~ Men And Woman ~

Mikhail Vrubel. Painting 'Lady In Furs'. 1880A woman is a magnet.

An empathic woman is a magic gravitational pull.

A woman in love with her own feelings is easily loved by men. But a woman in love with other people’s feelings is easily loved by crowds.

People love to be around empaths and are always eager to share space and a piece of heart with them.

It always starts with a sense of a sudden drive to get closer to an empathic person. Her proximity and attention feels pleasant and enticing.

Then a person suddenly finds it’s surprisingly easy and refreshing to talk to empath and tell her about life, long-gone memories and even the things you won’t usually share with others.

Empaths are natural people’s confessors.

But they know that there are always two sides to this medal.

For most people who met an empath, a want of being around that person becomes a need.

And that’s why women with high empathic abilities should be especially careful with the feelings of men around them, because eventually they will start being responsible for them.

Empathic women are accepting, they have a high level of emotional endurance, they don’t judge and they always love to listen.

That brings flows of attention from people that want to be heard, accepted, understood and reassured.

Empaths have an inborn need to love and help people out, and people eagerly come from everywhere.

Empathy is filling the voids in people’s hearts and gives a soothing emotional comfort.

Female empathy has a tremendous magnetism.

Back in the Middle Ages they were being persecuted and accused of witchcraft.

Modern ‘witches’ become opinion leaders, trends creators, or lonely meditative secludes, unable to handle the flow of attention and people’s demands.

There is a plenty of empaths among smiling energetic mothers of the families, low-budget charity workers, super models or successful marketers.

One idea is sure – empathic women have a power to make people accept their opinions, follow them and pay attention to what they propagate – love, certain philosophies, or even the simple benefits of healthy living.

Every empathic woman has an idea that she carries on with her. Physical attraction and eloquence to it help empaths promote their ideas and make people eagerly benefit from them.

Nature sets everything wisely. And a person that has to reach out to people with some favorable ideas will most likely be also gifted with natural attractiveness and a power to persuade, alongside the empathy gift.

We tend to pay more attention to what physically attractive smiling women are selling us and relate more to the beliefs of women that look interested and deep into our eyes.

Apart of what we know sells best, empathy and honest interest in !You! sells even better.

We weren’t eager to buy whatever noble ideas our tired school teachers were offering us, because they didn’t look interested to get us gain from them. Those who did, succeeded and had students falling in love with them and remembering them long after school.

Empathy – is the interest in You.

We all want somebody else to be sincerely interested in us in spite of all our confused feelings and personal dramas being carried on the inside.

What does it feel like when a pleasant empathetic woman seems to care about the soul you are, is actually ready to listen to your truth and won’t give judgment to whatever you have to say?

It feels like stumbling across a hut with light in the windows after a long walk in the woods.

If you have an empathic person in your life, you may feel that it’s almost impossible to let her go. Empath makes any person’s space easy, pleasant and comfortable to be in.

Empathic women don’t work any special magic, empathy is the magic of Nature itself.
Empaths are often selfless and have an insufficient ego drive, which makes room in their souls for a lot more people to fit in.

They have a strongly developed Heart chakra – energy center responsible for feelings and emotions. It works like a pump with them, accumulating big doses of love energy and easily circulating it around.

And if empaths don’t have a chance to share their love with others, they may be feeling down, because the overflowing amount of love energy needs to be shared.

Just think now of how many people around lack love and wish to get just a tiny bit of it in order to feel good, alive and needed.

Now make an abstract math and imagine how many of them get attracted to empathic women and why.

It’s not That particular woman they need, it’s the need to be heard, accepted without judgment, feel present and comforted.

In a company of empath you feel home and you feel safe. It’s as if you suddenly kicked off your formal office suit in the middle of the day, or your long-worn knight armor, and put on your comfy sweats and a pair of woolen slippers.

People feel there is really no need for any psychological defense or behavioral games around the empath. 

If you snap an image of empath’s aura, you may see that it has clean radiations of white and golden lights.

Those energy colors are most delicious to other people’s energies when their energy fields come into interaction.

People who are depressed, unappreciated, carry traumas and sores, radiate energies of heavier darker shades, and so they willingly seek to connect with healing purifying lights.

That’s why empaths are also on top of favorites on energy vampires’ menu.

Resulting from a strong healthy Heart chakra, empath’s main motive in life is Love.

Empath’s love is always reviving, unconditional and selfless.

If a man falls in love with an empathic woman, whether it’s mutual or not, he finds it difficult to ever let her go out of his life, let alone out of his mind.

People always tend to experience strong emotional responses to empaths – and the most common one is extraordinary attraction and a feeling of ‘falling in love’.

Feeling of falling in love with an empath is, however, often a pure projection of one’s innermost feelings for the celebration of them ‘being met’.

Empaths are not new to massive signs of attention, including a ton of inappropriate ones as well.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to see men fist developing utter affection for empathic woman and then turning their feelings into rage and despair. Because even a smallest less empathic move from that woman is often taken as a sign of rejection.

For, empathy is always taken as a Promise.

A promise that this woman will love you, keep nourishing your emotions, keep listening and telling you something reassuring, all the time at first call.

Empath should keep in mind that numerous people confessing of their love, simply vocalize a strong emotional arousal that the empath caused.

Try to prevent people from falling in love with you, whatever odd it sounds.

Empaths do love people and want to help their problems, but sometimes they righteously choose to distance from certain acquaintances, as they feel they start carrying somebody else’s world on their shoulders, and become responsible for someone’s regular ‘counseling’ and well-being.

After bonding with an empath, many people actually stop blaming their lives for unhappiness and start making the empath responsible for their happiness instead.

People take empath’s inborn friendliness and emotional openness as a pledge.

Once empath smiles to someone and shares a pleasant insightful talk, people take it as an oath of empath’s constant emotional availability and a provision of psychological peace.

People can’t fail to feel when a person cares for their feelings. And even the most closed up hearts react. May not openly display it, but they do.

Empathic women are surrounded by men seeking their company and a talk, because those men might not easily trust everyone around, but the empath always gives an instinctive vibe she can be trusted.

That’s why women’s effortless emotional openness often attracts emotionally unavailable men.

Empathic woman will often help her male friends with guidance through their emotional and life issues and then will end up helping them get over herself.

No matter on what broad a range empathic woman spreads her ideas, people always connect with them on a personal level.

And when empathic woman tries to set borders with her male acquaintances, it’s when she starts to get blamed, stalked and even threatened. 

All these are just the tricks of emotional manipulation that desperate people resort to when they feel that the empath is distancing and drifting away.

They will try to use unbelievable incentives and triggers just to keep empath around.

So it is especially vital for women with developed empathy to be careful with their social engagements and borders of familiarity.

Because whenever empathic women meet people with traumas and unmet emotions, they can’t help but responding and indulging into friendly ‘counseling’.

It’s a sort of a mission to help people acquire love, and a curse to be hated for it afterwords.

Empathy is a gift of Nature. And when Nature grants people that gift, it keeps them highly responsible for what they do about it.

People get rewards for their skills and pay high prices for their talents.

Empathic women should keep a steady low profile and never collect hearts for entertainment.

People that have a gift of influencing and leading others, account hard for everything in their life and so do they for lives of other people.

Of course, empathic woman is not responsible for every man who doesn’t leave her alone.

But at the same time she feels responsible for all the people who love her, or simply imagined they do, and is afraid to cut them off and hurt their feelings, even if those relations get inappropriate, obsessive and energy draining.

Empathic woman ‘shelters’ and ‘feeds’ people.

‘Shelter’ is a protective filed of her luminous clean radiations. ‘Food’ is the energy of her mighty unconditional love.

Shelters are not intended to secure anyone forever and unconditional love is too big to be cut off others and directed selfishly.

Empathic women simply Love. They love everyone and there is no differentiation between men, women, cats or trees.

Empathic women can be real men magnet, but so are they the magnet of children, stray animals, heartbroken girlfriends, elderly and unbalanced people.

Everyone may feel particularly special to that empathic woman. While to her, in fact, everyone is truly special.


62 thoughts on “~ Men And Woman ~

  1. Luckily, I’m surrounded by empathic women like you, Sofia. Much of your post sounds like my past relationships, but somewhere I turned a corner and started to become empathetic myself. Thank you for clarifying this male/female dialectic. And thank you for being my empathic friend.

  2. This rings very, very true. Hit the nail on the head. Ah, we also have the ability to feel & sense tremendous pain as well. :(
    Thankfully, happiness balances it out most of the time. :)

    • You are totally right, dear! Sadly, together with love, empaths also regularly channel a lot of pain and other people’s sorrows through themselves, thus absorbing negativity and purifying and lightening those emotions for other people. Empaths are sensitive souls but they must have rather strong hearts!

    • Wow. An amazing read just now. Over the past several years I have acknowledged that I am an empath. Being criticized as too sensitive by the people I let closest to me. Realizing they were toxic, including a husband over 15 years.
      A lifetime of wondering why so many people will tell me such personal details even when meeting them the first time. But I’ve always truly cared for their heartache, or whatever the lower energy that is making feel them feel this way. So many times being told “wow- I’m not sure why I’ve even shared this with you, I don’t even know you”
      I’m now trying to find and learn from many sources(google is amazing) how to ground myself. I’ve apparently absorbed so much I’ve lost light of myself. Even though this has been a constant in my life, it is at the worst I’ve ever experienced right now.
      I ended my marriage, it was damaging and toxic. Then a surprising cancer diagnosis with my mom and lost her very quickly , lost my job (never had been terminated before), looking at losing my hOme.
      Even though all this has been terrible I ended an engagement, have another wonderful man now wanting a forever with me an my children. I feel at such a crossroads, and now unsure of who truly loves me, or who is just drawn to me to fill thier needs.
      Any tips or advice wOuld be greatly aPpreciated.
      – thank you

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  4. Hi Sofia, you provide really great examples of high heart empaths who are genuinely nurturing and loving. From what I know, empaths naturally, easily relate to the other person’s emotional state intimately. So it’s like a sixth sense – to fully understand how people are feeling and why. It’s also higher vibration communication that facilitates deeper understanding and connection. I’ve always enjoyed being in the company of warm kindhearted empaths like yourself, it’s addictive! Although I can relate very well with all people, esp. empaths… I find myself too analytical and detached. I don’t feel as involved in other people’s emotional states of consciousness, but I can understand it all on a mental level. But lately, I’ve been inundated with this powerful sense of pure love, universal love that I’ve have for everybody and everything, this has increase my sense of empathy as well. At least that’s what my logic tells me, LOL! :D

    • You are right, Maddie! :)

      But to tell you the truth, I was sure you are a natural empath as well, as your heart is huge enough to fit all that love and compassion.
      You do easily ‘tune in’ with people, and I can almost imagine you did relate to many things in this post, especially the extensive people’s attention, I believe, is the case! ;))

      And sometimes it’s pleasant, and sometimes it takes on the fairly obsessive forms, unfortunately :(
      I know many empaths know of such cases.
      One person told me today, empaths are just tooo friendly :)

  5. Very interesting article! I agree with every word! But I think that when empaths don’t know the ways to protect themselves from the other people’s energy, they can suffer and be unhappy. Empaths absorb feelings and emotions of other people like a sponge!

    • So true, Dina! Empaths are the ‘sponges’. They have a gift to reduce people’s stress and negativity by (sadly) absorbing those inside of their own biofield.
      Empathic people should be aware of it and learn the ways of psychic and energetic protection.

      I will write about it in my posts to come!
      Thank you so much for your comment! <3

  6. You’re such a great GEM ever, Sofia! I don’t know how you’re expressing these hidden informative pieces in a delightful way for the readers. I seriously do love reading every part of your posts which are of this class. Go ahead, wise lady. I’m a keen fan of yours. :D ;) :)
    I have felt that empathic people can sometimes inspirational beings as well. They don’t lack the ability to cross the limit for expressions when someone opposes with a negative thought. It can’t be considered as an emollient description about them though. They owe it by themselves ya know?
    “If you have an empathic person in your life, you may feel that it’s almost impossible to let her go. Empath makes any person’s space easy, pleasant and comfortable to be in.”
    If you ask me which part of this article I liked the most, it would be the above expression. Its a great fact I ever came to know about in my teenage days. Thank you so much for this AWESOME write-ups, dear one. Have a good time there. God bless. Cheers.\m/ :)


    • Aww thanks dear Rahul! :) Every time I see your comment in my box, makes me smile :) cause even before opening I know it will be a blast :) Thank you for taking your time and always sending me these great encouraging words of inspiration! Even though we sometimes have our healthy argument :))
      Fan fan fan as well! ))

      • Hahaha! Don’t consider it as a formal compliment from a young guy, dear one. I REALLY MEAN IT! We need writers of your class who could play with bunch of words in a fluent and expressive way. Ya can be included under that tag in my own personal views. Go ahead, Sofiaji. Yo yo! :D ;) :)


  7. Congratulations!
    You are nominated for this award My list of nominees was not difficult to build, because all the people who appreciate unusual – all my followers, filled with fantastic spirit – and they certainly deserve the award. Due to the specific topics and methods of the processing, the inimitable and very meaningful and inspiring words, images, therefore because of its wonderful virtues which we processed every day some new content and more beautiful thanks to everyone to enjoy content on my blog the way you want it most of this times in this very lovely award nominated following my friends

  8. ahh,… I can’t resist saying: I can totally relate! A very informative post, written in a gentle, declarative style. I wonder about the aura thing…I am fairly empathetic but wonder if all my other issues cloud my aura to obscurity…This addendum in your comments makes me wish for more: “Empathic people should be aware of it and learn the ways of psychic and energetic protection.”—a blog in itself, right?

    Q: do you live in Siberia?

    Also…please add your links to your Gravatar profile! I see your cute lil mug here and there out here, and want to drop by, but get stymied at Gravatar. If you need help–just click My Account drop down menu at the Gravatar site proper–then My Links–Add all relevant–voila!…:) It’s a bulletin board for all your sites, and free advertising besides. You can get to the Gravatar site easily by 2x clicking your blog title from WP drop down menu accessible from far upper right image…

    Get me. I am all instructional girl this morning…Must be the professor’s kid in me…

    • Hey Charron! :) Thank you so much for this comment <3

      Oh you gave a valuable piece of advice! I'll try to get smart with this Gravatar thing )) I'm very bad in technical stuff hehe ;))) Will follow your tips!

      My grandparents are from Siberia, I have Russian-Mongolian roots, but I was born in Ukraine, lived there till 19 y.o. and then moved to Western Europe.
      Now I'm currently exploring the Middle East, followed with my husband :)
      Siberia nickname is more of a family legend that I carry :)

      Oh and about the empaths, I'm so happy to see that more and more people with empathic and energy sensitive abilities are joining me on my blog and sharing their view and lifestyles! <3
      As a person with epathic abilities and high sensitivity, you should protect your aura well against external influences of other people's energies and energies of environment, as our auras are rather fragile and they absorb everything easily.
      Empathic people tend to take most things too close to heart and often take on others' feelings, stresses and anxieties, believing it's their own.

      I will definitely write about it in more detail in my following posts!
      I'm really happy to see you here! And now that I proceed to my Gravatar thing, I might ask you more questions along the way :))

      • Feel free, Sofia. I majored in computer graphics back in the day, and picked up some savvy there before noticing Math req’s for that field–lol–but true! :)

        I love to help! And look forward to reading more on this subject altogether. I love the word: “empaths”, too. I did not realize (before reading this) that it could come without the “y”.

        • I’m really so thankful to you, Charron! I didn’t realize I had to complete my Gravatar profile by adding links to my blog, Twitter etc manually :) Now it’s all done! ;)) Thank you! :)
          Hahaha btw, my Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize ’empath’ either :D I all the time has to struggle with it and persuade it not to add ‘y’ in the end, cause I mean it! :D:D

          Pleasure to have you here, Charron :) Hugs!

  9. Congratulations!
    You are nominated for this award My list of nominees was not difficult to build, because all the people who appreciate unusual – all my followers, filled with fantastic spirit – and they certainly deserve the award. Due to the specific topics and methods of the processing, the inimitable and very meaningful and inspiring words, images, therefore because of its wonderful virtues which we processed every day some new content and more beautiful thanks to everyone to enjoy content on my blog the way you want it most of this times in this very lovely award nominated following my friends

  10. Sofi, it would be great if you write something about the ways to protect the aura and the energy of empaths from other’s influences!! Thank You!

  11. Loved this – “A woman in love with her own feelings is easily loved by men.” It’s always the little things that few would notice that make for the most difference.

  12. Sofia,
    You have been nominated for an “Illuminating Blogger Award”. Please visit my site to copy and follow the instructions. You deserve this for your beautiful work.

  13. A famous writer Rahim said- nearly 500 years ago-“Thread of love is delicate. Never break it. If you break it, it can only be fixed with a knot”.
    For the people who are naturally full of empathy, maintaining the balance in their threads becomes a big challenge

    • That is a great true observation, my friend! It sure does.
      Empathic women are particularly friendly and good listeners, and many men find it difficult to understand why at the same time a friendly talkative woman wouldn’t want to go out on a date, or become a constant conversation partner..:)
      Empathic women have often hard times defining their borders with other people..

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  16. This is just great and giving me so much comfort on this sleepless night, where I’m just perusing the web on countless and inane things. A true gem.

  17. Beautiful post Sofia! Being a guy I can tell you that this is true for empathic men as well. I can relate to this.

  18. I am an Empath and this is the BEST ARTICLE I have ever ever read. People are attracted to me like moths to a flame and I exercise very strong boundaries because I HAVE to pull away from most energy vampires.
    Thank you for this!

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  20. This is a great article! Thank you so much for your wonderful words and insight. I am an Empath, always knew I was all my life. My question for you, is it normal that so many people come and go in my life and I feel left with no one to call my forever? I have helped so many men and even women. Once I see that they get what they need and find a better place for themselves, I feel I am done and I want to move on. I don’t want to stay. Most of them want me to stay, but something inside of me doesn’t feel ready to settle down. I have had soooo many relationships and friendships, but I don’t want to hold on. I want to keep going. Does that make any sense? There is a side to me that says I need to settle down, but I fight it everyday feeling that I am not a commiting person. I love to love but I just can’t settle on 1. Is that something you see in Empath’s? I see that Empath’s get taken advantage of a lot…..and I have in my youth, but learned quickly to stay clear of the energy sucking types. I find myself stuck between wanting to commit and never wanting to commit. Any insight into this is is so graciously appreciated. I feel lost a lot and am a self proclaimed loner as well.

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