~ The Twin Soul Connection ~

twin soul

I came across this article about Twin Soul Connection a while ago.

And it’s not your ordinary soulmates reading…

Ever since I shared it on Facebook, people were writing me in amaze and saying the article came as a revelation. Most related to it tremendously.

And well, once it was the case with me too.

This article jumped out at me by some magical coincidence when I most needed it and least expected, and it almost brought me to tears.

You were in love, you are in love. It lasted, it’s still lasting…

You can’t or you couldn’t easily be together…

But it was a person that changed your life.

It’s truly an unordinary insight that beats everything I heard of soulmates before. 

I’d really love to share it with you and hear what you think.

Maybe you’ll recognize somebody you already know…


Credits  to wonderful Debbie Nagioff!


71 thoughts on “~ The Twin Soul Connection ~

    • Thank you, Benjamin!

      Twin souls is a beautiful bittersweet experience, but i’d never want to live without one. I’m happy i found my karmic souls and i’m always happy to hear people found theirs too..

      • To be honest with you I think that we connect not only with one person ot “twin” but many souls that we have met with in the past that we have unfinished business with. As most of have experienced multiple times a “closeness” or it could just be that my soul is very old and I have met many people I’m not sure.

    • Hi just wanted to say that its a true thing to have a twin soul, I know cause I’m lucky enough to have this beautiful angelic soul in my life its only been a few weeks since we reunited and it by far is the most amazing feeling of unconditional love and the most pure of bliss moments wen we hold each other, time does not seem to exist wen we together. I remember the feeling I got when we first meet it was like a drunk sway feeling and we couldn’t resist touching cuddling kissing and feeling at ease and at home with each other. It wasent till we parted company after 5 hours that no sooner had we drove in desperate directions that I started feeling sickish in my stomach then came the need to throw up then the dry reaching. This happened to the both of us
      We seriously automaticly without thought or any other reason were so much in love with each other. And we have a total understanding of each others needs at present. Yes its a hard road all right things progress that quickly you don’t think right and can become to overwhelmed with the love and lust and rate of the relationship that you have to be really understanding of wat each other say at this point. Example , she has just had a lot of love felt and lost when she meet her twinflame and they ended up running. I know now that twinflame encounters are the most powerful and electrifying meetings one can encounter. Its all in preparation for her to grow by accepting that love hurts but you have to let go of it and understand that you can’t block out love from your life to protect your self from hurt and possible rejection in the future. Cause as it is. She meet me her twin soul that has a lot of unconditional love and appreciation ect for her that I want to rush into a relationship and get married ect because that’s wat feels right to me. This would have caused her to run. That’s why we were both lucky that I listened and acted approperatly to her feelungs . she to felt everything the same as I. love lust an energy connection we can feel each others and no how there feeling No matter the distance apart as well as telepathy communication in both speech and ability to travel the 4d world and visually see then from above like looking thru the ceiling down in them. Takeing in all this new abilitys and trying to accept how it is possible that she has so much love for me and trying to accept that my love for her is so real and genuine and feels right. Is a lot to take in when you felt the same thing for the twin flame that broke your heart and feelings. Wat I did wen I worked this out is explain that I know she is dealing with the twin flame issues and all to do with working out wat it is with us and that she needs time to heal and grow and I need to keep working on my awakaning needs. So I came up with this for us to try instead of risking separation. Told her that I’m here for her and love her Like I’ve never loved b4 in this life and would love to jump into a relationship with her but instead I’m going to let you decide wen your time is right for us to start one, I’ll be waiting for you till then.
      With the over powering feeling of love and forever wanting to tell and show her, I agreed to tone it right down and put it in with the relationship choice, so wen that time comes that’s wen I can amplify them to the universe and all to hear.
      That leaves friendship and sex on the table.
      That means we are friends with benefits and both accept that any sexual activity’s and time spent doing things and going places together is purely as friends and friends only and nothing more till we start relationship. That gives her the space and freedom from feeling overwhelmed as well as security peace if mind a confidence that I’m here for her with all my being no matter wot cause I love her unconditionally and to any cost that I have to.
      The cost I’m feeling now is as if we split up cause I’m suppressing the overwhelming love and needing of wanting to be with her or hear her voice. I’m always feeling her energy and dreaming of her and it all makes my heart hurt. Still better this way then losing her.
      Wen I say overwhelming amount of unconditional love I have for her . put it like this.
      Slap your face, feel that, that’s how much I could possibly understand and feel at its highest point wen I was in a normal human, now I’ve awakens and feel much more intensely and to great nights, this time instead of slapping your face, have someone hit you full swing with a baseball bat. That still won’t reach near the unconditional love I have for her. Buy you get the picture.
      So in saying in short, twin flame encounters will never be anything more then just a preparation test for you to learn how to give and receive unconditional love for when you meet your twin soul. These are 2 diffrent people the twin soul and twin flame. They are not to be confused as the same like I’ve been reading elsewere. Please feel free to ask me on any further questions or updates

      • I would very much like to here more on either subject. I love so empathicly strong its ripping me to peices at times. Waves of overwhelming hurt, true anguish. Im almost frozen between robot life and hermit monk painter, but my monk insnt ready yet bc i havent mastered being alone. I yearn for companionship as much as i desire to be free to live my life umconditionally, a paradox. Then add in the dimension of Parkinsons and its a mess.

  1. It’s an interesting article, to be sure, but I find myself not really resonating with the term “karmic”, as in having to repay a debt to someone. I don’t think that’s why we’re here, because after we die I feel that we get the chance to understand and heal what has happened to us and what we did to others. That’s just my personal opinion, of course, and everyone should follow their own truth. I’ve experienced an intense soul connection, where I was terribly in love with someone, but the feeling wasn’t entirely mutual, and I feel it has more to do with a kind of Soul contract, where that person agreed to teach me the lessons I needed to learn from that connection than something that needed to be repayed. Just my two cents :)

    • Dear Eline, thank so much for your insightful comment!

      Karma works all the ways, paying the debt is just a small branch of it :) When we hear term ‘karmic’ regarding events or relationships, it simply means that these events or people are ‘destined’ to play some significant role in our life, they are meant to be for a reason, and usually it’s to let us realize and learn something.
      Karma in fact is not about punishing, it’s about the evolution of a soul. Soul makes it journey, learning, correcting some mistakes it made on its way, when it was less experienced and evolves further.
      ‘Karmc’ people on our way are the souls that are here to teach us something, as you said, and help our soul get further on its journey.
      Karmic souls usually travel together and recognize each other in each incarnation! It’s a beautiful idea and when we meet such people in life, it always feels magical

  2. I believe there has to be this twin soul connection because I’ve experienced it and am trying to work on myself to help things along. It’s uncanny how I felt the person to be my match yet knew it couldn’t happen at that time. I sincerely hope it happens this year but whenever it does I know it will. My heart will not allow me to abandon hope! Thanks for sharing the link.

    • I think we share a very similar experience! :) I was there myself.. it wasn’t easy and took time and a lot of obstacles…
      But when you know it’s the one, and the one realizes it too, then it’s the powerful energy mix that nothing can stop from getting together!
      Just knowing that he/she is somewhere out there thinking of you gives a powerful inspiration and strength

  3. Hey Sofia, thanks for referencing Debbie’s excellent article! I’ve never yet encountered a twin soul type person in my life, although I’m a hopeless romantic and fall in love with everyone I meet lol. This may sound weird but I deeply feel everyone to be my soulmate. Yes it sounds outlandish but I know in my very core there’s only one connection with the supreme consciousness, and everyone’s just a part of me (expressed as fragmented experiential 3D reality-sense). Soul-wise I don’t feel any separation at all, and we’re just naturally one. I know, bizarre right? I can’t explain it in words but I know exactly how this subtlest of vibrations feel. Oh well, I’ll just have to trust it – whatever “it” is. Love to you sister Siberia! <3

    • Not weird at all, Maddy! :) We are all a big family, there’s really no separation.. Maybe because we know it, we really don’t get to meet a person or ppl that we wouldn’t love or feel connection with.
      When one’s heart chakra is open, every soul is truly a mate, because open heart places no differences and conditions.
      People feel it instinctively and respond heartly as well, and they will be telling you they found a soulmate in you!

  4. So much wisdom in this article, not just about Twin Souls, but about Karma, patience, destiny, and synchronicity. I feel so blessed to have sparked many karmic flames with amazing souls like yours, Sofia. Thank you for sharing this powerful message and shining so brightly. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • Thankyou so much for reposting this…..I am lucky enough to have experienced this. Met my husband as children,he tried to kiss me, I ran away. He wrote me a love letter as kids that I never received.We married others, found each other,fell madly in love thru words.Lived together and a tragedy fell upon us.My son threw a stick over his shoulder and almost blinded his little girl.He had been sober for a while but this stress made him drink.I couldn’t blame him.His daughter’s beautiful blue eye is damaged and you can tell it had trauma.This was the end of end of us.We parted ways,until he called me after one year and 9 months.He was sober, still loved me and I him.We were in engaged in less than a month and married soon after.I couldn’t live without him, I tried and it was so painful.Thanks for listening to my blubbering, I’m just very thankful that we made our way back to each other.

        • Thank you for sharing your memories with me, Heidi!
          Karmic connections, I noticed, always bear a dash of drama, obstacles on the way, separation and challenges for these people to be together, in spite of a strong constant magnetism between them..
          I’m always happy to hear that someone did connect and got together with their soulmate in spite of all the obstacles, it’s heartwarming to hear that!
          I wish you all the best on your way!

  5. This was a powerful article and I could “see” the instances of the various soul connections in my life. Alas, my chest got very tight during the reading. No tears though, but they were waiting on standby :)

    • Connecting similarities in soulmates stories is always touching.
      Two people are strongly driven to each other and can’t be together for some reasons.. This is karmic and unforgettable experience!
      Thank you for stopping by, Glorious! :)

  6. Very interesting! I have the odd situation of being connected to my twin soul even though he is apparently on the other side. I’ve been aware of him for most of my life, though, and other intuitives have seen and described him (he’s quite distinctive looking, so it’s very clear when they do see him, even down to the clothes he usually wears). It’s a strange and rather frustrating situation, but we make it work somehow. I’m also in a relationship with someone I consider to be a soulmate as well, so I know there is more than one for everyone! :)

    • Dear Jennifer, thank yo for sharing your experience with me!

      You know,.. and you surely do, that a karmic connection never goes really smooth without a bittersweet dash…

      You are right – there is absolutely more than only one soulmate for everyone. And while we are being with just a soulmate, there still might be that other twin soul, physically unattainable, but so tangibly connected with us energetically and telepathically though a distance..

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  8. I felt there was some connection between me and a gal in my college. It was quite similar to what has been described in the article. .. but in a matter of 6 months I lost contact with her. I later realized that she wasn’t a good person. The feeling of intense-like that I had when I saw her for the first time had now changed into an intense-dislike feeling.
    2 years have passed by and now I consider myself indifferent to her thoughts.
    It’s hard to trust my feelings after this experience when everything turned out to be counterintuitive for me.

    • People come and people go.. That’s the cycle of our life. One involvement teaches us something and lets us pass to new ones everytime a bit wiser and a bit more experienced.
      Karmic connections are not all roses, but really they are all valuable. After every meaningful person we meet, we are never the same again, that’s how our feelings and experiences teach us to grow..

  9. Thank you for bringing this out, it is a topic people sometimes feel embarrassed about and hide. There is a lot of confusion regarding the topic of twin souls. Sorry I didn’t respond to your other comment, I have been very busy with the kids, back and forth to the hospital, and to find that I’m expecting yet another one-yikes! :-) I rather not be with my twin personally becase then I would get really lazy and I wouldn’t learn to grow. I think I would stare at my twin for hours on end if I had it my way, like hynotized lol.

    • Yaay congrats, dear! On your third one!! That’s a wonderful news! <3

      And omg you are so right! Twin soul is better kept on a distance, probably, this way it'll never lose its romantic shape in our eyes..
      Something unattainable on a distance really keeps us inspired and motivated to get going and growing!

      I just love how we share our innermost ideas! And many hugs to you. I'll be visiting you soon as well!

  10. Sofia,

    You have been nominated for the 2013 Most Influential Blog Award.
    Please come to pjb1943.wordpress.com to accept this honor. Each person nominated deserves it for your everyday contributions to making life in our world a better place. Please accept my thanks for being such wonderful friends.

    • Wow, Paul, thanks so much, what an honor!

      I will post the award soon! Really grateful!

      By the way, I’m happy to see the Writer coming back into the building! :) Hurray :)

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    • Hehe that’s a nice idea :) Cool post you have there! :) Thanks for tagging me, maybe i’ll pick it up after i publish my few due posts :)

      Take care, Rohan! I’ll get back soon!

  12. Special moments will always happen. they contain beautiful blessings for only you, just to remind you of his infinite love…making one to feel more secure in their faith and beliefs! Very nice post Sofia!

    • Oh thank you for such beautiful words, Wendell! You are bringing a lot of inspiration! Thank you so much for bringing your positive vibes to my space, i’m always happy to see you stop by!

  13. wow. yes, indeed. i have had this love. this was like reading a user manual of my experience. remarkable, devastating, blissful beyond all belief, time out of time, out of body, out of my mind! would not have missed it, and….who knows…..what is next….

    • I’m so happy to hear when people have twin and soulmates experiences! I’m living mine now :)
      Dear, been checking your blog, it’s so inspiring! I’ll leave my thoughts there in a few hours once i’m back to my laptop :)
      Thank you!..

      • Thanks. :)
        it seems Rahul is responsible for my current fame! :P
        (making a mental note to buy him a gift next time!)

        • Hahaha he deserves it ;) Rahul is a great fellow and a bright mind (oops don’t let him read it cause he doesn’t like to be praised;) )
          Followed you on Twitter & will be checking out you site. Stay well!

  14. Great article..totally resonated with me esp the bit about almost meeting but never met..I looked back on a trip to India and there in the background of one of the photos just a random day off taking photos as you do in exotic lands…there he is in my photograph…this photo was taken 3 yrs previously before we actually locked eyes…same month November..there’s that 11 again.

  15. This was such a comfort to me and I thank you so much for sharing. I came across this at the right time.
    Sat Nam.

  16. Oh my God…

    How can I even try to express my gratitude for your articles about twin flames. You have given me comfort, courage and what most important, bigger picture of what the hell is going on. Sorry the expression! :)

    I have never felt so alone, hurt and confused than now when the person I know is my TF has ran away – both emotionally and physically. Intuitively everything makes sense and it is easy the approve what is going on but as a human being this is by far the hardest I’ve ever done in my spiritual path. Reading your texts and also that of Debbie’s brought tears in my eyes: someone knows what I am going through! And it seems that I am not just imagining all this.

    Happy to find you also in Twitter!

  17. I ‘m in love and I think hes the one the sunconization is uncanny and we share dreams and exchange energies all the time, I feel like hes mine but hes not, and I want to figure out how to ease him into this hes waking up, but he needs a gentle nudge, and to know its alright, I’m the runner… I never wanted to be allot of the choices I had made didn’t have much affect in life and I was kicked out of my home, I still always felt him there, i ende up dating someone else but it didn’t work out he popped up in a message and congratulates me shortly after me an my ex broke up, and me and him started talking again, exept this time is different fro when we met, more intense, more, alive, so much awakening and i feel in sync with him he understands me better than anyone and i cant believe how much he knows how to calm me down, he needs to work on himself more, and i want to help i whatever way i can i want to see him happy i deserve things though i never meant to run from someone i love, and now….. i cant even express how I’m feeling to him properly so i simply posted a pic that represents us that says oul flame, i do want to tak it slow and talk to him about it because hes virgo and I’m aries so i guess thts how it works but i am getting mied signals, but i know what they mean, he stil has allot of doubt and i operate allot better if thers faith but i understand, he was so hurt the first time i left. i love him so… and i want him to know i will never leave again is there a way to do that? i wanna know.

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