~ Be A Warrior And Get Yourself Some Flowers ~

One day I walked into the office of my wellness instructor and saw a big bouquet of flowers standing on her table.

They were still wrapped in a crunchy paper and filled the room with life and wonderful mixture of smells.

That day we were about to shoot our sketch on Quantum Touch healing for a TV program and been expecting the camera crew.

I smiled to Mona and asked if some fan passed by in the morning and greeted her with a nice event.

And she smiled back and said ‘Oh, no. I bought myself some flowers!’

Her smile and joy around that bouquet were amazingly catching.

First I chuckled as I thought she was kidding, but then I realized how much I actually liked that idea.

Really, why not?

When was the last time somebody gave you flowers?  That can be you!

A while ago I warned everyone against bringing me cards, flowers, cute gifts and other girly things like that.

But sometimes when I go routine shopping, I may pick myself a cuddly stuffed toy on the way, if it’s too cute to pass by…

So I have quite a collection of teddy bears, piglets and cats now, sitting on the closet of my guests room, all brought by me.

You will not conquer a warrior with cute bouquets and teddy bear gifts, but herewith, it does mean that we don’t like them ;)

That’s why we can bring small romantic gifts to ourselves whenever we feel like it and rejoice around them like kids without letting anyone take credit for moving our ‘weak’ nature ;)

Needless to say that my wellness coach doesn’t have a shortage of people that would think her worthy of a magnificent bouquet. A garden, if she fancies!

But on that particular day allured by the bright sunny rays playing on her way through the city to the office, she stopped by the flower tent and bought a sun-fed fragrant bunch, herself.

That bouquet accidentally got on the background of our program and brought some extra colors and lively vibes to the setting. And who cares who was the one that brought those flowers.

Flowers and colors around a woman indicate she is in love – with someone special, with herself, with all the world… What does it matter, if that love is contagious enough for everyone around to feel it and take their share.

Every woman that loves is a healer even without knowing so. Because she emits the full spectrum of vibes that can’t fail to resonate with anyone else’s oscillations.  

Love declares itself through beauty.

So even on a path of warrior, it’s great to love yourself and share that beauty with your world.

Sometimes it takes a few opinions to let us feel good, and sometimes it only takes a few flowers to let yourself feel loved.

Bring yourself some flowers and amusedly notice how everyone around will eagerly respond to your joy.

Love manifests itself through signs that are pleasurable for you to observe.

Look around for the signs and see just how many there actually are!

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Most Influential Blog 2012 Award

most iinfluential blog award


Using the opportunity, I would also love to thank my friends Paul pjb1943 and Wendell Brown for nominating me for this honorable award.

Thanks a lot for thinking me worthy of this price!

Well, talk about gifts… I got a diamond :) And that’s not a random coincidence, as I’m forever engaged to my writing :)

There are no specific questions to answer in order to acknowledge this award, so I’ll directly proceed to nominations.

Here goes:


Hey Kozo, I know you decided not to take anymore awards, but anyway I’m giving it to you, because I’ll just express our shared BBF’s opinion and say that your blog is truly influential. So you just know it deserved this award :)


Hey Rohan! I’ll be soon allover your new posts, saw you have a bunch of new ones added :) I’ll try to hurry with a review as well!
So far, grab the award and know I wouldn’t leave you out ever while thinking of ‘influential’.
That refers to you by all means!


I know your blog is still relatively new, but the material you post is beyond influential to me and everyone else who is into esoterics, spirituality and the nature of things and creation…
You got Castaneda’s books at home and you got my vote for the Influential award and the influential thinking! :)
Please have it and enjoy! I’ll be visiting soon!


Dear Ganesh, amazingly interesting and informative blog you have there! It’s the encyclopedia of knowledge on the most influential subjects of all times. Karma, creation, spirituality…
My deep respect. And here is your award!


Charron, your tips were always precious and your blog is a great compilation of interesting deep material. I think your contribution is precious and lots of people would share my opinion, saying that you are a truly influential blogger and an enlightened beautiful human!
Please, accept this award and keep spreading your illuminating influence!


Dear Chris, I hope you are doing all well, I’m always sending you a lot of positive thoughts in response to our beautiful acquaintance!
You blog connects thousands of women allover the globe on the same subject, and I think it’s a very important and noble work you are doing.
You are influential and here is your award! :)

Thank you all for reading, hugs and have a beautiful day!


54 thoughts on “~ Be A Warrior And Get Yourself Some Flowers ~

  1. Sofia what a lovely sentiment, I’m sure kitty will agree wholeheartedly! Treat yourself well, but I’ve noticed…
    treating others as you treat yourself, your loving-kindness energy comes back 10 fold. I’m experiencing this direct feedback of energy daily from loving bloggers, friends, family. What you put out is what you get back, absolutely.
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder, you are a blessing to us all Sofia! Sending much love and well wishes. ♥

    • So true dear Maddy! Using the opportunity, let me thank you here for all your RT’s, hearts, always warm words and wishes! I’m blessed to have you guys!

  2. Congrats, Sofia. You are one influential spirit. Thanks for the award. It means a lot to me. Let’s combine our influence to create peace and love.
    I love the idea of buying flowers for one’s self. Self-compassion is key to compassion for others. Having said that, I would like to send you a bouquet of lovingkindness daisies. They will be arriving by EPS–Energy Pulsation Services. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  3. Funny, I actually bought myself a little pot of miniature roses at the grocery store tonight, in a cute little ladybug planter. Two of my favorite things! And that’s even though my boyfriend did get me flowers for Valentine’s Day. :)

  4. What a lovely post Sofia :) Why wait around for someone to offer a gift, there is no shame in showing love and appreciation of ourselves through flowers or other nice things. After all, who knows best what we like, but ourselves :)

    And thank you for the award Sofia, that is a very kind of you! I will post the award soon :)

    It’s great to see a picture of you practicing your craft, really inspiring :)

    Oh and can I just say your hair is amazing, is that your natural colour?

    Take care Sofia, all the best :)


      • It’s really striking! I think I remember seeing pics of you with your natural color actually, it’s nice too :)

        Keep well Sofia, hope you’ve had a nice weekend!


        • :)) Thank you, Rohan, you always make me smile :)
          Spent weekend with healing books and chakra diagnosis manuals :D

          I’ll talk soon! Thank you for visiting me always! Big hugs!

  5. Thank you, Sofia! As fresh as a daisy–this post–so I guess I will wait till tomorrow to treat myself to something nice…I know just the thing, too. Thanks for reminding me it’s okay to be your own Fan. I think everybuddy forgets that a lot–to be as nice to themselves as they are to other people. :) Have a great day, Double Ess, and a real treat to see you back.

  6. Thank you Sofia :-) The article was wonderful. Lol sometimes I buy myself chocolates instead of flowers, but that’s a wonderful idea-less fattening! :-) Thanks for the award :-) You are too kind. :-)

  7. Congrats Sofia! Thank you very much dear Sofia for nominating “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. Appreciate your love and kindness! Thanks again for the kind and nice words. All the very best!! :)

  8. Sofia, your pen is a fountain, showering flowers upon your readers. I am not saying so because you are a friend of and I am obliged to appreciate your post. I really mean it. Very positive spirit, reflecting your benediction towards writing. Keep it up!~S_S

    • Oh thanks a lot for all you ever-inspiring words, my dear yogi friend!
      And actually your sincere encouragement has really helped me a lot along the way!

  9. Very nice idea! To make gifts for yourself is a real therapy, I must confess I sometimes do so and it has a great effect – it’s a gesture of love for yourself. To love yourself is important but it’s a pity that we were taught for a long time that it’s bad:( Very often we can hear as somebody says: “I don’t love myself, and I never buy things for myself, all only for children!” And they feel proud for such thoughts! I think that it’s a great mistake. How can a person love somebody if he doesn’t love himself? I hope things will be different and people will learn to treat themselves right;) thank you for a nice post, my dear sister!!:*

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  11. love your cat enjoying the flowers too. :)

    wonderful post, Sofia…not only taking care of ourselves but blessing others with the loving energies we give out as we gift ourselves.

    you’re a blessing sweet friend. love + peace.

  12. Very nice post. I have always bought myself flowers. Almost every week in fact. I fully believe in being extra sexy and sensory in every aspect of my world for ME. And then if anyone else cares to be part of that, and they are invited in, then that is a bonus. Like you blog.

    • Totally agree! :)
      By the way, i’m happy you passed by and let me discover your blog in return! What an inspiring message you have at the top! Cancer survivor and a yogi… I’m off to checking your posts soon!

      Stay well! :)

  13. It’s been a while since I bought myself flowers. However I know that it’s true, bouquets create a certain atmosphere. I looked around my room after reading your comment about the color that surrounds a woman…guess I didn’t realize I was in love :)

    • Hahaha you are so cute :)) Love may not be specifically directed at some person, but if you have colors around you, it means you have a heart open for love! :)

      Funny actually, today in the evening I opened your blog, meaning to check your recent posts, then got distracted talking with my sister, and till now your blog is open on my screen :)
      Hehe telepathy! :)
      Will leave you there some messages tmrw, have a great evening!

      • Talk about telepathy…(to quote a cartoon character named Cheese), I like this game . Thank you for making me smile.

        As for being open to love, sometimes I don’t think I am. That’s probably my auto-plot talking ;)

        You and your sister have a good evening as well!

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  15. I just read this Sofia… You are a BEAUTIFUL FLOWER reflecting the perfection we are born with, that most people forget they have.. your way of seeing beauty in everything and making others see it is so wonderful, your words are like the scent of the flower that touches and uplifts everyone! love you dear… Thank you for the lovely comments… and I’m really happy that my flowers inspired you to write this :)

    • Thank you, Mona! I love you too!

      Seeing you these days and visiting the Harmony center for new tutorials is a real revelation right now and the best place for empowerment and relaxation!

      And you know, I was so surprised… Last week when you messaged me the “Beautiful Warrior” award, I was sure you’ve read this post and replied me to it in this way over our Whatsapp chat!
      But then a week later you wrote here that you’ve just saw this post on my blog! )))
      Omg! Imagine, what an incredible coincidence! )))

  16. Well, I’ll definitely work in dealing with that flowers part and check myself whether it’ll show any +ve response similar to the ones ya have mentioned above!
    PS: I know it’ll work, but still I have to check it out since it is a very new info for me. :-D
    Congratulations on receiving the award too. Have a good day ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ :-)


    • You can bring flowers to the dear women in your life – mothers, sisters, beloved – just like that, with no occasion, and see how it will make their day! :)
      And the part of that joy will return back at you :)
      Have a lovely day, Rahul!

  17. I could not agree more to every blessed detail of your amazing article! Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Plus, how amazing, and now that we’ve mentioned “likeness,” I have been thinking of posting an article entitled “The Amazing Power of a Flower.” I found a great video on flowers but it doesn’t play well so will think of pictures instead. If that’s your tiger or tortie, my Hannah looks very much like the picture. Hannah loves fresh plants, especially the leaves. That is how I learned to shred greens for her. A fav is spinach and she will eat avocado when I fix dishes from it. She’s also a lover of yogurt.

    Our spring just began and hoping to discover soon that my branching sunflower trees take off per usual (potted fresh geraniums Monday of this week when it was warm). Otherwise, I will seed them soon. Some years, the little trees cover vision of the front porch. . .definitely, always have fresh sunflowers in a big or small vase inside….find that ornate Arizona glass tea jars make a perfect vase for the coffee table….Hannah prefers the leaves dried so don’t have to be too concerned about her getting after the arrangements unless the leaves start to dry sooner than the flower (smile). Oh, and Hannah also writes and has her own band “The CatNAppers.”

    i will take a virtual back massage as had a little rib injury which has mostly healed, but believe it’s caused some friction in back, shoulders and neck. Sometimes, it feels volcanic…..hence, working more on ergo structure of monitor, chair etc., so more time can be spent on internet. I may take a brief breakaway again soon.

    Feeling the love already (smile)! Thank you . . . .

    • Oh please go ahead with the post, i’ll be looking forward to it! :)
      I used to think flowers were to sentimental.. but no, in fact, women do have some special energy connection with flowers..
      So i’m waiting for your post :)

      Another thing in common we have – Love Cats! ♥
      Ahh haha my mom’s cat snacks on her pot plants all the time ;) So in order to save the leaves, mom started bringing her some special green grass that cats like :) She sits then and chews on her greens :))

      Please, take all the rest you need and relax! Writers and thinkers are prone to back pain and neck/shoulder cramps..

      Much love! Take care and talk soon :)

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