~ Floating Daydream ~

My dear friend CardCastlesInTheSky drew her spirit in shape of a butterfly, just look how magical it turned out…


In respect of Sunday’s lazy quiet, family-oriented nature, I’d like to keep my words brief for today.

butterfly art, Floating Daydream

This is my little art venture for the weekend. It’s uncertain right now where this may end up. (Maybe a piece in one of my galleries, as an illustration for a random author’s book, or in the trash bin…) All that’s known to me right now is it gives me a pleasant feeling.

The work pictured above was inspired by my joyful and beaming with sparkling energy blogging buddy, Sofia. She told me yesterday I have a “butterfly spirit” and my, my, is that fitting.

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42 thoughts on “~ Floating Daydream ~

  1. I couldn’t help it. Your words stayed with me all day. It’s fitting because I’ve often had dreams I was flying, and strangely enough, over wooded areas, flowery fields, and such. It’s a close description of me; my personality is intense yet my emotions are fragile, much like their wings.
    P.S. I see you as a cat myself. Maybe that’s why you like them. You’re kind, gentle, and intelligent, yet wary and cautious.

  2. Nature has gifted us wonderful colours and a beautiful mind that has an option to make choice. May be, I’m not the right person to comment on the aesthetic part, rather I’d love to appreciate your work as an art-lover. Well done…:)

  3. =) So wonderful! there is so much light and something magic in that picture! it’s full of sparkling love and light and I can’t help watching it! ^_^ the words about Sofia’s likeness to a cat – true enough! a Cat is her totemic animal;))

  4. LOL! I love this! :-) I love butterflies too! My totem is the monarch. I raised a catepillar in fourth grade and saw all coccons breaking and the butterflies flying away, and once in a trip to a butterfly exhibit, a butterfly with hooks on its wings landed on my pinky and wouldn’t go away! Another time like for a month earlier last year, monarchs kept following me everywhere! And a butterfly stopped for me and my baby in the park and landed in front of the carriage and wouldn’t move! Lol I know it sounds weird but its true! :-)

    • Not weird at all! So interesting!
      That means butterfly is your totem for sure, and your protector. And since you have a very keen developed spirituality, it appears as a sign to you and comes by to say hi!
      Cats do it with me all the time :)Always come at me from everywhere, jump on my lap, or walk beside me in the street:)
      Having a manifested connection with your totem animal is great! It’s a spirit that guides us and in a way protects us here :)

      • Thank you for the kind words. I never thought of it that way, that is too beautiful. I made a new facebook, and requested you. :-) we have to talk :-)

  5. This is so cute and precious :) You have lovely blogging buddies Sofia!

    Hope you are doing well, hugs!


    • Hey! Happy to hear from you, Rohan! :)

      CardsCastles warmed my heart when she created this amazing picture in a response to my few simple words about her butterfly soul! :))

      I’m working on the new articles, coming back soon :)

      Hugs, Rohan and everybody who passes by! :)

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    • Hey Rahul!

      Great you dropped by, i’m hoping all is going well with you too!
      We haven’t written much lately, have we? :))
      I’m just about to fix this problem and get back to writing here regularly again, as many devoted readers ask me where i disappeared :)


      • Yup! Indeed. Are you to much busy with your work schedules, Sofia? :) Even I’m also! :P My University board exams will begin by the mid of May. :D Anyway, keep up your work well, dear one. Hugs back to you as well. Have a great time there. God bless. :)


        • Your wish of seeing me a powerful healer keeps me really inspired! And i’m putting my best energy effort for excelling in it right now! :)
          I wish you best of luck with your exams too! And really try to enjoy you university years to the maximum!
          Later you’ll be remembering them with nostalgie, believe me! :)
          And thank you once again for the cute photo gift, people seemed to love it! Yaay :)

          • Yup, indeed! I’m eagerly waiting and wish to hear about you as a prominent healer all around the world, Sofia. Wish ya all success for achieving your target. :)
            Thank you so much for your heartfelt wishes as well! I’ll try my level best to complete it in a pretty good way and I believe and trust in the aspects ya had taught me.
            It’s my pleasure to do edits for a brave healer like ya, Madam! Have a good day ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ :)


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