~ Why The World Didn’t End On 21.12.2012 ~

Whenever ancient esoteric teachings throw people some modern prophetic tips in a form of allegory, we tend to catch them too literally. And fancy boiling pot above a hell fire, a male divinity with a notebook of our records, or the actual collapse of the Planet on a certain date within an hour.

That’s why there always existed esoteric teachings, which are deep and complicated and can be fully grasped only by adepts of that teaching.

And mass (exoteric) revelations that are adapted for understanding in an easy mainstream form – a form of a fairy tale, or an emotional legend.

Until recent, esoterics were hidden undercover, because European people a few decades ago simply wouldn’t psychologically be able to accept and digest e.g. the revelations of Blavatsky, or Castaneda’s trips to Mexican Indians, and make peace with shocking casual wisdoms on the spectrum of existence and a complex of divinity.

We were still living in Kali-Yuga era, which was a tough materialistic era of war, rivals, competition, segregation and conflicts.

It ended in 1982 and the new Satya-Yuga started. Satya-Yuga is the coming era of awakened acceptance, disarmament and extenuation of overall conflicts and rival moods in the society.

Satya-Yuga didn’t though immediately come into effect from 1980’s. It is still in a progress of initiation. And some believe it conducts a major break through today.

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What we witness today is a major transition and renovation in the energies of the Universe, which are going to reflect a direct impact on the energies prevailing on earth and people.

What it means is that not from today, but hopefully gradually on we’ll start becoming more awakened to nature and each other, choose a discussion over killing and stop harassing each others for a simple realization that we are only harassing ourselves.

‘The end of the world’ is the end of the world populated by ugly ideas and destructive attitudes.

People that got it, already start obviously shifting their awareness and attitudes.

I happily observe it through a number of examples in front of my eyes, when those who have access to media and mass exposure send out the ideas of love, acceptance of each other, peace and fun.

They are still few but they are becoming more as people get willingly infected by their positive ideas.

And those who didn’t get it and are not yet or never will be ready for such psychological transition in their present incarnation will sadly stay as they are until further notice, or not…

This is sad and a bit shocking, but see around how many accidental deaths, fatal deceases and cancer cases we see all over.

Karma or whatever you conceive it to be speeds us its processes dramatically now.

Before, you could see one living a life of greed, oppression of others and violation of all possible lows of nature. One would have lived a low life of 60-70 years, enjoying what he/she could possibly grab, steal, use or brutalize, enjoy it till the very end, and leave this karma mess to a later history.

The span of retaliation has shrunk radically now, there is no more history to leave the mess to, because what we are living now Is the history.


The low of ‘cause and effect’ and of ‘give and get in return’ is not taking a long few-lives-spanned approach anymore, ‘give and get’ simple formula is magically unfolding literally in front of our eyes.

Well, observe and see, how the one who did something awful to others got some payback in the here and now already. And how generously somebody humble has been returned on his simple daily investments of kindness and positive projections.

If you smartly observe those cases, you will understand that they have a reason.

What else the new better era will bring?

Awareness, I hope. Because it is hard not to notice how many people are getting united with the ideas of necessity for love, unity of separations and the wonders of positivity and wishing each other well.

Ancient esoteric teachings are all out now, flooding the counters of book stores and the Internet. You don’t have to travel to Mexico or India anymore and search for hidden wisdoms among secret adepts, you can simply pick a school to your liking and read.

You will find there all the same ideas – that the existence is complex, beautiful and divine, that religious separations are man-made and that the only sane way of living is by self-development, open mind to new ideas and people, and spiritual enrichment through love.

I believe, looking at your past, you are surprisingly discovering that some major changes have taken place in your life within just the past couple of years – you might have met people that felt like soul mates and immediately connected with them in many beautiful shared ideas,

might have encountered unexpected sources of information that revealed to you a lot of things you didn’t know before,

or have gotten the ability to receive wonderful prophetic signs answering your innermost questions on a daily basis…

Welcome to the new ear, and if you are prepared not to a death but to a wonderful transition, you are on the right track.

It is just starting and a lot of more beautiful, surprising and unseen things are coming.

Be open and be willing to accept <3


31 thoughts on “~ Why The World Didn’t End On 21.12.2012 ~

  1. Very interesting, I thought so too, too much silly fuzz around that event and main points overlooked

  2. Well, I like to believe we all got smarter after that day :) anyway, it was a good chance for everybody to rethink a lot of things, whether one was preparing for a judgement day, or a new transition :)

  3. Are you sure we haven’t already ascended via our lovely WP community? We are so enveloped in our own “love bubble” it feels like we already transcended the world, a higher brighter dimension for sure. I really feel great, like smashingly whole and loved by everyone and everything, and I am so overflowing I have to share my deepest heartfelt overjoyed LOVE with everyone here. I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

    • Maddie, I feel exactly same way! :)
      I feel I’m bursting with love and I need not to just share it with someone, but give everyone a generous piece of it, because it’s more than I can hold inside, really! :))

      Some people might read this and find it weird, but I just can’t help it, don’t really know how it feels the other way around, when people are ‘not able’ to love.. I wish to meet those poor souls and shower them with love – it’s like – please take, anyone who needs it..
      I’m connected to some ultimate love source and I’m on a constant generous refill! <3<3<3

  4. Isn’t it wonderful Sofia? Exactly! There’s NO LIMIT to this fountain of pure love; I feel like mother Teresa feeding everyone who’s hungry for love in the world. It’s such an indescribable high, very few on the earthly dimension can even comprehend or feel. It’s up to us to show them the love. No more show me the money, old paradigm – it’s how can I overfill your loves desire so you can overflow into someone else until the whole circle is complete and we all become ONE TRUE LOVE, re-integrating back into the heart of the divine God. Right now, nothing is more important in my life than love, and LOVE can change the world!

  5. To judge another (bag on someone else) is really just to give voice to your own perceived failings (manifested in that other) and to what end? Negativity only breeds more negativity. The only true way is to get on the high frequency energy wavelength of love by girding your thoughts–and stay there! At all costs. :) That sounds biblical, but all the religions point to this–thoughts, like anything, can be controlled. And it’s super important to do that, because therefrom arises action.(and your emotional state, too, which is crucial to your well-being)

    Spread the love!! Must share to Facebook…Google Plus…:)

  6. Brilliant, brilliant post Sofia. This is exactly my opinion on the whole 2012 thing. Good riddance to the Kali Yuga, now hopefully we will begin to see the energies of the universe start to get behind the compassionate and creative people of the world, and no longer support the warring, and corrupt forces. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the next 10 or 15 years unfold, it’s an exciting time to be alive :)

    You rock Sofia, another great post :)


    • Totally right, Rohan! I’m so happy you are with me on these ideas!
      A new Golden era will take a bit longer to unfold and we won’t be there, at least in our present shapes, in order to witness it.. But even though, by all means, the future coming years will rock and be full of magical things happening and kindred spirited people united with each other! :)

      Now karma speeds up all its processed by incredible number of times, I sometimes cannot believe the events happening in front of my own eyes and to the people I know.

      One thing sure, now, no need to wait for retaliation or a reward for another eon, or till the afterlife – everything is happening speedily right here and right now already.

      I’m sure many of you noticed it yourself and just keep being amazed! :) <3

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  8. Beautiful post and equally beautiful photos. Well, it looks like the Mayans were wrong :) Either that or we’re ghosts in the machine waiting for someone to turn the power off! Anyway, the mconnors photo is gorgeous. I’m not sure where that is. It looks like Arizona. It’s pretty. And, great blog you have here, too! :)

    • Thank you, Jack:) happy you stopped by and liked my posts!:) well, Maya gave us a big allegoric prophecy, saying that the “old” world as we know it will “end”.. Which means the old era of humankind has come to an end. The world didn’t collapse, it simply undergone a massive energetic shift, which made it different on a yet unseen level, and affected and will keep affecting a lot of things – in the atmosphere, environment, our minds etc.
      I’ll be writing more on this subject! :) Thank you for your interest!:)

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  10. Its a great deal of info here..its good. However I wd like to mk one statement regarding th satyuga tht u mentioned. According to Hindu religion th time is divided into 4 YUGAS…
    1. SATYUGA
    these happen in sequence starting from SATYUGA. N each one is several 1000 years long. Right Nw its KALIYUGA…this era is supposed to last fr a few 100 yrs atleast. It is said in th religious books of Hindus tht a time wd come wen a mother wd eat her own child…tht wd b th apex of moral turpitude in humans n then an Avatar wd b born who wil put an end to this KALIYUGA.

    • That is correct. I’m aware of the four Yugas, and that the time we witnessed until recent was in fact the last yuga of the cycle – Kali Yuga – the era of degradation, wars, conflicts and an overall dawnfall of the humanity.

      And even though the yugas or the eras have their approximately outlined timing stated in Hindu religious books, the actual commencement and termination of each is practically not precisely defined.. Apparently, many scholars around the world as well as in the modern Hindu society
      seem to have slight ‘variorum readings’ and inconsistency in the opinions as to whether Kali Yuga already finished or is still in power.

      Here, you might be interested to take a look at this site:


      It talks on the difference in opinions on the subject.

      I myself adhere to the notion that Kali Yuga has already ended (technically, if you like), and Satya has started, ALTHOUGH, i agree, that until now Kali Yuga is still in evidence and echoes in many aspects of the society and its manner of conduct, general development etc…
      But nevertheless Satya Yuga already starts manifesting itself in the overall arising interest in spirituality, esoteric sciences, self-development and concerns with the idea of humanity…

      According to many Hundu sources and Mayan calendar in accordance, Satya Yuga has had its first significant manifestation in December 2012 / February 2013.
      I however agree that Satya Yuga will take another few centuries/millenniums to come into its full bloom and reach the golden age of the humanity.

      The society by now still lives under the general effect of Kali Yuga and its repercussions, but we cannot deny the already powerfully energetic and spiritual arousal which set the humanity as of now into the state of transition and ascension.

      Please do take a look at another interesting link that compares the prediction of Mayan calendar as for the metaphorical “end of the world” and the commencement of the new ear of humanity (in 2013) according to Hinduism teachings:


      I greatly respect your opinion, my friend, as you are a representative of the source culture which i’m considerably relying on in my spiritual studies.

      I’m happy you found this article interesting and really appreciate your input on the subject! :)

      • Sofia, you have done enough research on this topic. I will only say one thing that the time we wake up & realize the Satya it beckons the start of Satyug.
        It all depends on our good selves.
        The ancient Vedic docs only make sense when we realize their truth in our lives, hence the saying:
        Satyemev Jayate (Truth alone triumphs)

      • Sofia, you have done enough research on this topic. My knowledge on Yugas is either inherited or based on natural experiences. I have not gone through multiple references but I do believe in Karma.
        I can affirm on *Satya* that the moment we realize the ultimate truth in our lives, it beckons the arrival of Satyug. But we cannot say on oath that we are living in Satyug because we can see and feel residue of evil in the society.
        All the Vedas, Upanishads & other documents of Hindu philosophy only make sense when one can grasp the true meaning & take it to the applied form.
        Now, coming to the claim that Kalyug ended in the year 1982. If such would have been the case we would not have experienced the evil acts of shame in mankind.

        • I totally agree with you, dear Shubhankar, as always my friend!
          The approx. date of 1982 as being the technical ending of Kali Yuga, was passed around to disciples of Russian Yoga Federation, school of Guru Ar Santem. I of course cannot claim its precision, and I believe the exact date doesn’t really matter.
          For the commencement of a new era/cycle does not imply a total and immediate ending of a preceding one within a year stated.
          The end of it will actually span for another few centuries until Satyug can manifest more significantly through the mass awareness, which will of course take yet a significant time to occur…

          Shubhankar, thank you soo much for stopping by! I really needed your input into this discussion! Tight hugs to you :)

          To foot the debate, I want to say that yes ‘technically’ we are still living in Kali Yuga, but the onsets of Satya Yuga are nevertheless clearly evident.

          • In conjunction to your last statement, Sofia, my friend, I cannot agree more :)
            A big *Yes* that the Chakra (Cycle) of time tends to strike the same segment from where it begun.
            Let us take a vow, that you & I, will selflessly serve the mankind.
            We will join our hands to spread the *Truth* or Satya & strive to remove the *Asatya* from this world.
            We can, and we will make a difference… :)

            Warm Regards from India,

            • Agreed! :)
              And by the way, you know, inspired by our recent discussion, i now decided to start reading Vedas and Upanishads. I need to be able to sustain a decent conv with my enlightened Indian audience! :)

              P.S. Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita were long on my to-read list already. I now know it’s the time :)

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