~ While You Are Buried Alive. Things To Do ~

Image of Sofia SiberiaAt some certain points of your life you may find yourself stranded in a situation, where you literally feel buried alive. Probably you have gone unemployed, recovering from a divorce or a breakup, or simply made some bad decisions in the past.

Now you have to get over something, or wait for something to happen. You want to be productive, but things have come to a standstill.
Some phase of your life is over, and a new one didn’t start yet.

These are the frustrating periods of forced inactivity, when you have to sit at home or any other enclosure, thinking about your life and waiting for it to rock back again.

No matter how much you feel like jumping up and getting back on the run, ‘buried alive’ mode is not the good phase for rushing things up and taking radical decisions. The periods of ‘stagnation’ and unproductiveness are always wisely given to runners in order to slow down for a while, relax, and let head and heart sort out their issues in an accord.

No matter how frustrating and claustrophobic such periods might feel, they are all temporary. The important thing here is not to panic or go get depressed, but to relax, accept this holdup thankfully, and use it for summaries and evaluation.

You suddenly get yourself plenty of time that you might have been lacking before due to your busyness. While you are busy, time is a precious and short, and you only think about many useful things you might do if you were free.

Well now you are. And if your body isn’t but your mind is.

Temporary enclosure can limit your physical activity but not the creativity of your mind. Time is a luxury and you got yourself this generous piece because something that stands behind your purpose thinks that now it’s time for you to make a change.

Even while buried alive, there are some practical things you can do.

Throw away the garbage

Take some garbage bags and shove there everything that expired, cracked, outdated itself and is not working anymore. Don’t let it lie around you in heaps, collect it and let it go.

Give space for new things.

Junk of the past is actually well recyclable and you can always make some useful realizations out of it.

Don’t sign up for a dating site

Great thing nowadays is that when you get buried anywhere alive, you hopefully get yourself an internet connection there. So you sure want to use it for staying connected with the world.

However, try not to waste your time on dating sites or silly opinion forums.

Being in an inactive phase of life, you will only attract another life-less out there that are killing time online and looking for a spare pair of ears.  Most of these people are just like you, looking for somebody to cheer them up and ease the loneliness at nights.

You are in a low energy mode right now and if you are going into a domain of lonely bored people, you will only attract the alike.

Go see some people available near to where you are buried

But avoid negative and shallow ones, those who live by the idea of age-appropriate expectations.

Right now you are really vulnerable to criticism and they may easily bring you down by reminding you of what you should have become or was supposed to achieve by this age.

You currently ended in a box because you were thinking outside of it. It happens now and then to most of those who tries to make a difference, don’t worry!

You chose the road of change and didn’t give a thing about age expectations. So you must seek encouragement on your further way of change and not the advices to get the hell back inside that box.

Instead, if possible, try to connect with non judgmental acquaintances and those who dare to build their lives according to their own scenarios. These people might give you much inspiration and new ideas.

Talk to someone abroad, that will help you fight illusive claustrophobia and give you a glimpse at how big the world is. It will help you feel that life is not at all bound to your temporary enclosure.

Be careful about developing romantic attachments now. Periods of forced inactivity make us rather vulnerable emotionally, and we can easily project romantic illusions on anybody who just happens to be at hand.

While you are unproductive, your self-esteem is low, that’s how you attract emotional predators and players that are always lurking around, waiting for an easy prey.

Vultures instinctively spot people that are undergoing some emotional troubles or weakness.
Your guards are down now, and it makes it easier to sneak near you, and make you ‘buy’ whatever they are selling – happiness, crap or cheap romance.


A lot.
This is the time to load on some good self-help and spiritual literature, or a self-esteem blog.

Read about Karma and its connections. Right now it will greatly take your mind off your problems and self-pity and help you understand what lessons of those events and the purpose of those people were.

Stop thinking. And get the best insights ever

Esoterics say that there is a constant ‘intellectual dialogue’ that we always lead inside our minds.

Reflecting on daily events and events of the past, continuing talking with people in our heads even if that interaction finished 10 years ago, and measuring how far we advanced from feeling a loser today.

If you try to reach a few minutes state of no-thinking, you might actually give space to some real strong realizations.

Tuning out that intellectual dialogue with yourself tunes you in with some wiser ‘voice’ from without. When your mind is unoccupied, it gets easier for your intuition to step in and be heard without the usual noise.

That leads you to another step.

Become a Psychic

When we get off the usual route or get shocked by the new reality, our psyche undergoes some changes as well.

In times of stress and radical changes, our psyche comfort horizons get a little shift, and so does our perception ability.

We may start to see things that we were not noticing before, or pick the ideas that seem to come from the space. We may develop a strong sixth sense and start to see everything as if in a better resolution.

Become a Rock Star

Rediscover your talents and hobbies.

Now that you have nothing else to do, it’s a good time to think of what you would really like to do.

Did you always want to be a creative writer and your parents told you that was not the degree they would pay for?

Or did your boyfriend disapprove of your singing career because he had confidence issues, but told you you were too lame for that?

Did you want to be a dancer but your office folks said it’s quick to withdraw from that market and safer to stay on schedule for a steady pay?

Well, now it’s your time. There is nothing more that you can distract yourself from or lose. Use that break if you need, take those advices from your intuition and go give your dream a shot.

This is the time of challenging lifestyles and changing careers. Sometimes you go blank, but then you come back big.


23 thoughts on “~ While You Are Buried Alive. Things To Do ~

  1. Bravo!!=) very useful and positive!! I always knew that even if you are buried alive there are a lot of interesting and developing things to do in your grave!;))

    • Hahaha true! ;) We know this well :D And boy did we make our use of those situations!!! <3

      Let your depressed friends read this article and share the advice

  2. Ahaha, ok!;)) earlier when I was buried alive or I had nothing to do I was playing the guitar all the time. As a result it became the main business of my life;))

  3. Yes, I think such periods are given for meditation and reflection on your mission in life!:) that’s true!

    • The best way to deal with and face anything is with humor, never take anything seriously or think ‘poor me in this situation’ ;) when challenges see we don’t give a big thing, they lose interest in tottering us and let us go! ;)

      • Oh, yeah! Thank you so much for such a great suggestion, dear one. Have you ever seen the documented flick, “The Secret” or read it? :)


  4. Really great post Sofia! This highlights the importance of Wei Wu Wei – the art of balancing inner non-action being with outer action living. Both are necessary for overall growth. BTW, I LOVE your pic, you are so pretty!

    “As long as there is a ‘you’ doing or not-doing, thinking or not-thinking, ‘meditating’ or ‘not-meditating’ you are no closer to home than the day you were born. ”

    “Play your part in the comedy, but don’t identify yourself with your role.”

    “Disciples and devotees…what are most of them doing? Worshipping the teapot instead of drinking the tea!”

    “Why are you unhappy?
    Because 99.9 percent of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for yourself—and there isn’t one.”

    Do you realise that when you give a schilling to a beggar you are giving it to yourself?
    Do you realise that when you help a dog over a stile you yourself are being helped?
    Do you realise when you kick a man when he is down, you are kicking yourself?
    Give him another kick, you deserve it!

    There is no mystery whatever – only inability to perceive the obvious.

    What is your trouble? Mistaken identity.

    Let us live gladly! Quite certainly we are free to do it. Perhaps it is our only freedom, but ours
    it is, and it is only phenomenally a freedom. “Living free” is being “as one is.” Can we not do it
    now? Indeed can we not-do-it? It is not even a “doing”: It is beyond doing and not-doing. It is
    being as-we-are.

    Are you still thinking, looking, living, as from an imaginary phenomenal centre? As long as you
    do that you can never recognise your freedom.

    As long as we are identified with an object: That is bondage.

    All the evil in the world, and all the unhappiness, comes from the I-concept.

    It is only the artificial ego that suffers. The man who has transcended his false “me” no
    longer identifies with his suffering. There is no suffering, only benediction.

    “THIS which is seeking is THAT which is sought,
    and THAT which is sought is THIS which is seeking.”
    ― Wei Wu Wei, All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living

  5. Beautiful Writing, Sofia! I wish I had read many of your insights when I was a young, confused self identifier. And terrific insights from Maddy(or ie?) too! Deep learning boiled down to its essence. Wowza! X!marga

    • Thank you, Marga! :)
      I wish i had half of those insights when i was growing up myself, confused in self-search and identification :)
      But everything comes in its right time, living is learning :)

  6. Yes on what you are saying about timing! I am distracted by this thought – so I will toss it out: Are you actually in Siberia now or from there? I have recently met a woman here in Charleston from Siberia. We live in a fairly warm climate, and the stereotypical idea of Siberia, of course, is extreme cold, yet Marina is always freezing here…she has on 10 layers while I am wearing flip flops. Okay, silly aside for such a deep expresser as you, just a recent, funny encounter. Back to your point – I’ve been falling into the trust of timing…and trust of everything just as it should be – then looking back on life events seems lovely, everything unfolding just as it should!Thanks for your blog, I am captivated by the deep currents. Cool to make your acquaintance…looking forward to more exploration! x,marga

    • Dear Marga :)) You made me laugh and wanting to hug you )))
      Apart of my ‘serious’ posts I’m actually one big laugh, never quit joking and appreciate dear folks with sense of humor! :))

      I am of mixed origin, my grandparents are from Siberia, we are Russian mixed with Mongolian blood.
      I was born and raised in Ukraine. Then traveled and lived in Europe. Now as I got married, I moved to the Middle East :) New countries are yet to come!
      So this is an international cocktail I am :)
      I’m very glad to meet you too and will be often visiting your blog!

  7. Read this on the ezine site, Sofia. So glad that I found it there, or I might have missed it. One day, I want to sit down with you and tell you what has happened in my life. I will make it short and pay for the tea, so I don’t bore you. I want to tell you how much your blog, this post, and your friendship means to me. You are the voice of God helping me out of the miry pit. Thank you for your generous and wise words. Let’s be rock-stars together, so we can hire a private jet to finally meet each other. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    • Kozo, your words are touching the heart! :’)
      Not only a short tea conversation, but i’d love to share a long evening talk with you, it’s a kindred spirits meeting!

      I promise whenever i can, i take a private jet and off to your place to meet you and your family! :) And you organize the tea! ;)

      You are Always welcome to drop by with a message, advice, conversation and our ideas sharing!


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