~ How To Improve Your Medical Condition When Everything Else Doesn’t Work? ~

‘No, I have absolutely no idea what water is’, said the fish.
‘Why do you ask’?

(Richard Gordon Quantum Touch – The power to heal)


You are what you eat – true, but old. 

You are what your attitude allows you to be – useful (and currently successfully marketed concept).

You are what you radiate – is what we are hopefully heading to adopt on a mass scale in the coming days.

Apparently, being healthy and happy is not only about eating right, exercising regularly and keeping an optimistic mindset.

We are gradually coming to the fact that the quality of energy we are emanating into the environment and onto the others is what has the last word in our holistic living.

Now that Satya Yuga – the era of awakening – is coming into play, many things that were veiled from people’s sight and understanding some decades ago, are suddenly coming out from under the veil, surprise people and show them unexpected and magical connections of things, thoughts and events that until recent seemed unrelated whatsoever.

The prevailing Powers of Kali Yuga (the era that ended) were interested to keep people ignorant of the universal connections, and deluded a human with the idea of his significant importance over the other elements of nature.

The new era of humanity activated the Powers that watch over people on earth, and they want us to become more aware. That’s why they are gradually unveiling the truth in front of our eyes and bringing hidden connections to understanding.

Have you ever cut an accordion paper doll? You know, a chain of paper people holding hands?

Well, in fact, we are like that chain, all linked with each other, even if we don’t feel the relevance or the actual connection.

But it’s eventually coming to our attention.

Thousands of writers and artists each day choose to write, draw, sing and act for the awareness and the importance of those human garlands interlinked in the environment that holds us all together in an intended design.

Our grandparents couldn’t enjoy the brochures about the law of attraction, or the power of affirmations in healing diseases, or the effects of karma on their current relationships, or practical  seminars on happy living.

 We can – because this information is now available at every corner right in front of our eyes, in one shape or the other – just so we couldn’t miss it.

It didn’t all become public just like that. Protective Powers in Satya Yuga (new era) became kinder to people and they want that information to be available.

They definitely wish to show us the ways of living our lives better and the importance of making peaceful relationships with those who share this environment with us.

The truths of unity and positivity are not a legend nor are they a dreamy metaphysical theory anymore.

We are connected by the network of energy cords with all the others and the environment itself.


We are not our bodies, minds, senses or intelligence. We are the walking, shining, vibrating spheres of energy that pulsate, each at its pace, and come into interaction with other energy entities.

We detect and perceive each other not through our physical images or even senses, but through the set of inner vibrations in our energy fields and the quality of radiations that we emanate.

Our energies spread far outside our bodies in a form of tentacles that infiltrate into other people’s biofields, where they interact and exchange information of our natures and motives way faster and more accurate than our words or actions do.

People mastered their expressions, emotions and even body language that very often are used to give impression and information opposite of what we really feel or would like to say.

But beyond the intelligence of mind and heart, there is the intelligence of energy exchange between the people. And energy emanations of our bodies cannot be hidden, tricked or camouflaged.

Our energy ties get us connected with others and carry all the information of our thoughts and emotions along those cords.

If you hate your noisy neighbors, you may separate in opinions, walls and earplugs, but nevertheless, your stay linked with them through the energy of thought and mutual hatred emotions.

Whenever you think a thought of someone – the energy is produced. Experience a feeling about someone – the energy is produced. And it goes straight to the person or people that triggered your emotion.

Their energy detectors catch and analyze the information of the thought you directed at them, form a reactive feedback and send it back into your biofield on one of your 7 chakras that emitted the initial emotion.

(Chakras are the 7 main energy centers of the body that supply physical organs with energy necessary for their proper functioning).

When you treat people nicely, they send you the energy of love that enters your energy system and physical organs in it. That’s why kindness and positivity may be considered the best preventive treatment.

And vice versa, when you trigger offense and resentment, people’s reactive energies hit back at your biofield and cause disbalance in your chakras that on physical  level manifests in a form of a disease. (Chittapad ‘Human destiny’/Causes of diseases).

(I’ll talk more about other causes of diseases in my next article).

In healing practice we look at the physical symptoms and then trace back to the root of the disease. Because at the root of almost every illness lays the disbalance of energies in one’s body that resulted from breakage of natural laws.

One of the laws we are most frequently violating is the code of co-op coexistence in the environment that enables us to do so.

Until “don’t judge”, “don’t envy”, “don’t hate” and “don’t criticize” keep sounding too idealistic and practically irrelevant to us, we will be getting ill and going to seek a salvation at the doctors.

Then go out, judge, envy, gossip and criticize again and keep returning to our physicians.

Healers can give a person a dose of energy that will help improve a condition. But if a person doesn’t realize the connections that led to a disease, it will continue manifesting in one organ or another.

Physical healing starts with the analysis of who might have probably been hurt by you, or who might have gotten offended in response to your offense or reproach.  

Sometimes we get physically sick right after a fight or an argument with someone. It can be even close members of a family who love each other and meant no harm…

And when you mentally ask that person to forgive you and sincerely forgive them back, you might see a significant improvement in your physical symptoms.

Note, it doesn’t matter if a person you resented was in fact right or wrong.

What matters is your own emotional reaction that if negative, will have a negative return on your own physical system.

When I get to deal with chronically ill people, I usually ask them about their families and society involvements. And it often appears that they first have a few mental apologies to make, forgive someone and surrender the resentment in order to initiate a healing process from within.

Sometimes forgiving others and being forgiven yourself brings a massive relief to physical and emotional pain.

It’s totally okay not to like someone, and you don’t have to force-love them and try to make friends in spite of your differences.

You can surely choose to distance from people that are unpleasant and hostile to you energetically.

You are free in your preferences. However, you should learn to accept even those who you don’t prefer.

The idea of acceptance simply teaches us not to experience hateful and resentful emotions towards those we dislike.

When we hate someone, we go against the nature, because to the nature, you and that ‘annoying someone’ are equally important entities.

Their souls have their own developmental tasks in the present incarnation. And the universe chooses to place everyone around in the shapes and living settings that are most suitable for their souls’ current lessons.

Besides, they may bear some important lessons for you as well. So be careful with judgment.

Each soul develops at its own pace, and it’s not our business to stick labels and decide where these people belong.

You may help them if you can, or you may choose to have nothing in common. But choosing to hate and judge is the worst decision you may take against yourself.

Nature places and will replace everything in the right time and setting as it considers correct according to its own wisdom.

Since nature itself is love, living in the universe without love is unnatural.

A fish may not know that it lives in water and is somehow related to the ocean. But well-being of each species in that ocean is directly related to the tranquility of environment in its waters.




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  1. Oh my, it is so wonderful to have you back, Sofia. The depth and simplicity of your posts amaze me. I know that sounds contradictory, but it isn’t. You make the most complex ideas accessible. I love how this post connects peace and well-being. What better motivation than health. I love how you give practical advice in simply accepting those who you disagree with.
    I look forward to exploring the new paradigm of radiating be-ing with you in the future. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo
    I know you felt the love I was feeling for you while you were gone.

    • I sure did, my dear Kozo! I’m happy to be back and start writing more regularly. I have a lot more new things and experience to share with you and our bbf’s!
      Peace and Love <3

  2. Brilliant post as always Sofia :) It’s great to be reminded of this stuff, to shake us out of our “solid”, Tamasic mindset, and begin to live and think more in accordance with nature. Love and acceptance reign supreme, these are the greatest tools for personal and societal healing :)

    Thanks for sharing, great to have you back!


    • Thank you, Rohan! :) This post was dedicated to Bloggers For Peace monthly challenge, so i thought it’d be a good idea to mention peace and health in one article :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this post very much! I love what you wrote here: “When we hate someone, we go against the nature, because to the nature, you and that ‘annoying someone’ are equally important entities.” I would go further saying that when hating someone actually causes the hater more harm than the hated. The hate builds churns in our soul, darkening it, twisting our hearts to madness until the energy pouring out of us is nothing but evil. Hence, the murders that take place by ordinary people who moments ago seemed like the neighbor next door.

    Also something amazing about energy is that it can be felt in a room. Whenever I go to one of these corporate meetings and there is an A-type personality chairing the event, we can all feel the exuberance, the enthusiasm, the positivity flow from them energizing us to spill it on others when it’s over! It’s literally something wonderful to be a part of.

    Anyway, I loved this post, Sofia! Keep on giving and it will flow back to you! :)

    • Precious thoughs you are sharing, Jack! So true. Energy coming from people is so real that we can feel it almost physically.
      Anyway, people now are becoming generally more sensitive to each other’s radiations, as our senses sharpen. That enhances our intuition and motivates us to be kinder to one another.
      Thank you for your words!

  4. Thank u for clarifying that there is no longer kali yuga, that certainly is a relief. It is time for earth to heal and for us to heal each other.

    • Definitely dear. Happily, Kali Yuga is gone and the effects of the young era are striking!
      Oh i saw you wrote many intetesting posts while i was away!:) Can’t wait to check them out, will pass by you these days. Hugs

  5. Sofia, thanks for sharing your wisdom and expert empathic knowledge on the subject of healing and energy medicine. Emotions are our greatest learning tools, as such it plays a significant role in psychosomatic disorders which disables us physically if we are not aware of the root cause. Hippocrates quote, “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” How observant of him to understand human nature and the function of natural systems. Another brilliant article Sofia, and I’m sure you’ll become a powerful healer in time. You already know the secret of true healing… by aiding the person to heal himself. I hope you can reassure our dear Subhan with his dis-stress. Sending much love to you both. <3

    • Thanks Maddy, wonderful input,dear, thanks, as always for your wisdom <3
      Sending distant healing to Subhan, really hope he'll get better and very soon!

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  7. Oh, very interesting post!! I liked the example that compares people with paper dolls holding hands!;) after Cali Yuga people don’t understand that we are one and hurting somebody a human hurts himself. WE ARE THE ONE!! Thank you for a wonderful deep post, my dear sister!:*

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  9. …and the world becomes a better place when writers, like yourself, rise up to spread love and valuable information so necessary and so healthy for the soul. simply beautiful. <3

      • Huh? You knew the reason very well regarding my absence on all these days in this blogging space, uh? :/
        I’m eagerly waiting for the fest result to come, Sofia. Hope everything will work fine. Have a good day ahead. Cheers.\m/ :)


        • I sure did, wondering if your emotional state is a bit more optimistic now.. But i guess it is! You are awaiting big things to happen :) And i’m sure your wishes will come true!

          • Hahahaha! We have got a TWIST in my story I had told ya, dear one. Revu came home on last week for staying few days here and gave me bulk advices regarding the way I have to deal this situation. She has promised that she will be there even if no one support me. Yo yo. :D :)


            • That’s like my sis and I, we made an ancient deal to support each other even if the whole world falls apart, and it actually made the world closer and more supportive! :)

              • Yo yo! I have told about ya to her and read few of your blog posts later. She told me to convey her special regards to you for expressing deeply extended views about various topics. :)


                • Oh you both are sweethearts! I’m happy you have this loving supporting connection!
                  I’m flattered she read my blog! Say my biggest regards back!

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