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Right now I live in a house up the mountain, and it’s been snowing a few days nonstop already.

Know what that means? No school, work, or shopping for as long as it showers, yaay :)

So we are just making chestnuts on fire, drinking hot chocolate, and I’m silently snoozing in front of the chimney.

I didn’t finish my due articles yet and thank God my sweet blogger friends out there keep sending me in the awards ;)  So thanks to them, I can delay my posts for a couple more days and just accept the gifts and blab more about myself ;))

Another sweet surprise from Rohan Healy came in today! :) The guy is reaping the awards like golden wheat in autumn harvest, I must tell you ;)

He is a uniquely talented young man, plus a pleasant cool personality – people pick that out with no mistake and respond to such spiritual assets fondly.

 Come and take a look yourself :)


 Now back to the award.

I should tell you 7 random facts about me that are not listen on my “About Me” page.

So here goes :) I’ll also use this opportunity to answer some questions I get most frequently asked. 

1. Siberia is a nickname. I have Russian-Mongolian roots originated from Siberia, and carry a lot of family legends therefrom.

2. I am in love.

3. I am a vegetarian and animals rights activist.

4. I speak English with a slight accent.

5. I hate TV and only watch Hindi movies channel, because there people always dance and love each other.

6. I am a little psychic, but not a shaman ))

7. Although yesterday I did dye my hair black again. And I wish to learn to beat a drum.

 And now I shall pass the award to other 7 people who are blogging and beautiful :)

1. Card Castles In The Sky. This beautiful soul is worth every award. Her blog and personality were my great discoveries! Just another kindred spirit spreading the message of love in all forms.

2. Laura. A girl with an amazing story of beauty and courage. Anorexia is a shared experience.

3. Lada Ray. My Siberian angel, celebrity and an incredibly versatile writer.

4. Sunshine. No words here, Simply charming :) A person that with her rays of joy and humor always makes me laugh, and also writes an interesting rich-content blog.

5. Arlen Shahverdyan. Wonderful personality and talented writer that sees beauty in everything around and poetically shares it with the world.

6. Rahul Ashok. Would be more correct to award him a ‘handsome blogger’, but I guess it implies :) His writing and insights are handsome as well.

7. Fransi Weinstein. Beautiful kind smile, cats friend (like me ;)) and a truly resourceful writer.

And the rules are simple, proudly get your Beautiful Blogger logo, let us know 7 interesting facts about yourself, nominate 7 people and let them know they are beautiful as well! 

Have a wonderful day, night and evening, wherever you all are!



35 thoughts on “~ Beautiful Blogger Award ~

  1. So many people were in my mind for this award, and when I tried to reach their blogs, I couldn’t find them, so many are missing! Including our beautiful Madeline Walsh!
    WP really should take a close look at this problem :( Cause so many nice blogs have gone missing!

    Enjoy your awards, guys! And snow, if you got it over there in your areas! :)

  2. Hi Sofia! Yay, I can comment again, perhaps my blog will be back up soon! You are all these things and so much more, like love incarnate. You may not label yourself a shaman, but you display pure shamanic powers! A shaman’s leadership guides/ unite all people like a thread through heaven and earth. From your knowledge and wisdom, people learn/ remember who they really are, thus enabling everyone to connect with all that is…
    Divine spirit guide describes you beautifully. :D Congrats on your BB Award and many more to come!

    • Thank you Maddie, dear!

      I wrote you on Twitter that you were number 1 in my mind for this award :) but sadly couldn’t access your blogs in order to acknowledge you..
      I really hope you get your blog back soon and we continue our chats and interactions!
      We all miss you here! <3

  3. Wow, It’s awards season for Sofia. Congrats. I’m laughing at the image of you holed up in a house on the mountains watching Hindi movies. When I was in India, this woman told me that American movies are “so boring, because there was no dancing, singing, music, etc.” I love how Bollywood movies have a bit of everything. Stay warm and in love. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  4. Your kind words are warmth on this dreary, rainy day I’m having over here. The weather has been so gross over here lately. I’ll gladly trade you rain for some beautiful snow!
    Thank you so much again. You are wonderful beyond words. :)

  5. Guys, attention!

    I’m hearing my comments go into Spam folders for some unknown reason, probably again some technical issues here.
    I’m getting many of your comments into my Spam folder as well! :((

    So plz these days check all your folders for some hidden/suspended comments… We may miss a lot of comments from each other this way!

      • Yesterday i talked with every person on WP about it and took everybody’s advice!;)
        It looks like things are soon back to normal, they are enhancing spam security and some blogs fall as collateral damages :/

  6. Thank you for dropping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to explore yours and I must say it is very nice. I see that you nominated Fransi, she’s terrific and such a fun person to chat with. Congratulations and hopefully I can incorporate some of your mindset into my daily life.

    • Grndma Chris: Oh thank you so much for stopping by! :)
      Yes, I sent Fransi a note, telling her about the nomination, but I’m afraid my comment could be thrown into spam for it had a link to my blog :(
      I’m searching the ways now to notify her and many bloggers again, in order to come and pick their awards!

      • Yes, for some reason your blog is sent as spam, I seen it there and approved it, hopefully the others figure it out too. I’m sure it will get to her.

  7. Yo yo, Sofia! :D ;) I’m so much happy to own one more honor from a wise lady like you. Have a good day ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ :)


  8. Thanks for your kind words Sofia, you are very welcome :) Wow, Russian and Mongolian, what a cool heritage!! I am Irish and Ukranian, but born in Australia lol, quite a mix. I’m sure you would have a very cool accent :)

    Take care Sofia, keep well, keep writing :)


    • To Rohan: Haha here you go :)) so you have some Ukrainian roots too? :) i was born and raised in Ukraine )) have no Ukrainian. roots though, but speak some language :) My primary languages are English and Russian though.
      Wow that is so cool :) how many awesome interesting people i’m meeting here! :)

  9. Wow, congradulations!:* I love you and I’m very glad for you, my beautiful blogger!!;)) I hope, that soon it will be all right with the site and blogs!!!! Good luck!!

    • Thank you, Dinochka!:*
      I had some good bloggers friends helping out with that issue today, hopefully everything here will get back to normal soon!
      I still have many awards to post and to distribute! :))

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