him to come back to me. Now that I see him in a photo with another girl, I feel so confused. I can’t really believe it. It hurts and I don’t feel like it makes any sense. Any guidance would be appreciated. <3

    • Dear Janlynguti, thank you for a touching input!
      Our intuition never lies. If your guides didn’t “peel you away” from him, that means you still have a story together.

      Please check my new article on Twin Flames that can descibe the situation more in depth.

      When TFs separate, they often try to have relationships with new partners. How it turns out, time will show.
      Many TFs try to “silence” their feelings for their twins, switching to partners that stir them less emotionally :)

      • Thanks for all your wonderful insights here. They’re comforting and I find myself returning especially when I’m feeling sad and doubtful. I am still pretty hurt & confused. I just don’t want to be making all of this up only to be disappointed in the end. I just can’t shake the connection, though. I feel it’s something I will never experience again with anyone else. I’m almost certain. I don’t know how I could. And I also don’t know how, if we never talk again, I’ll ever know what this was all about. I’m wondering how I can be at peace with this. I read you do readings. Can you tell me what that entails? Thanks, Sofia. Blessings, Janelle

        • Janelle, what you are going through is shared by many women who are living their twin flame experiences right now! because their twins are in the stage of running. I was there too.
          It’s frustrating and painful and confusing… Be sure what you are experiencing right now, your twin is feeling as well.
          Twins always return and in the time when they are more ready and less scared. Don’t worry, he is also going through important spiritual processes right now.

          Yes, shortly after the New Year I’ll start giving twin flame and soulmate readings, so we can look more indepth at the dynamics and incarnated tasks of a twin flame couple

  58. Hi Sofia, I met someone about 2 years ago and my life has never been the same since. When we met, I was in a Soul-Mate committed relationship which somewhat pushed him to do the same. Yet, he chose to have an “open-relationship” with his mate because he is unable to stay fixed on a single partner. In many ways we are polar opposites (living in different countries, coming from very different religions, having a substantial age difference), yet the bond created between us was instantaneous and stronger than any I ever experienced before. We cause each other enormous amounts of pain because we communicate in different ways, we have gone to the depths of hell and back,and yet the connection stays strong and unconditional. I am literally obsessed by this person day and night and it’s driving me to distraction. On the one hand, I wish I had never met him because I have known so much agony since then, and on the other hand, I am deathly afraid of losing him. Is what I’m describing a TF connection? Is there any way to make this process easier?

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  60. Dear Sofia,

    Very interesting information, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Could you perhaps recommend some literature about Karmic Relationships, twin flames and also about metaphysics? Moreover, when will your personal website be launched?

    Thank you!

    Much love and light,

    • Dear Shaidi, thanks for the visit! I’ll recommend my favorite metaphysical sources on the net:

      http://www.michaelteachings.com/soul_age_index.html Is a great site about a Soul science, describing its origin, ages, life cycles, reincarnations, incarnated purposes etc. This one is a particularly interesting read.

      http://loveandlivedivine.wordpress.com/twin-flame-signs/twin-flames-signs/ Blog of Divine Grace (Soul Love). Has, in my opinion, most discriptive articles on Twin Flames.

      And best twin flames channel is goldraytwinfames on youtube. They have got this sober informative approach touching the very core of Twin Flames concept, and without the usual overromanticizion! as we mentioned ;)

      I’ll come up with more links for you later :)

      Yes, in the process of putting a new website together and expecting it to be up and running by March :) And soon my metaphysical Youtube channel too ;)

      Much love back! ☼

  61. I think I met mine, but at the same time I’ve also met soulmates, so I am not entirely sure who is who.

  62. Sofia, many people here have commented that they have met their twin. I dont agree. Twinflame is true, but its is not so common that most of the people here’ll experience. Some people confuse & consider Soulmate as Twinflame. While others are dumb enough to consider sex relation as Twinflame. Your artical is very good. Twinflame relation cannot be described in words. Still whatever you have described, every word & letter is true. I just want to say. A Twinflame relation is like one in Million. & to get a opportunity to meet a Twin physically in your life is even more rarer. It is so rare that I can describe it as a drop of nectar in desert. It occurs once in many centuries. The person who has met his twin in physical is nothing short of God. Thanks for your beautiful post Sofia. & people think before you say that your relation is Twinflame. If really it is so then there is nothing more good than that. But if isn’t & you are misunderstood, then it’ll be insult of God.

    • Good insight, Shailesh Ghatkar. It is true that it’s not always easy to tell who is a twin soul, who is a soulmate etc. Sometimes people experience a strong soulmate attraction and think this is their twin. Truth is, it’s not always easy to tell. Only a psychic reading or your own hunch and certain ‘signs’ can really tell if it’s your twin flame.
      Twin flames are not millions, they are more like hundreds. And this is One soul in two bodies on some earthly mission – not a romantic relationship. Whereas soulmates are mostly here to support and encourage e.o. and engage into all sorts of relationships.
      Aside of that, there is a number of other soul connections that we are here to experience with other people.

  63. Hi Sofia, I met someone about 2 years ago and my life has never been the same since. When we met, I was in a Soul-Mate committed relationship which somewhat pushed him to do the same. Yet, he chose to have an “open-relationship” with his mate because he is unable to stay fixed on a single partner. In many ways we are polar opposites (living in different countries, coming from very different religions, having a substantial age difference), yet the bond created between us was instantaneous and stronger than any I ever experienced before. We cause each other enormous amounts of pain because we communicate in different ways, we have gone to the depths of hell and back,and yet the connection stays strong and unconditional. I am literally obsessed by this person day and night and it’s driving me to distraction. On the one hand, I wish I had never met him because I have known so much agony since then, and on the other hand, I am deathly afraid of losing him. Is what I’m describing a TF connection? Is there any way to make this process easier?

    • Hi Eliza, what you described sounds like a twin flame connection… There is a number of ways to understand this connection and how to possibly make it flow easier, also directing it into the right stream. I advise you check goldraytwinflames youtube channel, where they give some great practical advice on twin flames thing! It’s packed with helpful info :)

  64. I love your articles on Twin Flames/Twin souls which are mostly accurate :-) It is confusing for a lot of people. I have been told my younger son is a Twin Soul of mine (he is part of my soul). I have also been told my Twin Flame is not incarnate, he is behind the veil. Twin Soul is similar to Twin Flame, but most often the Twin Flame is behind the veil acting as a guide. Some of the labels I’ve heard are Soulmate (which we can have many many), then there can be Twin Mate, Twin Souls, Twin Flame, Twin Ray and Eternal Flame. I guess the Eternal Flame would be equivalent to Twin Flame. Also to get more confusing with terms like Monads, Oversoul, Soul Group, Higher Self etc…. Also I have a lovely friend I’ve known for 20 years and for a number of years I thought he was my Twin Flame, he seemed to fit some of the boxes, but I now know him to be a very close Soulmate where we’ve shared many lives and always supporting each other. My younger son (twin soul) is also a soul I’ve had many lives with and shared many different roles. I recognised his soul when he was born and I instantly fell in love with his beautiful soul. He is 13 now and he is still very special :-)
    Susan (Kiwi Girl)

  65. Hi Sofia. I really love your articles on Twin Souls/Twin Flames :-) It’s a subject I’ve been interested in for a few years now. I have a close friend who a few years ago I thought he was a Twin Flame, but now know he is in fact a very close Soulmate. Probably about 4 years ago I started seeing the numbers 11.11 a lot and more recently see the numbers 22 and 44. My numerology lifepath number is 11 :-) I have been told by a few psychics my Twin Flame is behind the veil. I have also been told my younger son is a Twin Soul of mine, (he is part of me). He is 13 now and I instantly recognised his soul when he was born, just felt he was very special to me. We have had lots of lives together in different roles apparently. I have heard of different labellings of Soul Connections, like Soulmates as you have mentioned we can have many of these connections. There is also Twin Mates, Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Twin Ray and Eternal Flame. I guess the Eternal Flame would be what some people call the Twin Flame. To confuse even more we are all part of a Soul Grouping, or some people say Monad, Oversoul, Higher Self etc, but our souls did originate from a split soul. I haven’t really had too much contact with my Twin Flame behind the veil, but then again I probably actually have over the past 5 to 6 years when what I thought was connecting to a Spirit Guide was in fact my Twin Flame…;-)
    Love and Blessings
    Susan (Kiwi Girl)

    • Dear Susan!

      I loved reading your insights! It’s impressive how well you understand the soul ties and origins… It is true, all souls originated from the same Absolute, and One soul can be incarnated, (or what I like to call it more) “aspected” in Many bodies. A soul is not individual, belonging only to me/you, one individual exclusively… In fact, our soul families, or soulmates, karmic soulmates often are just another simultaneous ’embodiments’ of the same soul… As well as lots of our simultaneously existing ‘doubles’ that we don’t know of and will never have a chance to meet.
      The connection that you recognized with your son is beautiful! This is a close soul relation and such soul twins incarnate together within the same bloodine to often support, protect and encourage each other on their lifepath.
      I’m sure your twin flame’s energy is near and the repetitive numbers point at that. It doesn’t matter if you are together in body or not, twin flames are nevetheless always bonded energetically and protect and guide each other.
      Another reason why you see repetitive numbers is because your own vibrational frequency is rather high at this point, you know and are aware of esoteric aspects of life and your energies are enlightening.
      Well, such souls come here not for easy lives, but for big things – these are born protectors, contributors, healers and educators of the society. I am sure you are just one of such!
      Love and light to you always!

  66. Hi Sofia.. Thanks so much for your lovely reply :-) Ooops I sent my comment twice as the first one I thought I had deleted it so I wrote another one ;-) Yes, I’ve been told a few things from my guides about my soul and have met some amazing people over the past 4-5 years :-) I love your Blog and the way you write :-)
    Much Love and Blessings to you :-)
    Susan (Kiwi Girl) XOX

  67. I enjoyed reading this, its good information, thank you.

    Authentic twin flames are extremely rare. Two people falling madly deeply in love, being on each others minds 24 7, and have everything in common, are common to most couples. What sets authentic twin flames apart is what I like to call the pre-physical union mystical period. This period only lasts a few months and includes telepathy (as clear as speaking over a phone and hour long conversations) daily intense visions of eachother, communication with angelic beings who guide you through the mystical period, an explosion of Kundilini energy (his energy will make you vomit if you are in close range, the female masculine energies need to be balanced before permanent physical reunion) and insane, mind boggling synchronicities. I have been searching for an authentic twin flame pair for the past 5 months and I havent found one. There are so many false claims and false information going around it really saddens me. Many are using it as an excuse to have affairs, stay in abusive relationships or just a by product of narcissism. I experienced the real thing last year and that is where my information comes from – personal experience. I was told I was chosen for the journey because of my child-like faith in God. That was the only reason given to me.

    • True. Authentic twin flames are calculated in some hundreds, not even thousands, as I heard. But so many other close soul connections can be mistaken for the TF phenomenon. I don’t think anybody is purposefully claiming to have found their twin flame, just to seem unique and romantic :) Many people do feel the intense attraction of energies with another person, and consider it a twin flame thing, whereas this may be a soulmate connection, twin flame catalyst, and so on.
      I don’t know why everyone wants to meet their twin flame :) It’s just so many sleepless nights and big self-development work! ;))

  68. I want to add that twin flame love is *always* reciprocal. The passion is equal, the desire is equal, one will never be in want while the other is indifferent, not even a chance. When twins run they run from the intensity, not their twin. And even while theyre running, theyll have you on their mind 24 7 with a burning desire to unite. Twins would rather die than hurt their beloved. Every minute detail of the experience was so beautifully
    orcastrated that we were never made to feel hopeless or depressed. All psychological and emotional needs were met. The experience is and was fulfilling and healthy.

    • Agreed with every word until the last paragraph ;) The comfortable smooth feeling of a fulfilling, all needs met reciprocal relationship is the hallmark of soulmates.
      Twin flame guys do and have to tickle each other nerves, egos, comfort zones and ‘individualities’ in certain phases of their shared experience, because twin flames ‘couple’ is not about bringing the Two Different Higher Selves together, but to have One Shared Higher Self find balance and reunite itself in two different bodies :) After TFs reunite the union (using this word instead of “relationship”), will indeed be of an incredible fulfilling, creative, loving and fruitful quality. But it usually takes few years of deep self-developmental work before the reunion is posible. There will naturally arise some mutual reproaches, arguments and power struggles of individuality egos that must ‘refine’ and prepare the two for the merging. It will be an exciting rollercoaster ;) But those who survive the round, get to go home together on the exit :)

      • Thanks for the reply Sofia,
        When I said all needs were met, I was referring to the telepathic experience. For example, if I felt a need to see him in real life the synchronicities would increase (we would meet synchronistically at traffic intersections at red lights up to three times per day at one point). Or if I was feeling confused, the angelic being (voice) would explain what was happening to me. We have not united in person, he tried but I got scared and ran away. Transferring a 4 month telepathic relationship in to real life is very scary, Im not confident enough to do it (face him) just yet. So I cant say how we will interact in person. I have read to expect lots of bickering and fighting. I hope not because I loathe drama and tension.

        • As twin flames pass through the initial stage of fantasy/bubble love and proceed to the following stages, some arguments and ‘peronality frictions’ will occur, as there TFs do start to communicate and egos come into play.
          Some tensions between the two are normal and even necessary, as through ‘tension’ occurs a healthy tranformation. But with that in mind, conflicts can be softened and easily avoided, as TFs keep communicating and making a mutual effort to understand and accept each other. That will eventually lead to a harmonious blisful union

          • This was not fantasy or imagined, it was real, very real. There were moments where I would listen in on a conversation he was having with me without me even being part of the conversation. It was like my soul was speaking to him. At one point my soul told him I like country music and I had to step in and declare that it was a lie! LOL We even heard each others internal thoughts. I heard him say *shes kind of nerdy*, to which I replied, *I heard that!* At one point he was driving and we were arguing over something petty and he said *well have this discussion later, its like texting and driving* He almost got in to an accident the day before because of the telepathic chatter we were having. We played games were he would have to do something with his body and I would have to describe what he was doing through the vision I was having of him. He could send me visions of what he was seeing at his location. At night we would meet in our minds and cuddle with each other and I felt his arm around my waist. I called him in my dream, his phone rang in real life and he heard me say *hello is ****** there* It was so cool, the whole experience I have 4 months worth of stories I would love to share but I get the feeling nobody believes me or even cares.

  69. Dear Sofia…
    I recently and have come across some websites where people claim and seemingly know to be a Twin Flame to an Ascended Master i.e. Sananda/Jesus, St Germaine/ Archangel Michael. Below is a website I found recently where this lady below believes she is the one and only Twin Flame to Sananda/Jesus. My personal belief is that these huge energies have many aspects of themselves in the world as mentioned above in your comments. I have also read many people have memories of being a Mary Magdalene or a Lazarus or a St John the Baptist or someone from that time and they all believe they are the reincarnated soul of that person but each have different memories and stories about the events etc. Again, this would probably refer to different aspects/facets who are connected to the same energy or Oversoul and are connected to the same experiences? Just wondered what your thoughts are on this…..
    Susie XO

    Here is the website and this particular lady says about being a Twin Flame to Sananda.. Sananda is the Oversoul energy of Jesus, the Christed Energy….

    This wasn’t an easy post to do. I have been procrastinating for two weeks. But, every time I listen to my latest recorded session with Michael Ellegion, I am so aware of the importance of this information being made available to more than just me. Just two weeks ago, I contacted Michael Ellegion for an updated reading… it had been two months… the encodings needed updating, and… I had questions. First, I had been told in a previous reading that my heavy veils would only be lifted when my Higher Self determined. So… I told Michael I wanted to speak with my Higher Self. He paused… I may have been the first client in 34 years to ask to talk with their own Higher Self… in my case, Lady Nada… but, so it was. – Having only learned last April that I was the twin flame of our beloved Sananda, as you might expect, it has taken some adjusting… and several sessions with Michael, speaking personally with Sananda. I have also received various historical writings about our life 2,000 years ago; all of which I of course do not remember. More questions, about my incarnation as Mary Magdalene, also new to me… bringing so many new perspectives to assume, and now to share with you… so personal, yet educational. – Because 41% of Earth’s surface population is from the ships in a massive operation to save up to 95% of the population, I believe this information is meant to be shared, the updated encodings to be shared… allowing each who hears this to better understand these new insights that could be affecting their own unveiling and ascension. And yes, encouragement, strength and determination to fulfill our Missions! ~ Anne/Lady Nada

    • Dear Susie, it’s a valuable input you made, thanks a lot for addressing this issue here!

      I think I will take it from out of a comment section and into a separate article :)

      Ohh, truth is, it’ all of the above. Just like you wisely pinpointed, we – each human individual are just the physical 3-dimensional manifestations of a bigger multidimensional entity – the Oversoul.
      One oversoul does manifest itself on physical / and ‘parralel’ planes in nemorous individuals, unaware of each other’s existence… Now, twin flames are a simply male and female manifested aspects of that ‘shared’ oversoul. That’s why we say, twin flames have a shared ‘higher self’, while soulmates and other types of soul connections don’t.

      Nowadays, many people become channelers and claim to talk to angels, archangels, higher beings etc. Truth is, those messages we are perceiving as the divine revelation from some higher beings are in fact the messages from our higher self :) It talks to us and our senses usually picture it in forms of angels etc. Which is totally normal and cool.

      When twin flames experience those ‘synchronicities’ it’s their shared higher self that leads them along together :)

      Now, another case, and also not rare, is when people get simply lost in the realm of illusion and in extreme cases – mental disorders. There at all times has been a reportedly high number of people who simultaneously claimed to be the only reincarnation of Mary, Jesus and whatnot.
      And those people are not to be accused of lying. It’s the case of contact with an astral plane, where entities of astral world settle a thoughtform into a person’s mind, and channel they are the living incarnation of Buddha, Jesus, Josephine of Napoleon or a physical form of some ancient divinity.

      In any case, I suggest treating with caution every case where a person claims to be a twin flame to – or incarnation of any Biblical or historical character.

  70. Dear Sofia,

    I am so glad I found yand site in these difficult times I feel approaching ahead with my twin soul because you actually replied back to all your comments! So I know I can reach out to you!

    A lil background on my TS story..
    We met a year ago, we have no verbal contact, no physical contact, nothing at all. She did telepathically tell me that she knows we are ONE. So, other than knowing instinctively that we are both aware we are each other’s other half I notified of our connection telepathically. So a long story short on the telepathy.. I heard my name being said in a sentence multiple times by a familiar woman’s voice so I ease dropped on the convo *(:lol dono judge me* and the deeper I got into the conversation the more it sounded like the person speaking was talking about me and recent events that have happened to me and in relation to what I meant to them to the point I think I went in shock and just zoned out where everything around me went silent, like someone slowly turned down the volume. The trippy part was I could see people talking but I couldn’t hear them only the familiar voice.. I was awake but totally spaced out. When the connection ended it was like someone turned the volume back up and the voice was gone! I was just wondering if you had a telepathic experience similar? I mean I know I’m not going crazy but, it was so freaky, that even my spiritually sensitive friend said it was freaky.

    Any ways we live in different cities, come from complete opposite backgrounds, but she did come visit me recently for let’s call it our unofficial anniversary which is my friends birthday. I’m going to try and keep this as shirt as possible. But my friend ended up celebrating her bday at the same place we went to last year where my twin and I met. I assume she expected we would run into eachother again like last year. Which, we did.. &I’m not going to lie I kind of expected it. She was dancing and right as I stopped to see if it was her she quickly walked in the other direction and I dont even know what happened next but I walked away as well and didn’t return to that area.. I didn’t feel a soul shock though probably because she planned on staying a few days. Seeing her again gave me the strength to go back to work after being out because I all of a sudden have bad knees that all of sudden felt better. Midway through my day at work I could feel the tingling vibrations intensely move from my heart to my head like they were spinning up and down at a fast pace. They were so intense I would get the chills almost back to back &then there she was looking at me but speed walking fast in the other direction. I noticed her right away because I intuitively knew her hair was going to be crimped but seeing her where I worked was totally unexpected… She didn’t look happy to see me either ): .. maybe she felt a soul shock the other night when I walked away? When I caught her eyes though she couldn’t resist but to keep looking back.. she looked back at least 3x but, she kept a steady pace if not she went faster in the other direction. I wanted to so badly to chase after her but, it didn’t seem like she wanted me too. Just the look in her eyes said it all…When she left my work I felt a HUGE soul shock. The intense loving feeling turned into an intense gloomy sh*t feeling. I wasn’t mad and I was sad.. I just felt like dying on the spot. My whole mood changed in an instant like I was bipolar.. I did not want to be there and I definetly did not want to talk to anyone. Every word I did speak was a non – enthusiastic mono tone and I kept it really short to ensure no one talked to me again. I couldn’t bring myself to cry.. and although I felt angry at myself I couldn’t bring myself to be mad either. Just speaking on the subject makes me sick to my stomach…

    I never mean to intentionally hurt her because even though we are not in contact I fall more and more in love with her every day. She motivates me to be a better me than I am now. Still she makes me feel like all I do is hurt her but, I feel nothing but love from her with an exception to the soul shock I recently felt. Is there some advice you can give me on this situation?

    I have NEVER felt hurt like that before and I TRULY LOVE HER so much unconditionally.. &if I ever get the chance to see her again I will run to her like there’s no tomorrow because I just can’t sit back and watch her leave again ):

    • It’s a touching experience indeed you shared, and thank you for sharing it here… Twin flame thing can at times be quite dramatic, full of emotional ups and downs. Emotions are always high and our psyche can at times react sharply.
      Speaking of my own TF relation, yes we did share all the telepatic encounters, out of body meeting and communication, and ups and downs of all sorts as well.

      Now looking back at my own experience and all those TFs who shared their stories, I can definitely say for sure, TFs should always try to remain in communication. Be it rare, be it seemingly ‘cold’.
      TFs had a horrible fight, they broke up, they swore to cut each other out of their lives… But the only thing they can cut is a physical communication, as Tfs remain bonded on other five energy bodies and share one soul hehe..
      Being out of touch deepens unconditional love that TFs feel for each other, but can of course painfully echo on emotional body (heart chakra) and demotivate you.
      It is a wise thing to give it some time (in separation) if needed – chances are, each will remain at his/her opinion, but separation phase simply helps the two realize how insanely, in fact, they love each other. The power of wanting to have each other back may work miracles to conquer distance, diagreements, egos etc, and let the two get back in touch again with time!

      • Hi Sofia(:
        Thank you for the reply and yes this emotional roller coaster has truly been exhausting and has been testing on my nerves and battling ones ego is no stroll in the park…
        It’s funny because, I find myself feeling insane most of the time and the only way I feel like I can express my insanity to people without them really thinking I’m insane is by being some what of a comedian. Nothing makes me feel better about feeling crazy than seeing &hearing people laugh! Working on my car along with working on myself have also been some other postive outlets for me.
        I see now why most twins wonder whether this journey is a blessing or a curse “/ but, from the start I knew this was a way of God showing my physical self that love is still the answer.
        Peace, Love, Unity, &Respect my friends! <3kRiS

  71. Hi Sophia
    A wonderful read. i stumbled upon this while reading stuff about how to cope if you’re in love with an emotionally unavailable man. Im in a fix. I cant seem to walk away. N I dont even feel satisfied with his efforts. He is hurting from the past and has troubling opening up and trusting me. I know the better choice would be to retreat as i deserve better. but i tell this to everyone that i feel we have a ”connection” and i dont feel that comfortable with anyone.

    • You can try to intuitively (or from his occasional uncontrolled moves) sense if he is feeling that connection with you too. It i possible to ‘read’ it from his eyes, from the way he keeps beside you. If he does have feelings for you and feel that special connectioin with you ‘like with no one else’, he can be a runner that simply needs time.
      Most male TFs act as emotionally unavailable (sometimes women do too).
      It’s not important to get fixated at the attribute ‘twin flame’, is he or is he not?..
      If the two love each other and feel connected, it is always a relation worth paying attention at and seeing where it leads. The only case where one should absolutely run away and cut connection with emo unavailable partner, is if the relationship gets abusive.

      If a person is simply displaying less emotions than feeling, he or she probably so far have their reasons for it.
      Try to sense him, your intuition will always tell you if you should stay or if you should let him go.

  72. Are you ever to young to meet a twin flame? My daughter is in highschool and im wondering because when I see the both of them theres like this light in the room. Shes smiling hes smiling they call eachother twins they act just alike and get along immensly well. I dont think they even have ever had an argument. She tells me she feels his pain from far away. She senses when something is wrong and vice versa. They are not together but rather “best friends” there are so many stories that go with them but one is clear,I see love between them, you feel it and its overwhelming and a bit annoying because its like literally having twins that just wont stop messing with one another. She told me once he was so depressed one day he felt as though he needed to cut all ties with everyone including her. She didnt go to school the next two days because she was so out of it I never seen her like this. On the second day he called her aplogizing saying he was worried cause he didnt see her and im thinking about what you said about the overwhelming feelings and running away from them , yet they always seem to come back. Could this be her twin flame?

    • Hi dear Keyshia. No, it’s never too young. Many TFs met each other in childhood/school/or early college years.
      Your daughter and her beloved do sound like they might have been Tfs, but could be other tight soul connection as well. Attributes here are really not important. What’s important is that they keep taking care of each other, keeping an eye on each other and sharing this pure young love. Being a close understanding friend to your daughter is a key thing here, let her alwyas feel comfortable and encouraged to share with you what he feels, how the things between them are going etc.
      School TFs often separate after school as they go further in life. And it’s important to help our separated TFs to not feel heartbroken about it – if these were true TFs, their higher self will make sure to have them meet again :)

      • Hi Sofia,
        Not that I was trying to subconciously relate my story with what you expressed in your article, but I am shocked. It’s almost as if I came on your blog just to validate what I have been feeling. I would like to have a phone session with you. I could not see any contact info on your blog. Please write to me at my email address and we can connect

  73. I really enjoyed your article, thank you so much for your knowledge. I was looking for this because I yearn to know more and it seems I may have found my answer. I believe I may be with my TF now, everything you wrote, made so much sense to me. We met in a place and at a period of time in our lives when/where we had both begun transitioning, consciously seeking self-knowledge. That’s truly how we met! I remember that first magnetic pull, which you described as supernatural; very funny that’s the word I used to describe it as well. Then he ran….but that pull never left, it was always there and drawing us together. During the separation both of us did work on ourselves, I strived for self-love, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. Without that period, I’m not sure if we’d come back together? Not in a healthy way anyhow. We are both still working on ourselves daily and teach each other so much; Spiritually, it’s phenomenal! We embrace and encourage each others paths. Don’t get me wrong lol, there are still those human issues! But I am the happiest I’ve been, and the most confident… than with any other partner, even through the hiccups. I’m still learning…. Love and Light to you❤️

    • Beautiful insight, Shannon Rose! Thank you so much, was so glad to read how wisely and efficiently you’ve been going through your twin flame experience! That’s the way of approaching it ♥

  74. Hello there,interesting article,i only been into spirituality sense last year,and for me the concept of twin flame is fairly new,but some sinchronicities happened all of sudden after i came into awareness of this term,i was in a relationship with a soul mate that lived too far away but had to break up because i was having some feelings for someone else,that person is extremely spiritual and psychic,she never liked me so i never had too much hope on it, so at this point i had began a journey of self mastery already and felt more “whole” in myself and didnt need the so called “co-dependent” relationships i had before,i felt free.
    I met that person wich i had a crush on,and she met my best girlf friend wich i have known for several years,when i got home she said “you know that she is your twin flame dont you?” and she had visions we would be togetherl.
    At first i was confused,but indeed i felt what she said made sense,that person wich i previously had feelings for but right after we met (she was 14 and me 18) were seperated,only to have a close relationship after my first bad break up has always been my model for what a person should be in a relationship,i never thought of it until putting in prespective but i did it all the time unware of it.it was like i was reaching for an ideal and it was always her.
    After that day some sinchronicities happened including with the number 11 in the clocks,she after that day opening up to me a litte and then retracting back,and when we were shooting a videoclip for my band wich she was part of, a friend of my sister that is very intuitive in peoples feelings saying she had feelings for me(note that she has a boyfriend right now)
    I seem to be the female aspect even if im a man,i had problems with co dependence and i seem to be more open spiritually and less rigid with the 3rd dimension aspects of life,while she is more pragmatic and her way of showing care for me is very closed,like she avoids saying things how she really feels,even though i understand she has deep care,i dont think she would believe the twin flame concept though or any of other spiritualistic concepts though,nevertheless im ok how things are now,im intrigued by the future.
    Namaste,thanks for reading :)

    • Thanks for sharing too, Carlos! When it comes to twin flames, we directly tend to focus on developing our spirituality and trying to boost up that process of ‘awakening’ for our twin as well… However, my personal experiecne’d proved that it doesn’t really matter if another twin is as spiritual as the other one, and if s/he believes the concept of TFs at all…
      You may be in other relationships, distances, disagreements and whatnot… But once you are sure the person is another part of you and your shared intangible connection is yet real and indisputable, you should try to find ways to connect and communicate. Decide on it for yourself when the time is right, of course…
      And yes, it’s an exciting things and anticipation because who knows what the future holds for two!

      • Thank you for noting that it doesn’t really matter if another twin is as spiritual as the other one. While my twin flame is very spiritual and has a similar belief system, I am actively working on my spirituality while he is working on self discovery, I on healthy boundaries, he on self reliance, I on self care, his on releasing his need to be needed. WE are both growing, changing together at an accelerated speed since coming together but the lessons themselves are very different.

  75. I believe I met my twin flame 20 years ago. The first time I met him–everything froze around us. I can’t speak on his behalf but I was really attracted to him. There was electrifying chemistry. We learned about each other instead of discussing business. I even had to make an excuse to make a copy to get away from him because the chemistry was so intense. I couldn’t get things right. I had to stand under a fan to cool myself down, and that’s when I realized where the term “hot” came from to describe another person.
    I liked him a lot, and he did find out from a common friend that I had a crush on him, He made an attempt to come over a few days later to see me– I am assuming to ask me out. However, I was very nonchalant and a bit rude so I don’t get asked out. I felt like my feelings were too strong to deal with someone who may be playing me. I was hurt as he was leaving, but I had no control over why i was so rude. I continued to think about him here and there.
    Fast forward 19 years later, i got laid off from my job and I was depressed. My birthday was also 3 days away from the day I got laid off, and it was a milestone birthday, so I don’t know what was the cause of my depression. I started thinking about this same guy intensely again after seeing his facebook profile. I also stumbled across ton of articles about twin flames that said that major event happens in a person’s life-sort of like an aha moment. I am now close to a year into still thinking about him intensely. I am not sure if this is my twin flame or my insanity.

    • Also, the reason I feel the reason I was rude or acted nonchalant was so that i don’t asked out. If I had overwhelming feeling and anxiety by seeing him for a few minutes, imagine the kind of feeling I’d have if I were to spend my evening with him. I couldn’t bare the thought of being rejected if things didn’t go well because I had placed him on a pedestal.

    • I believe the only way to find out is to try to reconnect and meet him again! :) The proximity of a close soul connection is always emotionally intense and restless.
      It’ hard to tell for sure if you are twin flames as I’d need more details.
      But if reconnection is something you consider some day, this might shed some new light on many old questions

  76. I am truly blessed for finding your posts and immensely grateful that you have opened my eyes, heart, and mind of new understandings in relationships. (Following you now)
    Around 5 or 6 years ago I met this man (H.G.) at a fair promoting my workplace (network care/holistic chiropractics) I was totally drawn to this person and became completely clumsy tongue-tied and bashful in his presence. But he was with his partner (never married) and three kids// so I quickly put my feelings in check! I did however convince them to come under care. Quickly we (the entire family) became friends outside of the office and hung out regularly. I even dated his closest friend/business partner … not sure if it was a subconscious way to be close to HG or a way to try and mimic the feelings I had when around him. Well the relationship ended with the friend and I felt compelled to change course. I then knew what was missing in my life and I wanted those feelings with someone of my own. I moved … I just left. I followed my passion in art. Stumbled across a new medium (lost wax sculpture) of which was having an open house// WELL HELLO!! Yikes was I beyond smitten for this person (Y.D.) and he was obviously feeling the same way. (He was the teacher) YD later admitted to me he had fumbled his speech/talk when I walked into the room and just used that to stop and go around the room to shake hands (of the students he already knew lol just so that he could shake my hand and find out who I was) I seems to be that no longer than a month, he was living with me -and a few weeks later, I was pregnant!
    Well as quickly as YD came into my life, YD left// he passed away. Leaving me with such an amazing son!! Time has passed, and out of nowhere an email from my ex (HG’s good friend) stating that HG needed my help with a sculpture and asked when was I due to come back to florida? (ARE YOU KIDDING, what?! … I never stopped thinking of him, and ALWAYS spoke of him and his business even though I was not connected with him at all)
    I was due to be in Florida 2 weeks from the email (Christmas with family) and promised to meet up then.
    I first met with my ex and found out he was happily married and with a new baby// was so happy for him. And found out HG was no longer with his partner. (Sorry to admit I was ecstatic, don’t get me wrong- felt awful that they all had to go through a split, but was ecstatic never the less) so my ex and myself were now going to go meet up with HG! Oh my gosh I was overwhelmed with every emotion possible. There he was! I got out and we hugged. Instant familiarity,euphoria,passion,just everything// and so much more intense than when we first met 6 years ago. We spent several days and nights together// talking and sharing- so many things were similar to almost identical and the other areas we were a balance for each other. That was it/ we behaved long enough (a struggle for us both) we finally gave into our sexual desires! I am such a strong dominate and independent woman, but I just crumbled -I became shy and nervous … Thankfully with some open communication walls were dropped and our most amazing sexual highs were reached. The next day I left, due home back in boston. This man has not left my dreams nor thoughts since. We talk and write often. I told him I plan to move back in September (6 months away) -of course I blame it on being home sick and miss the warm weather- that is true- but my main reason is to have an opportunity with HG!
    Two days ago HG called with a business proposition- all expense trip to fl with my son to help him with a sculpture. Of course I say yes. We leave tomorrow or the next. I really want to feel out his feelings for me. I know the things he’s admitted and I now what my intuition tells me// but I still doubt. Am I making it all up in my head/ am I wanting it so much I’m wishing it to be true.
    One thing for certain is that HG is on my path for a reason- whatever that reason … I will enjoy the journey and gifts that unfold.
    If he’s to be an amazing friend, a business partner, or my TF– I’m so excited for the future.
    Wish me luck ;)
    Thank you so much for allowing me to write- I haven’t shared with anyone.
    Much love and many blessings to you and all that may read.
    Ps a weird though – HG told me of recent he is fixed, was this journey of moving away and meeting YD to bring life to such an amazing soul and allow myself to be a mother before reuniting with my Twin Flame HG (of which I truly feel he is in my heart)

    • Dear Daniella, I appreciate your sharing, I reply with delay for of a while ago I’m just not able to provide detailed insights on all comments..
      I offer e-mail consultations now if you consider that, please contact me through my form.
      Thank you for your warm words!

  77. Hey i think my soulmate is this guy i dated 3 yrs ago before we broke up but we’re still around each other sometimes and still close. Is it possible for soulmates to come together again? We’re very compatible and have little differences and sometimes i still don’t understand why were still in each other’s lives. Ever since we had first met the connection was deep and its like i’ve known him for years, i have never felt a connection like this with anyone before….is it possible you can have two soulmates and if you do which one is better?

    • Yes, we can have svereal people in life who we’d feel a tremendous soul connection with. It feels like you never part with them even if you do. But which one is better, it’s your intuition that can tell you and of course, the circumstances. There must be a mutuality and clear plan for the long run. Listen to your heart.

  78. I found my way to this site after reading about twin flames, soul mates, soul families and shadow souls. The intensity of being near my “yang” drew me across a camp at an event where I knew no one but found him Sept. 2010; he performed a hand fasting between my soul mate and I, only to tie himself into the ritual… About two months ago, walking across a field I felt awashed with sorrow, despair, hopelessness; I told my husband to call him as I dealt with our daughter… the energy of having loved ones reach out transformed the thread with love and I finished out my 21 credit semester while the men set up sharing a cabin for event, back to the camp where we first met… we hadn’t spoken or seen each other in over a year and amidst the comings and goings of our friends we exited the partying and found ourselves walking alone in the dark beneath ancient trees. What happened next was open, honest, from a place of pure love, I offered my energy to heal the gaping holes torn in his spirit, but what happened when he accepted that energy was undescribable. I live with my full spectrum of energy open, a Taoist by nature, but so few resonate on the entirety of the spectrum. In trying to describe the energy between us and why I called it yang I came to this analogy: With my husband our energy is like the first flare as the spark catches tender, a bright, clean fire while with him and I it is like to coals smoldering low, intense and feeding off each other. We are both bi, both married in heterosexual relationships with broken, straight, fear driven people. We both were drawn to fixing, healing, needing to be needed early in life, yet we give and others take. This was different instead we feed off each other thriving, healing ourselves, and those around us.

    • Your energy feels unordinary, indeed.
      It looks like the year 2010 was fruitful for twin flame meetings… I’ve already heard from soo many people saying they’ve met their twin flames at work, buiness trips or academic settings in exactly that year. Which is cool and interesting!

      I’m happy how you feel you are both here on some kind of a mission, which you are. Twin flames come here to be of help, guidance and lead to others. And in meanwhile they have to also rediscover their true selves and understand the uniqueness of their energy and their full potential.
      Life is rarely easy on such people, that’s all part of the incarnational settings that they choose.
      It’s interesting you mentioned you were both bi. I’m also going to write about that phenomenon in my next article. Twin flames often feel some sort of an emotional attraction towards people of their same sex. In case of twin flames that has to do with a very energetically active heart chakra.
      Thank you for your story, Karanda!

      • It has been quite a summer. Drawn together again and again, states apart yet right in each others paths we have found ourselves. The closeness has become transparent, simultaneously his wife leaves him and the blame falls on me. I chose not to defend and simply continued openly loving, caring, and supporting as he tries to save his marriage. My grad school has drawn me to the same state, and I will be living less than 30 minutes away for the next three years while I get my Masters of Divinity through Unitarian Universalist Theology. We have surrendered to this, yet we want to care for, and support those we have been caring for. Our spouses have had very different reactions. Mine has chosen to be like water and flow with what is, making space in our life repeatedly for the time if, and when my twin flame needs a place to be, even learning a new game to have another reason for us to all be together. I have become a support for a soul mate from my twin flames past, who feels so alone right now, having just been a surrogate mother and is living with a sibling, having loved and been loved by so many and yet time and time again partners have chosen to care for others, to lift them up after she lifted them.
        While we don’t know how the details will work out we know we can only go forward from here, to grow, change, become more. There is no undoing what has begun, and how could we want to? His presence with me is so strong that during my first day of seminary my fellow student stopped and asked who’s energy this was, as it wasn’t my husband. During my second week, even my teacher became aware, and when I commented that he belonged here, but needed to finish his associate degree my professor looked me squarely in the eye and said “Yes he does, I look forward to his coming”. Our connection during meditation forms a vortex and draws me into deep stillness in moments. Yet the turmoil in our lives of marriages, homes, children has been extraordinarily stressful, and we find ourselves needing to simply be near each other, or even to FaceTime just to get through the days.
        All the while we offer love and support for those we encounter whom need it. Some we find we are mutually drawn to such as a beautiful soul one year in transgender transformation, another gorgeous soul whom is autistic, bi-polar and has a large body with hunched back, both are wonderful, loving, giving, caring individuals whom society has dismissed and whom we see only beauty in. This relationship is about so much more than romance, or sexuality, though those too are a part of it. It is a partnership between two intuits, whom have walked such strikingly different paths and yet understand completely the others journey and accept with unconditional love and acceptance. What will be, will be as it should, all we can do, and have promised each other, is to say yes.

  79. Dear Sofia,
    I feel im gonna cry,i met someone( a guy) that i’ve been searching for, but i have a husband :(.
    You know, we attrached each other so easliy, deep eye contact and feel like we know our feeling each other and understand about our moods. But now he’s back to his country ( we’re from diffrent country).
    But almost 3 months, i cant stop thingking of him. And what should i do? i feel like my another soul is gone.

    • I see what you are feeling. Did you keep communication going after you parted?
      Some intense sudden attractions might happen spontaneously here and there for us, later they fade.
      Someone’s energy just might feel attractive, sort of familiar. This happens when your heart chakra is opening, or you are emotionally missing something in life for a feeling of completeness.

      • No, im not.. i knew his phone mumber. But im not text him bcoz im scared that he dont feel like i feel. So what should i do sofia? Its been 5months and that feeling still here.

  80. After reading this I really think my daughters dad is my karmic partner. Right way our relationship was like we have always know each other and we kept running into each other. But one day at a friends house I saw him and was scared and wanted to hind from him. I have never felt that way before or experienced that so it was really weird. A few years down the road we were talking a lot more after I got out of a bad relationship and he kinda just popped out of no where. My friend and I were getting ready to go out and she asked me if i would ever hook up with hin and I said hell no. Later that night we ran into him at a party and after he kept giving me more drinks then we both knew I could handle. He ended up coming to my friends house with us even thought I almost got them to leave him. He got me to sleep with him I was pissed off the next day. Now we have a 4 month old rainbow child. I am in love with my child but his nativity has been dragging me down ever since finding out i was pregnant. We hardly ever talk when we do I usually end up in tears because he treats me terrible and sucks at being a dad i am having a hard time with all this stress he is giving me. Any suggestions?

    • Dear Lindsay,
      you know, each one in life is entitled to be happy and live their life way they want, and not dragging a hateful living for someone…
      Some souls meet just because they are to have some common things together, some acquisitions, some experiences… In your case, it was a child.
      And now you need to think what is best for your child and what energy he/she is being raised in. Children keenly pick up on all the energies circulating around the house. It is only peace and love and security from negative energy and drama that is healthy to live in.
      You need to talk it over with the father of your child on the subject of partnership and parentship…
      And see if both are willing to work on it and make a compromise for the sake of your shared comfortability. See where your partner is standing on this.
      But also be honest with yourself. How would you really want to live your life? What decision would make you happy?
      If you are treated badly and you cannot stand this partnership, it is your right to think it over…

  81. Hi Sofia I believe I have met my twin flame. We met up first time 6 years ago and it was so intense it only lasted a couple of months then he ran away . he got into a relationship with another woman and 1 year after it came back and asked to try again but then I said no and ran away, we met up 3 years later at a make up stall it was a last minute decision to go there but I did. We then got together in a relationship for 3 years and had 2 boys together. The love and passion I feel for this man is intoxicating , but we brang out too many negatives in each other and I ran from him again.I felt we had our own growing to do, he has met someone else but now its so confusing, we talk on the phone and he said he feels like he is going crazy and that he thinks there is something wrong with the connection he says he day dreams about me all the time and I think about him all the time as well. We have so much passion between us that it feels as powerful as fire. I’m now missing him so much that the pain is almost unbearable and has forced me to look inside of me and change things and habits that weren’t serving my highest good and he has turned to god and light as well.I’m so confused one minute on the phone he is like yes yes! And the next he runs . he has just separated from his gf but now after talking to him last night we talked for hours about god and ourselves and how we have changed and he has decided to go back to his gf and try and work things out , this is so silly and I don’t understand he said he won’t be talking to me for a little while and I was devastated so now again I’m looking into myself and seeking my own answers , this is so crazy , the love I have for him I can’t even put words too . he said that he will be happy when we are finally together again but for now he feels a need to help others in unselfish acts and wants to do the right thing for once. Where do I go from here ..

    • Just accept the separation now. Time will show the way. Many things for you both may still take an unexpected change. But as of now, it seems like you both still have some separate homework to do.

  82. Hello Ma’am, I hope you are well.
    I was just reading your article and was intrigued that you mentioned that twin flames can be of the same-sex. I jumped for joy, at this! There are still a lot of spiritual individuals out there who believe that twin flames can only exact as a male and female. I disagree. After all, God and his Angels created me a woman who is only attracted to other women. Now, of course, I do not believe this to be only an attraction of appearance but rather an attraction of a lady as a whole.
    However, as I carried on reading, I was quite surprised that you stated that each sex needed to gain the attributes of the other. In your opinion, how would this work for same-sex twin flames? Especially those same-sex twin flames who carry the EXACT same attributes.
    Many of times I have read articles relating twin flames to that of Yin and Yang. Again, however, they speak of a male and female or rather, masculine and feminine.
    Could these particular attributes be seen as elements of a SOUL rather than a gender type? Therefore, the same-sex twin flames can still share attributes without having to ‘label’ which is male and female.
    Of course, I do not wish to offend anybody and am here to see what yourself and others think. I also apologise if I misinterpreted your article.

    Thank you so much for your time and patience,
    I appreciate it greatly.

    • Yes sure, I understand your question. Both twins have yin yang aspects, and in in one twin of the pairing, female or male energy is more activated than in another. Same goes to same sex twin flames. Each will need to harmonize their yin yang energy balance.
      Yes exactly, “male” or “female” aspect, or energy is more of a label that’s used for better description.
      All souls initially are androgene. In human bodies they try things on and learn to acquire energy balance according to their gender, character, partners and so on.

  83. amazing blog! 6 years ago I met a man while visiting Vegas. He moved there from Hawaii 6 months previous and I was visiting from NM. Through talking we realized we had soo much in common from sports, to hobbies, dancing and modeling professions, both bartenders, love all the same music, we were even at the same concert in Vegas 4 months previous to us meeting.
    Recently I went out there for the 5th time in 6 years to see him, it had been 2 years since we had seen each other and there is always soo much passion, whether it’s been 2 years or 2 months. We always pick up right where we left off. Great chemistry in conversations, we finish each other’s sentences and thoughts and I feel almost as if he is a part of me and there was a reason why I met him and there’s a reason why we still talk and keep on touch. This past trip was incredible and we started talking about me moving to Las Vegas.
    Shortly before I left to Vegas I noticed my son and I had perfectly matching birth marks, on the outside of or left feet, exact spot. I told my son, that’s how I know you’re mine!
    Well on my second day in town I realized that my lover and I have the exact same birthmarks, yes 2, on the same exact spot on our left arm, exactly spaced out and placed the same on both of our arms. Think of snake eyes on dice, 2 slightly slanted spots perfectly spaced and slanted the exact same direction.
    I was blown away by this, especially after reading that matching birth marks or scars can indicate reincarnate couples who perhaps have unfinished business.
    Then I remembered a few years back shortly after we had met that I had the most incredibly scary and vivid dtream about us traveling on an airplane and it going down in flames. We sat quietly just staring at one another holding hands in my dream. It was very terrifying and real.
    When I thought about it made sense to me that when I first saw him I was instantly attracted and drawn to him. In fact, I walked past him quite a ways before I knew I needed to turn around and talk to him. We have this passion, chemistry and a sense of urgency that perhaps two lovers that never thought they’d see eachother ever again, and then did, would share.
    I wish I could attach a picture of our birthmarks, it blew my mind.
    Please help me make sense of all of this!

  84. My twin flame passed away last month and I feel completely lost and empty. We were separated for a year and a half before he passed, and I wasnt able to move on. I think about him all the time, and have this horrible feeling I will never love again. I miss him so much, and would give anything to see him just one more time. We were forced apart in a way when we broke up and I feel we have so many things left unsaid and unfinished. Where do I go from here, because its hard to get through each day, and find purpose in life without him. 77

    • I understand your loss and your feeling… Time will heal the wound. It’s important to understand that death is just separation of physical bodies, even with deceased beloved we can develop a close communication in a thought. You can still say and forgive each other everything you didn’t. Be sure your beloved will hear you and you will hear his answers in your soul.
      I understand how you feel now, if you like, seek a spiritual guidance from someone trusted which may offer compassion and help you get through this stage. But even yourself you will get there eventually, when you feel that that reciprocal soul connection still exists ❤

  85. I met my twin flame just over a year ago now and I met him first online. We exchanged a lot of written messages and we never got round to skyping. I fell in love with him before we had even met and we only met in person twice. The feelings were so intense and he ran away. I had wanted to meet my twin flame for a year and a half before we met and I always loved nature intensely, especially the sun/sunset/rise, stars/star gazing, the sky, cloud gazing and plants and I would always think of him whenever I looked up to the sky and I also had a vision of him (a very brief one whilst I was awake and had first realised for a week or so that I wanted to be with my twin flame) and I saw his head and shoulders and he was smiling at me and he had the most beautiful warm brown eyes. Only he had long hair in the vision (cuz I like long hair probably lol) but he didnt in real life but he had exactly the same eyes as in my vision and also brown hair.

    He also felt exactly the same as I do about nature and I mean exactly, I could feel how he felt and it was everything I had longed for. We only got to hug each other twice and that was amazing, completely unlike hugging anyone else. It was like being in another realm to say the least. Words can never describe anything of the feelings we experience when having contact with a twin flame, as much as I love words. I’m sorry, I do have a tendancy to ramble. But I found it so hard when he left me without so much as a goodbye or an explanation. He wouldn’t talk to me about how he was feeling in any great depth – that was so spot on about the male twin being emotionally unavailable and also about the female needing to be more independant and express herself, use her talents as that is exactly what I need to do, I have found.

    I carried so much resentment for my twin for leaving me without giving it a chance, for so long and I think I do still a little bit but a lot less than I did. I have met some amazing soulmates since who I had relationships with and I think that these were more companion soul mates. I feel now that I may have found another soul mate, this time I think I have found the one who I probably would have mistaken for my twin flame had I not have already met him.

    I no longer have any desire to be with my twin flame. I still love him and part of me still longs for that union but I know that it isn’t the time now and nor do I want it to be anymore. I guess I have definitely learnt that there is no “one” (as in “the one”) because we are all one and before I met my twin, I was way too idealistic about it and all that, all those hopes and dreams I had have been completely torn apart and that hurt so much at first and it still does now but less I think. Though recently was difficult with it being a year. But that in itself has helped and I think I may be through the worst of that now. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this new soul mate connection because it is amazing but it is too early to say really and we haven’t met in person yet even though I am pretty intuitive online. Plus he lives ridiculously far from me so I’m just gonna try and go with the flow really. But I think I am gonna see where this goes and not run away because if I can get through losing a twin flame and other hurts I have been through, I’m sure I can get through possibly losing a soul mate.

    Lol sorry for such a long post.

    • It is an amazing post, moved me deeply, and thank you for sharing your story here. And more of – your wonderful insights! It’s such a beautiful journey of a courageous soul, you are.
      Wise and constructive attitude, dear. Wish you all the best on your way

  86. I met my twin flame just over a year ago now and I met him first online. We exchanged a lot of written messages and we never got round to skyping. I fell in love with him before we had even met and we only met in person twice. The feelings were so intense and he ran away. I had wanted to meet my twin flame for a year and a half before we met and I always loved nature intensely, especially the sun/sunset/rise, stars/star gazing, the sky, cloud gazing and plants and I would always think of him whenever I looked up to the sky and I also had a vision of him (a very brief one whilst I was awake and had first realised for a week or so that I wanted to be with my twin flame) and I saw his head and shoulders and he was smiling at me and he had the most beautiful warm brown eyes. Only he had long hair in the vision (cuz I like long hair probably lol) but he didnt in real life but he had exactly the same eyes as in my vision and also brown hair.

    He also felt exactly the same as I do about nature and I mean exactly, I could feel how he felt and it was everything I had longed for. We only got to hug each other twice and that was amazing, completely unlike hugging anyone else. It was like being in another realm to say the least. Words can never describe anything of the feelings we experience when having contact with a twin flame, as much as I love words. I’m sorry, I do have a tendancy to ramble. But I found it so hard when he left me without so much as a goodbye or an explanation. He wouldn’t talk to me about how he was feeling in any great depth – that was so spot on about the male twin being emotionally unavailable and also about the female needing to be more independant and express herself, use her talents as that is exactly what I need to do, I have found.

    I carried so much resentment for my twin for leaving me without giving it a chance, for so long and I think I do still a little bit but a lot less than I did. I have met some amazing soulmates since who I had relationships with and I think that these were more companion soul mates. I feel now that I may have found another soul mate, this time I think I have found the one who I probably would have mistaken for my twin flame had I not have already met him.

    I no longer have any desire to be with my twin flame. I still love him and part of me still longs for that union but I know that it isn’t the time now and nor do I want it to be anymore. I guess I have definitely learnt that there is no “one” (as in “the one”) because we are all one and before I met my twin, I was way too idealistic about it and all that, all those hopes and dreams I had have been completely torn apart and that hurt so much at first and it still does now but less I think. Though recently was difficult with it being a year. But that in itself has helped and I think I may be through the worst of that now. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this new soul mate connection because it is amazing but it is too early to say really and we haven’t met in person yet even though I am pretty intuitive online. Plus he lives ridiculously far from me so I’m just gonna try and go with the flow really. But I think I am gonna see where this goes and not run away because if I can get through losing a twin flame and other hurts I have been through, I’m sure I can get through possibly losing a soul mate.

    Lol sorry for such a long post.

    Alessa :) x

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  88. Beautiful piece. I never knew these terms even existed until I stumbled upon your blog, but clearly it was for a reason. It helped me make sense of what I’ve been through the last two years.

    Thank you..

  89. Hi Sofia,
    Thank you for your kind reply. I appreciate it it. Things sort of faded out with that soul mate I mentioned and I have found someone else who I feel a real and lovely connection with and who lives a lot nearer to me but still in a different country. But the country I am planning to move to in a couple of years and that I had fallen in love with.

    But of course last night, out of the blue I had a message from my twin flame. He hasn’t spoken to me for almost a year and I certainly didn’t expect to hear from him again. The last time I messaged him was in march and I said that I had forgiven him. I left it open but I did ask him not to contact me again unless he was gonna be real with me and not mess me around again.

    All he said to me in this message was “Hey, hope you’re okay. How’s Holland been treating you? ” (I think he thinks I’ve moved there already)
    And I don’t know what to think or feel. I know that I’m pissed off. I’m trying to get on with my life and follow my own path. I haven’t got time for bulls**t or beating round the bush. It isn’t how I do things. He seems to think that he can pretend he never hurt me, and just waltz back into my life with petty small talk. All I’ve wanted for so long is his own explanation as to why he ran and a sincere apology. I’m not going to answer him unless he gives me something better than small talk. I know he was scared but I want him to be a man and admit his feelings. I know there’s nothing I can do. I’m just hurt and angry because I have just started to move on with my life and now he comes back with a load of bulls*t.

    I read countless times how the runner always comes back but I didn’t believe it with him. The irony is about a couple of months ago, I would’ve given anything to hear from him but now, I can,really do without this. I don’t consider myself a runner now as I was prepared to face my feelings and still am. I consider this standing my ground. Part of me thinks he isn’t gonna message again but the rest of me is scared because I don’t know what to do in case he does. He has no right to mess around with me like this. Do you have any advice for me?

    Isy x

    • Oh Isy, this typically happens. Once you forget and move on, he reappears with a casual little “how’s it going”, and there you go again.
      This time you can simply show some distance and casualty in return, you can reply with a hort message as well but it’s important to keep calm inside.
      He is moving on, so do you. It’s important to learn to not depend on his show ups emotionally. He is in, he is out, you learn to keep balance. It gets really easy with time and it leads to huge results in personal development

  90. I loved this article. It seemed to highlight the reality of life instead of the happily ever after you might expect regarding your “one true love.” I’m positive I met my twin flame a long time ago. I ran when I started to become overwhelmed with the speed and depth of the awakening. He was ten years older than me at the time. I knew I’d see him again someday, but not the way it actually happened. I as thinking an airport or a coffee shop. I was in the middle of a spirit guide meditation when he appeared. He told me what our relationship was, confirming what I had previously thought. I found out that he had died “tragically,” half way around the world from me. I agree with his father who told me that he felt his soul work on this planet is complete. For awhile, we visited on the astral plane, until we had worked out our karma, then our souls united. It was a unique experience that I’m grateful for, but sometimes I crave the duality illusion that we had sharing space on this physical plane. I have a healed relationship with a lover that has been weaving his journey in and out of mine for the last 9 years. I know it will be what it is, and we set the contact a long time ago. But, my desire of having that magical connection in the flesh often clouds my mind. It would be nice to hear feedback from someone who understands. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thank you for sharing, Ashley! Twin flames will take a few years in order to unite through the thinner bodies of their auric field, and when it’s done, the union is complete.
      Physical union is just complementary to it, but not necessary.
      TFs give us guidance throughout the whole process in a form of some valuable messages to us, it’s unique how that communication is always going and in many different forms.

  91. Thankyou soo much! All you described is true for me and the man that I have been trying to get away from. So painful to meet your Twin Flame when he is married and with a family already.

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  94. Hi Sophia,

    I am a huge fan of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate winslet? In hounour of his birthday, could you tell if they are Soulmates / Twin flames or if they have any other connection ? Do you see them getting together in future?

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  96. I believe I met my twinflame 6 years ago, now I think that he is still running from me or I’m the runner? This guy was on my highschool, before I met him in person, I had dreams of a mysterious blond tall boy who came and kiss me because of nothing and then disappeared. In the next 2 years he and I were in highschool in different classes, he was 1 year older, I didn’t know his name and I didn’t care at all! Because I was with other guys.

    But I always found that blond boy beautiful,and I was searching for him in the hallway to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me, he knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer, and was trembling and I was shocked, he looked at me like he knew me! One time he said he knew where was my house, and I was scared. He used to touch me in my arm and shoulders from the back and then say “Hi” smile, and then he would go away. After that 2 years I was in the last year and he was in College. One of my “boyfriends” left me and I was devasted because I realized that I was betrayed.

    Then the blond guy and I began to meet in the most unexpected times and places and it was like always, he could be quiet and stare to me for minutes, and say nothing, and I was afraid. But I asked his name and I added him on facebook, I found out that he was in a relationship for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so I didn’t talk to him and just ignored him after he accepted my request. Then he was online in msn, and his profile picture was he and his girlfriend in the beach, then a window would pop up and it was he saying hello, and changed his picture for one of him alone.

    I thought he was a liar and that never liked me at all, he must be laughing at me beacuse he always had a girlfriend and he must thought I was an idiot to fall for him. I was in rage angainst myself and said nothing to him because I would never show myself weak or devasted. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time, I didn’t know what was he talking about, because I never showed him that I liked him, I felt shocked like he could read my mind, and I ignored the things he said and pretended that I never minded nothing and that we could be friends, beacuse I was proud, I´m still a proud person.

    One night I had a dream, I was in a train station and I was about to leave, and then he was running to me and kissed me and then he went away and turned back to look at me, then I woke up. That morning, his facebook status was “single” I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there! I looked at him and he was petrified and was staring at me in silence, then I felt weird and ignored him.

    After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date, in that moment, I was looking at him and I was feeling so strange… like I never loved him! I thought I wanted to run, that he wasn’t what I wanted and that I didn’t needed him anymore and rejected his kiss I felt fear and revulsion form one hour to another. That night I felt anxiety and I threw my cellphone in the washing machine, I didn’t wanted to speak with him and wanted to be far away from him. That night his facebook status was that wasn’t his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

    It took me 1 month to realize that, I needed him closer, and that I never loved anyone but him, that he always had been there and I couldn’t see it. The dreams began to tormenting me, were almost everyday, and I found his new facebook profile, he accepted my request, but wasn’t the same. I began to call him, and he never picked up, I felt devasted. His status were like he was angry about a person, like he was feeling betrayed and abandoned, and said that he would never turn back anymore. I thought it was about his ex girlfriend, and I felt angry at him again. Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I “liked him” only, because I didn’t wanted to tell I “loved you” because I’m proud and never used the word love for anyone and I was feeling shame.

    The next morning his status was “I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me, we must live our lives like nothing would have happened before and I was only a beautiful memory for you, someday I will meet you again, everywhere.” I DIDN’T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him and has been 6 years, we have met in the bus, or streets and I never said hello to him again, neither he, just keep staring at me for minutes and I still feeling the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he add me on facebook and I accept him and then I block him, and then later, the same thing almost every year. I know that he is in a relationship and me too, but we are so different, we always were different, he was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely and to have multiple experiences, I can’t take suffering! that why I don’t want to feel nothing for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I never felt attraction or desire to other men, and that wasn’t me! I never felt that way, before him, I was always searching for thrill and I liked anyone. I want to forget him, and never have that dreams again, are like nightmares because they torture me, and when I dream with him, always that same day I meet him in the street and I don’t like that!, I want my old life back, I guess I’m still a proud person to talk to him.

  97. I believe I’ve met my twin flame, unfortunately we are both married, with kids, career, houses, etc…
    But the attraction is irresistible, we broke our own personal values and morals the instant we shoke hands. I’ve always valued (still do!) Honesty and loyalty but something stronger than my senses drove us together.
    I feel with him exactly what you described, it was almost as if you knew us.
    We are very much torn by the situation, we agree the right thing to do is to go separate ways, but the split second our skin touch, is like going back to the womb… feels like home…
    Apparently we are not destinate to end up together right?

  98. Hi Sofia,

    First, I want to say I love this post. I found the real meaning of Soulmates and Twin Flames years ago, but your post gave me a deeper understanding.

    In 2008, I dreamed of a guy, it didn’t make sense to me if he’s a ghost or alive, but I do know one thing now, he is my twin flame. In my dream, I saw everything, I saw us growing up and ending up together. At that time. I speculated that maybe it was the past lifetime.

    In 2011, I met him online, it was exactly the way you described it. Yes, we only met each other online but the connection I had with him is so strong and he really helped me realize my potential and become the best version of me. I have to admit that I was the runner. I was so in denial because he wasn’t part of the pattern or the guys I usually liked. Eventually, I’ve learn to accept it and my love for him just grew stronger.

    Unfortunately, he’s already with someone else. Don’t we really have a chance of getting together? Do you think he’ll feel as strong as I did, if we meet each other in person.

    I’ve accepted I long time ago, that even though he’s my twin soul, he’s just someone passing to help me sort my issues or hopefully I helped him too.

    Another problem is I don’t have evidence because I didn’t think there was something wrong about the situation before so I didn’t save any. The problem is I saw the person he was dating, seeing someone else. At that time, I didn’t know yet that they were together, so when I saw the pictures, I just assumed she’s seeing the guy. They were so intimate with each other. It would be too stupid to believe they’re just friends. If I compare my twin soul’s picture with her, they don’t really look like a couple, they’re like my pair of cousins with their siblings, also one of the reasons I never believed she was with him.

    I love him so much that I want him to be mine but if he can only be happy with her, then so be it. I can accept that, but that woman should love him exclusively and treat him well.

    What do you think?

    Even if he’s not with me, I’m at least grateful that I’ve met him and he helped me become the best version of me. That’s good enough for me. I’ll be fine without him, he doesn’t define me and my life, and I was raised by my family to be independent. Besides I’m happy doing what I love to do.

    Sorry for my rambling. I hope I hear from you. Thank you and have a great day! ;)

  99. Hi Sofia,

    Was searching aimlessly over net and came across this post ~ wonderfully written and explained. I wanted to share my story.

    I am not at all a spiritual person, or never had been earlier, I did not believe in the concept of reincarnations and all that. But my expereince or what I have been going through lately in life has started shifting my believes. So here it goes..

    I have been in relationship with this guy for the past 1 and half years and lately broke off with each other because of the pain and complications. I knew this guy from childhood as we were from the same school, but weirdly enough had never spoken to each other or have never been in the same section of a class while we were at the High school. Later in life we met through common friends and became friends, but there was nothing special, it was just platonic friendship. Although he says the first time when we did have a thorough one-to-one chat he felt an instant connection, but for me there was nothing special.

    However as fate would have it, we both came to united states for pursuing higher studies (I came a year after he came here) and it is here we became really good friends, we started chatting over phone for long hours and there was this magnetic attraction that blossomed between us and we got into a relationship. But soon after due to certain turn of events and difficult circumstances we began experinecing problems, we had arguments and nasty fights regarding small things. We fought like crazy and hurt each other so much. It was as if someone was stabbing a knife through my heart, the pain was excrutiating, he broke up after 7 months into the relationship, saying we were incompatible. We were not in touch for close to 2 months, but in my mind I knew, it was a matter of time and he will have to come back. And so he did, he wanted me back because without me he was miserable, negative things started happening in his life. We got back and again after 3 months I could sense something was off, I confrnted him and he said he cannot see a future with me but at the same time he feels a deep intellectual connection with me that he cannot explain, it as if I understand his moves, I can almost read his thoughts and due to this eerie feeling and also because of the fact that whenever we met inperson there was this huge undercurrent of restlesness and an unsettling kind of feeling he cannot commit to me in future. I was furious and hurt, becuase deep down I knew and I still know that we are “special”, I feel the same for him, nobody wants the best for me or understands the best for me as he does, it is as if he treats me as a part of himself. He has told me several times saying “I can vouch for the fact that nobody in this universe will want the best for you like I do, maybe to some extent not even your parents.” “My care and affection for you cannnot be explained, but even after all this I do not see a future with you because in some way or the other whenever we meet in person (we were in a long distance relationship) I feel you are not yet evolved or settled in your life and happy with yourself in your life and that somehow stops me from committing to you.” He also often said that I tend to sense and understand his moves and thoughts even more than what his mom does!

    We have broken up for the past 2 months, we are still in touch. I have tried several times to cut off all ties, but cannot make myself do it, because even after all this, it causes immense level of pain to him. The very thought of me moving totally out of his life “kills” him and I cannot bear to cause him so much pain and hurt, whenever I try to severe all ties with him, something holds me back and we end up being or acting like this weird “half -friends-turned-lovers-turned friends”. Whenever I try to push him away I end up hurting him so much, it feels as if I am hurting my own soul to some extent and cannot bear the pain and again make up with him. Whenever we have had nasty fights I always had very troubled sleep and dreamt of disturbing images of ghosts and murders and all that scary stuff, I dont know why.

    We are exactly opposite in every charectreistics, I would say I being a female have more masculine energy in me because I have a tendency to use very sharp words and be very fierce and staunch in my standing when I get angry, I am a person who stands by a decision once it is made, on the other hand, he being the male has more feminine energy in the sense that he is more soft spoken, sensitive and very indecisive, he gets easily scared too. I on the other hand am more gutsy but cautious, I cannot trust people easily (not to say I am a mean person :P this is my general nature). He on the other hand is very friendly and affectionate to everyone. We have complementary charecteristics and due to this on one hand we have learned a lot form each other and have imbibed to some extent each others’ strenghts and pacified to some extent each others’ weaknesses, but on the other hand, theses opposite traits have lead to too much of clashes and arguments and the “relationship” was too much of a pain for both of us. But at the same time we both know that it is impossible for both of us to completely obliterate each other form the other’s life! He says “all relationships are not meant to have romantic endings, its the journey and growth that matters”. I could not fully agree with him ever because I am not religious or spiritually oriented as he is, and my practical self just defies to believe this that this that if two people are so intensely connected how can they not end up together.

    He argues saying that ours is not like any other relationship, all feelings are very amplified in our case, when we fight like crazy the after-effect and pain that both of us have to bear is just unimaginable (and am not exaggerating a bit) I feel as if I am losing a treasured part of me and hurting my soul in the process of abusing him. He feels the same and says the only way he can stay happy is I stay happy, he will only content and happy whenever and in whatever way I find happiness, even if that means we dont end up together and even if choose someone over him to settle down with in life. I cannot express how devastating this makes me feel, because I cannot make him understand that my happiness and well being in some way or the other is tied to him.

    I cannot explain this weird connection that we share to naybody, our mutual friends will not understand and might stupidly comment that he is emotionally using me or manipulating me. Even I have often accused him of doing this when I lost my temper, but when I cool down, and I know in the bottom of my heart that ehat he is saying is true, it is not that he is taking advantage of me in any way. He is jsut pushing me away becaus ehe is scared that it is going to hamper both of our mental and physical well being. We have had immense fights after which we feel physically drained as if both our souls are wounded and again we cry together and concole each other and the joy it brings to both of us when we make up and again start talking normally is again unimaginable and euphoric. It is like the highs and lows one feels when one is under the influence of a drug or alcohol. I dont know what it is we share, I dont know if we can be called “twin flames”, I dont know if we have any magic numbers, but there is surely something unique and a force so strong and beyond our control dominating us, there is this strange invisible cord tied between us, I dont know what it is, but I know I feel something at the subconscious level.

    I have never encountered anything of this sort ever before. Please advice me on how to deal with this is, it is taking a toll on my health and my career, as well as his.

    Lonely Star

  100. I have met a person who is 11 years younger than me. He has become my teacher, opening my mind, showing me energy, stones and making me healthy again, both physically and mentally. Now there are dreams and visions, the most recent saying the term “twin flame.” That is what brought me here. Before I met him I was content in my life, just physically very sick. Since I have met him I have not only become healthy, but I realize how unhappy I am with my life, including my long term marriage to a guy that barely likes me, if he does at all. My possible tf is also in a relationship, and I have no interest in breaking up either one. I just don’t know what to do since things are getting kinda weird now. I need to keep learning, but all these new feelings have hit and I just want to run away from everything. That is where I am, totally confused.

  101. “But Twin Flames always run to come back.”

    Oh shoot. No thanks, I’m better off away. :)

  102. Hi:)
    I have recently met someone, who, through the profoundness of the experience, i have accepted to be my twin soul. Before this meeting i wasn’t even aware they existed. But the experience of knowing someone you just met, and instant unconditional love was so overwhelming that i went searching for what this could be. You see, i am married happily to a soulmate, of that i am sure, but this was just different. I have npt fallen out of love with my husband, yet i love my twin also. There is a difference though, in that i love the twin in almost the same way i love my daughter, except with the added intense sexual attraction. I am completely comfortable with this love for both of them, as they are so different, and fulfill me in completely different ways. It actually feels natural. My twin is 13 years younger than me yet he feels this too. I sat him down and explained what i believe to be the truth, and after being speechless for an hour, he has agreed that this is the situation we find ourself in. All we feel in each others presense is joy. Despite intense attraction, we have only kissed. It is simply enough to know what we have found. I cannot describe this feeling of joy and love and caring we share. Acceptance. He understands that i love my husband too much to hurt him in this way by abandoning him. Respects my choice to be faithful. Yet we spend as much time as we can together. Sometimes just sitting. We often would put a hand on each others chest, which is something i dont quite understand. whenever i see him, i always want to touch the center of his chest skin to skin. Why is this? I noticed he would also kiss the center of my chest every time he saw me. Just a kiss and a hug. No more. We have agreed to be friends and that we will be there to guide and care. Please explain the odd chest behavior if you can:) thank you

  103. Hi Sofia,
    I was introduced to the Twin Flame by a freind who thought I should read about it due to circomstances in my life that have happened.

    My Story im now 46 these events have taken place 26 yrs ago and again started last year july 2014.

    I met him when I was 20 I was engaged to another man, I had feelings for Ill call him TF now thats how i feel. I had strong feelings for TF so i broke my engagement ( as it turned out a good thing ) TF and I were great freinds I wanted more but Freinds was the best we could be it went a little further than freinds a few times but never slept together, we didnt want to wreck our freindship and TF was all about the conquest as most 20yr men are. TF helped my through a difficult time with my fathers passing and my broken engagment we even shared a house for 6 months. I ended up moving it was hard to seee him with other women. Our first freindship lasted 1year. We were practicly imseprable in that time he was a wonderful freind. TF moved away Imoved to a different state with my mother who needed me. We only saw each iother two more times after I moved.

    2yrs later I met my husband ( hubby ) he felt like he was my soul mate we have 2 wonderful boys together and he has been a wonderful husband and father our boys no 18 and 21.
    My marriage is now distant and on the verge of collapse. My love for hubby has changed the spark is gone and has been for about 2 yrs now. We’ve had a fullfilling life together, I can no longer see us growing old together. I have told hubby as much.

    Last July I got a message on FB from TF answering a question I sent to him 3 months prior, that i got no reasponce too. He told mr I should of freind requested him but I didnt want to impose on his life if he didnt remember me….. He told me of course he remembered me I was his Best Freind.
    We Messaged each other for 6 hours that night and he told me he had feelings for me also but he was so just about the conquest back then.

    TF has a failed marriage and not so good relationsdhips.
    I am still married and have been for 20yrs. atm.

    We talked like no time had passed I opened up to him about my feelings for him as he did with me. We are currently great freinds over the distance. When im having a bad day he knows and texts me and visa versa. our birthdays are 25/ 9 /1968 TF and 25 /10 /1968 ME .
    The letters in our names 6 7 TF and 8 9 ME.
    When we re connected some thing in me unlocked I was knocked off my feet and I have found myself again, I have since lost 30 kilos and I have changed. We have met up again once last Sept I went home for a school reunion, (we didnt go to school together) and it was wonderful to see him again we had lunch and dinner and that was it .
    I find my self thinking of him and confusion i feel the feelings i had for him are still there burning at me the joy I feel when i hear from him , not daily but may be 1 every couple of weeks at 1st although more regular now as he introduced me to a online game that i now enjoy. It takes my mind off my marriage as im not in a place i can change it yet, I am faithfull to hubs and that will not change although im getting sick a bit due to the stress in mylife that needs to change but I can’t yet.. My heart is pounding out of my chest just typing this.

    Would you refer to this as a Twin Flame relationship? Could this be our 2nd beginning 26yrs later.

  104. Hi Sofia!! I am writing because im very troubled. Almost two years ago, I met this guy. He was an exchange student and was supposed to be leaving in a month since the day we met. We met on a beach party. I was trying to forget some other guy at that moment. But meeting this one just swept me off my feet. I was 16. I didnt believe that people could fall in love in such a young age. But the third time we met… I felt like i could trust him on some inner level. I felt so safe and loved in his arms. In total we only hung iut around 6 times befre he left. Feels like i really shouldnt be this hung up on him. Most of the hang outs- wed get a little tipsy and kiss. -typical 16-year-old stuff. But i swear when he was kissing me i saw galaxies. I had soo many emotions during this time with him… I didnt eat i lost so much weight. He kept distancing himself because he knew he was going to leave soon. But i just couldnt wait till out next meeting. I was in trance. After he left for half a year i still felt like it was untrue. Like i will see him just around that corner. He never talked to me after he left. And he never said foodbye because he hates saying “goodbyes”. I had the most horrible depression that whole year. I just couldnt let go…. Last summer i was in his country… I messaged him telling that… I wantrd to see him. But it never happened. He said that its a great idea to see me but then it almost felt like ran away. Again. I got so hurt. Like it was the last drip. Any feelings towards him cut off immidiately. I havent thought of him… Until recently. It started again. I dreamt of him last night. And its just…. This feeling inside my chest!! I do no longer feel empty the way i did when he left. I learned to live and be content and independent. But this feeling of wath and longing amd happiness after that dream! If it not love than i dont know what it is. And its been almost two years….. Tell me: maybe im just crazy and i have some emotional problems? Should i just stop and forget him? Or could it be that no matter what i do i cant let go, because we are connected somehow, and hes not letting go on his side? (Even if its subconscious?) he has a girlfriend now btw….. But still…. I dont know what to do. I havent seen/talked to him for two years. But it is as alive and vivid as it was back then

  105. Hello Sofia.. I am Srideep from India. I am a believer of God, And also i do believe about These Karma & karmic relations. I read your article many times. :) But i am confused about one thing, that is, If TF or even Soulmates are united together to develope themselves, and we find ourselve no more alone in Lifetime, then why cant i undertand that what is the right time for me to meet the soulmate of my life. I Mean i am still single and did not found a girl about whom i feel a very strong magnetic attraction. I do find Love is really a big part of one’s life but i don’t have someone who said You are the 1 i was looking for. Sofia please tell me if there is a sign that i can get to know about TF or normal Soulmates atleast. I pray to you and i pray to God everyday about finding the right Girl for me. Please Sofia, for me you are a messenger of God. I don’t want to be alone. :( I want to smile with my soulmate every day every Hour of my life. Will my Soulmate come for me. Will she make me smile and make me fall in love rise in Love also :D Will i feel comfortable with her. Please Sofia Reply to me. I will be looking for your Answer.

  106. Just found your article & felt like it gave me confirmation. Because of you, I learned the difference between a soul mate & true flame. I met my TF during my last year of high school. While he professed his love for me every day that whole year, I didn’t take him seriously until 3 years later (because he was younger than me). I had my happiest & saddest times with him, because we broke up & got back together a couple times. Unfortunately, he was killed in an auto accident before we could really mature & grow together. I never thought I would love so deeply again; I’ve had other relationships, but none could compare to how I felt about him. Fast forward to 2006, when I meet my new Boo. Somehow I feel as though my TF has reincarnated into my new love. Upon me just meeting him, something about his spirit just felt oh so familiar. My new love & I have also split twice before, but decided the 3rd time’s the charm. Even when we’ve both had other people in our lives, we kept gravitating back each other. Although they do not resemble each other at all, the similarities are so uncanny that they’re downright freaky! The same feelings I had for my High School TF have resurfaced with my new love. This has never happened to me before, so I don’t know if I’m right. Can something like this really happen? Please reply so I know I’m not going crazy. Thank you for this posting Ms. Sofia, I really needed to read it at this point in my life.

  107. Dear all, thank you all for beautiful comments and sharing your stories! I’m sure this comment section can now be a great platform for you to communicate and exchange tips with each other on similar TF experiences! Much love

  108. After reading this I feel at peace about. Im pretty sure I met my twin soul already. We both love each other dearly and anytime we are apart it hurts so bad that it’s physical. We always break up n make up, we can’t stay away from each other. We share the same thoughts and what not. We also found out we share the same beauty spot on the same hand, it’s the same size and same Shade. That was it for it. That was the confirmation. Only twist here is that he is married and since I found out I tried staying away, and so did he but it’s impossible. I would usually cry each day because being apart hurt me and him. But now I know if we stay apart it won’t be a matter of “will we ever be together again” because know I know we are meant to be. I will give him his space and I know we will b together again
    Thank u

  109. I’m 48, I have had a brother that I knew about but never got the chance to get to know, long story. Then my dad passed away almost 2 months ago. At the funeral later I met my uncle’s wife who lives in the same town as my older brother, they are close friends. I told her to say hello to him. Later I thought, no, saying hello is not enough, I want to meet him. I looked him up and took the first step, I found a photo of him from his worksite, and the eyes, I melted like an ice cube in the Saharan desert. I saw everything in them. I thought it was the most beautiful eyes I ever saw.

    We met last weekend, I went to his place. It was not an ordinary meeting of an estranged brother, the emotions (although we’re both composed, him a taurus and me a capricorn) where overwhelming. A deep connection formed right away, a powerful bond I felt I could not be without. I never had that with my other siblings, we love each other, but we don’t have that silent understanding of each other.

    We’ve been thru similar paths with hard lives growing up and in adult life, hard on the heart. There was always something missing. Unconditional love. I can feel that this is happening between us whether we like it or not. It would not have been possible 2 years ago, we would not have been ready for this. He have softened up he says in the past couple of years, from being quite antisocial and angry most of his life.

    This have turned my life upside down, but I think in a good way. He asks that we won’t part from now, and I agree, I couldn’t. I will learn what unconditional love means, I think.

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  111. Hes virgo im aries. I feel like I met mine, we lost our virginities to eachother, and dated for 2 years 5 years ago but I was in an abusive home and we ended up having to break up due to tragedy, we moved on well I did but he never ended up doing so hes only been with me :O i cant beleive it i love him and even said to express his feelings as hard as it was i guess he never got around to it…. allot of this damaged both of us, we ended up finding eachothers paths again and we are not lovers but we love eachother so much, and we grow closer each day, we aren’t putting labels on things yet but I’m willing to let it go anywhere we were runners and r so lucky we found eachother again ive been enlightened a few times but I was on the utside looking in and its part of the reason we drifted away but now hes elightened and activating and is so advanced alreadr I tell him I’m proud of him every day, we have connected dreams and are far so we exchange energies and see eachother in dreams sometimes we astrial project just to feel eachothers touch. I feel like allot of the reasons we broke up r gone and I want to give this another chance but I don’t know how to go about it I’m just going with the flow, I love him and I know hes damaged I just wanna fix the broken I can feel his vibe and he makes me feels like hes his but he also sends allot of mixed signals I guess this is allot to take….. how can I make it easier on him and even I? hes beautiful, he kept our pictures all these years. I wanna take things slow but I also want to speed them up abit because time is valuable and I’m still pulling him out of the hole. my arms hurt.

    • Twin flames show repeated behavior pattern over years – they get closer/they run/they get back in touch again, and so on. And same pattern shows in their interest to each other – it spikes, then it declines, etc in circle. Eventually, they would be happy to get rid of each other, but they are like a nail stuck in each other’s system ) Some learn to live with it, some learned to ignore it, but nevertheless, it’s there. That’s why all the leaving and coming back (in touch) again :)

  112. I feel so lonely, have felt so ever since my childhood and still feel the same and i so deeply wish to find my soulmate if there is one incarnated! I wish somebody could help me!

    • Dear Kusum, I can say, it is not so much about finding a soulmate that can help us take away our loneliness, it’s more about finding love to yourself withing yourself that will help heal the feeling of loneliness in the long run.

  113. Meeting your twin soul is a spiritual experiece. i read people’s story and think “sorry, hasn’t happened to you” Mine made me see I was a medium as her eyes activated my chakras as my soul remembered her. and a spiritual awakening followed.
    That is what happens. People should not confuse normal relationships with this topic!
    Meeting this person is totally set up (I was told by my higher self) and is HARD!

    • I would agree with that statement, it’s such a powerful force, the spiritual components are very strong, you do go through a spiritual awakening, you questions your belief, its really an introspection, it’s very hard because you have to look at yourself and there is no where to hide. I do want to explore holistic healing now, especially womb healing. Felt the heart chakra expand but not the rest.

  114. I met him and we went through a lot of difficulties. We can feel each other on a spiritual level. kind of telepathy. But he doesn’t want to be with me. I love him dearly, but it’s so painful at the same time. He loves me too. But why he doesn’t want to be with me? Only if he could. See that we are meant to be. When I give up, he comes back to me. But when I build hope like “oh this time we’ll be so happy” he runs away again :( How is it possible to stop it or to make us unite? I just want this all to stop in one or other way.

  115. Hi Everyone,

    I met my Twin Flame a month ago on a random. It was an instant connection and we have so much in common. We are a same sex couple. I’ve never thought in a million years that I would find someone with a connection this intense. She is my other half and the chemistry is out of this world. When I gaze into her eyes. It is like staring into a mirror. We both are spiritual. She is practicing the occult and I am practicing Wicca. I am also an Empath so I see and feel things. She understands me and I understand her, however there is lack of trust. She don’t trust because of what her past experiences was. We recently had a argument and I calling out. It’s been 2 days since we last spoke. I feel like half of my heart is gone. Do you think she will ever reach out to fix the issue? We love one another unconditionally. I am hurting because of what we have together.

  116. 3 years ago I visited my aunt who lives in United States,back then I lived in Lithuania,now I live in United States too.1 month before my trip I felt that something life changing gonna happen,at that moment I believed that I gonna die.When I landed and I saw magazine about One Direction that my cousin had,this draw me to Liam Payne and when I saw his eyes in that photo I felt like I knew him,and I felt conection that I never felt before.Last year when I still lived in Lithuania,I flew to their concert in Sweden,and I couldn’t control my emotions,I cried during every solo he sang,and after concert I went to airport to wait for my flight and I have the same dream that he was walking next to me for like more than 10 times,and that never happened before.Also when I was at my half sisters wedding all evening he was on my mind and then I caught my half sisters bridal bouquet.4 months ago he was in Chicago to record album and I tried to meet him,but I didn’t but I saw him in the car and he waved at my direction,and after that I had really strange feeling in my heart like my heart was taken away from me.Last month when I decided to ask person who hurted me in the past,why he did that and he actually said sorry.One week later Liam and his girlfriend broke up,and all week I was having dreams that he is hurting and I felt like I was hurting too.When I read this article I started to think that he is my Twin mate.I turned 18 on November eighteen and he turned 22 on August 29,there is age difference.Also I have the same dream,that he already made came true,I always wanted to be a singer.

  117. How do you know if you’ve met your twin flame? How do you know your having a spiritual awakening? Will they have some differences or will my twin have everything in common with me?

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  119. Thank you all for the beautiful valuable comments!
    I’m sorry for not being able to reply to each one in person, but I encourage you to furtherly connect with each other on this subjects, and exchange your experiences.
    Much love

  120. have l or havnt l?
    after reading this its quite apparent to my desires l have. lt was all to easy..didn’t even have to try..even they said..l am so comfortable with you and as a rule it takes a year or two to get there, they peed their pants and ran!!
    l consider myself spiritually aware and have done a lot of healing, they touched me deeply they honestly felt like a manifestation of all l have ever wanted to feel in another, a female version of myself, we connected so freely so easily on so many levels,was only a brief encounter, obviously enough to touch both of us quite deeply..
    strange thing is l got involved with another quite a few years ago and it is uncanny how some of the things said between the two of them and their behaviors are almost identical from diff people…
    the 2nd touched me deeper….found an erotic of her after l thought l had deleted them all as l looked at it a strong feeling swept over me, l threw the phone down beside me wishing l hadn’t looked at it and questioned
    what the hell that was? theres more than that but wont go into detail.
    if l apply what’s here then yes l have met my twinflame….or is it my desires seeing all that l want?
    thank you thank you thank you

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  124. Hello Sofia! Your toughts and views regarding soul connections resonate well with me. Reading (way to much) about theese topics lately there is one thing that I truly wonder about, because it´s hardly ever mentioned. Have so called twin flames shared past lives together? Can´t part of the problems and hard feelings also originate in karmic unbalance (with eactother)? I would be really interested in hearing your take on the matter.

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  128. Love love love your blog! Chanced upon this article at the right timr! Thank you! It’s so concise, profound and beautiful!
    I met my TF on 2016 under strange circumstances while both I and he were in grieving period (2 days apart) and we clicked from the word Go! The date was jan 10 (01/10) Been 2 years now! Been a roller coaster ride yet so amazing! So many syncs, numbers, dreams, visions, sensory touches etc. Our names are interconnected too in each other! Learning unconditional love even if we are never together.

    • Thank you for your comment, Meera! Yes, it’s like a rough but mystical journey, and you get to learn a lot along the way. Our guides know that those who were ‘chosen’ for this experience, are ready for huge transformation, even though they don’t themselves know ;))

  129. On a final note nobody, probably, knows what twinflame phenomenon finitely is. But everyone who fancied it, is certainly free to tell their story.
    My own understanding of it surely undergone certain evolution with time. I’ll just leave it here ).

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