~ Very Inspiring Blogger, Reality Blog And Liebster Awards :) ~

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very inspiring blogger award

Thank You, Benjamin for this beautiful award!

It means a lot to me!

I invite you all to take a look at Benjamin’s blog and witness the unique diapason of that creative soul!


We are all artists in our way, because we create things – in words, in colors and in shapes.

And creation needs inspiration.

And as artists we all hit the moments in space where there seems to be no inspiration floating in.

We may feel down and unproductive.

But what helps us get back into a creative mode is sometimes a simple realization that maybe someone out there right now may be creating something, inspired by our work!

Last week I lacked inspiration to write, distracted by some recent technical issues.

That actually lowers high energy vibrations that any artist functions on in order to create. And when our vibrations lower, so does our creativity.

But then Benjamin wrote me on Twitter, saying that he liked my works and asked if I already had a published book :)

I visited back and looked closely through his paintings.

The paintings looked exactly like the mental pictures I drew when reading esoteric books of Castaneda and an old shaman’s tales that inspired a big dose of my work and philosophy.

And that helped me remember Why I’m writing and what I’m writing for.

Sometimes one person is putting something out there that seems so little and so trivial to him/or her, and doesn’t realize that to someone else it may mean a mighty shot of inspiration.

Here is to the Inspiration!

Cheers and thank you so much for passing it to me!

Now I’m supposed to list 7 random things about me.

But I already talked so much about myself that I don’t want to bother my readers any longer.

My persona is not the central point on this blog anyway.

Instead of chattering about myself, here are 7 useful tips that might help you through your day:

  1. Wake up 7 minutes earlier in the morning and listen to your favorite songs before you take off to work.
  2. Before you start your day, send short texts to a few people, just reminding them that you love them and wish them a cute day.
  3. Relax your legs and arms at the desk, close your eye and imagine a swirl of warm energy coming from under your feet up your body, reaching the very top of your head and then flowing down your arms into the palms of your hands. Sweep those hands over your face and chest.
  4. You will feel that you are loved.
  5. Now you will spend your day connected in a thought with the people you love and with the bigger source that loves you all.
  6. After you finish work, go out. Breathe. Notice one small thing you haven’t been noticing on this street before.
  7. Look around, you will see random passersby smiling to you as they walk by. 

And here are my inspiring nominees for the Inspiring Blog Award:












You are all inspirational, helpful, friendly and much more!

And guys, no need to write me special thanks, just visit back and grab your awards :)

Keep rocking! :)

Reality Blog Award


Another two awards came as a wonderful surprise from my blogger friend Maxima!

Thousand thanks, dear!

Check out Maxima’s versatile, inspirational blog and you will see everything by yourself! :)


I won’t stop admiring your positivity and generosity.
Your posts are a blast and your comments sections are crowded! )) Just look at how many people are sending good thoughts to you!

So here I’m proudly acknowledging the award from you and following a few rules to it.

Answer these 5 questions about yourself.

Ah, well, ok since the questions are stated, I’ll respect the rules and talk about me, one more time :)

1. If you could change one thing, what would you change?

If I don’t like something and I can’t change it, I simply change my attitude and then the thing changes by itself.

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

 Would never want to go back in age, seriously. I’m really happy in my current box! :)

3. What is one thing that really scares you?

Used to be seriously scared of dead people. Not anymore. Now we are communicating on a regular basis.

4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

There is such dream, but I like to keep it as a dream, because if it comes true, it will not be a dream anymore :)

5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

My country’s president. I’ve got some practical things on my note, I’d like to implement on the day I’d switch places with him.

And here are my dear nominees for the Reality Blog Award:
























Each of you guys is undoubtedly awesome!

Cheers and congrats! :)

Liebster Blog Award


Liebster Blog Award is another award from Maxima! :) And it’s my second Liebster heart on the blog <3

Thank you, thank you & thank you! :)

My nominees for Liebster this time are the new blogs I recently discovered/revisited.

These are truly talented people, writing a beautiful unique content!








Many more awards for you to come and keep writing! <3




64 thoughts on “~ Very Inspiring Blogger, Reality Blog And Liebster Awards :) ~

  1. I love the 7 tips, Sofie, and so in keeping with your energy. This is quite a post! Very gracious–a quality that eludes me, sometimes…and hey! What happened to Maddy’s blog??

  2. Well I am excited, thank you for thinking of me. I think the awards are such a fun thing to do and it gives everyone a chance to see other blogs that they may not have had a chance to. I appreciate it very much and will get to just as soon as I can. Have a terrific evening.

  3. Congratulations on this, Sofia. Very well deserved! :-)

    BTW, I notice in replying to the messages you keep referring to the people by capitalizing their name, so I take it the technical issue persists? Did you read my last message on the possibilities of why this might have happened?

  4. Congrats!!! I am so glad that you are so honored as your deserve all these awards, dear Sofia!! All the best to you! Thanks for mentioning my blog here! I added the award to my award’s list and shared about this via Twitter and FB! Have a nice evening!


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      Congratulations!! :)

      Liebster was the first award i got on my blog as well and was so happy about it! :)
      Liebster is really a lovely, well recognized award among bloggers and people love to feature its logo on their blogs :)

      The rules are simple:

      Write a post, titling it something like “My Liebster Award” or “Liebster Award”,

      then just mention the one who nominated you,

      answer 11 questions about yourself in a fun form, it’s like a way to let your readers know more about you,

      and nominate 11 other people for Liebster award.

      contact them on their blogs and let them know in a form of a comment that you nominated them for Liebster, tell them to come to your blog and pick the award.

      Download liebster award logo (you can find any Liebster pic you like on the internet, but it should be a Liebster logo:) )

      And upload/post Liebster badge on your blog, so that others could see it and be happy for you.

      If you have a Liebster, it means your blog is lovely and pleasant to come to! <3

      Check my Liebster article here, here you'll find the questions you should answer. But it's not a must :) You can simply write a few interesting facts about yourself instead of those questions :)


    • The Grumpy Giraffe:

      You are welcome! Congrats! :)

      Yes, you can answer those 5 questions, or make up your own, if you like! :)

      Then you nominate a few other people that you think should have Reality award, and let them know :)

  6. Well I’m making progress I have the award, complete with your link, on my blog. Now all that’s left is to write a post about it. I have received 3 blogs this week, so I’m going to be a busy woman. I’m hoping to have all of my awards completed by saturday…thanks again, I really appreciate it.

  7. Sofia, congratulations to you and thanks so much for the awards, you made me smile tonight! I am not good at answering them but that is one of resolutions to be much better.. Thanks for the blessing dear sister!

      You are so welcome! You have many awards on your blog and i don’t know if this one may be duplicating the one you’ve got already, but just know that you’ve got one from me as well!:)
      Thank you for a beautiful blog with elegant and inspiring poetry!:)

  8. Thank you for considering me when outlining such individual, interesting and talented people who all have such a deep outlook on life. I only just received our comment as it was put into the spam folder, for some unknown reason but thank you again :)

    • ZOEVEGA:

      Congrats, my friend! Sport the award badge proudly :)
      Yes, there was a tech problem recently with some comments going into spam, but i’m hoping they fixed it now :)

      I’ll be visiting your blog for more new posts I want to read! Glad you are here! :)

  9. Congrats Sofia! Thanks for nominating “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. Appreciate your love and kindness. All the very best!! :)

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  11. Really fabulous tips. Smile because any stranger is a potential friend, and random acts of kindness feels real good!
    Definitely start the day with glorious music, best tip ever…. Sofia you ROCK!! Keep spreading your wisdom, everyone wins. Love you with all my heart. :D

  12. LOL! Yes we should all credit Kozo for his contribution to the blogosphere… world class {{{hugs}}}! Isn’t it great that we all share love in our own special way! *\o/* YAY!

    • Totally! :) I was thinking about it, it’s really cool how we connected, sharing similar ideas and missions, and went on, encouraging and even learning new things from each other! Totally yaay! <3

  13. I haven’t been online long enough to properly thank you yet again. :) I offer up my most gigantic apologies for that! I will be writing up another awards post very soon!
    P.S. I should be e-mailing you sometime soon also. It’s about an idea I had. *hugs & goodnight*

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  16. Wonderful post.Congrats on the awards.Wishing you more success.jalal

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