~ Body And Mind Well-Being. My Initiation Into Natural Healing ~

Last week I got my first certificate in Quantum Touch healing, level 1.

One more to come until I become an internationally accredited QT practitioner. But I’m already making my first steps.

I will also get attuned to Reiki. But I started with QT healing, because it is stronger in effect and lets you work with real difficult physical ailments and disproportions.

Let’s talk today about the essence of healing and discover the new dimensions of energy possibilities!

Some precious things each healer learns, I really wish to share with you.

I’ve always been interested in energy and how it works. And more so, finding the Real cause of ailments and diseases.

Because what we feel on a physical level and what doctors get to diagnose and cure are the Symptoms of a physical body. The Cause lies in the quantum body of energy.

Being a teenager, I battled a serious anorexia that lasted years and almost cost me life. Interesting thing was that I didn’t really plan to be on a diet, I just lost appetite one day, got chronic pain in the stomach and became a walking dead.

Doctors gave vague suppositions and couldn’t really diagnose anything concrete. Until one and the last physician my parents thought we visit before I die, took them aside in his cabinet and advised them to go and visit a healer.

A healer, uneducated old woman in a village wooden house put hands on my stomach a couple of times and got me cured.


Have you seen people suffer from different diseases and little seems to help? If one thing gets cured, the ailment manifests someplace else… 

And medical/drug bills accumulate.

Healing is not a challenge to a traditional medicine, neither it is a replacement of it. It is rather a natural-spiritual complementation to a solid physical science.

Not every healer must be a doctor, but it would be great if each doctor would also be a healer.

I heard of a few doctors having taken energy healing courses, like Reiki and Quantum Touch, were strongly discouraged from using any nontraditional healing practices within the walls of the hospitals they worked.

But I hear of more doctors successfully implementing hands-on healing techniques and effortlessly combining them with the science of traditional medicine.

Now, how does healing work?

Healers don’t really work with anything magical or supernatural. They work with energy – the most natural thing.

What is energy, again?

Energy is everything and everything is energy.

Energy is a subatomic (and sub that even) ‘substance’ that fills the space between the particles of the smallest further indivisible unit of a solid matter. That’s why it’s called quantum.

People, animals, soil, water, air, objects and anything  -you name – has and is energy.

Substance–energy is in a constant vibration.

That’s how everything manifests, sets into being, living and interaction. But all the object and non-objecst have different pitches of vibrations.

The more solid the matter is, the lower are its oscillations.

With our five senses we are only able to capture and witness a certain range of jutters – this is basically the world as we See it. Because things and people in there have a relatively close diapason of vibrations with one another, which makes it perceptible for our sensors = visible and audible.

A developed sixth sense is a keener receptive tentacle as it has a higher vibrational velocity and so is capable of occasionally tuning in with the realms that vibrate on a more elevated pitch than we can normally catch, and therefore is usually perceived as ‘non existing’.

So intuition is just an example of lighter clearer energy within us that in its vibrancy gets closer to the realms that vibrate on the pitches undetectable by our normal organs and measurement devices.

That’s why intuition so easily sneaks and reads information therefrom that cannot be explained with proven facts.

The higher the diapason of vibrations – the higher are the levels of existence, and the lesser they are comprehensible by our mind and thought.

Now, as humans we each function on our different energy velocities as well.

The more a person adheres to solid and materialistic matters and attitudes, the lower are his/her energy vibrations and the denser and heavier they perceivably are.

This refers to negativity as well.

Negativity is simply a lower heavier form of vibration which also radiates undetectable rough spectrum of colors that are unpleasant to percept in interaction (which we don’t see, but feel). And so people of lower vibrations can make their companions feel depressed and drained after interaction, because they burden colors spectrum and lower the energy vibrations of those they interact with.

While people that function on higher energy pitches (that is also knows as positivity) have an overall lighter aura (those unseen colorful radiations of a biofield) and leave a ‘pleasant impression’, because they elevate others’ quantum vibrations in interaction.

Healthy energy circulation in our body is what responsible for our overall health and well-being. 

We all probably know of chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of our body.

There are seven main ones and a few more to them that we usually don’t mention, because they don’t get involved into a normal daily functioning of the organism.

Briefly, each chakra holds the energy center that is responsible for a number of organs in ward of that center.

Chakras are located not in the physical body, but on your astral body.

Each chakra has a certain color. What gives it a color is the quality/frequency of vibrations it is compounded of.

The lower the chakra, the denser its color is.

Root chakra – Red (tailbone area)

Sacral chakra – Orange (lower abdomen)

Solar plexus chakra – Yellow (above the naval)

Heart chakra – Green (heart)

Throat chakra – Blue (throat)

Third eye chakra – Indigo (forehead)

Crown chakra – Light white  (top of a head)

Our energy circulates in chakras and by the meridians they set energies of our body into a constant interchange.

Accumulation of negative energy interferes with the normal energy flow on a chakra, which is toxic and eventually causes a blockage on that energy centers, affecting a number of corresponding organs connected to it. On a physical level it manifests in discomforts, depressions, light ailments to serious diseases and death.

Two main reasons that cause illnesses are:

–          Negativity

–          And violation of the natural laws.

Negativity is known as living in a negative state of mind – believing that everything around sucks, people are bad and unfair, boss is a stalker, work is unworthy and hateful, politics are gross, TV is a bad news and neighbors are annoying.

When you think about it, you live it.

Violation of the natural laws are numerous, and just brief most common examples are:

–          Thinking that someone is bad

–          Talking negative about people, even if they really weren’t nice, but still…

–          Envying someone

–          Wishing someone ill

–          Criticism in every form. Even if you criticize the government as a feedback on the evening news. But if done regularly, it causes you to get sick.

–          Behaving the way you don’t really feel like behaving. This breakage of natural law is also known as a ‘cheating behavior’. And is one of the most common causes of cancer.

Yes, even good people get cancer, because they may live years of psychological pretence and emotionally unhealthy patterns of social conduct.

This happens when people have to live in conditions of constant suppression of what they really want to say and who they really are (as in adhering to the system of subordination and hierarchy at work), or otherwise get persecuted and highly criticized for the truth they bear.

It’s when for years you go to a job that you hate, or oppress people at the working place you are involved with, having an authority in a direct or an indirect way (also a cause of diabetes).

The colors of human chakras are of the same sequence as the colors of rainbow spectrum

But on a human level, all our daily thoughts, activities, radiations and treatment of people simply get immediately absorbed into our energy centers (chakras) that further circulate these energies to our physical organs, brain, nerves, glands, tissues and cells.

Energy is what affects the body of a physical organ. Because that organ is the energy itself.

There is no hiding, cheating or asking energy for redemption. It is an eternal self functioning mechanism and a prime substance of everything. And it has an immediate divine intelligence in itself.

If someone ‘hits’ your feelings, you get a heart ache and a stroke. If you keep your emotions inside for a long time, you may eventually get a heart attack. Why? The energy is not circulating normally on your Heart chakra.

A woman that ‘teases’ men behaving provocatively, leads a messy private life, or is resentful of her partner, is prone to urinary tract infections and diseases of the Sacral chakra organs. Because they accumulate rivaling male energies and cause blockages that lead to a spectrum of illnesses.

A person that abuses his/her position of authority and often imposes his/her will onto others, accumulates negativity and blockages on Solar plexus chakra that is responsible for the whole digestive tract and may result in stomach ulcers, diabetes, pancreas cancer and gall bladder disease.


What is the healer’s role in curing the patients and how do they do it?

Firstly, a healer is an energy sensitive person. A healer doesn’t need to be a psychic and it really involves no magic or anything paranormal for a successful healing.

Each healer uses different techniques, but the principle of healing is always based on working with  energy.

Usually a healer hears the complaints of a patient and then traces back to the energy center that is responsible for this organ’s health. The job then is to remove a blockage and give that chakra sufficient energy flow necessary for a proper functioning.

A healer practices on elevated energetic frequencies, and so raises patient’s vibrations in accordance with his or hers.

Last week during my first practice, I worked with a young girl, who just recently got married. On a surface she was joyful, but when she didn’t speak, there was a bit too much of melancholy in her eyes than a happy person should have.

When I saw her first, she gave me a mental picture of a light blue color.

I usually look at people and see colors. One color is often standing out more distinctly than the others.

Another lady that was present at the training gave me a mental ‘picture’ of green.

First I thought that I see a color of the strongest chakra on a person.

But when I came close to a ‘blue color’ girl and put my hands on her shoulders, I realized that the strongest color I saw on each one was the color of the most suppressed chakra that had a blockage and lacked energy.

My hands immediately shifted to the level of her throat – throat chakra has a blue color.

And I felt strong aggressive vibrations of suppressed, unsaid words and emotions in her throat, they were so distinct, so hostilely vibrating that there could be no mistake.

I told the girl that she keeps inside a lot of emotions she doesn’t say or display. She has a strong character but is afraid to express her opinions because she lived in a family of patriarchal values and principles.

That girl had a strong potential and will, but was constantly restraining it and keeping it all battling undercover – precisely in her throat chakra, responsible for self expression.

Then I felt a clean luminous energy pleasantly sensible over the top of her head. I told the girl she had a strong connection with God because she was fairly religious.

And she had a strong potential of becoming a healer herself, but she needed to let go of her fear of self expression and dare to do what she likes in life. Then she could also help a lot of people as well as herself. She had good thoughts and good clean energies overall.

I felt she missed her mother that day, because a picture of her mother was clearly present on the level of her Heart chakra. And she said her mother did live in a different country far away and she did miss her a lot.

A girl was shocked with everything I told her and asked how I knew it.

There wasn’t really anything magical or psychical about it, I believe, it was all readable from her chakras.

Our energy centers bear all the information about us and when we start to feel with people, we may also start to feel the energies, emotions and ailments they carry.

Another young lady that gave me a ‘green’ picture, had a strong old blockage on her Heart chakra because of her difficult relationships with her mother.

When we worked a little with her Heart center and ‘sent’ her some love energy, she burst into tears. Crying is always a sign of a small blockage being removed from chakra. 

The main principle of healing is based on the recognition of the interrelation of energies of everyone and everything from within and without, connected with the main Source.

We, as humans, are lower ranges of vibrations, because we are physically manifested and gravitated to earth.

And the Universe is the highest clearest energetic diapason, as it holds both manifested and non manifested beings of higher jutters than those of a physical embodiment.

A healer is not a magician and in no way a form of a divinity. A healer is simply a middleman and a conductor of that higher energy source. This source is universal and therefore is shared and available for everyone – both miracles-working shamans and the normal people likewise.

The trick, if you like it, is a simple awareness of this fact and an attunement.

Healers must work through Love. When you practice, you really get to feel how love is getting channeled through you and reaches to a person that needs help.

Love is a very high clear vibration and a mighty healer in itself.

A human healer doesn’t have to literally love a person in order to heal him/her with love. A healer simply conducts abundant universal love onto a person that needs a treatment.

Some do it through prayers, affirmations, other rituals, or a simple intent and attunement.

Love is a strong healer in itself, because its energy vibrates on a high theomorphic pitch.

And so when channeled to a person, it raises his/her energy vibrations as well, enhancing one’s overall well-being and immune system.

While practicing my first healing with a few people, I really felt I loved them with a deep unconditional love the moment they entered the room, even though they were mere strangers to me and all I knew was their names.

But when you heal, you want to give love. It is not your personal love and has nothing to do with your own feelings.

You simply feel that love is being conducted through you from the absolute source of Love – being the Prana, your highest spiritual conception, God, or whatever you name it to be.

A healer that claims to do a healing job all by herself, may be called a sweet little charlatan. She may still do a good work of healing, but let her ego take all the credit for it.

The real ethics of healing send all the credits and gratitude to the main source that gives healer a power in a simple privilege of channeling, but is not exclusively open only for a healer – this source is equal to all.

That’s why it is so important to open the knowledge of how the healing things work and bring people’s attention to importance of energy world within and without themselves.

True healing principle teaches that anyone can become a healer.

The trick is not in the techniques you master, but in the empathy and sensitivity you possess towards people and the willingness to give.

Be healthy and blissful! I will be writing more on the subject.

Here are some useful links on Quantum Touch healing practice:




86 thoughts on “~ Body And Mind Well-Being. My Initiation Into Natural Healing ~

  1. OH MY GOD! I am speechless! U heal me with ur words, this article stirred up so many feelings in me I was even crying and then I felt this rush of energy through my body and leaving through the crown of my head. You are truly blessed by God and you are the light that this world needs. Oh my God I feel so much excitement and my heart is bursting with feeling. You always write such great blogs, I really mean that.
    One of my son’s therapists told me about healing with the power of Jesus and she laid hands on my husband and all the negative left him and he was so happy that he made me so happy and refreshed.
    She showed me this video that said eating living foods like fruit and vegetables is good because since they take in the sun’s rays, when we eat them our souls get filled with light and we feel more alive.
    Love is the divine feminine aspect of God the creative aspect or what they call holy spirit, holy fire, or dynamis. In gnosticism Jesus calls it the pure virginal spirit Sophia. :-)


      Oh i’m so touched to hear that my posts help you in some way!
      The materials you write on your blog, by the way, are the pieces of wisdom in themselves!
      You are a spiritually gifted, energy sensitive person yourself and that’s why you feel the Truth so keenly!
      What the lady told you is a great advice! Organic and vegetarian food is good not only for our physical body, but for energy health as well. Greens, fruits and herbs are light in their spiritual formula and as they are nature grown, they bring the self-healing energies of nature into our body.
      Natural foods detoxify our energies and enhance our spirituality. And their regular consumption makes people more empathetic towards nature and even animals.
      Whereas heavy ‘dead’ foods are ‘numbing’, toxic for the body and make people feel more selfish.

      Great referral to Jesus, because this is love in itself!
      I saw your article mentioning virginal Sophia, wanted to give it a closer read today!:)
      Blessings and much love to you, stay well!

      Thanks dear! You are more than welcome, really! :) I’ll studying and practicing more and will be sharing more tips and techniques on healing.
      I hope you’ll find a lot of useful info!
      Take care!:)

  2. At the outset, this is lengthy yet an interesting post by your good self.
    I am amazed to see you mentioned about “Chakras” in your post :)

    You have collected and arranged information from what can be termed as baffling tangle of myths and ancient documentation.

    Believe in what you do, the whole world will believe in you :)

    I believe *Time* is one of the best ointments that heals serious wounds in natural term of the human life.


    • Thank you, Shubhankar! :)

      Yes i’m very interested in chakras and yoga :)
      The information i presented here is a brief sketch of everything i read, learned, practiced and experienced myself throughout the years of esoterics studies.
      I can really start putting it to practice now, and hope it will help a lot of people, like it did help me!

      I really appreciate your input, Shubhankar! Happy you are here on a blogosphere now :)

  3. My dear, congratulations!! The day you had your training in QT was very exciting for me also!! I felt like something very important was happening! important for you, us and many other people who need your help! Thank you for a wonderful post! Though having practiced yoga for 4 years still I knew a lot of very interesting things from it! I’m very, very happy for you, my talented sister! I’m sure your abilities will bring a lot of help to people! Take care, love you! :*

    • TO DINA:

      Love you too!! Thank you soo much for your support and a lot of things i learned from you along the way, really! I’m so happy with our spiritual-creative-esoteric tandem! <3

  4. Sophia,
    I was just getting ready to comment and I saw that you commented on my blog just now. I love synchronicity.
    Thank you for sharing this invaluable information. I love how you are taking your empathy to a new level to become a healer. I would love to visit one day and have you note my energy flow. I feel blessed to have found you online. You give so much wisdom and advice in every post. I am babbling because I am just trying to say, Thank you. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • TO KOZO:

      And likewise, my dear Kozo :) You are one messenger of love, joy and a blast of positive energy yourself!

      Taking it on from you, many {{{Hugs}}} back!! :)))

  5. OMG, thanks so much for sharing your amazing experience. I’ve already learned so much from your introduction to energy healing. I know you will be a powerful healer to the world because of your naturally high vibration and heart energy, can’t wait to hear what else you learn from this course and the many miracles you will perform in the future. Have fun with your new adventure, I’ll keep tweeting this post. Take care. ;) *\o/*

    • Thank you, Maddy! <3

      Always so happy seeing you drop by! (hugs)

      From now i'll start writing on healing and well-being regularly!

      I have my second level course in the end of January and then more practice! :) I'm really excited about it and more so to share to let people benefit from this information, because miracles of healing and well-being should be really open and easily available for all!

      Look at this {{{Hugs}}} ;) Kozo said i don't have to acknowledge a copyright to his hugs! ;))))

  6. Brilliant post Sofia! I have been using a healer for the past 15 years, she is fantastic. I haven’t been to a GP in over 10 years. Of course doctors serve a purpose, but for most things I will always choose a good healer over a GP who will simply prescribe drugs for most things.

    That’s so cool that you are training in energy healing, I’m sure you will be a great healer :)

    Also two of the biggest “Violations of the natural laws” that I believe cause health issues are lies, and cognitive dissonance (harboring two conflicting beliefs inside you at the same time). Nowhere in nature do lies exists, only in humans. I cannot lie, I feel physically sick when I even think about it! Lies make us sick and crazy. Secondly cognitive dissonance creates so much pain, ill health and confusion as our true desires conflict with what we are “supposed” to do.

    Great post Sofia, really comprehensive, amazing :)


    • Excellent inserts, Rohan!
      Lies and prejudiced and conflicting beliefs are also not found anywhere else in nature except for the human one.. :) They are forcefully created and therefore un-natural and harming on all levels.
      I’m happy you have a good experience with healers! We’ll be sharing the insights! :)

  7. Wow, how amazing this journey of yours to health and healing Sofia!! It’s a wonderful thing that you got your health back in such a unique, non-traditional way; the end point of that journey was health and I’m grateful that you are sharing that with us! :) A truly beautiful post! It’s freeing living from a place of wholeness–spirit, soul, body all aligned. I find that when I live from a place of happiness, gratefulness, soaking up the present peaceful moments, and tap into the ever-abundant love; living this way is so effortless and healthy! When I try to grab a hold too tightly, it all but results in literal, physical and emotional pain. Tapping into this loving energy is the way to go for sure! :)

    Natural, healing medicine should be the norm in the U.S., and thankfully that tide is changing with practitioners like you! It’s exciting that “modern medicine” in the is embracing and integrating these healing arts, yet these have stood the test of time better than any latest drug ever will, with all its side effects! It was an unforgettable experience to travel to Chinese clinics and hospitals and watch the physician integrated both acupuncture, medical massage and those modern western treatments in treating the patients. Drawing the best from both worlds!

    Keep more posts like this coming! It’s great to be inspired with stories like yours. Super success in your health and healing journey; and stay beautiful too (you look great, by the way, lol)! All the best! :)

    • I’m so happy to see you on my blog, Brendaline! :)

      Thanks to Rohan, I got to discover your wonderful site and you :)

      Really glad to know that you are also interested in healing and healthy lifestyles! So we’ll have a lot to discuss later :)

      I’ll start posting on this subject regularly!
      It’s heartwarming to know that people’s interest in holistic living and healing is at raise!

      Stay well! Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment!

      • Oh, I’m so happy to be connected to your blog too Sofia!! Yes, our love for the natural healing arts is mutual — and we have Rohan in common too! A double blessing! He’s just awesome!

        Yes indeed, we’ve got lots to talk about, so keep those posts coming! :) All the best and enjoy your weekend!

        It’s just started raining here in south Florida this Saturday morning, but still a lovely early morning! Where did you live Sofia?

        • Hi Brendaline! :) You are such a blast of positive energy! I’m really happy with such great people i got to know through blogging :)
          I’m reading Rohan’s book “7 things…” now and preparing a review. It’s amazing how talented and insightful he is!
          I travel a lot.
          I currently live in the Middle East btw:) Interesting experience!

          • Hahaha! Travels, I can so relate! :D

            You’re so sweet Sofia! I love that I’ve met you and Rohan too! This is such an amazing place to be for sure! Such great inspiration I can’t believe it’s real — and thankfully, it is very real! I just read your soul-stirring, amazing 7 Things book review, and oh how I love it!!

            I think we can all so definitely relate to bullying in all its forms and it’s quite comforting to know that we have the choice to choose between being held hostage to the thoughts and feelings of yesteryear, or embracing who we are truly meant to be, our true and best self! :)

            Yes, he is an amazing guy and, more so, for having the courage and freedom to share that gift with us! :)

            You take care of your lovely self! All the best! :)

            • You are amazing, Brendaline! Hugs to you :)
              And thanks for all the retweets! :)
              I really loved Rohan’s book, related to it tremendously, and so it was very easy to write my thoughts about it, really came from the heart.

              I’ve been talking with many talented people lately and most of them said they had experience with bullies in their yearly years..
              Well, as Rohan described it profoundly – bullies always pick up at gifted unique people.
              “7 Things” bullies part has helped me a lot!
              Well, really there wasn’t a part that wouldn’t be helpful and extremely relevant! :)

              Oh you are so right, I myself got to meet so many wonderful like-minded people here through writing and blogging, and i’m endlessly thankful for this experience!

              We are connecting, exchanging ideas and experiences, and we each learn something invaluable from each other, really :)

              Many hugs to you and i’m always happy to see you pass by!

              • **Sending hugs and much love to you too Sofia!**

                I can’t believe how good we have it here in the blogosphere! (I’m playing some serious catch up since missing most of last week’s reads and posts but it’s always like opening a new present…so I kinda like the anticipation of it all anyway, lol!)

                Hope you’re doing well! I just started reading the 7 Things today so I’m not quite caught up on Rohan’s comments, but you’re right for that bullying comment — bullies seem to be overcompensating for the insecurities in their lives by targeting the gifted one, so it’s only natural to for them to target the ‘seemingly’ weaker, yet only because they know that he/she has something they don’t think is present in themselves, or don’t have the awareness to discover in themselves! I think it’s just a matter of discovering the uniqueness inherit within us all!

                So it seems that what they (bullies) don’t know is hurting them, and hurting others in the process! Such a sad cycle when you think of it from their end of it. I’ve personally known some people, even as adults, who act as bullies, but really, when I consider the bigger picture, its really the inner child that I see. The one that’s longing for attention, love and acceptance from a life that’s so void of these virtues.

                I’ll have to read Rohan’s thoughts to hear his view on this as well, but they are definitely in need of some loving, that’s for sure! :)

                Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I hope to have a chance to check out your posts this week! But we’re neighbours in this blogosphere, so I know we’ll be bouncing into each other in the near future once more, lol!

                As always, take care of your lovely, sweet self miss Sofia!

                All the best to ya! :D

  8. Hi Sofia, I must admit I’d never heard of QT healing until I read your post but I must say I found it really interesting. I do share thoughts with you about negativity and how one can be affected in negative ways. I will look forward to reading more about energies and how they are influenced by how we conduct our lives, how we are influenced by what we are exposed to (mentally and spiritually). Thanks Sofia, best wishes SN.

    • I’m really glad you liked the post and found it interesting!

      Quantum Touch is similar to Reiki healing, when people use Prana energy, channeling it through their body, and a set of breathing techniques that lets direct healing energy through hand onto the parts of a petient’s body, or even on a distance without the actual contact with a person.

      It’s an effective, accredited technique. It is indeed interesting!
      This site provides a good idea of Quantum Touch healing:

  9. Thanks Sofia, I will look at that site :-) I’ve always believed we have other latent senses and talents which we need to explore and unlock. There is still so much to learn about ourselves on different levels that the journey will last as long as man still survives on the planet. Thank you so much, Sofia. Best wishes, SN :-)

    • You are absolutely right! Our nature is so rich and versatile, and it’s amazingly fun to explore it and open up new abilities that in fact each of us possess!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts! Have a great Sun-day! :)

  10. Powerful post, Sophia…you explained the chakras so well. I truly believe there is a strong link between mind & physical body. Congratulations with your QT certification. I’m looking forward to your next level & all you will be learning. All the best & always, peace + love <3

    • Thank you Sunny! :)

      Will attend my QT level 2 this weekend, and also started to taking healing/mental empowerment sessions with my instructor.

      This removes your own old blockages, uplifts your energies vibrations etc.. And she also uses a mild psychotherapy. As a combination it’s a powerful thing.
      Those who wish to be healers should first take care of their own body and mind on all levels. I’m doing that now and really see the results:)

      Will be sharing much more soon!

      Hugs, Sunshine!!

  11. You must know already that ‘Sophia’ in Greek means wisdom. This is what I learn here in your post, healing wisdom. Thank you so much, Sofia. I will reread it in the morning, I need to have some sleep now. Take care, many blessings and much love to you :-)

      • Sofia, I reread this article, and I would say this is mind-altering. Keep doing the amazing job you have been doing, and you will definitely be another candle in the light of humanity. :-)

        To be honest, I heard about the concept before, but didn’t pay much heed to it. As I was reading this I felt that I need some treatment. I cannot see 2012 without a paradoxical view. The year left me with several great things, but also some scars in my soul. There were some tragedies happening in my family back in Indonesia and my personal life. I was deeply wounded throughout the year. Up to this stage, I am still healing the wounds. Very slowly. I was kind of thinking whether you’re able to do a long-distance treatment or whether I should make an appointment with anyone who knows about this stuff here in Australia. Your thoughts?

        • Hi dear Subhan!

          I always admire how you always find a minute or two throughout the week to stop by and write me a lovely comment and a good thought!

          I did level 1 of Quantum Touch healing, and will attend level 2 training this week which will lead me to the USA certificate and will give the right to practice and work specifically with physical healing.

          And yes, this method does work on a distance, as it doesn’t need any hands-on patient application.

          I only tried distance healing on my family members so far, they live in a different country as well.
          And they said that day they were in an uplifted mood, feeling secure and when they went out, stranger people in the street were smiling and wishing them Happy New Year :))

          But i didn’t get to the real distance practice yet.

          I’m really sorry to hear that you and your family have been going through a tough year! :(

          2012 was indeed a difficult year for all mostly. Many people faced tragedies in their families, including unexpected, fast developing diseases, accidents, loss of housing, fatigue and general bad luck…

          I know countless examples in front of my eyes, unfortunately..

          In the format of this comment i won’t go into detail to tell why this was happening, but returning to your question.. I definitely advise you to seek counseling and a session with a good energy healer.

          You can find so many in your area! These people work on love, and so, meeting with a healer for a talk and some mental empowerment will feel like a great relief and the best treat you can give yourself on weekend!

          I will be more than happy to help you once i start practice!

          So far, here is what you can do – check either Reiki or Quantum Touch healesr in your area.
          Many of them usually place advertisements on internet and in press.
          Don’t worry, if they are certified to practice, it means all of them are good.
          But choosing the best one for you, you should simply listen to your gut feeling.
          I found my QT instructor and my personal healer this way! :)

          And here is the official website of Quantum Touch healing with the list of accredited practitioners. Check it out!

          Here is the list of QT healers in Australia:


          There is also a big list of QT practitioners in USA and other regions.

          I hope this was helpful somehow! Keep me updated! Stay well!

          • Hi Sofia, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. I had actually checked out their website before you sent me the links, so yeah I am going to book an appointment with them, probably sometime next week. I will let you know how it goes. :-) thank you as well for your kind concern, you are one wonderful soul :-)

            On a different note, I noticed that you asked me on Twitter regarding me unfollowing you. The answer is ‘No, I didn’t unfollow you’. The truth is I never followed you. If you look at the ones I follow, you’ll be surprised. I follow no one, no people, only media. They are The New Yorker, The Guardian, and Writer’s Digest. I follow them because they’re the ones that povide me with the information that I need in relation to building my writing career. They are very important to me. Please do not take this personally. I do not even follow people that I adore so much: RumiQuotes, Paulo Coelho, Salman Rushdie, and Anggun C Sasmi. I don’t even follow my best friends, even though they do follow me. I have some devoted Indonesian followers as well as those from other countries who are happy to read my Tweets, although I am not following them back.

            I have a different approach with Twitter. I don’t follow people just so that they follow me back. I follow only those who provide me with essential information that I need, while at the same time, I give people who follow me all my love though all of the beautiful messages I have in my poetry or short stories. When I really like something, a post or a photo, then I would definitely Retweeted it, so that my followers can enjoy the beauty or knowledge that I have been getting fom the post. I guess that’s how love should work: unguided and flows like a river. At the same time I try to keep personal communication at minimal because:1) I do not want to inundate the timeline of my followers with my ‘hahaha or hehehe’ or ‘damn, bloody hell’, you get the point, and 2) I do not think everyone should know my peronal communication, which can actually be done through email. My Tweets are aimed at spreading love, illuminating the souls, and illuminating the minds, so I need to keep these objectives in mind.

            If people are going to follow me, then I am thankful that at least they think that my spiritual voice is good enough to be heard. But if they don’t, then I shall pray for them to find wisdom and light through other means, not necessarily by following my Tweets. I have nothing to lose.

            I respect you as a friend and appreciate you very much and am very thankful that we meet here. Whether or not you are following my Twitter or Pinterest or others, it doesn’t make any difference. I learn so much from your posts and I thank you for enlightening my mind. And for this reason, you are among the genuine souls that I would love to meet one day. And when that happens, I sure will keep my promise and bring you the Indonesian cake I mentioned ;-)

            Many blessings and much love to you, Namaste :-)

            • Sure, Subhan! You should absolutely build your social networks interactions according to your own policy and preferences, cause everyone has his/her own ways! I totally respect that! :)

              I started on Twitter with two followers :) And then great people started following me, and I follow back, my community is great! I really appreciate the interest people show in my work and updates. And you know, i also believe that what’s most important is not the social networks, but the friendly vibes that connect people together! You are totally right :)

              Let me know, if you got in touch with a healer and share your experience later! All the best luck

  12. As usual, this one also gave me some random of informative pieces! Actually I have read few of these aspects in a book written by a Mallu author. But it wasn’t an elaborated one like yours. Thank you so much for this interesting share! :)


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  14. I am Facebooking this for permanent reference. An incredibly well put together, eye-catching and informative post, Sofia, that I’ll use as a chakra cheat sheet!

    • You are so sweet, thanks a lot! :)
      I’m really happy you liked the post and found it helpful!

      I’ll be posting more on chakras and energy healing these days! <3

  15. Hello Sofia,
    Just hoping all is well with you and an excuse to visit and present you with….:

    You have been awarded the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Please visit my site for details.


  16. You said a healer is an energy sensitive person… how can a normal person like me find out if I am energy sensitive? My parents used to practice Reiki… but they both gave it up abruptly some 6-7 years back. They never told me the reasons for doing so. I didn’t care much about these things that time as i was a teenager… but now am fairly interested in such stuff!

    P.S your spectacles look spectacular on you :)

    • Oh well, you know, since both your parents were attuned to Reiki and been practicing it, I may suggest you can potentially be an energy sensitive person as well!

      The skill of energy sensitivity often runs in a family. And while some people find a good use for it, others may seriously suffer from this gift.

      People sensitive to energies of others are also sensitive to everyone’s moods, thoughts and emotions. Which is why they attract people like strong natural magnet.

      Some people like and welcome it, but others may find it exhausting, try to distance and eventually choose to break multiple energy bonds with those who seek their company, empathy and attention.

      Being energy sensitive means being strongly empathetic, you just can’t help caring too much of others’ feelings, moods and lives.

      You can ‘know’ what a person is like even before you get to know each other. Sensitive people feel others deeply and their hunch is never wrong.

      Other people always eagerly seek your company and come for a talk and advice.

      You may feel tired and energetically drained after social interaction.

      You often see signs and meanings there where others don’t.

      These are just a few things of being energy sensitive.
      It’s a natural gift and if developed and handled properly it can bring a lot of joy to you and to other people around you!

      I want to say welcome, because you came to the right place :)

      • Thanks a lot for telling this… I find 90% of these traits present in me…
        I tend to develop a very strong bond with people having strong character… At the same time, I feel myself reluctant to talk to a person who seems to be immature to me or someone with a weak character/personality even though the person sees me as a friend… I feel drained out after interacting with such people…

        I am constantly motivated by my friend’s efforts in pursuing their dreams… My thinking is at its best when I am with such people… when I am with a set of boring people then I will become the most boring person temporarily…

        and yes, I often observe things, signs and patterns that most people overlook… I want to say something more but they are a bit personal and I don’t want to post it here…

        Any suggestions on how I should make the best use of my energy sensitivity?

        • I’m glad you discover those traits in you!

          This may help you enhance the quality of your life and your relationships with people both on personal and business level.

          Just imagine, being able to read and feel people can really help you to choose the best life partner, trustworthy business partners in your future career, and plus, you will hardly ever have a lack of friends.

          But avoid negative people that are also known as energy vampires. Because they might seek your company for some energy dose from you, as you may be giving it away easily to others, like most energy sensitive people do.

          Listening to your favorite music, walking in nature, meditation and relaxation etc can help you restore necessary energy balance.

          And what is extremely beneficial for any energy sensitive person is to choose to help others in some way, do volunteer work, charity or healing..

          Otherwise, just enjoy your life, people in it, and know that you have an awesome gift :)

  17. Sofia, I have been contacting two QT masters, one in Bungendore, which is an hour from Canberra and One in Sydney, which is 3.5 hours from here to book an appointment, but to no avail. Even though I have emailed them, telephoned them, and left messages, neither master returned to my phone calls or replied to my email. Strange, huh? I really need this urgently, my chest is in pain, I went to a counsellor and a doctor, not much help. Sometimes the pain goes away, but more often than not, it goes back and stays for a while. It is frustrating at times, and the fact that I cannot get in touch with any QT masters nearby makes me even more depressed. :-( Now my chest is constricted and I feel it is difficult to breath.

    I would love to do distance healing with you, wherever possible. I would be happy to contibute to the financial compensation you deserve. My mobile phone number is +61481192664, and my Skype ID is Subhan Zein. Please, Sofia, I am desperate :-(

    • Dear Subhan, please relax and keep optimistic now! Did you make all the necessary checkup with a cardiologist?

      If a medical checkup didn’t find any physical lapses, it means your pain is a psychosomatic disorder that has emotional cause and simply manifested in your chest.

      You were writing before that you had some dramatic events in your family lately, and this very much could have affected your state.
      It’s the stress or emotional heartache you are having, I suppose! But it’s also important to know what your physician said in order to make the right conclusions.

      Please, relax now and try not to distress yourself with depressive thoughts!

      I’ll contact you on your email now and really hope I can help.

      Until then, please see this article http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/481834/psychosomatic-disorder
      Maybe you might relate to it!

  18. This article has a wealth of information which must be read a few times to absorb it all. So glad I followed back from Twitter to read this as have spent a little too much time on the net today. Having grown up in a family that has more than demonstrated many of your points mentioned, am very familiar with most areas; but have gotten somewhat away from it with the exception of healing by touch and faith, color therapy, strong intuition, meditation and prayer. i had also recently wondered if the intense heat radiating upward from back to neck and head area might have something to do with the Crown chakra (have thought it a few times).

    My first experience with literal hands-on healing was at the age of 14. I can remember what i was wearing the day my mother brought home a faith-healer who laid hands on my left foot which painful condition was soon to be scheduled for surgery. After the healing touch of this woman, through the grace of God, I got up and walked without crutches and have never had pain or problems with the specific bone and tendons in that foot since that day.

    I wish you the very best on your journey. Keep on shining and loving! You are truly an inspiration.

    • Hi dear! So glad you are visiting and shared your healing experience!
      I’m absorbing such stories like sand thirsty for water :)
      I just can’t stop amazing the healing powers of intent and possibilities of human & life force energy!

      Also my first experience was with a faith healer :) She would place hands on my stomach and whisper prayers indistinctively.. It did help amazingly.
      I had anorexia for years, and within just a week of healing it was gone.

      Now, the energy going up the top of your head is a wonderful sign!
      As you probably know, the energy in the body normally goes upfront (from lower chakras to the upper ones).

      When we undergo development during life or certain experiences, lower chakras tend to ‘channel’ energy to the upper ones (Root – to Solar plexus, Sacral – to Heart chakra, etc).

      So yes, it’s the sign your Third eye and Crown chakra are opening up…
      You may especially intensively feel it after some spiritual and religious experiences or energy channeling work.

      One time at a course we “saw” each other’s auras before and after the healing.
      After each person performed a little healing work on others, or just listened or hugged them empathetically, their Crown chakras started radiating a bright white light of energy that looked like glowing above their heads (it really is amazing)!

      And besides, i can tell you are a developed spiritual person, so of course the energy in your upper chakras vibrates at a high pace – the warm sensation is a good indication of it :)

  19. I greatly admire holistic healers. I was a massage therapist for a few years, but I had to quit, because I couldn’t protect myself from taking in unhealthy energy from people &/or having my energy leeched.

    • Oh it’s interesting to know, dear! Then i suppose you might be one of the empathic personalities or HSP (highly sensitive person) that usually tend to take on the energies of all the others around, and especially the people we deal with closely.
      I was like that myself, highly sensitive to energies of others, and so i’d often feel drained after interaction with too many people a day.
      Later on i acknowledged i was HSP and learned the ways of preserving my energy – through meditation, relaxation, wearing certain gemstones and learning these new techniques of energy healing that let you raise energy rather than losing it!

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