Dramatic Events & Unbelievable Changes Of The Year 2013

‘These past few months have been like a movie, I just can’t believe what is happening anymore!..’

Is the phrase I don’t stop hearing since the beginning of 2013 from most of my acquaintances and the people I know.

The beginning of the year really brought the array of unbelievably dramatic changes and radical turnouts to most of us out there.

People have sent with me a great number of emails sharing their own striking events and things they had gone through lately.

We all to one extent or another experienced the effects of shifting eras and energy changes which of course had a direct impact on our physical realm.

Too much have been happening too fast, and the events literally gave us no break.

February – March were probably the toughest. Now April softens it a bit already, and by the end of spring we can all sigh with a relief and welcome each other on the other side…

We made it – we have all done some serious transition, can you feel it?

The things we’ve been so painfully going through for the past few months were all the effects of a massive karmic changeover of the year 2013.

The History is now.

Look back at your life and lives of the people you know – how many speedy changes and incredible events had happened just recently.

Striking number of relationships and marriages split.

 Couples suddenly fell out of love with one another, as if woke up and found it all worked out.

We are no more interested in drama/manipulative affairs and are letting them go with no regret.

Why so many marriages ended and people in relationships had a sudden change of heart?

That’s because those were some karmic affairs where you were brought together not to live happily ever after, but to return each other something you owed from the past.

The person you thought you loved was just your karmic decoy, we all have to go through involvements of that kind at some point of our life. 

And now that we settled accounts, it’s time to ascend to the newer kind of relations – of no drama, no emotional manipulation and no cliché expectations or power struggles.

Now we are shifting towards the trend of finding our true spiritual partners and the interest in Twin Flames reunion is intense.

In the new era of spiritual matchmaking there are no more ego things we’ll feel like proving to each other. Now we can actually feel our soulmates keener – be in a couple or not, and still love and help each other evolve and not bring each other down.


And what about the number of cancer cases, sudden deaths and numerous accidents we witnessed lately?

We might have grieved over losing someone we knew, but that soul simply fulfilled its destined tasks in the present incarnation and proceeded on its further journey. The soul knows better when it’s its time to come and the time to go.

When the body releases its soul losing life to disease, or an accident, the soul gets cleared of its pain and debts while still embodied, which makes it get its important realizations and continue forward more enlightened.

Death always answers all the questions to the dying one and all the things in front of their eyes come clear.

Whatever you wanted to say – they heard it, and whatever you felt guilty for – they long ago forgave.


If you struggle a disease today, you should acknowledge who is it the one you need to forgive and release in order to ease your symptoms tomorrow…


You might have lost money or housing –  but it is literally something that needed to be paid. You did and now you let it go.

Now is the process of a total cleanup and renovation. And we are being given a unique chance to learn as many lessons at once as people usually learn in a lifetime.


After 2012 karma accelerated the spin of its wheel and no longer runs its ancient delayed model.

It is no longer willing to let us drag this life in ignorance and incarnate carrying the same old debts, and still not realizing why the ‘poor me’ have to suffer so much. 

We all lost something these months, but it just made a wonderful space in our minds and lives that we now may consciously fill with something new – people, energies and ideas.


Look at how many interesting acquaintances you met and how many old futile attachments expired. 

How easily the world suddenly allowed you to bring out your talents and turn them into the means of living, whereas before you’ve been mocked at as an impractical dreamer.

And what an interesting community of like-minded people suddenly gathered around you on your creative way.

People have been rediscovering their talents, developing striking psychic abilities and intuitive skills; opening their heart chakras and expanding their empathy towards one another.

It got somehow easier to love – to express your feelings and to accept someone else’s back.

Many souls simply been patiently waiting for reunion and are now suddenly starting to recognize the ones they sought.

Look at the signs and happy shocking coincidences – look at how easily things you think about, manifests themselves somewhere just near you immediately.

Let alone all the information you are now getting from the most unexpected, abundant sources which as if personally meant for you, answering all your question.

These are all great signs showing us that even though we got out of our battles in wounds, we are still present and considered – there is yet some good purpose for us to fulfill.

By signs and coincidences our Purpose is communicating with us, and our individual spirit guides are here to look after our goals and our personal daily security.

They talk in signs, just listen to them.

Forget your temporary problems for the moment and see – you are still here.

It’s time to think – what for,

and then go for it.

Probably you have no permanent home, money, vehicle to move, or recovering from pain, disease or a breakup… Here you go, it means you paid everything you had to and made your transition. A part of you may be aching, but another bigger part feels miraculously reformed.

It may still take some time to finally get there, but we’ll be seeing small to great changes each day.

Bad luck will gradually clear and draining karmic connections fall off completely.

Release them, forgive and let them go. And let yourself start from here.

Now whatever step you take further will be a lucky one and will smoothly take you on the road to where you want to go.

~ Dina Mialova – April In My Coat ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hrmyVF_mIY

My amazing sister Dina Mialova is giving an example with her song how the melancholy turns into beauty (singing in Russian)


49 thoughts on “Dramatic Events & Unbelievable Changes Of The Year 2013

  1. Wow, ur article is for real!!! It felt like you were talking to me! Love u soul friend! We will get thru this together! From glory to glory. :-)

  2. Ah, Sofia, you are alive and well ! I hadn’t seen a post from you for so long !!! I agree with the thinking in what you wrote. If we just permitted troubles and problems to slip away and shed some of the negativity that surrounds us our lives could be so much better. Enjoyed the Dina Mialova song. Spring is here, and soon we will all be better in the warmth of summer.

    • Thank you, dear Paul!
      And Dina is thanking you for the attention :) This song is allover my mind now,
      March has been crazy for me, i guess i was having my doze of a necessary transition, and now life is unfolding even from a more beautiful and divine angle!
      Missed your poetry, talk soon :)

    • You inspired me to write it sooner and get back to WP with something new at last ;)
      And as i promised long ago, next post will be about the challenges that energy healers face in their practices, and why people give up Reiki after a years of practice!

      Will be visiting you for your new posts today as well! Stay cool! :)

  3. Hurray, Sofia is back. What a prophetic post. You just described my last few months perfectly. The new relationships are the ones I made blogging. I now have a Purpose. I see my place in the journey towards peace. I did have to release some draining karmic connections which hurt, but I am ready to embrace the now. Keep guiding us, Sofia. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you, my dear Kozo! Been long time we didn’t talk, as i had a good share of all those events as well ;)
      I’m up to checking all the new posts you’ve written here while i was off for my transition :))

  4. Made my day…Sofia, your post is simply superb! :)
    You’ve nailed it brilliantly. I am supremely confident many will be able to connect and relate to this post. Our “self” is a composition of five elements, considered “untrue” as per the Vedas, and hence the statement, “You are *that* (Tat Tvan Asi) from the Chandogya Upanishad, where *that* is often referred as “Brahman” (not the *that* what you usually think of yourself.
    Of course, the soul, encapsulated in the body remains free from the shackles of changing seasons. There is nothing called a prefix “ex-” for any relationship that engages a soul. It finds a way, & yes transition period counts when it tends to seek shelter elsewhere…
    Karma (Deeds) never die. Try to do Sat-Karma (Good Deeds) & refrain from Ku-Karma (Evil Deeds), rest will be perfectly alright…

    With Loving Namaskar! from India,
    Shubhankar :)

    • Brilliant insight, Shubhankar! I strongly relate to your thoughts and always thankful for your spiritual inputs!
      And you made m day with a smile as well!

  5. Thank you my dear sister for the fantastic post and for choosing my song!=) Thanks for attention to it! Yes, not so long ago people didn’t have the opportunity to watch the results of their doings in this life, because karma took too long to come into action. It’s different now. now we see the results of our doings and thoughts almost immediately. something fantastic is going on, all my friend become wiser and they seem to awake. we can easily connect with the God and receive answers in signs and feelings. Time we live in is really wonderful!!=)) I wish everybody to find his own happy way! Thank you, Sofia, God talks to us with your lips! :*

  6. Dear Sofia! So nice to read your beautiful posts again.
    This is so shockingly accurate again. This year does seem to be a shifting point and it’s all whipping by so quickly.
    Your sister has a beautiful voice & a lot of talent. :)
    *hugs to you both*

    • Hey dear! Sorry it’s been long time. Heading to check all your new recent posts as well! I didn’t open WP for maybe a month ))
      Thank you so much for your words! Hugs from me and Dina back! ♥

  7. Hello Sofia and welcome back, we’ve missed you terribly even tho u’r spirit is forever close to our hearts. Thanks for this intriguing update, I’m sure our collective history is accelerating to warp speed and lessons will be learned in no uncertain manner. As for myself, I’m reconnecting with an old flame and experiencing life anew. Reminiscing back, I’m shocked by how much we’ve both matured, yet every new day is gifted play, like a divine connection has developed over the past 2 weeks. I literally can’t stop smiling, singing and dancing to life’s rhythm, being as one. I’m not one to “fall” hard over someone, but I can’t think anymore, just feel and trust my liberated heart. Love is indescribably light and beautiful, like I’ve always known it to be. So much deeper and fulfilling than anything earthly, like a love 2.0 upgrade for my soul to squeeze. Universal vision and expression thru science, art, poetry, music is flowering everywhere. What a divine age we’re growing through. Your sister is a wonderful singer, you must be so proud. Thanks for sharing her with the world!
    I’m excited to hear about your QT healing experiences & higher states of consciousness. Be well Sofia! ♥

    • Yaay, Maddy, i see you are also on the way to reunite with your twin flame! I know that feeling of love and connection and bliss is indescribable!
      And these coming years we’ll be witnessing more and more of twin flames reunions! :)
      Those who watch over the earth now want people to reach their best selves and succeed in what they aspire. And the elevated energies around and inside us greatly assist us in doing so.
      I’ll be sharing new post about healing next time! Stay well, Maddy! Dina sends her regards as well! :)

  8. Brilliant post as always Sofia! It’s true, March in particular was very challenging for me and everyone close to me. I really noticed things calm down in April, and I’m glad to hear you say it will get smoother as the year goes on :)

    I hope you’ve been keeping well and enjoying your studies! It’s great to have a new post from you :)

    Take care Sofia, all the best.


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  10. love all your ideas and thoughts flowing here, Sofia! from twin flames to letting go…and your lovely sister’s song. she has a great voice. you two are both very talented. ☼sunHUGS!!

  11. Sofia, so wonderfully refreshing, i have seen the beginnings of what you have spoken about! Thanks for being the special one you are my sister! It is wonderful to embrace your words again, and also thank you for your recent visits at my blog site. There is a new energy alive within after that prolonged sickness! I am spiritually lifted and my its words show it! God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

    • No i must thank you for all the beautiful words you are sharing with us through your poetry! Evetytime i read you poem at pick, i find a message strongly to relate to. You are a beautiful soul and i’m happy we have you on a blogoshpere!

  12. Hi Sofia,

    Great words of wisdom and a perspective of the way forward.

    Speaking of myself, I had my house destroyed in an explosion and lost two key relatives to cancer. So your post does resonate.But I continue to lack clarity about my way forward. What is it I could do to discover my calling?


    • Hi Shakti!
      Oh i’m so sorry to hear about your losses! I feel with you as with all the great number of people who had similar tragedies this year…
      We are undergoing major energy transformations right now, which is up to making us more intuitive. Which means we’ll be easily perceiving things that were veiled from our understanding before. So the best thing right now is to rely on Signs and Intuition, because our Brow chakra is opening up more now, and we’ll be getting the answers to our questions from numerous outside sources in various forms- coincidences, books we read, people we interact with, media we listen to- everything can deliver you the specific answers. Just trust your hunch!

      On the side note, i can strongly recommend to check the book “Celestine prophecy” by James Redfield if you didn’t read it yet. It answers many questions about the human path in the present new era and what further transformations in our perception and development we can expect.
      Wish you to find your beautiful unique path and follow it with joy!

  13. Great Article!!!! This it like a brick… I have been noticing all of these things and I new something profound is happening but most of the people I am around is not very aware of the spiritual reality. I feel the things that are happening in the world are happening in me as well. I feel connected to everything. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Oh hi! I’m so happy you visited :)

      Seriously, I spent all day on your blog today! )) I just couldn’t let go.. All those articles on twin flames was a real treat!
      You answered all my questions and queries about TF..:)
      So yes, i believe you are a profoundly spiritual person and i’m really glad to connect! Cheers!

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  15. Truly soul searching material here. Am enjoying this blog greatly and love to continue learning. We do give so much to each other! Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

  16. I love you Sofia Siberia! I am so thankful to get to read this article that you wrote. I shake my head in disbelief.
    Feb-March was the toughest but for me it continued to be tough until October.
    Marriage fell apart – I think it was my T.F we are separated
    I got sick for 6 months and was in and out of therapy. All very painful but not life threatening.
    Yes, I don’t have a physical home…. In March literally that fell apart.
    I had a spiritual awakening. I’m not the same anymore. I met my spirit guide last month and got goose bumps reading this article because the picture of the house in the snow with the one tree… that was the exact house I was in when I met my spirit guide because I looked out through the window and saw the exact same scene that is in the picture. The only lonely house in the snow….
    Husband wants to come back now but I’m still confused if he is my T.F or not. I don’t want to repeat patterns and be stuck.

    Any advice?


    • Dear Sonia, apology for answering you with such delay. I see how the events in your life unfolded… This year was truly marked by major changes – in our social, personal and even spiritual life. Good news is that all changes signify development. God never takes one thing without providing another in return :)
      I remember your inquiry about twin flames and I will contact you back shortly to let you know when we can schedule a session and talk!

  17. 2013 has been a turning point for me, I felt spiritually slapped, my values put into questions and a stronger purpose of why Am I here for ultimately quest has begun!

    • Since 2012 more people started having spiritual /metaphysical experiences and began awakening to their soul purposes.
      This process is still ongoing. Not for all, but those who are advanced and ready. You might be one of them

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