~ My 2013 First Awards :) ~


I started blogging shortly before the end of 2012, and by the 1st 2013 new year night have already been exchanging greetings and resolutions with many wonderful fellow writers out here.

Those people became my inspirational friends, devoted commentors, and a home where my ideas were gladly met and echoed.

For the past few weeks I’ve heard many heartwarming words, wishes and encouragements, and got the whole year recharge of good energy and motivation to go on and continue writing, connecting with people and sharing thoughts in a creative synergy.

This week I had a few nice surprises – excluding the metaphysical ones which I’ll tell you about later – here are my 2013 first tangible blog awards:

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award by a wonderful person Summer at


Thank you tons, Summer, for thinking about me when passing the award! I really appreciate it! 

Liebster Award logo has been fascinating me from day one blogging, as it features a heart, and I am a fan of hearts!

I was only wondering how soon can I feature that cute Liebster heart on my site.

And then you probably heard me thinking that, and here I go :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

And as a cute rule, here I should answer a little questionnaire to let my readers get to know me better, in case they are curious :)

So, my Qs. (Inspired by Summer)

 1. What makes you happiest?  

–  Firstly, knowing that my family and people I know of are all okay and happy themselves, makes me the happiest person on earth.

 I am an empath, guys, you know that. So in order for me to feel cool and happy and go do my things in peace, I don’t want to hear you go get in troubles, heartbreaks and arguments. Please, be safe, nice to each other and the nature.

 Like that you will all be well and make me happy! :)

 – Also, nothing makes me happier than going out in the serenity of nature and spending time outside in sunlight and meditation.

 That’s how I connect with the source and get the energy therefrom.

– Besides all, learning and creating something new each day is a vital thing I can’t live without and something that fills my life with all sense.

 2. Which element you love the most? 

 – The Ocean! If you ever looked at my pics, you’ve probably noticed that I always keep my eyes on the sea.

 -The Sky is another source of my inspiration.

 3. What was your favorite moment of 2012? 

Well, quite many.

 – I got in touch with a remarkable master of Reiki and Quantum Touch healer Mona Rifai Khalaf that took me to be her student and study the natural energy healing techniques.

So soon I can start practicing and helping people that need healing and empowerment.

 – Another thing, I finally cast my writings public, yaay!

 – But the happiest moment that beat it all was the day when the person I love told me that he loved me more than I could imagine.

And this one will be imprinted in me forever.

 4. Your great spiritual discovery of 2012?  

I was amazed to learn that when we take on some mission or activity that goes beyond selfish goals, we get connected to invisible but mighty protective powers and gain support therefrom. Each of us gets his/her own powers.

You can ask questions and get answers in signs.

Mine were overwhelming.

 5. Do you like your personality?  

 – I have no idea. Never saw this person from the side, so I leave it up to others to decide.

I, on my part, like the spirit that I am. Well, at least endlessly thankful for the potential its Nature has given it, and I do all my best to educate and develop it further.

Who cares about the personalities? As they mostly are the customized camouflages we acquire in order to fit/fight/or comfortably survive in the society we have to be around in for a few decades.

Never take yourself too seriously, folks.

 6. Your next dream travel destination?

 India and Tibet.

 7.  A few simple things you love in life?

 Cats, reading, walking in nature, debating with my highly awakened yogi sister :)

 8.  What musical instrument have you tried to learn to play?  

– Guitar and piano. Wish it was an option to take those instead of Math classes in school ;p

9.  Anything you wish you had learned earlier? 

– Creative writing in college and Psychology from school grade 1 (instead of Math >:-) )

10. Do you like shopping?  

Now you will be shocked – I don’t! :D

I just notice what’s missing from the wardrobe, take a clear pic of what I need and go grab it quickly from the nearby store :p

11. A wish for the coming year?  

–  Become a certified Quantum Touch and Reiki healer and start practice.

–  Get down writing my first novel.

–  Have a chance to see my loved ones more often as we are fairly scattered right now.

And now I should pass the Liebster award onto 11 other blogs I think should have it and announce those folks.

Hmm, this is a difficult one, because there are really many great bloggers out there worth every award. 

I also guess this is the award for young blogs with less than 300 followers or so. But the number of followers is not always available on each blog, so I may not know how many actual followers each of my nominees got, so I’ll just make a pick.

I simply thought of these guys when looked at the Liebster heart logo! ;)

So my dear nominees for The Liebster Award (in no particular order) are:












Just follow the simple Liebster rules.

Acknowledge the one who passed you an award, answer 11 random questions about yourself. You can answer the same questions I did, as I will be curious to learn more about you :)

Choose 11 other nominees who you think should get the Liebster Award and let them know.

Feature a cute Liebster logo on your blog! Good luck!

Super Sweet Blog Award

This was the second award that I got shortly after the Liebster one :)

Well, I never imagined I’d qualify for a ‘super sweet’ title, but there he was, sweet fellow

Rohan Healy


appearing one morning with a box of virtual cupcakes and saying he thought of me when he got his box of sweets :)

Well, there was a company of other sugar folks he thought of while distributing the sweets, but I proudly got my cupcake award together with that wonderful crowd! <3

Many thanks and sweets to you Rohan! And thanks a lot for this cute yummy award! :)

As a rule I should also answer a few yummy questions here and pass the award to other nominees.

So here goes,

(Wait, guys, interview goes first and then cupcakes) ;)

Well, :)

1. Cookies or Cake? 

Cookies & Cake ;)

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? 

VANILLA 4-ever! ))

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?


4. When do you crave sweet things the most? 


5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? 

It is, Sweets and Hun :)

And here are my nominees for Super Sweet Blog Award:

(Well that was easy)







Love you guys, and many more awards to come for all  of you!

Once again, thank you Summer and Rohan!



42 thoughts on “~ My 2013 First Awards :) ~

  1. Congratulations for receiving both the awards and thank you so much for reminding me during the nomination procedure! I’m honored. \m/ :)


  2. Congratulations, Sofia. You are one loveable, sweet blogger. You deserve these awards and more. I can’t wait to one day get some Quantum touch healing from you.
    Thank you for the nominations. I am honored.

    • Much Love, dear Kozo! And my hugs to you and your little jedi’s! ;)
      Oh i ‘m soo excited about the Quantum Touch healing! Taking my 1st training on Friday, and gonna share all the news then!

      We still should talk about Castaneda some time! :)


  3. Well what a fun post! I too, dislike shopping, Sofia, which makes us in some weird percent, I think. I wasn’t surprised by your dream destinations; just perfect locales for one on the path to enlightenment. By far and away the most unusual answer was the answer to your personality Q–and by unusual, I mean food for thought, I never thought of it like that before–and yes to the classes! Psych 101 from grade 1…now what kind of a recess would that make?? Very fair, I suspect…very polite…Thank you very much for the honor of passing the baton, too! I will get busy this next week..:)

    • You are welcome dear Charron! Your work and a messages you spread on your blog are noble!

      Ah hahaha to be honest I hated school and always wanted to do something on my own and away from routine :)))

      Yes, take your time, just get a Liebster logo and answer these few questions, or actually any 11 facts you’d like to tell about yourself! I’ll be curious :)


  4. Congratulations on a great start to the new year. You and your blog deserve the awards. Thank you so much for the Liebster nomination; I feel honored, especially as I am new to blogging too and it is very inspiring to receive such an award. We all can stand to have our hearts grow stonger and bigger.

  5. Great post! You did it ; ) Congratulations with the both awards. Let yourself inspire and blog the way you do and are.

    Love and Peace, Summer

  6. Congrats on your awards Sofia :) They are well deserved, you provide intelligent and inspiring posts and should be recognized for that ^_^

    Here’s to many more awards in 2013 :)

    All the best!


    • Thanks and hugs, Rohan!

      Btw started your book today, it’s hilarious! I’m so happy i got to read it! Will hurry with the review! :)

      All the best to you as well!

  7. weeee!! so excited to be honored with sweet, sweet award and looky, you got kozo in the same boat! yay! no worries, kozo, we have enough cupcakes for our ongoing party now!

    thank you again and congratulations for the first 2013 award…the year is starting out fine! :)

  8. Mabrook, my dear!!=) You are the great advent of the beginning of 2013 year, your blog appeared in the right moment and already brought a lot of goodness and wisdom! Keep it up, my dear smart sister!!;)) there are millions of great awards waiting on you in your efficient prosperous future! thousands hugs and kisses!! :*:*:*


    Thank you, my little prophet! :* <3<3<3
    I can't wait to see your writings appear here as well, which will be just a cast of one small bright ray of your unique versatile personality :*

  10. Congrats to everyone! You have all been an inspiration to me, for that I am very happy and grateful! Please celebrate your awards joyously, knowing this privilege comes straight from our dear Sofia’s heart. We love you Sofia, thanks for thinking of us all!! <3<3<3 ;)

  11. Wow. Thanks so much! That is very kind of you. Also, congrats on your well-deserved nominations. Here’s to more fun and success in the new year. Cheers.r

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    • Oh i’m so happy to see you on my blog, dear Mona!

      Thank you so much for everything you’ve given me, all the wisdom, friendship and emotional support!
      I’m really happy to have you as my teacher and a guide on self-development! <3

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  16. hey, Sofia…it’s me, Chuckles, blog dog/writer, remember? anyway, a very late thank you for the sweet award you left…http://wp.me/p1RzUf-1M2
    those cupcakes looked beautiful and, and, and well, good to eat. *sigh*
    thank you again! WOOF!

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