~ Lucid Dreaming And Out-Of-Body Experience ~

This one is going to be a mystic post, inspired by my recent night events.

One night I closed my eyes just for minute and then was woken up the next night by my scared home-folks.

They got worried that I slept many hours without even moving. And in  fact waking up was a big disappointment, because like always I got carried away somewhere so far and beautiful that I didn’t want to leave. 

It was dreaming beyond a lucid dream, which is not the first time to happen to me.

I take dreams seriously because I have seen worlds in there, both angelic and dead, been around and returned.

Roughly speaking, there are two realities – the wakeful state reality and the reality of sleep. 

Potentially, both open entries into enumerate other sub-realities,  but here I’ll talk about those you enter in a sleep.

Most of us were trained to think that in the day, while you are awake, everything you see, hear and interact with is real. It’s real, for everybody else can see it and experience it together with you. There are witnesses to this ‘normal’ reality.

If there were no other witnesses to what you saw or heard – that was a mere figment of your imagination.

And that was the case with dreaming. Since no one could share your in-sleep visions and adventures, so anything you saw in there was a senseless illusion of your tired brain. 

You grew up forgetting most of what you dreamed and learned to sleep with no dreams at all.

Those who still believed the world of dreams was interesting, kept dreaming and maintained the ability to remember their sleep events.

Some took it further and accepted the world of sleep as a self-standing and way more enlightening realm.

I always was a vivid dreamer, always getting answers, signs and realistic interactions in my sleep. With age that skill developed.

Years after, I discovered the works of Carlos Castaneda which became a revelation. There I found the answers to my questions about the nature and depth of dreaming and confirmation of one’s ability of actual controlled out-of-body experience in a sleep.

Carlos Castaneda, Latin-American anthropologist and mystic went beyond a mythic Toltec legend and, among many other incredible revelations, described his own experiences of an intentional lucid dreaming, making Indian esoteric practices available for the understanding of the Western world.

He displayed that with a certain flexibility of psyche, one can engage into a conscious dreaming and intentionally trigger one’s traveling into the realms of various depths, to get insights, interactions and hopefully come back safe.

In fact, anyone can have rare experiences of ‘paranormal’ sleep. The only difference is that a random dreamer has rather seldom and lower density lucid dreams comparing to those experienced by sensitive dreamers.

Sleep puts your body to rest, but what’s more important, it puts your brain into an inactive mode. The brain that is conditioned what to think and to believe since childhood. And together with it, sleep tunes out your inner dialogue and reasoning that always go on inside your head while you are awake, and stand in the way of intuition, insight and clairvoyance.

Your physical body sleeps, and your spirit stays in it (as you are still alive), but what detaches and gets to ‘travel’ is your astral body – a ’vehicle of consciousness’, your double, or Linga Sharira – in different terms, that has a transcending ability and on its trips keeps most of your energy and awareness with it.

The less you adhere to the conditioning, the lighter and more perceptible your psyche is, and so is your thin astral body.

So the lighter astral body has more chances to actually travel while you are asleep, get amazing interactions and return you some shocking experiences on awakening.

Unlike a usual dream, lucid dreaming is never fragmental or chaotic. Your body sleeps, but You are awake and everything around feels physical real, but in some other alternative reality – because it is alternative. It’s when you enter a place, move around, talk with people and control what you actually say or do.

Oftentimes you may ‘wake up’ in a sleep, walk around and think you are really awake, but then something around may seem weird and get you suspicious – often some unusual objects. Even though, everything is real – your room, your bed and even you sleeping on it. And here is where you have to get smart and wake your sleeping body up by getting back to it.

I had times when I’d wake up and go around my apartment doing the usual morning things, but then I’d surprisingly see a dog passing through my corridor (and I don’t have a dog), or some people in other rooms of my house, which are not supposed to be there, and here is where I’d start wondering what’s going on. Then I’d return to my bedroom and see myself still sleeping. That’s where I know I have to get out, which is not an easy thing to do once you are in there. You practically have to drag yourself out of that sleep, or have someone doing that for you.

When you sink into that dreaming, your actual sleep is deeper than normal. You may fall asleep unplanned and that sleep may last longer than your usual sleeping hours, while you yourself may appear lifeless and breathe superficially.

So waking up of that sleep really leaves you feeling like you’ve been ripped out of somewhere deep and for a while are not yet fully back to your senses, because you really need time to return completely.

Apart of simply waking up in sleep in your own room and town, you may have a total different kind of lucid dreaming. It’s when you really get transferred somewhere far and unusual and everything around feels real and almost physical, but so odd like it’s a real different sphere of being – angelic, dead, inorganic, or beyond that.

The experience of lucid dreaming sounds fun and a bit scary, but in fact it’s not always fun as it seems, because it has strong influence on your psyche and is rather  energy consuming. 

Such dreaming may take you to some nice captivating realms you wouldn’t want to leave, or on the contrary, show you some frightening spheres or entities you have no protection from in there. And as you are traveling on your pure energy, it may leave you completely drained and weak on awakening, feeling tired, or on a verge of a nervous breakdown .

People with a sensitive psyche are often prone to weird experiences in their sleep. And sometimes their night body gets so agile that it may insinuate itself into a dream of another person and involve that person into a shared dream. Then the two people may experience a very similar night vision, see each other in that dream and share the same talk, but that’s another subject already.

In any case, I don’t advice sensitive dreamers to sleep all alone, or go to bed too tired. And it’s always better to have somebody around your sleep to make sure you wake up in time and return to your senses quick enough.



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  1. well yes, you know it when you experience that. i wonder if it’s the case with people who don’t wake up from their sleep :|

  2. It can be, yes. I heard of many amateur ‘esoterics’ folks intentionally going into lucid dreaming and then reporting not wanting to go back = to wake up. This may be dangerous for your psyche, if you do it for fun

  3. This is an amazing experience you are sharing. Astral projection through lucid dreaming is potentially rewarding and dangerous. The dreamer may have no control from “external influences”. Thanks for sharing this with us, I find it fascinating. Stay safe!

    • Thank You for the wonderful comment! It is exciting to meet people who had the same dreaming experiences and know what I’m talking about! :)

  4. Very, very interesting and scary!=o I also had dreams like that, but it depends upon the level of my energy – the more energetic I am the more vivid the dreams are;) thank you for a very exciting post! and please, BE CAREFUL!!

    • I know you can relate to it a lot! :)
      And the interesting thing is that you never know where the lucid dreaming might take you to, each time, it might be a realm of paradise, or a scary unfamiliar world…
      So yes, I also wish all the dreamers to stay safe and in spite of interesting dream land not to forget the beauty and possibilities of the actual day-world :)

    • Dear Lada, I was so happy to discover your works!
      I’ve been having magical experiences today all day and connected with many like minds and authors that reflect my own thinkikng a lot. You are one of them!
      Thank you dearly for visiting!

  5. Sofia,
    Something strange is going on here. Rarasaur asked me to be a guest blogger for her in January when she will be taking a break. She said that I can write anything I want under the topic of DREAMS. I have been thinking about a post that is just like yours–except not as “deep,” since I have not been able to move my hands yet in active dreaming. I am looking at Journey to Ixtlan this very second.
    Can you come visit me in my dream and show me how to be more proactive? haha
    I love how you are able to get spiritual work done 24 hours a day. You get signs both awake and asleep.
    I am so happy we made this connection. I look forward to a day when we will publish the exact same post, word for word, without even knowing that the other person is posting anything.
    Our internet connection seems like something out of a Borges short story. Somewhere in there is a magical realism novel waiting to be written. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Now I’m seriously overwhelmed – first, you read Carlos Castaneda (!) and so you know exactly where my sleep-travels inspiration and all those weird terms come from!!! ;))
      I know his books by heart and have put much of it into practice already :) I’m so happy you read him too! :))
      Finding hands in a dream is easy, I managed that and it’s not that interesting :)
      The real deal starts when you can actually wake up and see yourself still sleeping on a bed :P
      Or go to the world of unrested souls or unorganic beings.. gosh, I’ve been there and I’m happy I got out sane :)

      Well, keep practicing that dreaming, my friend and be safe there!
      I did manage to meet in a shared dream with my sister once and another time with a person I’m karmically bonded with :)
      I tell you this thing for sure – when you connect with people psychically, you will start sharing thoughts – same thoughts at the same moment, write each other at the same time and exchange a talk in your dreams! :)
      I’m sure we keep increasing our telepathic connection with like minded ones! And I’m sure in a few years a few people in different areas of the world will be able to ‘chat’ by thought-forms and work on an important literature work together!
      See you there! :))
      And btw, plz send me the link of Rarasaur’s blog, I’m curious to read it :)

      • Wow, Sofia. The future looks bright. So glad to have connected. I had some ideas about a short story last night. Maybe I will start it and you can finish it.
        Rarasaur’s blog is https://rarasaur.wordpress.com/
        She’s pretty incredible and on board for B4Peace. We actually have a really strong team. Can’t wait to see what happens.
        {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

        • Yes, sure, let me read the story once you start it! :)
          I’m always up to collaboration! :))
          Thank you for the link, will check out Rarasaur’s site! :)

  6. My cousin and I had the exact same dream obe time..we never told anyone. We feared people would think we were insane. He is an extreme hyper-sensitive as well.
    I’d LOVE to see you write about shared dreams.
    Now, I’m off to do some dreaming of my own. Been reading so many blogs today. So many new/amazing friends with like-minded interests my head is spinning. You’re amazing, Sofia. Goodnight & pleasant dreams.

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  8. Oh that’s for sure! 2013 will be a year of nice surprising meetings and gathering of the kindred spirit people, i read it somewhere and now i see it’s happening! :)

    • I’m preparing new post on lucid dreaming and it’s time going to be a bit scarier :)
      I’m really glad you visited! Will visit back :) have a great day!

  9. This is not about lucid dreaming, but I get random scenes of a place I have never visited yet, while dreaming. I see myself enjoying the location.
    It happens with me at least once every 2-3 months.. To my surprise, while travelling I actually landed up at those places that I had been dreaming of. This has happened with me 3 times. Once I saw the place in real, I stopped getting further scenes of that place in my dream.
    These days I have a whole new set of scenes that I can see while dreaming.
    Have you ever experienced this? I would like to know how is it possible for me to see places that exist but I have never been to before!
    I talked to my parents about this but they didn’t seem much interested. Can’t discuss this with my friends, they’ll call me crazy!

    • You have some psychic gift, i think.. Well, if you believe in reincarnation, then i can suggest, you’ve been or lived in those places before in your previous incarnation.
      Your soul bears the memories of those locations in the now, and longes to visit back, giving you signals through dreams.
      Or you have strong sense of the locations that might be important for you to visit.
      Our souls bear a lot of memories and sometimes we may ‘remember’ something that feels weird and irrelevant.
      And on the other hand, all the information is out there in the space, and one’s developed sixth sense simply tunes in with universal vibes and gets many signs, hints and ideas..

      By the way! eversince you fist visited my blog and told me the story of your parents who practiced Reiki and quit after few years, i’ve been doing research on a subject, and now may know why. I’ll be writing about it soon, will let you know! :)
      Thank you for stopping by today and sharing your experiences with me! Stay well! :)

      • Thanks a lot for providing different possible explanations… I was absolutely clueless about it. You know when I actually reach the place, the feeling is intensely personal with that sense of deja vu.
        Your articles are way more than interesting for me. I am following you through my mail now. Looking forward to read about your research on that subject. You take care too :)

        • Oh see, then definitely your soul has been to those places before, and wanted to come by for a visit again in its new life (the one you are living now :) to check what’s changed and probably because it carries some memories therefrom!..

          Thank you so much for following! We’ll talk soon over a new post :)

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