~ Some Time Off My Writing & Some New Awards ~

Lately I’ve been taking some time off my blog and a computer altogether. 

Recent energy healing classes required a lot of concentration and recapitulation.

Though I can’t leave you guys for so long, and this couple of non blogging weeks really showed me how much I miss writing and exchanging our thoughts, comments and ideas!

I’m always amazed at how people remember you even when you are not around! <3

Before I publish a new post (which follows), I want first to acknowledge all the wonderful awards that accumulated in my absence and were patiently waiting here in a goody bag :)



Came from Kozo! :)

Kozo is a true BBF, my soulfriend, plus a brain and a manager of Bloggers For Peace movement!

If you are with peace and love, wish to help spread the word of them, meet amazing new friends and grow the noble movement, join other Bloggers For Peace and be a proud part of this wonderful community!

Now in order to acknowledge the award, here is the thing I have to answer.

Finish this sentence: “A great reader is…” 

Well, a great reader is the one who reads your works and then always finds a minute to drop by and share an honest thought about the reading.

A writer doesn’t need to be praised on a good enough reading, a writer wants to know that the reading was good enough to create a thought.

And now my nominees for a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award are:

Rohan Healy

Madeline Walsh


Arlen Shahverdyan

Paul /pjb1943

JJ Collins

In order to acknowledge the award, post the award badge on your blog, finish the sentence “A good reader is…” And pass the award to a few more bloggers who, in your opinion, is a wonderful team member, or just an awesome guy of your blogging community.



One came from Supernova.

This sweet blogger always sends a smile in a comment and writes an interesting blog on history, wildlife, featuring a lot of nice photography of nature, places of archaeological interest, ancient stones, old churches… it’s just wow. 

Another Liebster came from my supersweet blogger friend CardCastlesInTheSky :)
Visiting her blog always puts a smile on my face and myself in a relaxed peaceful mood.
You always feel welcome and cozy there!

Thank you so much for these Liebsters, guys!

No matter how many Liebsters I get, I will never say no to another few of them on my blog! ))

I just love getting this particular award cause it sports a heart! :)

Since I’ve been acknowledging Liebster many times already, I’ll skip the answering questions part and will directly proceed to nominating other liebster bloggers who deserve this award :)

So the Liebster this time goes to:

Thoughts On Theatre

Salman Alvi

Jalal Michael

Post Liebster badge on your blog, answer a few questions about yourself, or write 11 things that would be interesting for others to know about you, and nominate 11 other bloggers who you think should have Liebster award :)



Came from three wonderful gentlemen at once! :)

Rohan Healy

Paul/ pjb1943

Luke Cameron Manion


Thank you so much, guys! I love your blogs, and those who nominated you for versatility were absolutely right!

I aim at versatility :)

The funniest ‘Make your blog popular’ tip I ever read online was to choose your only one subject matter and stick to it religiously, so that not to confuse your readers with excessive versatility…

And I always wondered how is it possible to write on one particular subject only?

Do we each choose to think only one thought and be interested with only one interest?

In spite of all the ‘successful blogging’ tips that said versatility foredooms you blog to failure, I stuck with versatility and eventually got my rewards for it ;)

And here are my Versatile nominees:

Subhan Zein


Jack Flacco

 In order to acknowledge the award, post a badge on your blog, write us 7 interesting things about yourself and pass the award to other few bloggers. They say 10 at minimum, but I guess it’s up to you to decide ;)



Another wonderful award from Paul/ pjb1943!

Thank your poetic heart! :)

This award means a lot to me!

Illuminating is enlightment!



And those who I want to illuminate with this award are:




Rohan Healy


Tomas Qubeck

In order to acknowledge the award, post a badge on  your blog, share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers.

Really appreciate all the awards, it was a nice surprise! Thanks a lot, guys, to all who nominated me, and congratulations to the nominees!

After you post your awards, send me a note and I’ll come give you a visit! :)

Keep within hail! :) I’m coming back with a new post soon, which is going to be dedicated to B4Peace monthly Peace challenge and tell some more interesting things about healthy living and secrets of love :)


37 thoughts on “~ Some Time Off My Writing & Some New Awards ~

  1. So glad you are back, Sofia. Now, I know what a drug addict feels like–I needed my daily dose of Sofia magic. Congratulations on all the awards. Didn’t you just get a plethora of awards a few weeks ago? Doesn’t surprise me. For all you give us, we just want to give back.
    Thank you so much for the illuminating blogger award. Thank you more for being an illuminating presence in my life. Love you. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    • Hugs hugs hugs! <3

      You Kozo, are a glue that holds our blogging community together in such a great friendly atmosphere!

      I rather need a hypocrite award for i wan't so active lately ;(

      You made my evening with your heartwarming words! Many {{{Hugs}}} to you back!

  2. Ah! You’re back! I missed hearing from my blogging buddy. :) Thank you so much for the Illuminating Blogger award. I’ve been thinking about taking a short hiatus myself, I am very happy to have heard from you before I went!

  3. Thank you my Lovely Lady ,and my best friend I’m honored
    but above all I want – to congratulate you on a well deserved Award . You are brilliant., award will take in the coming days forever grateful stean maxima
    best regards
    stefan maxima
    love and a hug for you

  4. Congratulations on the awards, Sofia! Way to blog! I am happy so many are appreciating the spirit you bring into the blogosphere with your blog.

    I am deeply grateful for my nomination for THE ILLUMINATING BLOGGER AWARD! Thank you! I am in the process of making an awards page for my backlog that I have accumulated, so i will include you although it will not be ready tomorrow ;)

    I am so happy to be in the same blogosphere neighborhood with you!

    with Love, Light and Joy!

  5. Congrats on all your awards, Sofia. You are an inspiration and a wonderful friend, I’m glad your back :-) I hope your classes went OK and you enjoyed them. Thank you for the kind acknowledgement, it’s lovely of you to say. I’ll speak soon Sofia, so take care and warmest regards, SN :-)

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  7. Thanks for the awards Sofia, it’s great to have you back a blogging, even if it’s just a bit! Ah I know how all that electricity can zap your energy and mess with it. Also the world of people and events can seem to harsh when you’ve spent time working hard on healing, and healthy activities :)

    We’ll be here, looking forward to your posts, so good luck with all your energy work, the world needs more good healers :)

    Take care Sofia, all the best!


  8. Congratulations my lovely one! Sofia, are an invaluable selfless contributor to our precious community, we adore you! It comes as no surprise that so many appreciate your blogging efforts by awarding you with gestures from the heart. Feel free to take time away from the computer and grow your god given abilities to empathically heal the world with your loving spirit. Of course we’ll all miss your absence, so your next QT post will so much sweeter to read – I can’t wait! *\o/* Enjoy your studies and have fun. :D

    • Thank you dear {{{Love&Hugs}}} ;) I had my first group healing session today, it’s amazing experience.. People come in pain and leave with tears of joy and some important realizations.. Will be sharing all the latest news soon! :*
      Don’t forget to get your award :) And good luck with the fashion show!!<3

  9. i made it here!! CONGRATULATIONS dear Sofia and thank you for illuminating my way…always nice to be in someone’s thoughts. nice to hear you are studying hard…focusing and all that. :) keep on going, girl! thanks again, and {{hugs!!}}

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    • You are very welcome, Sunny! And thank you for the wonderful presentation of me hehe, although i really have been busy with healing practices lately and a bit off my writings..
      Gonna be back soon! <3

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